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  1. i had an awful time i hate you squakhawk
  2. mfw ET did both mining nodes and events last map
  3. A... Ledger of Oblivion one might say, reeking of sewage with a small paper tissue stuck to the front cover... with a hint of Tutti Frutti chewing gum...
  4. u r a failure to soloman raven. you see folks, why do we use "knife ear?" it for one, dont sound racist, two it dont got that ring to it. now ysee folks, "piker" ticks both of those boxes, it sounds epically racist and its got a nice ring to it. fr tho dont do poor racism (race) rp it just aint s'cool and you seem like a not so nice guy. color based racism rp is uh, questionable at best and if u have doubts abt getting in trouble for it just dont do it or say it.
  5. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD PLUGIN GUYS (abt to /edit sign this *****)
  6. i didnt know we turned into tg manuel
  7. 1. Refer to Lectorate Pack II. Insta-Patch. Refer to Essential Oils Glue Oil and we have Amberriddle herbs. 2. Hnggghgg. See... no... reason to have a fix all potion for niche scenarios. Skill issue tbh if u die to a ST disease just powergame not getting hit!! 3. Organ Mender plus mundane herbs that I don't remember. 4. No. You already know why. More commonly known as 'skill issue' if you can't control bleeding and suture them with the 2957 gazillion herbal combinations and alchemy shit to do it.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wwGn8nnlHVU&feature=youtu.be would be amazing for epic barotraumatized mining/expeditionary events
  9. Mechanics: Blasting potion appears as a thick mist encapsulated within an airtight container, capable of spreading out with great force upon its release in a radius of three blocks. This force is concussive, like that of a non-incendiary explosion; the blast’s general strength equivalent to the heavy hit from a blunt weapon. Those within one meter of the blast would have their footing compromised, being thrown upon their back with the wind knocked out of them, likely bruised. Those within two meters of the blast would likely be forced to stumble back depending upon the amount of protection and endurance that they held. Anything uruk-sized or larger can’t be knocked down by a single flask alone, though could still be battered and disoriented. Direct hits to an unarmored foe’s head or chest could put them in critical condition, though may not always be necessarily fatal. Glass shrapnel which explodes outwards as a result of the flask shattering will only fly to the edge of the three meter radius. Noticeably, Blasting Potions seem to be more unstable and irregular than the rest. Unlike most potions which unincorporate after priming, Blasting Potions start a positive-chain-reaction which cause it to detonate no matter what by the end of it's priming period. Meaning, if not used within one emote of the priming emote, a blasting potion will explode no matter what instead of falling inert again. Redlines: There is no heat, flame, or light caused by this potion. Blasting potion will never be able to kill anyone outright, and at most a direct hit to the chest or head would leave grievous wounds and concussive damage. Requires ST Signature. Shrapnel may not be added to the blasting potion pot itself, as it would disintegrate upon explosion. Glass (or any other container-material type) shrapnel from the potion would not be lethal, and would turn into a fine dust or particulate. It may cause small cuts on its own, but would not cause any form of traumatic or puncturing wound. Using blasting potion to breach doors still requires the alchemist to carry out the proper lockpicking/breaching rules and mechanics. Blasting potions cannot circumvent minecraft mechanics, such as using one to blast someone over the side of a wall - save with expressed ST permission during events. ctrl c and v go brrrrrrrr (i also dont understand from an actual mechanical standpoint nor rp somebody explain to me pls)
  10. why are constructs using enchants in da first place? theyre unironically centered around crp due to the sheer fact that they are 7-10 feet tall and have the strength of an uruk. i see no point, sorry lad
  11. alch bloat lol we already irply have many forms of anastesia and common surgical methods snd symptoms to assess internal bleeding and perform complex surgeries. (you can get dieathly ether, use booze, drugs, and many other forms of drugs/pre-existing herbs such as Javens, Ponderlot, NORMAL Diddyfunkle, and Nightsap) even if this was to be passed, i see little reason to have these designated as rare and ST signed. hmmm something tells me that this is similar to another alch lorepiece? cough cough, adunic alch, cough cough
  12. sorry alchbro... this doesnt warrant a t3 rare pot... as i can write up processing the herbs in a few minutes and get done w my st signed pot rp...
  13. +1 not a rewrite by you know who (i also dk how to feel abt half of a druids cords and 5 emotes to spend on a rlly good summon. also surprise grammar error in da redlines of entling)
  14. in which nations will minmax the shit out of their playerbases religions
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