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  1. Round 2, let's go. OOC INFO: MC Name: BarcardiBreeza Discord: barcardibreeza RP INFO: Character’s name: Niña de Alcaide. Character’s race: Human, Santagian. Any particular skills: Scholar with numerous proficiencies in different subjects. Experience with cave section navigation, actively working on Aevos Zoological Compendium. Affiliations and Allegiances: Haelun'or, no official affiliation. Additional Information: Suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, with 5 identified personalities.
  2. Hello, Let's keep this short and sweet. I am Barcardi, I build caves and main spooks. This edict situation, it's less than optimal. Which is why I wanna multitask, since I am dying inside being limited to a few areas on my main. Anyone looking for someone to play their child? I can sort the skins, head, and future tasking. I'm self-sufficient, just get bored very quickly if the family is quiet. Want to be able to do spy work, if I'm in a cool enough city, or monster-hunting. Preferably human. I've got no real preference, just want an alternative. (May cave back into Spook RP) Also now realising I am going to be meta'd because of this. Either way, I'll be needing a new character. If you're looking for another player, hit up my discord at barcardibreeza
  3. LOTC is getting their caves. One region is chilling at 50%, near an undisclosed main city.

  4. It's time for the average story-builder political suicide strategy. The worst thing? This is just part of the shit I'm about to try and submit. (Sorry Story-Approval) Squak, approve this shit and let me build some of the most chaotic shit viable. I'm sorry in advance, I eyeballed this and proof read most of it. I also partly forgot the lore. └──═━┈━═────═━┈━═────═━┈━═──┘ Name and Location The In-between is a realm that exists beyond physical reality, a veritable garbage dump for all of existence. It is a vast expanse, stretching into an unknown infinity and beyond, containing the discarded remnants of the void and the world. Its features include ruins of both the past and the future, completely indifferent to time as we know it. As a result of this waste collecting narrative, those who explore this realm will find it nearly uninhabitable, provided they have somehow managed to travel to it through unfortunate means. The likelihood of returning home, however, is slim, as it requires great sacrifice. Travelers who do manage to journey to this plane without knowing the way back will likely not survive for long. Due to the unregulated nature of the voidal-based power that randomly surges into the realm, descendants who are not intertwined with reality will suffer from radiation poisoning that warps their physical appearance into nightmarish horrors. Should they survive such transformation, they will never properly adjust and will ultimately meet a gruesome death at the hands of this influence. Access to the In-between is random, occurring through “Injunction Zones” scattered across reality. These locations remain inactive most of the time, but when activated, claim their victims and transports them to a predetermined location at a specific point in the infinite timeline of the In-between. Exiting the In-between remains problematic, and those who manage to do so find themselves in a different time and place entirely, never to be heard from again. However, those who can reactivate and harness the ancient technology of the Aksi civilization may be able to return to their own time and place. There are still those willing to brave the dangers of the In-between for the rare and precious minerals and elements that can be found within its boundaries. The consuming nature of this realm is both a help and a hindrance, as it may allow fortunate explorers to uncover valuable resources. Yet, the risks associated with exploring this dangerous and unpredictable environment always outweigh the potential rewards. └──═━┈━═────═━┈━═────═━┈━═──┘ Geography In the In-between, there are no guarantees of survival. Every moment is a fight for survival against the environment and the unnatural creatures that roam its wastelands. The In-between is a land that lacks natural sunlight, resulting in a barren and desolate landscape that resembles a nuclear wasteland or hellish terrain, depending on the region. Due to the voidal-based radiation present in this environment, every living creature has become carnivorous and, in some cases, even cannibalistic. The few species that managed to adapt to this harsh environment have evolved into horrifying versions of their former selves. Elk, which were once a peaceful sight, have transformed into rotting beasts with teeth that have become a cavern of fangs. Wolves now have multiple eyes, making them capable of seeing in complete darkness and mimicking sounds with uncanny accuracy. Although everything in the In-between can technically survive for a time, the effects of their radiation poisoning make their dying days a gruesome sight; even experienced monster hunters would be unsettled by it. Environmentally, the region is plagued by a bioluminescent deepened hue of purple fog of intense voidal radiation which passes through the terrain – rusting armour, decaying bodies and warping those who are unfortunate to be caught in its drift. What appears to be thunder, routinely storms in the abyss however those with an eager eye and quick enough reflexes can see it’s true origins are routine dimensional breaches displaying blurred transitions between the times of the overworld secreting extreme magical power surging between the realities, a visual reminder of an uncontrolled action of the Injunction Zones. Loud cracks and bangs can be heard by explorers of the region, as the zones draw uncontrollably to be lost within an instant. As the tears bring more into the fold, maybe a small degree of rocks being surged into the ground to entire cities falling from the sky and decimating the land below them in an inferno. Some even stay as floating husks in the sky, so fixated by the twisting and testing chaos of the realm that they remain untouched for their entire lifetimes. └──═━┈━═────═━┈━═────═━┈━═──┘ History (Optional) The warped forms of humanity, long lost to history, can come out of hiding in a feral state, affected by the twists and turns of the realm. Travelers could stumble upon bloodthirsty