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  1. ______________________________________________________________________ First Feast of The Heroes Plenty -Dino Riders preparing for battle _________________________________________________________________________ The Body Strong The Deeds Eternal Mark The World Kleos Undying, Those Divine Glories --- To the Denizens of ALL lands, near and abroad! Know truly those Brilliant, those TRUE! Those members of The GREAT WARRIOR BANDS! Which had struck for greatness and Hailed Victory! Taking it at the tip of RIGHTEOUS spear! No Kaiju left standing this day, as Oyashiman Mecha met Saurian flesh! Oh merriment and boasting abound, for truly not often is it that such a victory worthy of song may be etched into history eternal! For it is by OUR victory that we have freed the Pingers to their return! That Taken have we, the many prizes, and still do we have more to be shared! I, Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, Commander of Armies, hoplite of The Blessed Band of Sulianpoli, and Okarir'mali of Haelun'or call upon all Heros and ALL attendants of that most SACRED and BLESSED Hunt, come, fly, and let us feat upon leg of beast, and sing songs of our finest moments! May we put together works and make known truly our ways to one another! For those TRULY Heroic in nature, worthy of song and name and great legacy, a second gathering will be had... Let us sing LAMENT and PRAISE! To those fallen so they may never pass from history! ____________________________________________________________________ Bring your friends, loved ones, and allies, for we shall have a well stocked and heroic feast to discuss our 'Aristeias', to sing or songs and let our names be heard, may they never fall from this earth! The First Feast of The Hero's Plenty shall be held in Haelun'or. If you want an invite to the second and much more exclusive feast, come there and EARN your invitation! This letter extends to all the following groups and their fellows, and amongst the lands between them! Lord Uther's Herrenite band, may his mens loyalty remain undying The Warband of the Chieftain Siegfried, may he bring his settled men to TRVE LIFE Wyrmstalkers of the Order of The Lion, their ways remaining true The Ronin of Yong Ping and her scattered people, free are they The Fourth Fleet! Their assets incredible May this gathering, Hosted by Sulianpoli's Lads, and Haelun'or's best bring us a great time! Song, Food, Games, and wrestling shall be held! If you are a HERO you'd come! AY'Larihei! HAIL VICTORY! ((Hosted in Haelun'or starting around 3pm est on Dec 3rd! Second feast will be held at a hidden undisclosed bronzed location)) -Those Bronzed Heroes are not new to this Undying Glory business... For they had slain The BIG BLUE TOO
  2. "OH WHAT KLEO, WHAT UNDYING FAME! MAY OUR NAMES SING ETERNAL, MY BRAZEN BAND! My blessed lads!" He raises his polished spear over his head! "HAIL VICTORY!"
  3. "May the Cingedoz tribe be lead by a bright and mindful chieftess!" A sworn-sword of Scydria heads over the tall grass
  4. "May EVERY serpent and their slaves fall before BLESSED spears, may they bend at the knee and submit! May their lines be driven into extinction! It is about TIME that Cursed Star-Land has taken a stance, for many years have they served as stalwart bulwark of defense FOR those most cursed serpents. Ne AGAINST them, such as War-mongering Sulianpoli, and Purest Haelun'or. Let us see if the threat of jihad was enough for them to maintain these laws they enact, or if it will be for show! May the people of their cihistate GROW and open their eyes to see plainly!" A jubilant hoplite, ender of many lizards stands tall about the Polis. Nodding to those who had come from far off starland with intent to learn about the purest of ways
  5. A stern and jovial high elven hoplite stood beaming the suns brilliant smile over the high walls "Long has our polis been at war with the serpents, and long have we stood, spears thrust forth, to take Glory from the vine, and shield ready to aid those pure from the clutches of the dragons! Ay'Larihei, may serpent'ata be scourned, and may their TRULY PURE and PATRIOTIC raise to follow the example!" A long off call from a different citystate repeats "To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!" in defiance!
