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  1. a question for each year: 1) what’s a piece you’re working on now that you’re really into? 2) least favorite piece of lore you’ve written and where is it now? 3) i heard you’re working on a magic or piece of lore and if you need some people to grandfather it, I can work something out for you hahaha
  2. Cosimo Antony has watched that fated encounter between the Othaman and Pruvia. He thought he only watched that Pruvia mar the Othaman’s pride - and the Illatian youth presumed life would resume the same. Though, he was wrong. Upon hearing the man had died as a result, the Illatian spit into the cup he had sipped from, an evident shock momentarily rattling him. “What’d ‘e die from? A broken heart?” He quizzically queried, suppressing a chortle that wanted to escape at the thought. Instead, he took a coated sleeve to wipe the spilled ale from his chin, a bemused parting of
  3. Username: mf_goon Name of the skin: freria Bid amount: 130
  4. imma put the sappy stuff in a spoiler, dont want the hoes to know im sensitive and for the AMA 1) when i say 'favorite RP' what's the first thing that comes to mind? 2) biggest take away from the countless hours of LOTC? 3) what's been your favorite thing during COVID? 4) if you could kiss blair fester, would you? 5) are you going to officially PK or should we just assume? 6) can you teach me shade magic pls
  5. For the young Cosimo Falcone, this news would not reach him, for perhaps a long while - by way of letter or by word of mouth. No. Long before her pass he had resigned himself to a distant land, one so far removed from the Crown Jewel of Man; in search of a newfound solace. Or more accurately, a fear of the repercussions: her retaliation. Though, not a day would pass that he did not think of the Wick woman. Perhaps at once a mentor to him and perhaps to whom his involvement had brought him to this point. Of the time she told him to be brave in the face of ad
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  7. Alicjo Verrana read over the missive while he sat upon the loo, a sigh escaping the man. It was then that he crumpled the missive, using it to wipe upward.
  8. I voted no but I didn't mean to
  9. you better resign from staff before your forum rep ratio tanks anymore than it has, won't be able to associate with you soon

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  11. The young Illatian man, Cosimo Falcone, glanced over the missive, a coy smirk coming over his expression as he's given a chance to represent his heritage proudly. In seemingly just a flick of his wrist, the youth procured forth a writing device to pen through the attached survey, drafted by the Carrion-Tuvyic. Though, quickly his eager smile faded, replaced now with a disbelieving disgust. "Cos'è questo, what is this!? They have'a all the different elves, but they can' remember to put the Illatian people!?" A contempt scoff as the youth snatched the sheet from the surface it lay u
  12. damn. another fallen soldier, freed from they fray guess I got a few questions then: 1) what you wanna do when you come through? 2) should I quit too? edit: had to edit this to say something more heartfelt. all it took was me saying the word of my people to silence an entire vc and you were the only person brave enough to talk to me for the rest of that event LMAO. thats how I knew you were a real one. we didn't rp much- if ever, but gosh darn it if I don't consider you my boy nonetheless. onto bigger and better things bro
  13. Goon

    Purchase a Cannon

    [!] A flyer was posted across Almaris, wherever flyers may be posted. PURCHASE A CANNON [!] An etching of a cannon was scrawled at the top-center of the page. If it were possible for all peoples to own one, I would say to invest in your safety; buy a cannon. So, I wish to do my part to make this investment in your protection possible. A small asking price for a big punch, an entire cannon can be yours for an easily negotiable price. If you’ve something to protect, purchase a cannon. Contact Victor Santino in Providence. Victor San
  14. Cosimo Antony perks a brow upon the soliciting of the petition, letting out a disinterested, "Eh?" The boy snatched the sheet, darting his eyes against each of the lines that outlined the Pontiff's crimes, eventually flipping to skim against the signees. Upon seeing his aunt's name amongst the petitioners, the boy held a beckoning hand for a device to write - soon after, signing his name. The young Falcone motioned the petition back, sucking his teeth before offering a simple response, "Man like that doesn' deserve to deliver the word of GOD."
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