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  2. RUST FORGONE -=-=- [!] Amidst a notice-board within Karosgrad adorned a weathered parchment, the flayed edges scraping amidst the wooden surface of the signboard. Herein, did lay a brazen vigil stamped upon the note the note – the fabric cradled with a valorous pigment, painting the paper with the hue of molten gold. The note seemed to be written with care, some hints of blunt charcoal ridden betwixt the letter: Greetings and salutations, denizens of Karosgrad. I bring tidings of my business within this nation, of steel and metals granted purpose in this faded and aching plane. Forging is a blessing that I've taken to heart, imparting lessons and learning more as the bygone days pass by -- for what better purpose do our hands grant, but to weld and hammer rock and metal until we grant it new meaning. A weapon, or a tool, to hold and wield. I've drawn sketches of my work, to show of my style and craft. Should you wish to inquire more, send a bird. -=-=- [!] Several weapons are sketched upon the parchment, details and whatnot -- listed upon the notice: Cradled with a golden aura, did a Raven's Beak lay. It bore forth the vibrant luster of molten gold; a byproduct of the otherworldly material. A polearm wrought of Meteorite, a metal wrought from the heavens above. Certainly, a weapon fit for royalty -- the metal is cradled in the hue of an ethereal mist, never tarnishing or rusting to time. It shan't fade you in the rising days. Rapt with the pigment of frost was it drawn, an arming sword -- reveled in elven script and style. Minimal details pay homage onto the history of my kin, one of my prior works. A weapon wrought of Thanhic-Bluesteel, a deadly metal for practitioners of the arcane and the standard man. Leave to them the fear of the cold, stifle out their warmth. One of my earliest works. The sister to Starlight -- holding within it, the ethereal luster of the moon. A nontarnishable weapon to someone dear to me, one that shan't fail them ever. A saber forged out of Star-Steel, a metal birth from the lights above. Age doesn't affect it, leave it in the fields for centuries -- and it'll look as beautiful as the day it was born. The successor's blade, my birthright. It remains my greatest creation, one that I'll wield with valour. The falchion buzzed about, a restless valor instilled within it. The pigment, akin to the vibrant sun, as it danced -- vanquishing fear and doubts alike. -=-=- If you are interested in hiring my services to forge a weapon for you, I reside in Crown Avenue VIII. Feel free to send a bird, or visit me. My rust is forgone, hands awaiting steel once more. - Vulen OOC CONTACTS Spoon#6154 Spoon_Prime
  3. fists are p cool, no one ever expects my full-plated guy to start brawling when he loses his weapons
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    New 8.0 CT

    no monkee, no 8.0.
  5. the real temp map is hypixel

  6. give me rep edit: holy ****, im getting pinged by all nations now
  7. halflings continue to be the lotc endgame
  8. UNTIL NEXT TIME -=-=- [!] A tiding of magpies soaring over Helena. Soon thereafter, a collective of missives would flutter down to the roofs and streets like fallen snow- a cryptic message nestled within; Greetings and salutations, denizens of Helena. We’ve come to you with this message to bring attention to ourselves. As some of you may have noticed by now- we’ve taken quite the trip around your royal capital- the Novellen Palace; therefore, we come to you now to make our presence known. We are simply unenchanted by the challenges we’ve been faced up until now. We’ve spared you bits and pieces to pick up so that you can reconcile in what we have left you. -=-=- [!] An alarming sight, half of Peter III’s armor has been stolen. [!] The Crown of Arethor, failing to meet the moonlight. -=-=- Your history is naught but a test for us, becoming one with our own history. This is not a threat, nor a greeting, but rather a farewell. Should we meet again, we’ll be hoping that you’ll be providing a greater challenge. Until the fates should find our paths intertwining once more, - The Black Ring OOC NOTE: I'm posting this on behalf of the players who've stolen the items to stop potential metagaming!
  9. accidentally drops book infront of b3ast_mod "a-ah, what a coincidence to meet yo-you here!" gulps nervously "s-so i see that you're an ar-artist??" wipes sweat atop of 5head "well, if you're looking f-for characters-" stutters cooly, in a way that makes people want to give him free art "y-you can use m-mine!!" blushes like anime girl https://imgur.com/a/lJGsV3o
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    THIS QUIET DAY -=-=- View of the sea at night, 1873 - Ivan Aivazovsky -=-=- The rain trickled like dribbling thoughts, splashing onto the floor like specks of stardust. The droplets, akin to voices that tugged onto the man’s mind. The skies; all but a mural, a gentle wash of blue and orange stretched over his sight. Great burning eyes peered from above, starlight - brazen in their glory, flickering vigorously in the night. Amongst the ground laid a blanket of sea, reflecting the pondering back as great streaks of light ran across the surface, twinkling idly in peaceful motions. The sounds, all but mutterings of a chorus as Vulen sat upon a aquamarine blanket. His armor softly clinked in his motions, the noise embraced by the whispers of the rustling leaves. The winds, skipping amongst twilight; a gentle dance amidst this moment of respite. Restless eyes saw the form well, an ardent energy instilled upon the helmetless knight. Upon his veins, an incredible courage and valour. Yet, it wasn’t of choice. A blessing, bestowed upon him. Inscriptions ran over his tanned skin, azure markings woven of pride. To show of his fealty, the promise weaved to his family and his kin; those who mattered to the novice knight. A luminous light bounced off the pigment, yet it didn’t distract him. The man’s gaze was carried over, torn over at the waves - the motions of freedom that nature danced, alluring him over. Vulen’s hand grasped onto his hip, holding over at the scabbard that remained bound upon his side. The burning falchion, forged and wielded with impunity, parted from the string and soon laid against the tree. The bark met the shagreen grip well, the restless blade buzzing with an aura of intensity and unwavering intrepidity. Seduced, he was. The temptation of the blade was well, glorious in the absence of macabre aura. It gave him purpose, a reason to prod onwards. His waking wanderlust quelled by the relic that he had created - he and his kin, those that he pledged fealty towards. Cherish your family well; a thought spoke to him, the jestling voice quelled by uncertainty. The once-humorous tone, cradled by a sense of solitude. He had felt it, perhaps Vulen always did. The sense for more, the exuberant wanderlust that he was a fool for. The man yearned for purpose, for a reason to exist. Other things called now, not just this material blade. His skills and craft were shown, mixed with the pigment of his kin. “..Coming? I’ve some grapes!” His thoughts vanished, torn away as the voice heralded a return from his thinking. He’d wander to the tree once more, no more did moonlight speak to him. The reflections of the sea speaking of the bright, and burning, sun as it’d peer towards the two. Gingerly, Vulen’s hand moved to grasp it once more - strapping it onto his waist. He’d turn his gaze over to the noise, a faint smile adorned. Slowly, did he wander onwards. Perhaps, the man ought to live more in the moment, rather than dwell on the future. He could enjoy his time here, free of his worrying. Upon the blanket laid a pair of leaves, curled and weaved of metal; one blemished in gold, the other cradled in silver. And so he left, rejoicing in this quiet day. -=-=-
  11. (MC Username): Spoon_Prime Character Name: Vulen Hails From (Nation): idk
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