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  1. A lone Treebeard sits upon the mountain top, her eyes are narrowed upon her bambo stick, sharpened to a fine tip, she’d drift her hand towards the herbs she holds around her grinding them together with her bambo stick, as the news pass via paper to the Treebeard she’d slowly nod from her lonely mountain letting out a soft “Mhm” before smiling “Anbella will guide us to heal one another with the help of our beloved queen Darrega, the Brathmordakin smiles down as they have always done, peace be with you my mountain sister” the lone Treebeard says in a hushed tone to herself before letting the paper fly across the wind to whoever it lands upon
  2. D3F4LT is a babe and will me missed, until he returns that is
  3. Liv

    A Call for Silvervein

    Upon hearing something Silvervein related, Lijia draws a picture before posing it with a pin under the call, she’d write upon the drawing “Loved, Lijia”
  4. Application: Name: Vending Machine Number Six Gender Identity: A Vending Machine How much anime do you watch: Only watching Doritos Fall out of me Are you an epic gamer: I bring Doritos and Mountain Dew Please write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you are a disappointment to your parents: My mom wanted me to have a real job but I just wanted coins What mental maturity do you possess? (Hint: Too much mental maturity = application denied 🙂 ) I’m waiting for an item to get stuck so I can finally get hit
  5. RP Name:: Ghuldam ‘the Golem’ MC Username: Livviez Discord: 𝐿𝒾𝓋𝓋𝒾𝑒𝓏#3981 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Learning experience What Skills Can You Bring?: is a 7ft 1.5 ton stone Golem, more effective in slaying those which can be held physically by brute force
  6. This made me cry, so beautiful ❤️
  7. Liv

    The Hookah Lounge

    Lauriel Labdacus nods her head “Drugs, how fun, I’ll have to stop by from time to time”
  8. Lady Lauriel Labdacus, Princess and Ruler of the Settlement of Ruswick, smiles as she’d read the tavern advertisement, nodding to the note she’d say in such an uplifting voice “My My, such a beautifully laid out sheet, very proud of the people for coming up with this”
  9. Lijia shrugs “Easy Win”
  10. “Fun times” Lijia says in a cheerful tone
  11. Aela Mar’ek chuckles lightly upon hearing the news, her sword would be sharpened within her hand as she'd swing it in front of her “I suppose I could join this war, combat is what I do” she’d comment with a grin “Unless the other side offers something more entertaining of course, this I would consider not bringing my family with me” ((Little ooc note, I’m wanting to join a side with a couple of goons but unsure on which, just pm in discord if you fancy some extra clickers to rally for your cause. Livviez#3981 thanks ❤️))
  12. Liv

    Admin Update

    wait, they just said nope, not good enough? seems legit
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