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  1. They have killed men before for speaking their truth. Many times. I would not be the first of history's martyrs. ALICJO VERRANA took a moment to peruse over the bounty, letting forth a snort of amusement- reading again. Perhaps he had not expected to see his name advertised so boldly, but it coaxed a smirk all the same. The man plucked one of the missives from the board, "Quite the reward, though." He admitted aloud with a tipping head and contemplative features, as if for a moment, even he considered turning in himself. He held the missive against his wall, jutting a pin through it to hang it up- a proud smirk. "Least we will make them earn it."
  2. TO THE FALL OF DRAGONKIN II: AN EXPULSION OF CORRUPTION To the denizens of Almaris: It is with immense vindication that this missive is penned; That the crusade against The False Lord Azdromoth and his willfully ignorant followers persists in full effect- with progress, now, to write home. In the last letter I addressed to the realm’s entirety, I proclaimed that the purge of the unnatural and the unholy had officially begun. I proclaimed that the darkspawns, namely the dragonkin, would begin to wither as they are exposed to the radiant light of justice; And I meant what I said. No longer should they feel safe and complacent among us. No longer will we, the descendants, tolerate their fallacious or blatant heresy. No longer will we let the sun set upon the realm in which we raise our children. Through collaborative efforts of the Champions of Light and the cunning leaders of these various nations we have worked hand-in-hand with; we have located and uprooted many of the False Lord’s cattle. No longer can these men putter among as if they are without ill-intent. Our most recent victory sees two followers of the False Lord Azdromoth exposed for all their peers to see; two men associated with Oren and Haense, banished from the Empire and forced to flee to whichever place will tolerate abhorrent fugitives of the unholy sort. Of course, we would have preferred to see their end, but only a roach would run from the light; they have shown their true forms. SIMON PRUVIA & ANTONIUS HOREN SIMON PRUVIA, a herald of Azdromoth. A roguishly handsome Heartlander man with relatively short brown hair, bearing scars against his face, covered by an eyepatch. Donned in the attire of an Imperial; red shawl over whites and beiges. Check the man’s arms or upper back for inscriptions of the dragon’s eye tattoo- that is the mark that confirms he is a follower of the False Lord. He was last seen fleeing to Haense, where it is likely he will hide since he is no longer welcome to his Provins Estate. ANTONIUS HOREN, Azdrazi follower of Azdromoth. A roguishly handsome Heartlander man with long brown that covers over his face, blue eyes. THE AZDRAZI HAVE THE ABILITY TO SHIFT THEIR FEATURES, IT IS POSSIBLE HE HAS ALREADY ASSUMED NEW FORM. It is much more difficult to check if he is Nephilim while he is in his descendant form; it is best that you reach out to those versed in dealing with such creatures before approaching on your own. He was last seen surrounding the Pruvia-Provins Estate- but he would be foolish to remain. Both men are a danger, and should not be approached alone. To the Worshippers of the unnatural: Bloodhunters, fogswallowers, dragonmen, and to any other daemonspawn and practitioner with the mental capacity to read what I write; You are given the choice, right now. To turn yourself willingly to us, or to be taken by force; meant for a trial that the Aenguls may bear witness to. What is to come for you and your apologizers is inevitable, and your time in our realm nears its conclusion; give yourself an honorable departure. Seek redemption for how far you have let yourself fall. For what you have become. Lest we set aside our cries for vengeance, and take up the yearns for justice in its stead. Act accordingly, darkspawn. Signed, The Grand Justiciar of the Brothers of Virtue Alicjo Verrana
  3. "See how they scurry like roaches afraid of the light?" The one-eyed Southeron called over to the younger man at his flank. Straddled against their horses, the two opted to still their steeds where they stood; watching as the Prvuia and the Horen desperately tired themselves amidst their escape. "An innocent man would have nothing to run from."
  4. the main character is sipping tea in the imperial palace right now, they haven't been awoken to their fullest potential yet
  5. “Beneath their noses?” A disheveled man queries aloud in a vain shock. “How foul..” After his perusal of the wordy missive, the man left the sheet awaiting the next person’s read, murmuring beneath his breath in a brief prayer. “Dio, save your cattle.”
