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  1. you are a lovely chicken nugget, Pup

  2. RP Name::Cassim Ambrose MC Username: Commander_Jester Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate – Paladins Why Do You Wish To Come?: Initiate wishes to aid Paladins What Skills Can You Bring?: Some sword and shield experiences, also parental if children are coming along for some reason...
  3. Cassim raises an eyebrow at his snow owl with the letter in Sutica. He takes it, scans over it before he shakes his own head with a feint smile. Then he reaches out a hand to give his owl a pat on the head, "You don't have to give me letters that are about the Ivae'Fenn, Osi."
  4. Cassim would lay on top of the Fennic Clinic’s bed. Staring blankly at his best friend; Datura’s face as the traumatic event is burned onto his mind, the entire scene replaying over and over for him. The sounds of his now-dead wife’s screams, the cackle of the fire, and Salthor’s rant of mother on loop.
  5. Cassim would hum and smile to himself, hopefully he has time at the given date.
  6. [OOC] Username: Commander_Jester Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): at least 1 day per week Discord: CrazyMCranium#5378 Timezone: PST [RP] Name:Cassim Ambrose Place of residence: Fenn Race/Subrace/Culture: Farfolk/Human Do you swear to follow the laws of fenn while in fennic land?: Yes
  7. “Hah.” Cassim chuckles to himself after reading the gossip.
  8. [Ooc] Username: Commander_Jester Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): At least 2-3 Discord: CrazyMcranium#5378 Timezone: Pacific Standard Time/ PST [RP] Name: Cassim Ambrose Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Human Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes, sir. Edited July 17 by Ioannis
  9. Commander_Jester


    Cassim was born in Curon to a single mother. She was ridiculed for having a child out of wedlock and soon moved herself and her son to the Trade Nation of Sutica. Cassim lived there until he was about fourteen. His mother fell ill and could no longer work. He began taking odd jobs from anyone who would hire him to try and buy her some of the finest medicines from the Mother Grove, but it wasn’t enough. Then, a stranger approached his doorstep, claiming to be his father. Cassim didn’t question it, it seemed to make his mother happy. Soon, she passed on peacefully within a few months of getting sick; both men at her side. Yet, Cassim decided from that point on he would wander and continue to take odd jobs in any city he stopped by. Leaving his father but on good terms, allowing what they had to remain the same: no contact. Cassim stayed in Adria- now known as Ves - for a few months before moving on to Haense. The stay in Haense was short lived however as he found himself not getting along with the citizens well. Since Haense, he has wandered without staying in one place for long. His only goal being just to do what he can to make himself proud.
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