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  1. What is known of the Spirits, is that they are the embodiment of all things this realm holds to offer. They are powerful beings that gain more power with feats and acts of worship and praise by those who live within the mortal realm. Due to this very simple known fact, they hold different wills from one another. The idea of the will of the Spirits conflict between each of them, for the will of Votar revolves around all things that is the hunt, while the will of Leyd is around the idea of physical might and to show one greater than the rest, to dominate. While the will changes between Spirit to Spirit, they all hold a similarity. This similarity is their selfish nature, their hate for all things that disturb the balance of natural life, such as the void and their hatred for anything that can be considered a deity itself. The Spirits hate many things, yet are forgiving to those who wish to be redeemed down the path of guidance. Those who wish to become one of the faithful Spiritualists. Shamans being the Speakers of the Spirits, have come across a number of things that are widely known that are disliked. What the Spirits hate to the point where they will not aid us if we were to break such things. Those who wish to dedicate themselves to the ideas of the Spiritualist, should follow these simple requirements in one way, or another for if the faithful meet a Spirit, they may find the Spirit to be angered by them which may result in a punishment if they were to walk the realm of Spirits. - To never fall to voidal magic, to never use the power of the void. To purge it, to remove its filth upon this blessed realm - To give love towards the Spirits, to follow in the idea of what they are. To dedicate time, effort and pray to them. To devote a task that will please them - To never fall from their grace and praise another that is not them - To respect them and their wishes. For one day, they may ask for a champion - Never worship other deities. Never use what other deities give for the Spirits are the one and only power worthy of our praise The Will and our own paths We travel our paths that are forged with the aiding hand of the Spirits, with our own will creating a perfect bond between us and those who wish to see our paths go down their interests. We may not always think that our beloved Spirits are with us, but. They are always watching. What is known of the realm is that it's a place of conflict, a war of Spirits. While we hold very little chances we will see Immortal Spirits. We will always find the Lesser Spirits willing to aid us to maintain faith in their realm. Each Spirit may latch upon us as people. As a smith prays to Gentharuz for his work to be seen as masterful, so does a lesser Spirit of his realm that will look down upon the humble smith with a smile, with joy. If this smith dedicates many great works to Gentharuz, this same Lesser Spirit will smile more with each work created. Only until the Spirit itself holds the power to want, this want being offered towards the smith to aid them in their next work only to make it greater than the last, to leave a mark, a presence even. A blessing for this humble worshipper. As time passes and this smith keeps on his faithful quest, one day his blessings will stop as the Immortal Spirit has taken an interest, his blessing being his mark and to meet the Immortal to be favoured by them. It is not a chore to dedicate something to these Spirits. It is the time they value, the effort they cherish. It is their own name that they hear being spoken as those who are faithful pray to them, empowerment is found and with this so does the faithful become empowered by the blessed hands. We choose to worship, we choose to praise and with this our paths are shown to us, our futures become better for it is guided until the end. We choose to hold faith, or we choose not too. It is not forced but an offering by itself. An offering that requires us to dedicate if we are willing. Allowing our own will to intertwine with the Will of the Spirits. These ideas are never bound to race. But those who hold faith in it, who wish to allow themselves to be engulfed in the work of Spirits. The Spirits care not who you are nor what you have done. As long as you follow their steps and aim to cherish their names. They will love you all the same. To offer enlightenment. In this realm or the next Elder Dura’Raguk
  2. If you know your lore. To do these blessings you just ask the Spirit for them. The basic idea of shamanism is the communication with the Spirit. You ask, you get. The lore blessings are just for mechanical values of emote counts and old blah. Pretty sure I stated they work the same way mechanically to make. But the effects are just the blessings/curses. The Lutauman one, is legit asking Kor for something which is sucking up a ghost. Why not ask them to stick a dead relative upon an item. A proper Lutauman anyways should have their dead relatives around for its their cultural job to maintain them when they pass. Maybe burnt into an Urn or the bones somewhere. It's not suppose to be easy. Suppose to be a reward for those who actively are creative enough to think. If I can ask a Spirit for this blessing. Whats stopping me to bless this, but the blessings and curses are just permanently upon the items due to the blessings are not really major things for a combative edge. TLDR Just uses the concepts of shamanism as a whole, covered by the ritual roleplay of the mechanical value of certain spells/blessings/curses EDIT NOTE Forgot to address. I most likely will express that it is the roleplay mechanics and that the items are just forever lasting, unless destroyed like any typical item would be. Alongside if most feel like it maybe hard to collect the physical roleplay remains of a fallen to be either this, or a screenshot of OOC consent
