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  1. [!] You received an big envelope with a paper shaped like a pan inside this is what is written in the paper: Providence master chef night! Varon Draskovic has decided to organize a live cooking event where the best chefs in Almaris will cook food for everyone! Contact Varon Draskovic or Emerentia de Falstaff if you are interested to join the event as a chef! The event will be in front of the city gates OOC: the event will be this Friday (9/4/21) 6:15 pm est!
  2. Alexandre Antler opens the box and immediatly eats the chocolate then reads the paper and says: Finnally I know who to vote for!
  3. opens the envelope and reads it and then whispers to himself "pfffffft the moj is going to investigate my bunny to learn if he is criminal next!"
  4. Alexandre Antler signs the paper without hesitating and says. Good Luck!
  5. USERNAME: Hz_kazoo FULL RP NAME: Alexandre Antler HOUSE / FAMILY: do not have a rp family YEAR OF BIRTH: 1789
  6. kazoo


    Alexandre was born in a rich family. His dad was the owner of 4 beer shops and her mom was the owner of a grocery store. He found all his friends on his dads beer store including some of his girlfriends. He was a lucky child because he had a lot of toys and he was eating meat everyday. When he was 13 years old he had his first kiss and his first lover. They met in the beer shop of his dad. They ended their relashionship after two and a half years because his girlfriend cheated on him. But it was all good to him because after 3 months of breaking up he was dating the most beautifull girl
  7. kazoo


    trent was born in a normal family not rich or poor he was a kind but he was a bit selfish untill he is 17 years old when he got dumped by his girlfriend for being selfish.
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