  6. A cigarette's translucent wisps were the only thing to obscure a man's view of the riverbank; the riverbank that split the land between his 'home' and the greater western city. The outskirts. So, surely it would take some time for that letter to reach its destination. It's been a year, though. No response. Perhaps that was by design, though. A LETTER TO ANTON FIORE D'AMATO: It would take awhile for my letter to reach him. It is not often they collect parcels from this place. Perhaps that is why he has yet to write me in return, surely. A hand took to waft those clouds of smoke away before taking yet another drag; a fruitless cycle if it continued. Symbolic, perhaps, to the letters he sent that came with no reply. ANOTHER LETTER TO ANTON FIORE D'AMATO: "Anton is dead." He murmured to himself, as if to come to terms with such a statement. Surely, the man would have to tell his children and his wife what happened to their relative. He didn't want to lie, but perhaps they were better without the truth. We will cross that bridge, I suppose. Whether his rest was deserved or not, it was all the same. Anton is gone. "Rest now, cousin." Solemn, he called; churning the cherry-lit cigarette's tip against the stone wall.
  7. [This missive is public knowledge and is meant to be accessible to all readers.] TO THE FALL OF DRAGONKIN A SUMMONS OF UNITY To the denizens of Almaris: In response to the Fall of Ando Alur, it is with immense vindication that this missive is penned; That the crusade against The False Lord Azdromoth and his willfully ignorant followers is a divinely righteous undertaking. The echous call of the tormented voidal creation stated just so; to make no mistake; that foolish descendants and those of Dragonkin have caused this ruination. Forget not that the tear beneath the Soaring City was only begun by practitioners of voidal manipulation, but it was ultimately deepened by corrupted servants of the malevolent dragon and their misguided meddling. To assume they had well-intentions would be unaligned to the land they have left scorned and scarred in their wake- typical of their kind. Since their otherworldly creation, the Azdrazi have continued to be the bane of all of our peoples. Their shared sympathies with the world-consuming Inferi and the destruction left behind from their carelessness in Ando Alur both act as testament to such a plaguing existence. Furthermore, it is with certainty that I assure you; they feel no remorse for what they have caused. If you’ve the displeasure of perusal through their own missive regarding the incident, you will see that they openly mock you. They dare for you to admonish them or question the validity of their misaction; in fallacious elitism. This missive is meant to call forth a uniting of all fronts; all fronts unaffiliated with the foul perversions of the afflicted dragonmen. All fronts to equal the same conclusion, and all fronts that seek the same victory; the complete alienation and eradication of the drake’s scourge. The Men and Women of the Canonist Church, The Qualasheen Followers of Allah, Worshippers of The Aspects and The Spirits, The Forgotten Templars of Malchediael, and to all other wrongfully-defined ‘Laymen’ of Descendants; Let us raise banners with a common enemy in sight. Allow this message to act as extension of the olive branch; to absolve all squabbles and differences of past between your people and These Champions of Xan- least until our shared draconic menace is spurned. Allow this message to act as proclamation; that the Crusade against Azdromoth’s Scourge is inevitable and imminent. No longer should the taint of Azdromoth feel at home within our realm. Cull your forces, and greet your neighbors in arms; and prepare for what is to come: The PURGE of Darkspawns and all their affiliations. Signed, The Grand Justiciar of the Brothers of Virtue Alicjo Verrana The Commander of the Order of the Golden Flower Aer’dir Mallos Wyrmstalker of the Lions of Lorraine Sister Shrike Adjudicator of the Covenant of The Sunlit Path Gaelûnduyn Ephoth
  8. I've opted out of receiving birds because I think the idea of heat-seeking avians that warpspeed across the continent and meet their mark every time is alarmingly dumb, but I'm not sure if the bulk of the player base is willing to find alternatives outside of those given to them. Mailman and courier rp would be really cool to see, but a slew of its own problems including the potential to metagame contents of a letter. Moreover, very few would be willing to take the backseat enough to see something like this through; their character's stories are very important to them, and it would be a waste of their time to foster the self-sustaining world in mechanically creative ways without serious incentive. So begrudgingly I say keep the birds, or invest R&D time into a mailbox plugin. But there is a beauty in serendipity. The joys of being a new player and frequenting a spot to see familiar faces as if it were clockwork- incomparable to the "hey bro wanna rp?" "ya ok meet me in providence."