Strigae, decaying as their abilities begin to fail them. The Izkuthii, who’ve lost sight of their trickster’s code, now roam lost with their minds caving in from the inhumane alterations. Their weakened state causes them to create illusions of civilization or gateways before attempting to consume the misfortunate. In the In-between, no guarantees of survival exist. Every moment is a struggle against the environment and the monstrous creatures that inhabit it. Those who dare to venture into its depths face constant terror and awe. Within the vast realm of Aevos, there are traces of civilizations recognizable to travellers from the homeland. These remnants of the past have been saved from destruction only to crumble away in a land where time runs lawless. But there are also rare and mysterious structures that are hardly ever seen: the strongholds of the Aksi civilization. Despite lying in ruins and having technology that once would have impressed modern society, these buildings still stand as a testament to the ancient civilization's achievements. Although travellers may not understand their purpose at first, with enough time and exploration, the secrets of the Aksi may be revealed. The Aksi civilization came into existence through many generations and the amalgamation of several different civilizations that fell into the In-between. Through much death and suffering, they were able to harness the limited technology and scarce resources that were available in the realm. With these resources, they managed to construct technology able to transport them back to the overworld, albeit not their own times. To protect themselves from the radiation that permeates the realm, they built mechanical devices that emit repulsing energy, creating semi-habitable zones untouched by the common mutations in the land. Although they did not accomplish anything grand, they were still able to stand the test of time and continued to thrive by taking advantage of the surrounding environment. However, as more travellers affected by the radiation joined the civilization, the soon to be diluted gene pool became one with the surrounding fauna, unable to be prevented by their defences. Eventually, the civilization fell to an ever-increasing, mutated population that was unfit for survival in the world around them. The distinction between the two walls of the Aksi civilization became too thin, resulting in chaos and their downfall. Their technology fell into disrepair, and their once-grand monuments, which remained in dispute with the surrounding fauna, now join the ruins that fell into the realm before. └──═━┈━═────═━┈━═────═━┈━═──┘ Purpose (OOC) Although I haven't seen any activity in the Nether for quite some time, the concept of exploring a hellscape is fascinating. The In-between, which serves as a setting for the proposed CA I'm working on, offers a diverse range of possibilities. The reimagined cities and relics from previous maps, the semi-futuristic cities left to decay, and the ticking time bomb are all intriguing elements that add excitement to traversing the In-between. My experience with the NGS in Almaris was a source of fond memories. They were able to travel and study minimal information on lore and propose various theories. The In-between offers a similar thrill to studying, as it presents an incredibly challenging task for anyone wishing to explore it. It could also be likened to the dark zones in The Division 1, with great rewards for those who manage to survive and navigate it. Moreover, the radiation in the In-between could spawn all kinds of hellish creatures, allowing event staff to create unique and exciting experiences. Modified demos of story-regulated creatures could be experimented without the usual consequences, which would lessen the trial and error for big events and provide ample time to flesh these creatures out. Granted, it may not fit within the canon, but it is a self-contained and highly challenging area that is difficult to enter or escape from. But it is a cool, unique concept which gives a lot for story to play with in an area that doesn’t have to be abiding fully by lore but constrained by techlock to prevent the potential outcome of the future abuse. Citation Spoiler I will at some point. I regret this already
  5. »»-———————— ✧ ————————-«« [!] A missive would find itself plastered across the many towns and cities of Aevos. [!] Hello, In a world of the uncertain, so abundant with creatures that'll send you to the creator without hesitation or people with less steadfast ideologies of moral duty. It can be rather unpleasant, and ultimately wind up with even Aevos' most pure of heart becoming mortally injured in the pursuit of life. You may travel to a city, only to find their hospital admist it's construction phase or even without an operating attendee, for which could spell the end of you, my fair adventurer. This is why I propose another option, a deterrent into your untimely demise; the development of the Aevos Humanitarian Aid Group or AHA for short. While the name proposes opportunities more grander than what it is currently capable, one active mission runs dedicated ladent of gold and jewels in the constructs of my mind - to mitigate death caused by a lack of medical response, and to provide support for those in the logistically challenged regions of Aevos. If you wish to seek the services of the guild, and prevent your demise or even for those pure of heart, who seek to join up and support the development of this project - I implore you to write to the services. All are welcome, trained or untrained. Kind Regards, Mockingbird »»-———————— ✧ ————————-«« Recruitment OOC Information: Ingame Name: Placeholder. Discord: Placeholder. IC Information: Roleplay Name: Placeholder. Roleplay Race: Placeholder. Roleplay Age: Placeholder. Characters Skillset: Placeholder. Nation/Guild Affiliation: Placeholder. »»-———————— ✧ ————————-«« Link to Discord (16/06/2023 - 04:42) If I don't see it die, my discord is BarcardiBreeza https://discord.gg/jQZeEkyv
  6. OOC INFO: MC Name: BarcardiBreeza Discord: barcardibreeza RP INFO: Character’s name: Alicia de Rosius. Character’s race: Human. Any particular skills: Doctor who cannot be trusted around blood. Writes books. Scholar, study into Virology. Ex-Detective for MoJ. Affiliations and Allegiances: None, she is a wanderer from the Holy Orenian Empire.