  3. Shamans, speakers to the Spirits. They hold the simple ability which allows them to speak to spirits, beings of immense power. What they ask and what they do normally depends on the Spirit's motive whether they are willing to aid or not. Due to this simple fact, shamans themselves could bless items to bestow upon others. Maybe to spread awareness of a Spirit? Perhaps to empower them by using a cursed item to torment a soul? The possibilities are endless due to the open nature of shamans and Spirits. One but needs to ask and plead, there is always a chance a spirit will answer, or not. Who knows? But the result can be items of Spiritual power that spreads wonder to the realm. Shamanism: Witch Doctor The Witches Cursed Trinkets As a Witch Doctor tends to create their curses into elixir or upon the soul itself. It is common practice or at least, once upon a time, for the good Witch Doctor to not inflict people or potions, but that of an item for whoever is unlucky enough to wear it. If they perform their ritual and curse an item such as jewellery. The curse takes its effect upon the jewellery and will linger until taken off. Mechanics - Follows the same mechanics of a witch doctor's ritual, requiring 5 emotes, 3 being in Old Blah and 3 emotes with physical actions followed by a roll. 3 different reagents are required for the ritual. - The cursed item must be made at the shrine of the related Spirit. Redlines - Requires a physical item that is ST signed. - Curses (spells) within the witch doctor's lore are the only cures that can be cursed to an item. - The item is required to inform what the curse will do alongside reference towards the lore and the Spirit cursed upon it. - This follows all mechanics of the Witch Doctors Ritual. - All cursed trinkets are required to have only one negative effect (bane). - Cursed healing and positive effects cannot be bestowed upon an item. Shamanism: Farseer The Blessed Trinket The Farseer, a shaman of blessings and wisdom. One able to bless creatures and plant life, but also items such as trinkets. Already able to create these “holy tools,” however, these tools hold sentimental value. They hold the ability to ask the Spirits, as all shamans can, to ask them to bless what they hold. Mechanics - Follows the mechanics of Shamanism Farseer's blessings. Requires at least 4 emotes to bless an item. 3 of which must contain Old Blah. - The item itself will be one of the blessings from the collection of blessing spells farseers hold in their respected lore. - The blessed item must be made at the shrine to the related Spirit Redlines - Requires a physical ST item that is signed. - This follows all mechanics of the Farseer Blessing of Empowerment. - The item is required to inform what the blessing will do alongside reference towards the lore and the Spirit blessed upon it. - This follows all the redlines and guidelines of Farseer's blessing, however. Upon an item. - Blessed healing cannot be bestowed upon an item. Shamanism: Lutaumancy The Ancestral Blessing The Lutaumen, being the shamans of the ancestors, hold a unique ability that grants them a voice to those who have passed in the Stargush’stroh. These voices tend to go unheard for there must be a Lutauman present. A Lutauman can request the voice of an ancestor if the spirit in question is to give their voice. The item inflicted can be used as a means of communication with certain ancestors. Mechanics - Follows the mechanics of Lutauman’s lore of Kor’s blessing. Requires at least 4 emotes total, 3 of which require Old Blah chants. - The item itself is required to be a physical link to that ancestor. Bones, blood, hair, etc. - The blessing of Kor will be directed towards the trinket to bless rather than taking to the Stargush'Stroh. The effects of the blessing will be applied. - The item should be made at the shrine related to the Ancestral Spirit or Kor. - Using the trinket requires a roll out of 10. Anything above 5 and the trinket can be used normally. Anything below, and the Ancestral will not show up. Redlines - The item will ONLY create a voice that the ancestral will inhibit. - The ancestral is not trapped to this trinket and can choose not to respond. - The ancestral will not be within the item during times of conflict (CRP/PVP). - The item is required to describe how the Ancestral will generally be. In simple, easy personality traits. - Anything other than an Ancestral speech blessed upon these Lutaumen trinkets, requires a MArt to be made. - Cannot have a trinket to speak to Krug or Greater Ancestors. They are too powerful. - OOC proof of consent can be used instead of the roleplay bones, blood, hair, etc. General Redlines - Once these items are removed from the person who is inflicted with them. So does the curse/blessing upon them. They are bound to the trinket. Not those who wear them. - All curses/blessings cannot be used as a combative