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  1. The young Vilac stared at at his red-bearded dragon which Ileana had gifted to him, tears welled up in those grey eyes and rolled down Reuben's cheeks. "ea loved her like she was mea Mater, Jarek.." the Teen Vilac spoke to his pet, wiping at the tears from his eyes as he let the sobs rattle through his chest, "ea wish ea could of been a better son to her"
  2. Tara had to in fact fainted when she found out about this union! And upon seeing the official invites sent out she couldn't help but grin brightly, excitement buzzed through her thoughts.
  3. Reuben Vilac looks over the missive, "Beelian is the bestest!" a fire haired twin exclaimed to his sister.
  4. Tarasynora Tennellar looked over the notice, a bright grin as per usual plastered on her features, "fun shit"
  5. I'm a goofy goober! (Rock)

  6. Tarasynora nodded simply as she read, the information corresponding with her own notes made on the meeting, "Llora better make more of those damn sandwiches!!"
  7. ˚°◦·:*¨༺ Tennallar Tunes ༻¨*:·.◦°˚ [!] The following pages are some sea shanties often sung by the Tennallar Talonnii on voyages, recorded by Tarsynora Tennallar!
  8. Tarasynora Tennallar chuckled with her classic snarky little grin, "We all knew your maln was a bit wacky"
  9. The Automaton's glowing hues inspected the handwritten missive, metal fingers ripped one of the missives off and folded it neatly into their satchel to show others if needed. "Any harm wished upon a Ranaleth will be met with my own efforts to terminate that who attempts" The construct was very adamant about their purpose, as a protector & caregiver.
  10. Man this dream ramble is actually cool
  11. Sabine read over the 'news' that had been passed to her, "dead-" Sabine looked shocked and as she read further, "wha-" the tall woman had run a gloved hand through her hair with scrunched brows, "...no matter...I truly did enjoy her company" she mumbled softly.
  12. EXACTLY, i can't unthink it
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