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  1. A HUMBLE REQUEST Issued on 7th of The Grand Harvest, 1769 Greetings, all that may walk these steps. - The wandering few that stride forth without love, a gift is offered to you! The individual known as Dael'droch III Morgaine (@Anothony303) desires a wife! He is a man of many talents, ones that cannot be mentioned as of now. - For his deeds are too many. Dael'Droch III Morgaine seeking a queen for his king-sized bed. For those who wish to take residence beside his body, the following criteria must be made: Be fertile. If you wish to take upon this request, some actions are to be held: The man desires long songs harkening of his past deeds. - The wife in question must be capable of song. The woman must be a virgin, not some harlot or simple *****. - A simple test is to be made. The woman must be in fact, a woman. - Once more, many checks are to be made to be sure of your sexuality and phallus. Those wishing to partake in this request are to send a bird. – Detailing your name, age and race. Those accepted will be interviewed with his greatness. – Dael’droch.
  2. “Finally. – The retard’s gone.” An ‘Aheral mutters briefly, a coarse laughter adorning his lips. His cerulean eyes, birth of an array of inquisitive hues would fixate about the distance. A burning, cinder-like quality hidden within; A serenity then bathing his regal features.
  3. Bruh Moment On Gang (Ft. Yung Bruh Moment) by LIL FØRTMINE on ...

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  6. Didn’t interact with you a lot, but in the times that I did- You were cool and chill. Have a nice one, man. o7
  7. Really glad to see how invested you are in this. – Amazing job, man. +1
  8. Name: Ehmet Nation: Aegrothond Combat Experience: Adept
  9. “You can’t even talk a bit about the magic or act X way without permanently losing it” – This is actually prevalent in Paladin RP. They’re unable to harm an innocent descendant. This phrase is actually shown in alot of the Magics, it balances it out and keeps the theme of things. And as for the examples, they’re not good examples. From Zarsies’ Post: “Seers cannot reveal the secrets and inner workings of the seer magic to non-seers” See what Sorcerio said, it’s pretty gucci. Uh, they’re not blind though. – They can see. How is this worst than before they got the magic?
  10. You chose to learn this magic, you’ve put the RP into it. – Deal with the Redlines and consequences. What’s more important. – Your character’s life or the magic? I find that Seers would have other measures rather than themselves fighting, to protect themselves in combat. – Perhaps guards, etc. It’ll make for good RP. From Zarsies’ Post: Physically this manifests as an inability to be fit or in good health, instead forcing seers to at most live with the body of a sedentary lifestyle with little more strength and endurance such a body could afford them. Mentally this manifests through a fear or anxiety or a delusion which is repeated per slot, up to 3 times. There’s no “may choose to not pick”. – They have to have a Social Anxiety There’s other ways to obscure your eyes rather than using the blindfold. That’s a Redline for you. Also, the change isn’t about casting it overall. – It’s about casting it publicly.
  11. If it comes to combat, go ahead. – Your character does what you need to do to survive. However, I find that Seers shouldn’t be in the middle of combat; The limitations of their bodies, alongside the paranoia and mental effects wouldn’t allow them to be the center of attention. Their bodies are brittle, faded and weakened due to the advent of their magics. Minds are torn apart, living in a secluded fear of what remains. – They wouldn’t willingly go to fights, if they know that they’d be in jeopardy. From Zarsies’ Post: ”Specific phobias (The acute fear, panic, or terror of a certain situation, activity, animal, or object which imagines or irrationally exaggerates danger. These individuals are keenly aware of their phobia but feel completely powerless to control it. There are too many possible phobias to list so please research your own. Phobias commonly induce panic attacks.) Yup, act blind. – The thought of being able to see without eyes or with a blindfold creates a spotlight on your character, it doesn’t make sense for Seers to enjoy that spotlight. They’re meant to be of the occult, in paranoia. It makes sense for them to be secretive about this. From Zarsies’ Post: ”Social anxiety (The fear of everyday activities in social settings, accompanied by being extremely self-conscious and feeling judged regardless of their self awareness. This can be any general social act or specific ones such as eating in public, meeting strangers, or attending social events. A form of social anxiety is performance anxiety where the individual is extremely anxious of giving speeches or performances.)” The side effect of Seer magic is that it drains a character’s mental health. – The fear and paranoia that comes along with it, this gives it a reason for Seers to act like this; This gift of theirs is to be kept secret, lest the imagined fears that they adorn will come to fruition. Magics are supposed to be counter-able. For Seers, I find that these spells are meant to be a last-resort. – Rather than an opener. There are other ways to CRP in combat rather than relying on a magic. Fully agree with that, people will take advantage of your character if they can’t fight. – However, Seer magic had these redlines for a reason. From Zarsies’ Post: ”Physical symptoms include muscle tension, headaches, insomnia, a fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling, sweating, and nausea.” These are here for a reason. They’re there since the Author didn’t intend for Seers to participate in combat, unless it’s duels. I find that Seers would have other measures rather than themselves fighting, to protect themselves in combat. – That alongside the RP that arises from this would be interesting. I’d just say let RP be RP; Whatever happens, happens. If your character is killed or PK’d, let it happen with grace. I’ve talked to a few Seers about this, some of the Grandfathered Seers. – The spells are really specific at times because it’s meant to be like that. Magic shouldn’t be the first move in a CRP, if you do end up fighting; Magic shouldn’t be the solution to everything in a fight. The cultural part is something I heavily disagree with, you chose to become a Seer. – You’re to follow the guidelines present and written by the Lore Holder.
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