edge unless the related curse/blessing lore states otherwise. If so, following the guidelines and redlines of the related Witch Doctor Curse, or Farseer blessing is a MUST. - Creative blessings/Curses. Require the use of the MArt system to get all the mechanics and redlines and what it does in detail. For both, the players and the lovely lore team. - Elemental maledictions and blessings are not allowed, these require MArt applications. - Shrines do not have to be ST approved. - A floral blessing/curse. Will be useless to a descendant that isn’t a plant matter based creature. - Can only curse or bless one item per OOC day, regardless of tier. - Items must be able to be held or worn, thus no items above handheld or wearable clothes. - Blessed trinkets and Lutauman trinkets will not respond/work to those who are not of the spiritualist faith
  4. Upon the wind, a voice is carried to find the crimson Raguk that is well known. A soft sigh is given by this old creature as she simple turns away. Resuming her duties alone in silence
  5. "Right" the local mage and Tilruir comments upon reading the missive, only to cast it idly to side with a shrug returning to their magical endeavours
  6. A certain Elven Mage rubs her chin as she ponders with thought out loud. "I do hope it's more friendly then the last. Most just stood across the room eyeballing each other" she then nods firmly for a shrug to roll of shoulders "Best of luck" she charms with a lightening chuckle as she clearly supports knowledge
  7. Just be fun to roleplay with and look for friends not solely look for magic and you'll have a better time maybe. I openly teach too many players with my expansion of voidal magic TAs mostly due to them generally not sucking up being constantly enjoyable/interesting rather the one of encounter. This is the same with every type of magic group. Just be friends, if you view making friends sucking up to people then it's pretty shitty
  8. Within the Motherlands of Haelun’or, lies a little workshop. Within this shop is a very well known mage to many magical people across the realm. This shop being the workshop of Chiyo Osser, to maintain such a magical place they’re openly offering their services across the realm. These include a number of magical things alongside some mundane services. These services are offered within Chiyo’s Magic Workshop From the Mundane Haelunorian Jewelry Haelunorian Weapons Haelunorian Armour Books Different variations of tea From the Magical - All things magical requires a formal meeting to discuss in detail Enchantments Full Scale Atronachs (Limited service, requires a contract) Micro Atronachs Atronach Limbs Magical Advice / Services These services can be declined, they do not require mina to purchase but can be done via trade of material goods. Letters can be sent to inquire or directly go to the Silver City and find the workshop themselves. Those who come seeking to learn are more than welcome, however should consider they won’t be guaranteed in learning what they seek. Extra Information The workshop is open for all mages to simply come and relax as well. For there are two sections of the building that non-magical users are permitted to enter, allowing a rather relaxing place for discussions, debates. Teachings alongside tea drinking.
  9. You could of just stuck an additional enchantment upon the core to grant not just the limb. But a combative spell, limbs itself just restore the limb itself. Additional enchantments should be required for combative settings since it is just a SPICE section of the magic
  10. An aging Chiyo Osser only lets out a somewhat puzzled "huh" upon reading the missive. Only to shrug afterwards letting out a "Nice" with a couple of nods of her head "Bet it doesn't have a tea shop though" she grumbles out in idly remark before returning about her day
  11. While it is considered a very respectable feat to construct an atronach, those that forge these mighty creations always aim to challenge themselves with this use of voidal artificery to create even greater marvels to be witnessed by those who as well practice these magical arts and those less talented in the arcane. Thus instead of giving full sentience or that of a full-scale body to their creations, a forger with a delicate hand could formulate a construct fit for simple mundane tasks, or those of such a small scale to act as simple pets and familiars just to challenge themselves with a task that requires much patience and skill. Micro Atronachs Micro atronachs are forged the same way any atronach is made; requiring the creation of a core to house the needed enchantments that give them life. Due to their size and very nature, they do not require a mana obelisk to occasionally recharge at, instead they are able to feed off of the passive mana of their voidal mage handlers. The creation of these lesser variants does not require as much energy as a regular atronach- instead requiring at most the amount of energy a mage would need for a Grand Enchantment. Due to them being generally much smaller than a full-scale atronach, they are rendered defenceless. These small creations often need to prioritize their mana stores on their core to maintain their elemental structure. They also develop and are often shaped much like a full-size atronach but are non-combative and small in size, being anywhere from 4 inches to 3 feet tall. Due to