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  1. While it is considered a very respectable feat to construct an atronach, forgers always aim to challenge themselves with their creations of the void as they are seen by mages and non-mages alike as marvels of modern advancements of voidal magic. But rather than giving full sentience or that of a full-scale body, a very delicate handed forger could formulate a construct fit for simple mundane tasks, or those of such a small scale to better suit as magical house pets even? Just to challenge themselves with patience and skill. Micro Atronachs Micro atronachs are forged the same old way any atronach is made, they do not require a mana obelisk however it is suggested to use it anyways for ease of creation. But, due to them being generally much, much smaller than a full-scale one they’re rendered defenceless needing to prioritize their core to maintain their voidal elemental structure. They develop much like a full-size atronach but are non-combative and micro in size. This covers both, the creation process, mindsets and generally development.- Due to the micro-atronach small size and generally needing smaller frames, this grants the ability to sway their general structure, this ability is only given to the liquid variations as they have a much better time shifting the plate structure as the solids don’t require it. But, this means the micro atronach can freely change its physical body type, this doesn’t add mass but alters what is already there. Mechanics A smaller variation of Atronachs that serves purely for non-combative NPCs The general body can be those of a humanoid or animalistic in shape or a bit of both for aesthetic flair Liquid versions (Water, Air and Fire) can shift their plating to change the general structure of the atronach. As an example, from an animal to a more humanoid body type. Redlines They’re unable to be used in combat An ST signed item is required for this atronach to be used in roleplay In no way shape or form, can one use a micro atronach for a means of metagaming, or ‘spying’. They will always linger and become very attached to their creator or designated handler. Micros still require to be recharged either at a mana obelisk or any transfiguration users mana. They are required to be charged once every ooc day Idle Cored Atronach / Drone Atronachs With the advancements of atronachs being very strong companions and able to outwit those around them, if they’ve been given the time to progress long enough. A forger can simply remove this ability of thought from the Atronach, constructing a core to be idle. Thes idle cored atronachs hold a one-track mindset and must be given direction and objective otherwise they’d halt functions waiting for a command. This is obtained by simply, not adding the enchantments that grant the atronach its ability to learn and think, it’s very sentience Mechanics Grants the CA atronachs to remove its very ability to think and replace it with a base, by base command, creating an NPC. The NPC atronach can have its enchantments completed at anytime if they wish for that NPC to become a CA which requires a player and an accepted CA The atronach with this core will no longer be very effective in combat, they cannot attack others and will simply ignore physical attacks upon them and magical attacks if they can. Aiming to fulfil their designated tasks Redlines Idle cores make atronachs now NPCs. They cannot be used to randomly attack people and are mainly purposed for mundane tasks. Unable to attack in combat. They’ll simply be too dependent on their designated tasks and will fulfil it then defend itself, or worry too much about them. This may cause the atronach to fail to function if damaged enough and should be roleplayed correctly Requires an ST signed core. Doesn’t require a player to play a CA but to RP out once the ST signed core is obtained. Purpose (OOC) The main purpose of this addition was to add a little more to atronach forging to have a range of things that expands to NPCs not just the CAs we all know and love. It is to add a little spice to a voidal workshop and not simply bore the CA players to do mundane tasks that we’d not want to wish for anyone to really do but we’d like to be done. So why not make smaller non-combative atronachs to simply add to spice of life in a voidal mages life!
  2. An old Magi simply, upon hearing the news wiggles their brows letting out a "cool" before returning to their forging duties
  3. OOC Information: MC Username: Livviez Discord Tag: Livviez#3981 Magics Currently Studying : Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: IC Information: Your Name: Chiyo Osser Your Race: Fennic Your Age: 329 Nation of Residence: High Elves Reason you wish to to join the circle: See what's it like
  4. The Forger known as Chiyo Osser thinks this missive is pretty based
  5. Chiyo shouts from the back, her hands cupped around mouth just to call to Telos and his statement "The library is ****. The books are children books" after, she laughs out
  6. Motsham Dura'Raguk lets out a confused "right . . ."
  7. A Elf up high looks down from a ledge. The missive comes to them, as it does a smile creeps upon their features as they read. A proud tone comes from them as they state with laughter to them "Finally, the impure can be purged once again and life will be good"
  8. IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Chiyo Osser Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To help a friend What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Dabbling in many things What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Any When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime
  9. [!] A notice lays here adding to the document an accounts of progression it being, public information The blade has tasted the blood of the weak. It has been tainted. A new blade is to be forged to carry on the wishes of the Spirit of Blood and Bone, Gazigash. Forgers start you forge and make a weapon for the Spirits, to taste and to follow the rules of empowerment. May the Blood Fuel the realm of Blood and Bone. Lup'Gazigash Dura'Raguk, Clan Shaman, Elder
  10. Turning of the Gears __________________________________________________________________ Deep in the jungle around Krugmar, an ominous chant linger around the calls of deep tones, twisted ones that have only been muttered by those who commune with the Spirits. The chants originate from three crimson Uruks which seek an audience with Gazigash. This request was heard and each did the three walk the realm of blood and bone, to a tower of bone greeted by a lesser Spirit. Words were shared by the Raguk party and this Blooded Knight of Gazigash within the Spirit Plane of blood and bone, only for a task to be set. This task handed to restore the sway of Gazigash within the realm of mortals, to claim a blade in the name of Gazigash, to stain it with the blood of those worthy to stain it, those who are to be found unworthy should surely taint this blade born in blood only to find that the Raguks quest to reset. _________________________________________________________________ Rules of Empowerment -The Blade must cut those who have been challenged to klomp and has respected the duels request, they do not need to be killed but to have the blood drawn and soaked the blade will surely do. - Beasts that outdo the challenger, in size and strength can be quenched within their blood into the blade - The weak hold no right to be harmed by the powering blade of Gazigash, for if found that the blade has not seen only those who are strong enough to rival will taint the blade causing it to no longer be the blade of Gazigash, rendering it a petty example. - Children are not to be harmed for the empowerment of the blade of Gazigash May the Blood Fuel the realm of Blood and Bone. Lup’Gazigash Dura'Raguk, Clan Shaman, Elder
  11. Yes. Wolfkite. You can be cool
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