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  1. The young and bright Sutherlainn reads over the missive and immediately signs her application.
  2. no longer looking sorry. i dont know how to delete this post
  3. I've helped a few new players out this map and each time is confusing for them to wrap their head around the system, its cool in concept but it is so much more complicated then it has to be. The carts on Almaris were very simple and effective.
  4. First Bonfire Gathering of Caritas S.A. 137 Today, on the evening of the 4th of Sun’s Smile 137 SA, the people of Caritas gathered around a bonfire on the beach to celebrate the union of its peoples, inviting those from the quest guild as well. A group of great diversity shared lots of laughs, drinks, sharing their life stories and experiences on a peaceful night by the warm shores of Dunfarthing. Human, elf, dwarf, wee folk, and even Golem were united on this peaceful night. It was my pleasure to see, and will be my pleasure to host again in the future. Arthur Winters, Marshall of Caritas
  5. i approve of your pfp

  6. Here ye! here ye! Dear people of Dúnfarthing, Dúnwen, Caritas, I spread this message in hopes of warning all who live in the area. Bandits that have harassed us Caritans from Failor have been spotted wandering around the Riddermark of Caritas and the surrounding area. It is not known if they are armed, but please be careful when traveling around the area. If you feel threatened, please don't hesitate to ask for help from the Riddermark. Signed, Arthur Winters Marshall of Caritas.
  7. Directions to the Riddermark of Caritas Township of Angren S.A. 132 As of now, there are no direct signs that lead to our city, and as such, there is a near impossible chance for visitors to come across it. This post will provide directions on how to get to Caritas. First, at the cloud temple, use the pillar that is closest to Darfarthing. Second, take the path leading to Darfarthing. Thirdly, head down the path on the left at the intersection without signs. Keep going and you will see some windmills and some wheat fields, keep going down the path. Head towards the stone walls that reside to the west of Dunwen. Welcome to Angren! You have arrived.
  8. Arthur gives a determined look "oui, we're with you!"
  9. RP Name: Arthur Winters MC Name: JalexVa Do you love chivalry? Yessir! Race/Age/Gender: Human/21/Male
  10. Jordchien


    Full Name: Lief Boywer Age: 19 Birth: October 7th, 1696 Height: 5’9 Weight: 65 kg Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Bluish green Religion: Open-minded Atheist Hobbies: Sketching, inventing, lying down and looking up at the sky, Likes: Seeing the world, being out in nature, architecture, creative arts, physical activity, rain, Dislikes: Fights, boats, swimming, heights, arrogance, alcohol, Pros: Problem solver, Perfectionist, curios, open-minded, creative, trustworthy, quick thinker, Cons: Timid, Restless, easily attached, can be unpredictable, has non existent social skills, rather strange Wants: to give himself a better life and see what’s in store for him. If he decides to have a family, wants a much better life for the next generation Problems: Traumatic from his older sister’s death when he was 7 years old (presumed suicide, but later found out that it was a murder). Character Background: Lief was born and brought up by his mother and father, in the kingdom of Hanseti alongside his big sister, who he looked up to a lot. He didn’t receive the parental care that he needed, and was rather ignored by his parents, who were most concerned for their own survival, so he spent most of his time out, along side his best friend. While his sister ran off with duties beyond his knowledge for a young lady about to reach adulthood. Him and his best friend would go out into the wilderness and live there for days, thus giving him his quick thinking, problem solver skills and unlimited imagination. At the age of seven, his sister had mysteriously been found dead in her sleep, with evidence of a suicide. Devastated and traumatised by this, his life went on, fairly normally as an heir to his father’s trade, smithing. Although he hadn’t been interested in it at all, his father was very pushy and would assure him that he would continue the family business and so, he carried on, sealed onto his fate. At the age of 18, when he found out that sister was brutally murdered by a jealous assassin for her great achievements, he furiously fled from his home, stealing his father’s red cloak, not looking back at his dreadful past, leaving his best friend behind as well. His achievements are unknown for now, as he travels for a better life, a home and a purpose for the sake of his sister, who deserved better.
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