  7. -1 angloid

  8. This tunnel will be a challenge for all, including lector scum. If spooks don't dominate these pathways, I am running for Haense El Presidente and making meth legal.
  9. I'll see if I can get Squak to approve on one of my lore-breaking ideas. (POV: You get forcefully removed from Story) John, Arthur. Tahiti! We'll become mango farmers. Sell cocaine, have fancy houses, we just need muneh. Yes, I don't know what the **** this is but i'm imagining Skyrim. Give me a week and a gram of coke, we'll have a few ruins.
  10. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. The next map, Aevos? (I don't know if I trust OOC) is around the corner and I have a plan. It is time for a daily shitpost to gather community ideas because this is too big and my brain isn't. Caves. Big ass caves. I want people to explore, and SUFFER as they traverse it. Ideally, they'll follow the job spec below: Long as Avatar 2. Big as 1920's Oren. Hard to navigate or map. Green as Greta Thunberg. Grey as UN war crimes. Black. Cool shit to see. I know, my genius knows a very realistic bound. I'll try and have something built for release, and gradually build it up in segments with a semi-PR friendly post. The end goal is to have this span to either side of the map, while also having minimal entrances/exits. The real question is, will the community like it? And what in the hell do you want to see? This is my first post in a while, so I have no clue how to end this. Uh... Email time? Kind regards, Barcardi-Alcholic Breeza
  11. Beautiful find. Not exactly what I am looking for, as I want to do this with one of my characters whose currently a teenager however I know the OOC manpower required would expodentially set me back. Definitely will keep an eye on this one though, actively looking for the books for the listing system and whoever wrote them so potential reproduction and re-introduction into the market will be able to fairly go back to the creator. I've seen someone copy my own works, sell them off with minimal alterations and claim all the profits (While I was still ******* selling them) without contacting me, and I am eager not to repeat their actions as I know how much it pissed me off. Still very much appreciated however!
