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  1. Qamar and Shams would be shocked after hearing the news of the Ferrymen protecting the oasis, and quickly came up with a new policy... ⊳⊰✧ The Free Shawarma Policy for Ferrymen ✧⊱⊲ Simply said, all Ferrymen are granted free shawarma in the Oasis!
  2. The Emir's twin brother, Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel is beyond happy at the news of being under the protection of the Ferrymen.
  3. Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel offered a nod towards the invitation to his twins wedding, beyond happy for him... as he had always wanted to BUST SOME MOVES ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!
  4. Letters are scattered around the Jade State of Yong Ping as a young boy by the name of CHEN XUE runs for Junior Mayor! Li-ho! As many of you might know I am Chen Xue, the mighty dragon, the cookie devourer or the average kid down the block. Enough silly talk, as I am here for a very serious reason, as I am running for JUNIOR MAYOR! Many of you might be thinking that I will proceed to write a very long paragraph on why I should be the Junior Mayor, but instead I can tell you in one quick sentence... [!] Scribbles? No, it is a very well written sentence by an eight year old. YOU HEARD ME! As you can see, I expressed much in that one sentence above, but to clarify it stated: First of all that Kids need more of a voice in government meetings and should not be looked down at! We have many good ideas that are never heard! Second of all, I wish to let adults know that we want more events that are fun for kids! Not everyone likes to listen to someone talking for soooo long. Third of all, I will help Yong Ping and make it a fun place for not only kids... but ALSO ADULTS! Fourth of all, why not vote for me? SO GET UP AND AND SCREAM... VOTE FOR XUE, AS HE IS THE ONE FOR ME AND YOU! I wish you all understand that this is for the better of our future, if we want Yong Ping to become a strong nation, we must work together. Children should not be looked down as they have many wonderful ideas that can help the future and present! All you need to do is give us a chance! And to make sure we get that chance, your very own Chen Xue will walk up to the mayor and tell them to listen to your opinions! Overall, what I am trying to say is that... Voting for me is voting for a better future for ALL OF US! Also... I believe cookies should be a very important thing in Yong Ping. And for you adults... I will also agree to healthy cookies! Vote for Xue!
  5. mrfruit_4


    -Alfan a Heartlander lived in Haense and never had a childhood because he left his home and family when he was 10 years old, he then wandered in the forests looking for food and a place to live. -After wandering and living in the wild for years he finally found a place called the city of helena where he met a fellow friend of his dad named knight Robbert. Alfan and Robbert worked together, played together and always sticked together. They were living the best life. -Alfan thought this was how his whole life would be, it was good, but not how he wanted it. Ali always wanted to be a knight and practiced every day and thought he could maybe become the royal knight because there where no problems stopping him from doing that. - Until one day Robbert died. Alfan promised Robbert the day before he died that he would become the Royal knight and will always try his best and will work hard to get all the way up there.
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