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  1. How do you even skin dread locks, especially in a pony tail?

    1. ๖ۣۣۜ҉𝔘nwillingly


      unknown.pngthis is how I did it but dont copy

      Take advantage of the hat layer, do light - dark - light - dark colored vertical rows

    2. Commander_Jester



  2. "My Pedigree...?" Evar'lae stares down at the invitation that had sat in front of his desk. He blinks slowly at it, "...Do they mean my immediate family?" After a moment of thought, he shrugs, "Oh Well. I'll see if I can attend to this celebration."
  3. Odd. Evar'lae has never seen such plump chickens. It truly was unordinary to this man. Their every-day antics were comical, now they're extra PLUMP. Adding in more comedic effect to Evar'lae. He must show Anthea and Tali'lora this phenomena!
  4. IGN: Cmmdr_Jester SKIN/S: Air Bender Blue DISCORD: TheGentleChaos#5378 BID: 60
  5. IGN:Cmmdr_Jester Discord:Thegentlechaos#5378 Skin:Legacy Bid: 60
  6. IGN: Cmmdr_Jester RP Name: Finley Grandaxe CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  7. Disc: TheGentleChaos#5378IGN: cmmdr_jesterSkin: GraceBid: 110
  8. Disc: TheGentleChaos#5378IGN: cmmdr_jesterSkin: GraceBid: 95
  9. Skin: Pirates go Arrggg Bid: 60 Skin: Blue Halfling Bid: 60 Stateswoman Bid: 50 Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378
  10. Skin: Pirates go arrggg Bid: 60 Skin:Princess of Roses Bid: 70 Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378 (@ Desired: >:D )
  11. Skin: Pirates go arrggg Bid: 50 Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378 Skin:Princess of Roses Bid: 50 Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378
  12. These questions I see in Miscellany... It ain't nothing, but a heart ache.
  13. I swear to **** I thought I'd never see a post like this again. I swore too soon!
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