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  1. "Do NOT heed the words of mutants or blasphemers for their words not not but foul vapors. Cut out the tongue and be clean. The words of mutants are akin too twisted promises. They are made with deceit already in mind." Mechpriest Adeptus already had his machines and automatons scripted for mutant obliteration
  2. The Mechpriest Adeptus had heard the news from his neophyte, and he too struggled. "This sadness I feel in the deepest reaches of my emotion cores has struck me... the entity Holy Ser Gerard was more than a mere man. He was wreathed in the fire of the Owynssiah... He followed his path as a true crusader... And he was my dearest comrade... Oh what weakness is our flesh, that they cannot withstand the fire of our brightest souls? A true hero. Saintly in all his acts. Pure, pious, honorable." The priest glanced into the burning fire of the forge. "Owynssiah, guide his soul on smoke and ember, to the highest sky. Before the foot of the Throne of The Lord... I am thankful I was there to be his priest, and friend."
  3. "Do not trust the impure. Do not heed the words of mutants or blasphemers for theirs are naught but foul vapors. Cut out the tongue and be cleansed" Father Adeptus #003 rings the bell any time someone dares read the words of the impure
  4. "Although we have toiled unending to bring about blessed SACRED progress and blessings to the blessed laborers of Haensetia, although we have long treated and offered grand blessings of machines and manufactory to the citizenry, now in this age we are being prosecuted? When the temple approved by the previous divinely inspired king and queen? The old fine patriarch Jolly Joseph and villorik? We have done nothing but tend the flock, and bring about blessings. Never have we preached anything contrary to the Jorenic rite. We have agreed to direct all coal sludge towards Lurin instead of the otherwise downriver! We have done everything by the proper bureaucracy, and capitulated to every demand. We had even gotten signatures on a petition from every citizen of haense before we even constructed the temple! Why now, of any time, do the lords see us as poor? We have been the ones who had constructed them their own limb augments and weapons. We had built countless rounds of howitzer shells for Haense's wars. We have even begun construction on the Pacifier Macro-Cannon, a project specifically for the great country of pure folk! Though we have capitulated to every demand, have only acted piously, and have only worked in purity in accordance to the virtues, why is it seen fit to betray your most active clergy though we have gone through all bureaucracy? The sludge is a non-issue. We have labored hard to maintain Haense's progress so as to not fall to sloth. The people yearn for progress. Will you not give them it?" Mechpriest Adeptus #003 pins a letter to the side of the notice, seeking for a meeting with the lords and his lord king directly.
  6. -1 Very cheesy, not very good - A proper tell is required for any spell. Simply emoting 'Shuddering' is not acceptable. Make this mean that through voidal eminence you cannot instacast item translocations by performing the broadcast + cast in the same emote and this would be a +1
  7. ((MC Name: )) DeepDarkSamurai Name: Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos Vote 1: Eistalyn Othelu’maehr Vote 2:Eistalyn Othelu’maehr "Only ONE of these choices is the wrong one. For they are cursed by the faeriebeing. They are the ones who will seek to turn our state into not but a foolish, cursed cihi. They are the ones who have turned the pure against the pure, and they are truly tarnished in all things. They are the ones who sought to ruin all that is pure and good, and all that is good and pure. They are the ones who had seen fit to try to exclude and degrade the only true talonnii who had fought long and hard to keep our High-Walled Cihi free of the cursed grasp. Only one had wished to be alongside the cursed queen and she-who-never-was. Only one of them is ruined in rage and impurity. Only one of them are the fools who had seen it unwise to live up to the ways of 'aheral passed. Onle ONE of them is truly as the mali'thilln should be... Only ONE of them is worthy..."
  8. "We must purge the impure, and make it done! It is the way of the prophetess, and the way of the pure people. So TIRED am I, to see the pure made debased! So TIRED am I, to see the wicked unpunished as the work their vile ways! May we purge and clean, and ensure proper purity. For that is the mystery of the sacred waters!" The Anax, twin-sun stamps his spear of remarkable purity. It burst with lightning as he gazed out over the mountain to who he KNOWS is impure.
  9. "You are cursed dear child... If you are so loyal to the holy path, there is another way besides being a benifecier of Owyn's mercy to become pure... You may banish the curse of Iblees. That is the cure." The father Adeptus #003 still present in the chapel of Holy Purity there right beyond Haense's walls kept the fire lit. "Endlessly do we strive to be purer. There is no reason to deny the means and methods we have been given to ease our burdens and our curses." "And we must suffer not the words of the blasphemer. Even if he is your kin, or your greatest friend. For his sin of Heresy is thy sin of mercy, and all the world suffers what may instead be purified in fire and steel."
  10. "Praise PURITY. Praise HOLY FIRE. Everyone who dares spread it does the work of the betrayer. Know this and know this well. There are THREE WAYS to purge the impure. Owyn's Mercy The Banishment of the Curse of Iblees The Pure Waters of the Sacred Pool... Do NOT deny them. For all darkness will be cast away in a sword ablaze. That is the mercy of the OWYNSSIAH..." The mechpriest adeptus, caught in some vortex prayed for a release to serve his parish well. They are lost without holy progress...