the micro-atronachs small size and need for smaller frames, they are granted the ability to sway their bodily structure. This ability is only given to the liquid variations as they have a much better time shifting their plate structure as a solid atronach does not have as much of a fluid nature as their liquid cousins. This means a micro-atronach can freely change its physical body type, though this does not add mass but alters the shape of what is already there. Mechanics A smaller variation of Atronachs that serves purely for non-combative NPCs. The general body can be those of a humanoid or animalistic in shape or a bit of both for aesthetic flair Liquid versions (Water, Air and Fire) can shift their plating to change the general structure of the atronach. As an example, from an animal to a more humanoid body type. These little variations hold the ability to speak, think and interact with the world, sharing the mental traits that their larger counterparts would have. Redlines They’re unable to be used in combat An ST signed item is required for this atronach to be used in roleplay In no way shape or form can one use a micro atronach for a means of metagaming or ‘spying’. They will always linger and become very attached to their creator or designated handler. Micros still require to be recharged either at a mana obelisk or any transfiguration of T5 in skill and power. They are required to be charged once every ooc day. Cannot be smaller than 4 inches, cannot be greater than 3ft in total and tend to have a weight based upon what they are made up of/their element. A micro atronach will either float and levitate or walk upon the ground. This should be denoted in the description of the item that represents the familiar. If attacked, a micro atronach will immediately dissipate, falling to the ground as their platting and core. Idle Cored Atronach / Drone Atronachs With the advancements of atronachs being very strong companions and able to outwit those around them if they have been given the time to progress long enough. A forger can simply remove this ability of thought from the Atronach, constructing a core to be an idle machine incapable of thought and ideas. These idle cored atronachs hold a one-track mindset and must be given both direction and objective, otherwise they would come to halt function, awaiting for a new command. This is obtained by not adding the needed enchantment that would normally give an atronach sentence. Mechanics Creates an NPC Atronach. They function based on what tasks they are given. Once finished the tasks that they have been given they will wait for the next objective, unable to think for themselves outside of point A to point B. The atronach with this core will no longer be very effective in combat and will not fight back if attacked. If the atronach is damaged too much, they will fail to function. Redlines Idle cores are used to make atronach NPCs. They lack the ability to attack anyone, being unable to comprehend the orders to engage in combat, being considered too complex for them to understand. Upon being damaged to a servere state, the atronach will halt all functions and be rendered useless until repaired. Idle cored atronachs range in strength; fire and water idle cored atronachs will only extend the strength of a human; air cores would be slightly weaker than a human; ice cores slightly greater than a human; and earthen ones, slightly weaker than a golem. Idle core atronachs lack the ability to think for themselves. They MUST have an objective to be completed or else they become inactive and wait for their next order. They are unable to hold speech and conservation, using only basic functions to perform the tasks given. Idle core Atronachs are susceptible to abjuration/warding/anything that is designed to eat or destroy voidal magic as well as suffering from the general weaknesses their sentient cousins would have (a fire atronach would be weak to water, ice atronach to fire, etc). They’re able to absorb around 4-5 direct hits upon the core before being destroyed. A destroyed core can be salvaged and repaired by an atronach forger to return it to life. If an idle core atronach is destroyed, an sreq should be made to inform ST of its destruction. ST do not need to oversee the atronach’s destruction (though screen shots should be provided if asked for). Solids are generally better designed for idle cores (being ice and earth), for they can manipulate the realm more effectively, while the liquids may be of use manipulating their elements to perform tasks assigned (such as a fire atronach in a forge to heat ore, or a water atronach being used to clean). To denote an active idle core atronach, an ST signed item of the core is to be made, and a screenshot of it is to be added to the creators FA. Purpose (OOC) The main purpose of this addition was to add a little more to atronach forging to have a range of things that expands to NPCs not just the CAs we all know and love. It is to add a little spice to a voidal workshop and not simply bore the CA players to do mundane tasks that no one wants to really do. So why not make smaller non-combative atronachs to simply add to spice of life in a voidal mages roleplay!
  12. An old Magi simply, upon hearing the news wiggles their brows letting out a "cool" before returning to their forging duties
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