  12. That's my bad, I just adjusted it. Should be What the Dogg Doin#3528
  13. If anyone still has a remaining book, I can add it to the list on reproductions to get them back into circulation.
  14. Hello | Hallo | Hola | Bonjour | Γειά σου | Labas | Merhaba | Привіт | Cześć | Привет ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I have your attention with that cool introduction, I come to the community requesting aid in an unfortunate venture I have placed myself in. Following the deprival of /AH; I am sure a lot of people have noticed a decline in books catering to specializations, and often new books being of journals, thesis' or internal organization documents. I am currently in the works of drafting up a fully-actionable plan to try and revitalize the book economy, and help creators establish a connected platform where they will retain 100% of the profits involved with it - alongside opening re-production opportunities for great books, lost over time from absent players to keep the circulation going. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a mutually beneficial system to try and make people able to make profits off books once more and to reintroduce the many books which had fallen out of place following the many map conversions. This would end up with me supporting the formatting structure used over my own books (All Alcaide & Alicia de Rosius' works) to improve the industry standard with those who interact with the platform, and eventually stablizing the market to be more than viable while also trying to help set book development back on course. This is likely a mess of words, but I am unfortunately a story builder and lack the PR-skills of a Community staff member. Currently as it stands, I have partially developed an excel sheet trying to data track active books within Almaris' libraries, their in-game writers and the players who wrote them to ensure fair distribution. Further development will include the neccesity of redesign, compiling or otherwise however this sheet is actively barebones. This is why I require you, the beautiful and wonderful people of LoTC assistance. There is a lot of books, a lot of names and a lot of missing people that would require a fair amount of time OOC to tag together. I know there is a likelyhood of writers seeing this, or friends of writers who admired their books and retained their names - and this is your opportunity to reduce the amount of man hours required to complete this task. I'll include two sheets, as someone may have a direction and someone may be that direct writer however I hope to gather some engagement in this as this project, as it stands, is looking mighty daunting in what the time required to complete it correctly. Once the sheet has been drafted, and properly formatted - the system can be retained and updated with a public display to help keep the admin so even if I dissapear into thin air, the project is still sustainable for someone else to take up. Location wise is still be drafted, however once this sheet is completed and accurately marked; it will act as the backbone to future book retaining for usage in libraries, businesses and future maps alike. I understand some books were written anonymously, and people would like to keep it that way. If you wish to join in on this project, and be able to sell these books with out being detected (I understand, i've done it previously) then my discord is What the Dogg Doin#3528 Many thanks, Dogg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content Creator Sheet, if you can; add the general topic of the book. Directors, if you can remember these ancient books and writers - it'd be appreciated. Currently for the sheet, I have the marked as the following - though it due to be expanded into specific genres. If you fall out of these, or have a suggestion. Just add it. Culture Geography History Journal Language Learning Medicine Monsters Myth Psychology Religion Science Thesis Study Zoology Content Creator Sheet (People who write the books) Ingame Name: Book Writer Name/Alias (With genre): Books Written: Do you wish to be included or remain independent?: Included or Independent. Content Director Sheet (Didn't write but know who did) Ingame Name: Book Writer Name/Alias: Books Written: Is the player still active?: Yes or No. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I understand my writing can be confusing sometimes, i'll do an example on how the Content Creator Sheet works below. Since as you can see from mine, it's fair to have a ton of books. Just throw what you'd want still available, save yourself the stress. Ingame Name: WhatTheDoggDoin Book Writer Name/Alias: Yazmin Alcaide, Jade Alcaide, Alicia de Rosius, Niña de Alcaide. Books Written (With genre): Treating Wounds from Vampire Attacks | Alicia de Rosius | Medicine Scientific Analysis of the Vampiric Virus | Alicia de Rosius | Medicine SHG: Becoming a Mediator | Yazmin Alcaide | Psychology SHG: Achieving Self Confidence | Yazmin Alcaide | Psychology The Study of Depression | Yazmin Alcaide | Psychology Analysis of the Al-Faiz Daemuns V1 | Yazmin Alcaide | Zoology Analysis of the Al-Faiz Daemuns V2 | Yazmin Alcaide | Zoology Inferi Information Center | Yazmin Alcaide | Zoology Canine Behavioural Study (Volume 1) | Yazmin Alcaide | Zoology The Potential Gateway | Yazmin Alcaide | Geography Weaping Oasis' Voidal Heath Preparation | Yazmin Alcaide | Geography Aos Torva Theories | Yazmin Alcaide | Thesis Almarian Zoological Compendium | Jade Alcaide | Zoology A Survivalist's Guide to Local Fauna | Jade Alcaide | Zoology Revision for Dobrov Trolls | Jade Alcaide | Zoology The Greymane Boar [Field Study] | Jade Alcaide | Zoology Attenlund Bestiary [NGS Edition] | Jade Alcaide | Zoology Theories on how to survive Attenlund | Jade Alcaide | Thesis The Central Divide Exploration Guide | Jade Alcaide | Geography The Inferi of Arcas | Niña de Alcaide | Zoology Do you wish to be included or remain independent?: Included. Cheers,
  15. So, i'll keep this short and sweet. I'm looking to create a new character on the side to pursue some business ideas, allow the character to develop a personality naturally from a younger age and see where it goes. Ideally a woman since I have a fuckload of skins at the ready, if it can be somehow worked out to adopt another character so I can have an Akritian (Greek) then even better. Anything spook related will usually catch my eye tbh. Zero to hero causes will also be pretty sick, I wanna make another rich character. I can also build, potentially skin if you push me enough and will write books. I've written a lot of books, and can (will) make libraries :( Throw me offers please on Discord, i'll get back to you pretty quick. Discord is What the Dogg Doin#3528 I'm UK timezones, though on variable shifts so will occassionally be on different timezones.
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