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  1. Alone in an Estate just off the main island which the capital of Sutica is. Lays an Estate that houses a woman and a handful of workers. This Estate is home to the Osser household which remains within the Sutican lands silent and hardly touched by society but is normally well-presented individuals. Inside a room, within the Manor that lays within the heart of this Estate, a woman paces about their hands behind her back as a frown crosses their gaze. A mumble is given from this woman as she paces back and forth while a core of some sorts sits peacefully upon the table, inactive unab
  2. When you get bored one day and write magic. brr brr
  3. "Who?" says Chiyo Osser after hearing such news on the new Osanora mail service
  4. It's always been cultured based on some random ass assigned mood things mages thought was 'cute', never confirmed lore
  5. [!] A room lays silent as the lights brighten it, these lights elevating within the room as the small masses of light float about bobbing and shining. The room is a simple constructed room with a desk on the far wall. A collection of tools and jars with wisps of colours located within is upon this table as a woman can be seen back to which we view, seated down with a hand upon a tool. Slowly turning a trinket within her delegate grasp. This woman holding a rather unusual tone to her skin and an odd natural hue being projected off her skin. The eyes being bright as her hair whiten. A hand sways
  6. Chiyo Osser removes her combustion enchant from her mouth as a letter comes to her lavished Estate. Her eyes peer to it as she reads with a nod, returning her rather explosive enchant away "well. I suppose I'd need to order a dress"
  7. Chiyo Osser supports anything which is tea related
  8. [!] A flyer lays upon boards scattered around the Greater lands of Sutica. Upon this paper is a collection of words, originating from an unknown Estate close to the Sutican Capital. The Mysterious Estate Gloomy day on the seaside manor upon the Osser Estate, located within Sutica Many have wondered who or what owns the Estate of blue which has it’s own dock, it’s own farms, it’s own lands next to Eastcliffe. This place has never really operated, only maintaining to themselves for a long time, even the name of this place isn’t known to many. But, to so
  9. A Crowded Mind Art was very epically done by - Basil The Bunny [!] Within a room sits a woman, her skin blue with eyes which shine a brighten pink she glows in a faint shade of a deepen aqua which hues out of her neatly put together formalwear, worn to look at as time has passed for this ageing glowing elven woman, sits and writes. Her hand scribbling away, she contorts her gaze scrambling up the paper throwing it behind. A sigh escapes as she slows herself, peering out a window to the outside. A smile brightens as a smug gaze falls on her. The freehand of this woman ext
  10. Dura'Raguk shrugs unphased with a netural gaze upon her. The staff which she holds decorated heavily with Spiritual markings and paint sways in the wind, a jingle projecting from in in a soothing musical display as words escape "Zleepy time. Zleepy Time"
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