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  1. An Magical Elf smiles brightly as they hum to themselves, joyful tones fill them as their smile overtakes their features. Such a pog moment
  2. (Application Form) Name: Chiyo Osser Race: Elf Experience: Too much Do you promise to uphold the Cosmic Balance and all it brings? Of course (McName:) Livviez (Discord:) You should know this
  3. An aging Shaman of a Raguk catches wind of the plea. Their brow rises upon their worn, torn, scared face at the news. The wind blows freely around them as they rise to feet, the mountain they find themselves upon soothing with noises, a calling almost. The shaman's gaze narrows into a frown thought to them ". . . Ah plea from some un so young. Rememberz wen diz Raguk waz zmaller ah proud, noble . . . den zwayed tu eazily tu angereh. Did bad thingz ah made bad choicez" The Shaman's eyes roll letting out a sigh slouching upon spot, returning with a thump upon a tree stump "but ah brudda iz ah br
  4. This is the third post I've seen from you asking basically for magic. I think you need to chill out before people start to be pulled off by the idea of teaching you. Keep searching within RP. Make friends, speak to people and be offered rather then requested. Magic is an enhancer not an end goal. Just have fun and don't aim to revolve your whole time asking around for magic. Comes across desperate. Not aiming to hate but suggesting
  5. I feel this is ironic. Toxic man does toxic response and in return gets responded with toxic comments. Toxicity breeds toxicity. Hold thought in what you say and understand not everything is about a certain player or a certain playerbase. The saying of grow up comes to mind and it's just a game. If someone dislikes something they should always express there distaste. If you view them disagreeing and them disliking, being negative over what was posted out there. That is on you and everyone who has taken an opinion to heart. If Han just accepted not everyone will have good words towa
  6. An older elf stands striking a hammer to metal, sweat drips upon them as they're within a location of a makeshift forge, full of lights and wonder. Her actions halt for a moment as this older elf hears news, her gaze rises as they gasp. Somewhat out of breath "Magic eh" she announces to herself .Her hand glides to stroke her face "How fun. I may pop in"
  7. IGN: Lobbiez RP NAME: Ulvi Treebeard AGE: 92 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Treebeard Clan CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  8. An aging Raguk sits perked upon a stump of a tree, a cooling wide blows as the setting is close to a gushing river which gentle splashes the stones on the shore, a sense of peace lingers within the air as only a sweet smell of the natural life is around. They shiver somewhat as a breeze overcomes them. A frown drives deep into their brows, creasing her gaze as they part their mouth a shudder quivering "Ah new brudda haz entered da Ztarguzh" they mutter licking their lips, maintaining their frown until it hits her a sense of realisation "Oh . . . mi peep" a whisper almost, their features soften
  9. Mhmm. Powering noobs with powerful magic is something I can do : )
  10. An older Raguk Shaman catches wind of the missive. Slowly their tusked filled features turn to that of a smile, as laugh escapes them. Outstretching an index as she points in the general direct of this Missive "Now diz iz propa funneh newz" Dura'Raguk lets out as they wipe a tear from their eye. returning to her shamanistic duties to the Spirits
  11. Alone in an Estate just off the main island which the capital of Sutica is. Lays an Estate that houses a woman and a handful of workers. This Estate is home to the Osser household which remains within the Sutican lands silent and hardly touched by society but is normally well-presented individuals. Inside a room, within the Manor that lays within the heart of this Estate, a woman paces about their hands behind her back as a frown crosses their gaze. A mumble is given from this woman as she paces back and forth while a core of some sorts sits peacefully upon the table, inactive unab
  12. When you get bored one day and write magic. brr brr
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