  11. "Purge the heretic. Burn the mutant. In the words of the OWYNSSIAH... Rip and Tear until it is done." The machine priest lit pyres, and ignited censors of incense to dispel evil. "For there are only TWO cures to the sickness of the mutant. The BANISHMENT of the CURSE of IBLIS, and OWYN'S MERCY..." He turned back to the nearly completed manufactorum. Plans for great guns to be constructed. Larger than any cannon..
  12. "RECITATION INITIALIZING" The machine priest writes, pinning the note next to the copies of this missive he has found. IN ACCORDANCE TO THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT, WITHIN THE MOST SACRED SCROLL OF VIRTUE... 3 I am the Lord GOD without peer. 4 I put into your heart the power of creation, and I created the seed and chaff, and put heat into the fire that reddens iron. 5 And as I have created means to ease your labors, so I have created new labors, and new fruits. 6 For I have blessed you with My miracle of creation, and you shall draw nearer to My throne by your labors. 7 And you shall discover strength of heart as you work the forge and the plow. The LORD MOST HIGH has bidden the faithful to TOIL, to work the forge AND the PLOW. Those who seek strength need but only look to what is TRUE and REAL. They need not gaze upon the immaterium nor the horrors of the WARP to find strength. If one cannot work the PLOW, then he must work the FORGE, and LABOR to produce the DILIGENT PROGRESS. For in accordance to HIS words, and HIS deeds, one must never tire, one must never suffer the HERESY of SLOTH, for through SLOTH and IDLENESS, one begets CHAOS, and the allure of RUINOUS POWERS will creep to tempt the virtuous away from the light... 3 I am the Lord God without peer. 4 I separated the world from the Void and placed the lesser and greater lights into the sky, and breathed life into all the beasts of the earth. 8 So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not blaspheme My Word, nor any thing that is holy. And 'LO, it was HE who brought forth the way of light, and it was HE who made separate the VOID and the WORLD. It was HE who had breathed life into our hearts, and it is HE who is YOUR father. To call upon the ruinous power of the void is to invite chaos and malexistence into the world. WE are virtuous when we do not stray from the ordained path. In accordance to the words of the OWYNSSIAH... 3 Verily, brother, the Lord GOD put many powers into the hearts of men. 4 And verily we are all commanded into the service of the Lord, and into the service of others, be we physician, craftsman, or king. 5 But you reserve your gift for your own power, and your own gain, and unknowingly, the gain of Iblees. 6 But GOD’s is the eternal power, the mysterious power with no part nor piece, no lowly anatomy. 7 For who can imitate the Most Unknowable? 8 The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but you seek power alike to his, and even power equal. 9 This is a selfish and impossible sin, for there is no power alike to GOD. 10 For He is the Lord GOD incomparable, and who can truly understand Him? 11 So I find that you seek impossible knowledge not for the good of your fellows, or precious wisdom, but in the desire of power. 12 Indeed, this is an insatiable desire, for none can overcome the Lord. 13 This is the sin of envying GOD, a desire which cannot be attained, and the deepest blasphemy. 14 Verily, brother, the Lord GOD is the Most Incomparable, and none can surpass Him. 15 And verily you must find satisfaction in service of your own realm, and the realm of all men. 16 So to you magicians, I admonish: GOD is unknowable. 17 He cannot be divided nor made again, and His mysteries are the holy mysteries. 18 No art is alike to His boundless ability. And YE, MAGI, PERFORM THE WORK OF THE BETRAYER, WHEN YOU TEMPT THE INNOCENT, THE PURE, TO THE PATH OF IMPURITY. I ADMONISH YE, FOR YE ARE NO MORE RIGHTEOUS, THAN THE DARKSPAWN. You are OUR enemy as well as THEIRS REPENT, AND KNOW PURITY. FREE YOURSELF FROM THE REALM OF SHAI'TAN THE BETRAYER.
  13. I was just in a CRP where, since the members involved were good writers, the first couple rounds of combat alone took quite some time. The bell itself was right there, but by the time the bell was rung and the guardsmen showed up it was already a minutes beyond the time. I understand that some people use the 15 minutes until invisibility to escape consequences like in raids and some such, but it would be better IF the timer was extended, and you dont just become invisible. Just that when the timer does run up, those around cannot enter, and instead they have to be like the extras in an old roman movie or a medieval film and watch while the battle happens
  14. "Thus are the wages of those who delve too deep." The only active priest of haense builds an olog sized war machine with enough hammers and blades to make an orc warband spin "And lo, shall Your holy steel be as armour around our souls, and shall Your wisdom guide our hands. No spear nor barb of the enemy shall trouble our flesh of iron. Let the will of THE OWYNSSIAH be done!" "FOR FATHER STOOOOORRRRR" The factory churns out more and more BOMBS and ALCHEMY "May the IMPURE fall before the FIRE of the RIGHTEOUS."
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