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  1. Within a darkened room, besides a enclosed area – Snalice dwells, pumping iron and lifting weights; He yearns for the next race, to claim absolute victory.
  2. Spoons

    Come the Beast

    MC Name: HiddenInSpoons Character Name: Diomedes Terin
  3. ”Another falls – By murder or their own hand; I know not, perhaps some might remember her.” An ‘Aheral murmurs, his gaze ridden in scrutiny. A brief laughter, curling and morbid – Disgusting and vile, soon arose from his lips. None could hide the bile that arose from his throat, the maddening sight that he garnered. “Perhaps not.”
  4. The ‘Aheral meanders over to the Dagre’sae balcony, his eyes peering from his house to gaze the screaming man! “It’s literally night right now, why is he still ranting about Dragon-people?” He’d then take his dog for a rather nice walk.
  5. Spoons

    The Summons

    The ‘Aheral sat in a decrepit keep, his burning gaze set upon the ravine – The darkened sky that sought none. The call was granted, henceforth he emerged; A knight bore of blackened plate, a crimson cloak that bathed him well. A hollow rasping followed his voice, were little was spoken. He heeded the call, making haste to rally in defense. ”Prophecies are naught more than folk-tale, a fable to fear – A future to avoid; We, the descendants, chose our own fate.” The Knight bore out, his voice croaking and hoarse. Steel-clad digits moving to grasp upon his blade, unsheathing it once more – The ethereal wisps curling upon the fuller, a low chuckling held. ”May his flames grant us redemption, May his words grant command, May his light shine upon the brilliance of humanity. We are waiting.”
  6. “Their fire, the flames that burn the damned.” A lone and decrepit man spoke, his body contained within a deathbed – His gaunt and pale fingers grasped upon the frames, seeking to pull himself out with much difficulty. “Their gaze, burning pyres at which all sin will be judged.” He stumbled upon his path, the ash-ridden body collapsing onto the floor; Broken bones impaling his worn skin. Bile arose from the corners of his lips, miasma spewed out onto the oak surface as it clung onto his weakening form. “Their brilliance shall light the valorous path.” A silence plagued his lips, his eyes soon closing yet none could hide the veiled smile that stretched onto his visage.
  7. ”Rule 4 – We are forbidden from lusting after women!” An ‘Aheral hearkens out, before wearing multiple belts; To prevent it from being undone by lusty maidens!
  8. Glad to see this Event-line getting the recognition that it deserves! – So far, it’s mostly been two groups venturing in; Hopefully more will arrive! +1
  9. ((We can’t see any of the examples of your work – Might wanna fix that.))
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