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  1. this could only work if a casus belli system was set up: There are set amount of casus belli's that you can choose from: Raiding the city to pillage it battle the city's army Capture someone in the city (only available when the person is online and in the city) Heist the city each of the should have their own set of rules that the nation being raided cant breach the answer is there is no other way to prevent that without the system I said above Make it so that you can only raid at peak hours. But the consequences to the defeated or not rallied nation should be considerably large like loosing a set portion of their treasury
  2. tnt's are very expensive and he dug 400 blocks underground behind 60 iron doors.
  3. the NL hides in a very unreachable area of the city during the one hour notice what then?
  4. nation leader loggs of and tells 5 people of his rally to fight it out so he technically had a rally that showed up. Nation nl doesnt get captured.
  5. + Some may say this hapenned in frp but the only reason it worked in frp is their community, unfortunately the lotc community has grown a fear and hate towards conflict rp and now will search ways to avoid it at all cost. but what if he has to "log off to eat"? also this doesnt answer the main problem, the nation leader can just tell his entire nation to not log on and evade the raid
  6. Imagine, A nation leader is standing in a city that you discovered has a way in to enter and you want to capture them. And in order to capture them you now have to tell them that you are going to try and capture them an hour before. If the nation leader doesnt want to be captured he will just log off and tell everyone else in his city to log off. This will be used as a way to evade all kinds of conflict rp by weak cocky nations
  7. why are more ways to nerf bandit groups being discussed?
  8. 1: the server can reach the maximum of 250 players right now 2: Its already one of the laggiest servers I’ve ever played in its safe to say even if somehow we get 500 players the server wouldn’t support that many or it would just be unplayable server admins should reduce the player cap to 400 and buy more quality servers instead of paying for 100 extra capacity that will never get filled
  9. Valter Vilac is finally back from the tropics with hope and sees the missive and says "We are the only legitimate Vilac line"
  10. Cyrano, during his trip to the tropics, asks one of the folks “What does tio mean?” - “Uncle” answers one of the bartenders Cyrano assumes mi means me and says “Which sicko wants to marry their uncle! Oh my god what is going on in Balian.” He doesn’t read the missive further and throws it in the nearby fire
  11. “Other reforms needs to happen. Our state cannot have an elf in high command.” Says Cyrano reminiscing of the old days when Adria was ruled by Heinrik.
  12. no NONONONONO wait wait wait wait WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT
  13. Poland is owned by Albania @GoodGuyMatt agrees.
  14. If you engage in romance rp and don’t tell them ur irl gender is different then it’s weird. Romance rp is weird itself but uhh I guess you gotta get a rp family somehow.
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