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  1. The Emerging of the Elder Treebeards 2nd of Sun’s Smile, 1782 For a while the Treebeards have retreated into itself isolation as the last meeting which was held by Lekso Treebeard was called the clan agreed on the election of a new Clan Mother, the Elder Lekso lead the meeting and all the family of his sat around to listen to his words, his talk of religion and clan politics until it fell upon the last task at hand, the Treebeard clan declared Ulvi Treebeard the true Clan Mother of the Elder Clan of Treebeards to lead the Treebeards down a new path as the young rebellious dwarfess held the passion to do so. The Majority of the Treebeards have voted so long ago and has come to attention that some say another Treebeard holds the title of Clan Father by self proclaiming, the act of self proclaiming themself as leader without contacting any Elder or the Current Clan Mother is a grave insult, the Treebeards which held problems emerged last stone day to hopefully correct this wrong but was ultimately called liars by the Hefrumm High Chief Karl Blackroot which upset the Treebeards which attended the informal meeting, the Pretender still clinging to the false self proclaimed title in the process, the reasoning which was presented was there was no proof, even after an Elder of the Treebeard clan confirmed this to be true as well as presented the relic of an ‘Elder Staff’ a staff handed down by the last proper Clan Chief Ozneat Treebeard to the Elder of the Treebeard clan to mark the legitimate of that Elder. This leads to the conclusion of the Treebeards returning to correct this wrong, so the clan which many of the Treebeards spent years in and creating to reclaim the legitimacy which most within Hefrumm’s leadership refuse to acknowledge over the pretender, which has made the Treebeards hold a second vote to distance themselves from Hefrumm for it’s very clear unwelcoming to the proper clan. --------------------------------- Clan Mother, Ulvi Treebeard Clan Elder, Lekso Treebeard
  2. A Mali’fenn within Sutica snorts hearing this ad finding it to be 10/10, made her day
  3. A Mali’fenn tactically rolls on the floor laughing very hard at the news which falls upon ear “Nice”
  4. Liv


    Gadget’Ox the Shroom gobbo, sits deep within a cave, her plant body and mushroom form growing a liking to her cave as she’d stick to the wall slightly, upon hearing the call her head tilts in a slow forced manner as her curiosity is peeked due to being classed as Notable, wondering why would she really care ”Mhmmmm”
  5. Liv

    Silvervein Clan

    An Mali’fenn Mage cannot understand how Magnar can look into idly thought, has come to the conclusion must be dark magic at work
  6. Lijia Ireheart hears the news from within her isolation, she holds a big yikes look to her face
  7. Liv


  8. Mauls of the Hangmen snickers to herself as she plays in a flower field “wow my flowers can drink easy blood soon”
  9. Liv


    Gadget’Ox Salutes the new stronger Rex, she’d hold a tear in her eye as her task in life was completed “Mi will go back to mi kave now, mi will akket da whitewazhing mi waz given, For Krug! For Znawt! For REX KOLAZ!!!!” she’d cheer before departing, leaving to return to her life of isolation for her deeds will be remembered and her crimes will be kept with her
  10. The Fate of Rexdom ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Within the Arena the Rex Korgahk’Gorkil finds himself alone with Gadget’Ox, the two understand what will happen as the Rex can no longer run for the only way forward is by winning against the Shroom’Gobbo, the two clashed, clashing in a show strength and speed, cunning and might, the brute of a Gorkil against a nimble quick-thinking Ox. As the two clashes with might and cunning, only one stood strong and claimed the title of Rex. Gadget’Ox, the Shroom’Gobbo, the Whitewash won the fight and ascended to leading the very nation she fought hard to change, she without seconds notice send she casts away Korgahk’Gorkil, whitewashing him as he did to her before leaving the arena, she calls to the people around shouting that the Rex has fallen, that she herself is now Rex. Rex Gadget’Ox, the Shroom’Gobbo. Upon this day the Orc known as Korgahk’Gorkil is cast out of Krugmar, whitewashed and stripped from his title, honouring the klomp he tried to avoid for so long ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rex Gadget’Ox Wargoth of the Ox Clan Rex of Krugmar Shroom’Gobbo For Snawt! For Ox Clan! For Krugmar!
  11. Malus giggles at the pretty battle in the flower hill “wow, that battle was so COOL! the flowers really let the blood stand out, it was amazing!” she’d say with cheer in her voice
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