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  1. "Fits just like a glove!" Evar'lae could be heard within his home after he had tried on the swanky armor.
  2. Skin: 2Bid: 500IGN: Cpt_Calamity | Cmmdr_JesterDiscord:Jester_Calamity#5378
  3. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
    Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
    Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun
    Now the jingle hop has begun

  4. Imma fight the aspects, ooc style




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      I don't want a lot for Christmas
      There's just one thing I need
      I don't care about the presents
      Underneath the Christmas tree

      I just want you for my own
      More than you could ever know
      Make my wish come true
      All I want for Christmas is you

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      I am so VERY disappointed in the lot of you.

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      I just follow the song of Capitalism bb

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  6. I pretty much want to make all the dad quotes from classic films on Evar'lae

  7. Day 1.5: Also I want to recreate that scene from Harry Potter where that dad cries for his son and is like "THATS MY BOY!"


  8. Day one of looking for a player for my son, my wish on Evar'lae is to have him freak out and say: HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SON?


  9. WOAH OH

    1. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      jester I am going to punch you in minecraft

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  10. pLAYER IS FOUND Hello! My names’ Jester, and I play an elf named Evar’lae Amayril. The Amayril family is small, consisting of three people; Evar’lae Amayril and his two kids (Tali’lora and Soren.) They live in the Vale of Nevaehlen, you know, where the Father Circle resides so expect to see some wood elven/Wild Faith culture and Father circle druid culture. He already has concept art of what he could look like now, there’s two alternatives where he leans towards his mother’s side and his father’s side. His eyes and hair will always be blonde and blue though, take note of that. The shade of the hair can either match up to Evar’laes or Anthea, that being the mother. This would be his backstory in a nutshell, any further questions about his childhood and more detail is discussed with the chosen player: Soren, the son in question, is a mixed elf (Mainly High Elf, with some wood elf) and he’s already past 20 years old (born on June 12, 2021). His mother died giving birth to him, pretty tragic. He has an older sister named Tali’lora. He was born in Elvenesse, but shortly after his mother died, the family moved to Ikur’Fiyem A.K.A. Fenn. After some time had passed, the family moved towards Nevaehlen where there’d be more family and recognizable faces for everyone in the Amayrils. Currently he’s just a boy that’s often exploring around Almaris, debatable on how far he explores. He just always comes home to his father, Evar’lae, and older sister. How his personality is like now is up to the player, but please know that I will be needing to discuss his upbringing and what his relationships would be like with the people around him. There’s some people outside of the Vale that the Amayrils would be familiar with. If anyone’s interested, then please message me at my discord: Jester_Calamity#5378 Soren art concept done in Art Breeder Evar'lae and Anthea, art made by @JJosey (Great artist, great friend <3)
  11. Do you know, the Muffin Man?

    1. Qctho McAntoine

      Qctho McAntoine

      Who lives on dreary lane?!

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      The muffin man?! THE MUFFIN MAN!

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  12. Elanor's eyes burned through the accursed pages of the desserts recipe book. She hadn't realized how complex it truly is to make chocolate dipped strawberries. Sure, she could have just gone to a sweet shop like the one in Oren to find these treats. But no, she learned her lesson in making last-minute purchases as a gift. Well, her older brother seems to be happy with his hamster friend, but did he really need a hamster? Why is making chocolate so complicated? Elanor huffs to herself, closing the book before she tucks it underneath her armpit. At least she and her friend, Hui, could learn it together with Ahir'leilan. She smirks to herself at the thought as she strides through the stone streets of Vortice. Eager for the fun that they will all have together. Then she spots the familiar colorful figure looming over the front of the stairs with a cutting of wisteria in his hand. Her grey eyes brighten, and her smile beams wide upon her features, her proud stride shifts to quick gallops. Yet the closer the colorful boy and Hui’s come came to view, the less… colors there seemed to be around Elanor. She calls out his name, but he doesn’t respond. Then she asks if Hui was home. Still no response. So Elanor knocks against the door. Nothing. She turns around, already finding the once-color filled boy walking away from her and Hui’s home. Her heart is met with the cold, cruel embrace of anxiety and fear for the worst. With a sharp breath, Elanor is already leaping across the stairs and running after the somber boy. She holds the recipe book tight to her pounding chest, the only familiar thing in her grey world. Grey. Where is her grey friend, and what happened to them?
  13. Listen, you're a roleplayer

    I'm a roleplayer

    we roleplay

    Potato, tomato

    Hakuna Matata

  14. It had been years since Evar’lae spoke to his lari’onn, Briar Taliame’onn. Soon, he’d realize that the streak will continue. When he had heard of the news, his heart shattered. Death should have been a norm to him, Evar’lae would believe, but every death of a loved one seems to only knock him off balance again. And again. He had compiled a list now in his head. His baba, Zhang-Lei. Mama Aiko. Artanaro. Anthea. Briar. Evar’lae stared on as he sat on the sand, watching the sunset over the horizon. The fading light dancing across the ocean waves. He sharply intakes a breath, though it shakes. He barely held on before, never dealing well with the loss of a loved one. He stands up as his eyes remained on the horizon. He steps forward, only to stop as he hears a ringing chirp. He turns his head, searching for the sound behind him. Then he drops his gaze, finding a chorus frog resting on top of a rock. That’s odd. He lofts a brow at that, proceeding to make his way towards it. He scoops the frog into his hands before it took the chance to hop away. He chuckles out softly, moving away from the beach and on towards the grassland. There came the memory flashing in his head. Of Briar, eagerly telling him any frog facts that she knew. Frogs aren’t meant to be near saltwater, Evar’lae would recall. Briar would have wanted it to be near a freshwater pond and be with its froggy friends. She would have wanted him to stay with his friends too.
  15. I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now....

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