  9. “There is.” Antonius chimed aloud in an eager concurrence upon reading the short letter. He almost hadn’t noticed the key that came accompanied with the message, tucked taut into the corner of the envelope, but it was well within his possession now. It wasn’t a far walk to that agreed upon locale, so the man made it before nightfall. His instinct was to pound upon the door with a closed fist’s side- revelation struck now that he was granted the means of passage. You’ve one hundred kids, and not one to greet me? Not that he would recognize them, anyways. Not even the help.. A meager shrug, unhurried steps then. And he waited. Where the man had instructed. Patiently, first. But as patience wore thin, the curiosity festered. And after curiosity satiated; a perturbedness to disguise worry. But he waited still. “Unlike you to tardiness, Viktor.”
  10. Goon

    GOONART [Commissions]

    GOONART. pixels of your pixels. Greetings, Lord and Lordettes. My internet pseudonym is Motherchild, though maybe you know me better as Goon. I come before you now with an advertisement regarding the pixel art you may have seen floating around in one Discord server or another. I’ve been making pixel art on-and-off for a couple of years now, typically pro bono, but I’ve finally decided to officially put my work on the market. Each piece is done in my own style, but each piece is different, of course; so there isn’t ever really a set price for any piece, it usually varies depending on what is requested- but I try to keep it as low as I can. I’m in it for the love of the game, really. (but money is cool, I need money) So without further delay, I present my services: *all prices vary, depending on complexity and expected completion date.* THE STANDALONE CHARACTER You could expect to pay anywhere from $10 - $15 USD per character. You could expect completion anywhere from 1 day - 1 week. THE GROUP PHOTO THE FATHER CIRCLE (circa. 2021) @WestCarolina THE FALCONE FAMILY, 1820 (circa. 2021) THE BEAST TAMERS (circa. 2021) THE LAST LIGHT (circa. 2020) Typically offered at a discounted rate if you buy in bulk, though, you could expect to pay anywhere from $8 - $12 USD per character. You could expect completion anywhere from 3 days - 2 weeks. THE BACKDROP UNDER THE WILLOW @Excitedly & @Witchlore ALPHA CARRINGTON & LORILEI MARIJKE @peachcool & @devvy An additional charge on top of the cost for characters, you could expect to pay anywhere from $10 - $30 for an added background. You could expect completion anywhere from 1 week - 3 weeks. note: the addition of just a single-color backdrop is entirely free. c’mon now. THE ANIMATION An additional charge on top of any other inclusions; animations take quite a bit of time and effort, especially depending on their complexity. Inquire about your desired animation, though expect at least +$30 for animation* You could expect completion anywhere from 2 weeks - 1 month [max]. When submitting your commission, be sure to: 1) reach out and check if I’m available to take your commission. If not, I’ll add you to the waiting list and get to you as soon as a slot opens. 2) include your envisionment; characters, accessories, backdrops, animations. 3) give me the deets character heights, the skin/reference pics, how many emotes it takes to boot up your transfigured sword and the important trinkets you have hanging from it 4) (optional) add in your budget if you aren’t super sure what you want/can afford, toss a number at me, I’ll make it work To make a long story short, prices are flexible and vary based on what I think the finished piece would be worth. I like ambitious projects but be mindful of the time spent. I'll try just about anything so lay your ideas on me. I prefer money upfront, as it motivates me further and keeps me accountable for completing your art in the designated time; though, I do reserve the right to deny a commission if it is too complex or simply unmotivating. In such a case, I’d certainly pledge a refund- a man is only his reputation. CASHAPP / PAYPAL / VENMO In that order of preference. you can comment here, but I mean... Contact me on Discord: goon#8136 goonart for the artgoons.
  11. i'll explain when i get off the shitter /reserved
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