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  1. Nelson Watts: *charges up cathode and anode plates with potential energy while it synchronously sparks with a bright flash of light to a rod* I see there is an internal conflict between the House of Merentel. I wonder who would come out ontop, would it be alexander or would it be Tobias. Axor Capilari: I remember picking up Tobias as a little child and watched him grow throughout the years. Me and Sergius was close and always expressed that Tobias would be his pride and joy and success the righteous ruler of the House of Merentel. I should contact my friend Watts to borrow some lightning rods
  2. Axor Congratulates them! “Congratz!”
  3. *Intrigued to see the invitation come out to him* This would be a good business opportunity to start Xor Food Co. I should start stockpiling potatoes
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    Sorry about the delay mods, I thought I would get automatically Emailed when someone updated my thread but I forgot to enable the checkmark!
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    As a child I was not born with very much money or wealth. I watched how much of the money that we had in the Kingdom of Curonia was taken due to tax, leaving us with little to nothing to bear our cold starving bodies with. As I got older, my parents became weaker and weaker before dying due to eating mushrooms. Watching them die due to mushrooms scarred me to never touch mushrooms again, calling them devil’s stools whenever I found them/ offered. During 1715, a major war began between Curonia and the Empire of Renatus known as the War of the Two Emperors. They forced me to fight but I refrained from fighting and dying on the battle field. They gave me 2 days to get ready to fight or be forced to hard labour. Before I knew it I escaped the grasps of the Kingdom barely and managed to hide away from the action by seeking refuge in the Tatus Grove. I witnessed how they healed them selves and kept themselves almost sacred. They helped me by pointing to the nearby city of Sutica Soon after the escape, Axor was scavenging the lands when he found himself into the Federation of Sutica, a peaceful non war nation that aimed to become prosperous and non violent. The Head of State was a kind Lady that favoured all creatures like himself and decided to settle down in Sutica to rebuild his wealths and lands. He supported the rise of Lily Helenson-Anarion and hopes that he can serve as an undercover officer for Sutica.
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    I was born in Axios in 1609 to Axer and Maartor. During 1637 I joined the group led by Cannion I to take control over the Holy Orenian Empire. After successfully doing so I was scammed and only payed a quater of what was offered. I left the Cannion Side to leave. However i was stopped by The Kingdom of Norland who offered me more money to join their side. I obliged and help them attack the empire once again, leading in a victory in Norland’s Hands. They payed me a generous sum before I settled down in Vjorhelm. Around the corner in 1640 the Third Crusade war was in place, and I was in no shape to fight, so I fled the area, watching my town and home burn down to the ground. Now I wonder around to different cities looking for a job.
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