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  1. so there's been talks of removing the kinetic blast spell since ppl have been saying that it ain't rly that fun to interact w/ it if you're on the receiving end. wanted to gather ppl's thoughts
  2. MC Name: shartings Discord: neil#6647 Image: Description of Image: An Alchemist and his Apprentices, exploring the new lab. Dimensions: 2 wide, 1 high
  3. HUNTER ISLAND __________________________________ Off to the coast of Almaris, a small fleet has settled and begun preparations to make a camp, alongside some docks. They seem to be packed with armaments, and weaponry – though it doesn’t appear like they’re made to aggress on the Descendants, rather Beasts and Monsters. They seem to be hunting a particular creature; perhaps, you’ve seen it before. A gigantic eagle, wings that span across the land. It bore oceanic, and blue feathers – and a hawk that echoed around the nation; The Bigger Blue. The group call themselves the 4th Fleet, and they seem to be armed with mechanical engineering alongside alchemical concoctions. Amongst their people is a familiar dwarf, he donned a singular eye and a large arbalest, writing on parchment. It read: “To Adventurers, one and all, I write to you regarding a hunt and another of a new world, we’ve dubbed it ‘Regalius’. It holds a vast amount of fauna and wildlife; one fit to be hunted or researched. Nonetheless, three fleets ventured out to these lands – and they weren’t heard from. They vanished, entirely, and we are tasked with figuring out what occurred and stopping this issue from continuing once more. Our mission is to explore, research and write down our findings of the Beasts that lay here, respecting the eco-system yet defending ourselves if needs be. If any wish to come along, and aid us, come and we’ll take you in for we require numbers.” Situated South-West from East-Fleet, the group didn’t seem to have their camp set on the terrain, rather their method of transport instead, was that of a gigantic Strider. It seems that people are free to come. ((This event will begin soon on 5/08/2022, 2PM EST, where the players will be able to meet and schedule hunts with the ET while we set everything up.)) __________________________________ OOC: - There is a Soft-PK enforced in this event. If a character dies, they are not permitted to interact with the specific hunt, and [1] OOC week. This is to ensure that people RP in good faith. - You can use ranged armaments in as little as one emote. Keep in mind that there are consequences for not preparing a good shot. Using ranged armaments always requires a /roll 20, unless stated so. - Mindless slaughter of other players is not permitted, and there are IRP consequences. - ‘Meme-RP’, along with contesting the decisions of the ET hosting the event results in a /warp to CT. ((This is a continuation of The Big Blue Eventline, and a project of mine. It is an entire Island, filled with wildlife, fauna, and whatnot; this is to aid 'Monster Hunters', and various groups with activities and events to do. Let's have fun.))
  4. THE SHACKLES [!] This letter is sent out to the nations, stamped onto nearby notice boards by automaton birds, bearing a message written in haste. Well-met to all those adventurers, far and near, we are starting an investigation to delve into the works of a certain journal -- an account of HER, the Chainbreaker, and the Final Sky. It seems that we've the final piece, or rather a shackle, to this journey; found atop a corpse of a fanatic in Oren who sought to soar towards the sky, yet fell to the floor. Harpies, perhaps. Or something more, for it mentions a Cloud-Splitter and a final ascension. Send a letter to Avrelivs de Wees if you've a copy, or another piece to the puzzle, there's work to be done. Signed, Avrelivs de Wees. ((OOC: Find me IRP, or send a Bird to schedule a meeting.))
  5. MC Name: shartings Discord: neil#6647 Image: Description of Image: An Alchemist and his Apprentice, celebrating the construction of their new lab. Dimensions: 2 wide, 1 high
  6. gib mi rep (alzo real. smaller map plz, and smth to prevent nations from going all out on buying tiles. make them focus on their capitals first, and build communities within their hubs..)
  7. Have a smaller map, and do the ‘you can’t buy tiles for [x] months at the start of the map’ thing so Nations have to focus on their capitals, citizens and playerbase rather than throwing them out in a vassal
  8. farewell mole king, treat life well also the cafe discord does not exist and i have no part in it
  9. Wow what cool and snazzy lore, I hope it’ll be used nicely by the ordinary and mundane players
  10. Nub wae!!! (changed so I don’t get a warning report for spamming)
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