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  1. The tactician smiled as he read the missive, knowing that his defences, planning, and well trained soldiers lead to the losses of many MoJ agents.
  2. We do a little trolling
  3. Imperial Bureau of Investigation, 1819 Medical Report. (Classification and Treatment) Constable and Coroner Gabriel Versager Ministry of Justice: Imperial Bureau of Investigation, 12th of The Grand Harvest, 1819 Overview This document is created for the intended purpose of training medical personnel. It is to also make common medical knowledge available if a civilian is needed to perform a lifesaving maneuver to an injured person(s). This report will cover classification of wounds and how to identify and properly treat them. Classifications and Their
  4. (Obama gaming)
  5. “Repent, Rejoice- for the Clock speeds up. The infernal Clockworks reaches the realm of Midnight. For the Imperial Fist and those who protect it shall burn with the same Mercatorii fire the MoJ did. GOD save Oren, for no one else can." Karl ‘Urvan’ Petrovich said, as he poured flash powder into a small, empty vodka bottle.
  6. Bruno "Fancy Man" Steinhauser chacmul Norland
  7. chacmul


    Bruno was born in Norland to the middle class. His family consisted of his older brother, his father and his mother. His father owned and ran a small cornerstone that sold basic goods. Bruno worked there as a child selling goods and wares with his brother. By doing this he developed skills that he would need later on to become a businessman. He worked in the store until he was 17, until his father died of an illness. Bruno's brother being the eldest male in the family inherited all of the property. Bruno only inherited his fathers business suit and wears it to honor him. He made a few questio
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