  6. ___________________________________________________________________ Before Our Silver Forums ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Old Speech papyri circulate through the cihi* You know me, and gathered we are, here in our great forums, where song is sung and slots are played. I offer to those who listen, my service. I am a Mali of the community, through my spike I have given you sweet honey from the source, and reached forth to bring many gifts and wonders to Haelun'or. I dream of a vision that all of Haelun'or benefits from. It is thanks to our blessed lives, and the Toil-of-no-Toil, The LEISURE that we may focus on all the aspects of High-Life. Arts, philosophies, sciences both natural and super, Athleticism and health. All these aspects of ourselves are subject of ever increasing perfection. There is a common saying. That it is better to be a warrior-poet than simply one or the other. Enjoying The Fruits of our City, The Symposiast is free to gather amongst comrades with our vast leisures ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Iron Temple -Not Just 'The Lads' Gather To Heft Biggly! I labor, hours so as to show my beautiful neighbors of our most splendid state the ways of The Iron Temple, this branch of which, I have been spearheading. Moved am I by the efforts displayed by those Truly Beautiful mali'aheral who reach forth to grab with their hands and sculpt their forms into works of art, finer figures, more blessed than can be represented in any marble carved by the most skilled hands. We are beautiful people, why wouldn't we work out? It is a place to gather, where silver tongues and bodies are tempered, and truly, all live in ascent. -A pair of coconuts are spiked on the bar And no longer can excuses be made, I have perfected a tool to offer resistance to even the most voidally drained Magician so they too may enjoy max toneage. My Warlock Weights! Truly, we are most blessed for the freedoms to pursue arts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -A Hoplite Returns to his Marbled Citystate After Winning Glories It is often I return from my voyages over the sea, where I represent haelun'or well, and strike out great benefit and privileges. When I come across those silver seas, I often I witness the greatness of Haelun'or, of our mother city, cast there over the bluff! Her great temples and spires striking high! But with all this great opportunity to progress, we must organize and manage the cihi's direction! Support me, lliran, Pamphilos of Haelun'or, as ElOkarir'Mali! It is my greatest honor and greatest privilege to serve our great Mother-City, Ay'Haelun'or! Ay The Republic! Ay her Colonies! -Pamphilos Callidora of The Hyptos ((Come to a speech Ill be holding on saturday 26! Let us dialect!)) __________________________________________________________________________________
  7. *A bronze masked High Priest of Of The Sea peers out over the dry Krugmenistani river. May it one day flood, and ships cast to colonize again*
  8. "Sulian! For these mali seem to have taken much from the MYSTERIES of the lesser spirits, may their higher orders bring them to esoteric truths, and forumlate a true way of life!" A high elf high priest beams below the bronze mask of a terrifying elven ancestor
  9. A beautiful High Elf, a loyal Hoplite of Sulianpoli speaks before THE LADS, the Blessed Band of that sublime Polis "All before us Quake, Lads! We are blessed in these Holy lands, once more have we been pulled for duty, ONCE more have we been called to raise our spikes and bare Cruel Bronze! May the foes of light and truth fall before us at the knee and call us masters and great kings!"
  10. "Oh? A worthy vessel for us, the Ladliest of sailors?" The bronzed hoplite smiles, nudging the others near them as they test their recently plundered treasures "Tsk, they're Haensetian. Well, one canne expect it all from a patron, eh?" He passes out the missive to the other lads!
  11. "Truly, this bortu, PINNACLE amongst Ironguts! For it is by HER bravery, and HER TRUE GRIT, was that ladly Fellowship, that BAND of heros able to surpass the darkest of temples, that most ancient Antediluvian challenge. The Labyrinth... Emerging as champions, noticed by Qarkah. May she live eternally! In song and memory! For her name, carved forevermore upon the Stele of Sulianpoli!" Extols the High-Priest of the Temple Complex there in the bronzed citystate, wearing that brazen mask of a terrifying elven ancestor! "May she guide her people well! For I shall bring gifts to her, may she share them amongst those worthy!"
  12. "Sulian! May our High-Walled Cihistate sate the needs of our youth! Truly is the successful state one that guides their youth forward with great intent! Perhaps I shall show them some philosophy and physical education..." Hefty Pamphilos says, rolling up a scroll written in high elven hieroglyphs
  13. -1 no shamanic fruit no reason we cant have our fruit and eat it too, we already curse the land. Otherwise its a good rewrite, but removing fruit is unnecessary and detrimental actually!
  14. "SULIAN! Another brave Citystate of TRVE and NOBLE peoples! May the Tali'bortu, truest of all, exist well below their Philosopher-King's graceful eye! May their gnomes be blessed, and fields heavy with corn!" An elven philosopher rejoices!
  15. "The least amongst lessers would read this and not understand that the Druii and those Beautiful and Purest of 'thilln of the Silver Citystate would need to at least recognize a wholesome Malinor to exist, rather than to see those Free and Ever-Perfecting peoples join this 'Malin'or'. May the Malinites have their temple, and may they know much victory! Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya!" A beautiful pure elf, Hero of The High-Walled Cihi, patriot, who kept his Citystate free, smiles brilliantly! "Saneyir, may your words be heard and actions bold!"
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