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  1. Maxx Mudd would say “New boss woman huh”
  2. At least we didn’t rely on haense or the ferrymen or the shadow rally!!! :)
  3. “doesn’t do proper rp>valid reason for someone to get doxxed? Or someone to dox someone?” lmao ok buddy how about you realise that even if I rp ending the world and d20 everyone that doesn’t mean that someone can take rp to seriously and literally share my personal information. Anyone who does it should be banned, and you should rethink your take.
  4. Goodbye Aiden! I hope that you have a lot of fun outside lotc. And I am sorry about the recent actions. [[siege when????????????????]]
  5. kazoo

    Acre vs Oren

    Definitely yeah
  6. Marvyn Mudd would read the missive and say “THIS IS ALL WRONG THE WOMEN WASN’T A CHILD! And I am not a bastard… right?” to his brothers in the ruined Mudd ship.
  7. "May The Angels take good care of him" Guillaume would say remembering the memories he had with Charles
  8. Guillaume Louis De Rochefort would look at the destroyed Vuiller keep and say "This was easier than wining the brother's war"
  9. I really don’t know what to say other then thank you. I remember the first training I joined you made me shot call a battle which we somehow won. I always knew you believed in me even tho I am a child. In the ISA you helped me become captain from recruit even tho people we’re pre judging me for my age. I then became Council Of State in Oren and lastly I became a peer, a vassal to you. You may be one of the last persons that I wanted to see leave the server. But I know that I can’t stop you from leaving this place. Thank you lion for everything you have done for me and Oren. I will defend Oren until Oren dies.
  10. THE LOOTING OF BALIAN 24th OF Tobias’ Bounty, 1880 “We’re taking back our gear!” - Guillame de Rochefort Upon the dawn of the evening, a small raiding party consisting of the Princess Victoria Augusta and the Baronet of Rochefort, alongside elven mercenaries, made their way into the barren lands of Atrus within Balian. The city’s structures were full of holes and poor architecture, making perfect entry for the Orenian forces. The city lay empty, of course, the land being known as uninhabitable for many decades due to its lack of culture and poor stewarding of leadership. Nonetheless, the scouting group made its way into the Balian army’s headquarters, another poorly guarded area. As the mercenaries kept guard (for ultimately no one to come), the duo found several unlocked chests in the Balianian armory! Woe for the poor straggling Duchy, for no one would save them. The group quickly made haste, stealing the entire contents - a whopping 300 sets of weaponry and 15 sets of armor. At the sight of the Orenian scouting group, the Lord Legate Constantin Malenos ran away in fear, fleeing to an underground shack (rumored to be his mistress’s). No one sallied to his support, unfortunately due to the crippling state of Balian. LO, FOR THE BALIAN FORCES HAVE BEEN STRIPPED CLEAN, AND GIVEN BACK TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER !
  11. Good Old Gladiator Try user: kazooooooooooo ((kazoo with eleven o's lol)) discord: kazoo#6029 Bid: 170 (buyout)
  12. Guillaume would hear of the missive and say “Damn even Peter didn’t get captured that fast in the brothers war”
  13. Ok but we play stellaris right?
  14. kazooooooooooo kazoo#6029 Fur Drama -50
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