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  1. oh my god i thought the cooking plugin was a joke
  2. Why are you still on lotc?
  3. You’d be a bear who’s constantly drunk on honey because you’re tired of your kids
  4. i feel like tech could do it somehow tho
  5. going to cook some crystal meth. goin to become mineman Walter White
  6. ngl 60th when i first read this i thought it was making shit like Alchemist fires a mechanical thing again and not just a more detailed way to make alcoholic drinks lol
  7. you mean to tell me 40 people is your baseline for why you think we should bring 1.8 back to lotc? that is absolutley ridiculous. 40 people spread out across an entire map 1v1ing eachother?? okay. i've seen 50 or 60 people fights in Almaris where it didn't lag a bit, does that mean we should keep 1.9?? just a few weeks ago a buncha tripartite people (i forgot how many, i think somewhere between 50-70?) rallied and fought Ferrymen + BV at the Norland Ferrymen keep and there was no lag at all in a battle of like 90 people. during the siege of Haverlock with over 200 people fighting at the same time, there was lag but barely any at all, you would hit a person and half a second later they would take damage. during the sutican war in Arcas, even a battle as small as a 5v5 was enough to crash the entire server sometimes. at the end of the day i would love 1.8 to come back as it's a way lower of a skill gap, means people like the ferrymen or blackvale are less valuable as everyone can left click really quick, but with the performance boosts i've seen during Almaris vs Arcas i just don't see it being reasonable.
  8. I prefer 1.8 for pvp but 1.9 is the only way imo. server can barely handle itself with huge 70v90 fights on main servers, and people straight up fall out of the world in 300 people warclaims which is why 1.8 is so unusable for pvp, LatzMomo sayin "We where literally testing it and it worked flawlessy on beta not two months ago" when the fights where probably no bigger then a 5v5. server was laggy in warclaims even when Mojang owned Minecraft and servers could handle a lot more players in one space, all the way from Arcas to Aegis you can watch any pvp video with an actual sizeable number in it and it lags, i feel it's just boomers reminiscing on old times that don't exist.
  9. >bans me for 3 weeks because i spectated the Malin’or v Krugmar skirm outside of Celia’nor
  10. Arthur Komnenos recieves a bird with the audit attatched to it's feet, he read it over, he missed home, he couldn't wait to go back, though a sudden surge of enery surged through him when he read 'Dobrov falls into titles of abeyance' "Oh shit, well i guess there is one..."
  11. love this, i am asking... for a friend :) but how far away from avaries do the birds dissapear?
  12. Arthur Komnenos sat peacefully in his manor, he was drinking a cup of tea as the news had arrived, the old veteran let out small chuckle as he read the demands “A major war not involving Oren? Never thought I’d see one in my lifetime.”
  13. yes it is, but it'll be wonderful at the same time
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