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  1. Keldas Redcloud inspected the new flyer. "This really needs to stop."
  2. "Okay, what the **** is going on here?" Keldas spoke once he read another of these flyers. "Are we having cultists now too?"
  3. "Wonder who pays more for a contract to hire the Band." The Redcloud said once he read the missive. He crumbled it afterwards.
  4. Keldas Redcloud would take one of the flyers to look apon. "What the heck is this?"
  5. Keldas Redcloud raised a brow, his interest piqued. He quickly wrote a letter and attached it to his hawk, sending it off. "Now this is some interesting development."
  6. Keldas Redcloud read the letter after a day of training, wiping his brow as he did so. "Huh. Cynthia has some work to do, it seems. She's good with tea."
  7. [!] A letter would arrive at your mailbox, with a letter inside. Written on the paper, in flowy, curly letters, would be the following: Finally, the partnering of Keldas Redcloud & Cynthia Snowfall will commence on Malin's Welcome, 1811 “To friends of both Keldas Redcloud and Cynthia Snowfall, we hereby invite you to attend our wedding ceremony. We would love to see all of you at the Turtle in Sutica, at Malin’s Welcome. Bring anything you want. Those invited are: -Citizens of Sutica -Anyone from Sutica’s vassal states. -All friends and family of both parties. If you indeed receive this letter, we would like to see you at the Turtle, Sutica’s palace, in the afternoon." ((OOC information: The wedding will take place on 3/18/21 7:30pm est. We expect you to behave. Map to the turtle below))
  8. GQuiller


    Nam was born from the De’Koorc family. Not necessarily nobles, but slightly influential people at least. The people living with him, like his family and the staff from the estate, were very strict people, high in believe of the supremicy of their race. Nam, however, was very blind to this. He would often escape from the estate into the woods to meet other races. He kept this secret for a while, but once his parents found out, they were sure to learn Nam a lesson. It took a while for Nam to gather his wits to go out again. The next time Nam fled, his friends noticed what happened. Nam showed up with some nasty scarring, but he couldn't explain how he got them. He just made up some excuses, like falling from the stairs or cutting himself on accident. Truth is, his parents “lessons” they tought were torture sessions to brainwash him. But Nam's resolve was stronger than that. Until he reached his late teens, and his family found out again. They took his eyes out. Just straight up gouched them out, leaving him blinded, saying “if you can't see our differences, then you should not see at all!”. That night, Nam snapped. In a fit of rage, he killed his torturers when they ripped the corners of his mouth with the same tools they used on him. Then he went to his parents, slitting their throats. He laughed, hoping to be free from torture. Only to find out he started liking the killing. He ended up in jail more times than he can count. He hopes that, now that he is in a new city, can make a new start. Take it a bit... easy, before making his next kill. Later he learned of elven history, especially those of the dark kin. He learned of the curse of insanity, and how that is still present, all be it rarely. He chuckled to himself. “I'm not crazy.” He told himself, instead blaming the curse for his murderous tendencies, and the acts of his parents. During this research, he also stumbled upon notes of blood magic – something he got increasingly interested in. Power gained by inflicting pain? This sounded very ammusing to him. He must and shall get his hands on this power, whatever it takes.
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