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  1. Application ((MCName)): Spoontistic ((Discord)): kneeil#1694 Name: Allant Age: 97 Heritage: Mali'Ker Affinities: Flame and Enlightenment
  2. I doubt:thinking: you could even imagine:exploding_head: it. That which commanded:fist_tone1: the stars:star2:, giving life its fullest brilliance:sparkles:. :ring:The Elden Ring:older_man_tone1::ring:, :weary::weary::weary:OHHH:weary::weary::weary: Elden Ring!



  3. Do not worry, I've forgiven him for his behavior. I - too - can be respectful! Please give me Rep!
  4. Looking for Alchemy Students and new groups to RP with. PM me at Tyrone#0128 if you're interested!

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      @Spoonsyo maybe consider givin' some alchemy stuff to the halfling Peregrin family I'm sure they'd love it

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      flcl avatar based

  5. Name: Crumena of Kamees (ign:) Remeron (discord:) Heero#7850 Age: 800(?) Gender: Male Hair color: White Eye Color: Green City of birth: Aegis Favorite Animal: Lion Favorite Flower: High Elves - female. Would Marry: I'd like to marry and find a High Elf who's young and fertile.
  6. me trying to comm a spoon from this individual
  7. Spoons

    The Owl's Perch!

    [!] A letter is stamped on the wall of which the notice is placed upon. It'd read: "I fully recommend this Tavern. I stumbled in while sleep deprived and asked for the most expensive brew they had. Now, I'm not sure of what I'm getting, but I'm assuming they melted minas into a bottle which is more than sufficient. Very flexible pricing as well."
  8. your mom cant handle my **** anymore
  9. "Our ink became laden in steel, soaked in the ichor of the unliving. Know this, Those of the Dead - War comes, and it will soak us all in its ire." Krendogron mutters, plumes of ash wreathing his spoken words. Smoke drifts outwards, finding it's way onto the radiant sun. "Temper us, O' Inquisitor. Let us reap those who cling onto the living."
  10. "Who the hell made her a Herald?" Allant muttered in dismay, lips creasing as he peered upon the missive and talked to himself.
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