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  1. Though he wasn’t there to witness the event, the act of kindness towards a hurt creature would warm Revin’s heart. He made note to congratulate Miven next time he saw her.
  2. "Some say Timothée was the best bard alive." The Bardic Spirits Present In order to honor our fallen bard, the Bardic Spirits of the Amphitheatre have decided to hold a celebration, one of song, drink, and dance, three vital ingredients in our remembrance of a true master of the arts! Everyone is invited to pay homage to this great man, whether it be through performance or your role as an audience member! As long as the air is filled laughter and joy, the fields filled with food and drink, and the echoes of song in the air, hope and passion shall remain in our hearts ever-strong!
  3. Upon hearing the news of the esteemed bard’s death, the Songbird was filled with shock and disarray. He shook his head in denial, softly whispering, ”I had just spoken to him... just the other day... We shared a drink, a tale, and a song...” With little else to do but accept the death of an old friend, the elf took out his harp, the very same with which he played his last song for Timothée, and strummed a melody, the same wistful, bright tune he played for his friend at the tavern. ”♫ The death of a poet, so full of life ♫ ♫ Hits hard in our hearts, in times of strife ♫ ♫ But sing, ti,
  4. When I first joined years ago, I know the monks were a thing but they never approached me. I know it’s important to reach out, but lots of players are too nervous to bother someone they don’t know. So, especially in WS chat, it’d be pretty useful for monks to directly approach new players who seem confused, even with just a /msg. Secondly, the monks really are super mysterious and confusing. They live at Cloud Temple, but they have little to no lore or reason for being there or for knowing the lands. I think this adds to the issue that most monk guidance has ooc chatter; there’s li
  5. Yesss, bardmancy! Love the lore, love the magic effects (and frazzle), and love the Amphitheatre
  6. Revin Songbird glances at the note, during his occasional visit to the halfling village. ”A drinking night? How have I not attended one of these yet?” The musician made a mental note to pop in at the designated time.
  7. Revin peered intently at the flyer, scratching his sideburns. ”Ah, so this is the competition I’ve heard about... I’m a little rusty, but it could be fun. For the practice.” He gave a firm nod as he wrote a quick reply, sending it off through his colorfully feathered hawk.
  8. Revin Songbird chuckles at reading about the Fountain of Eternal Elderness. "Seems like such a fountain would serve quite useful to quell the arguments between the 'aheral and 'ame."
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