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  1. the Okarir'sil of the Haelun'or Sillumiran wonders why the human church is naming Veletz as their ally, Amathine.
  2. Lol guys its a 2 hour downtime but it’s lotc so it’s going to be more like 2 days
  3. Someone made the Half-Elf mad…
  4. A once more Tired Okarir'sil Sythaerin sighed as another unnamed assistant gave him a fresh copy of the new missive. "I can ne catch a break from these guys can't I? They play victim as if they did ne show up unannounced and in large groups to do diplomacy. I entertain their wishes and force Haus and Valindra to take an aurum and salt test just for them to come back as normal as one could be. We allow them to leave freely only requesting that Luthriel stay for a moment longer to talk with Valindra and they call it enslavement. I do ne know where it is I went wrong"
  5. The new Okarir’sil of the Sillumiran, Theveus Sythaerin sat in his office as an unnamed secretary barged in and dropped the fresh paper to him. As he read it over he’d shake his head slowly. “I knew this was going to happen…” is all the tired and stressed elf would mutter to himself
  6. A yount High Elf hears the commotion of his neighboring Kingdom from afar as a servant made his way to him holding the missive. ”I wonder if Balian’s copper mine needs a new owner…”
  7. She might have 'quit' LOTC, but we will never forget her masterpiece


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    2. MailC3p


      God forbird Crevel I try and make a joke, jesus christ

    3. Pancho


      Crevel try to take a joke challenge (impossible)


    4. Malins Welcome
  8. I think @The60thshould step down immediately and make me the new Mod Admin, i'd prolly be better. . .
  9. A single 'Aheral thinks about how much Mina he might make by 'donating' his surplus of siege machines to that of the Kingdom of Hyspia
  10. An Aheral smiles, as he knows he will never be harassed by his fiancee’s cousins ever again.
  11. Quote

    (I personally have 2 Dchests of steak and over a Dchest of Haybales stored away just from the product of my leather farming)


    yo share the food wtf... im starving

    1. MailC3p


      Sure! Just buy it from me off my shop for .1 mina/per! 

  12. Looking at your status updates it seems @The60th responded to one saying to DM him on discord, I would suggest that. Outside of that, just ignore it, food isn't difficult to get (I personally have 2 Dchests of steak and over a Dchest of Haybales stored away just from the product of my leather farming) and if you give no reaction then people will eventually just stop doing it (fr I only get punched by friends nowadays) and if that doesn't work then just take it IRPly, that deters most people from doing it again anyways
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