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  1. News of the slain Count eventually reaches Cosimo Falcone, a brooding silence then to follow. The man he’d known from his childhood, the man who gave his political career any legs- slain by the ISA, of course. A tongue moves to roll against the linings of cheek as the persistent furrow of his brows deepened. A prolonged moment still as he began an idle nod of his head, murmuring then, “I see.”
  3. Upon receiving the decorated envelope, Cosimo Antony already knew what awaited inside, a groan as he drew forth an aurum letter opener to pry into the sleeve. "Weddings are uninteresting, even if they are your own." An idle comment meant for no one in particular, though as he read over the missive, a dubious smirk began to crack at his features. "But Viktor is to marry a princess.. Bravo, amiche."
  4. SURNAME: FALCONE FIRST NAME: COSIMO ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: CASTLE DOBROV YEAR OF BIRTH: 1788 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Northern District? YES Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? NO If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: N/A
  6. RP Name: Cosimo Antony Falcone MC Name: Motherchild Voted: Yes
  7. [!] This invite was sent to the members of House D’Amato and House Falcone, and the occasional family friend. L'UNIONE DI FALCONE E CRISTELLI — THE UNION OF CRISTELLI AND FALCONE — "STILL LIFE GRAPES IN A BOWL WINE CHEESE NUTS LUNCH," PAINTING BY JOHN FRANCIS - 1857 THE WEDDING OF COSIMO ANTONY FALCONE E NATALIA MARIE CRISTELLI Ceremoniously, Cosimo Falcone and his lady Natalia Cristelli send this invitation, seeking to make their union official for a small gathering to witness. Officiated by Patria
  8. Cosimo Falcone took a moment to skim over the missive, "Magic. In His Holy Empire?" A disbelieving, cynical utterance as the Illatian man shook his head. He let free the missive, letting it hit the ground before scrapping a shoe against it. "God, tell me you have not forsaken us?" He plead rhetorically, clicking against his teeth then.
  9. “Jorden?” Echoed rhetorically the voice of Alicjo Verrana, layered in concern and disbelief upon hearing of her quiet passing. The news had coaxed the old Southeron into a long silence of deliberation, the brows against his forehead quaked briefly, and his lips pursed thin as his tongue idly rolled against them. Finally contributing a sandpaper utterance, he rasped, “I see.” The bearded Southeron picked his head from his aversion, offering then a forced, wry smile and a bob of his head- one that was meant to dismiss the messenger before falling back into his stool, taking a prolonged inhale th
  10. day 1 of no status updates. I don't know where to post these song lyrics I just heard

    1. rukio


      I feel claled out

    2. Goon


      you should

    3. AlphaMoist



  11. AN ODE TO FATHERHOOD FALCONE A legacy began by bullish pursuit, littered with quotidian degeneracy and misguided efforts. Plagued by blind loyalty and insatiable hunger. Whether you felt it first hand or heard it whispered within the flock, the Falcone name began to carry a notorious weight. Through the sins of a father and a father before, all of whom did what they felt they had to for theirs; and what a taint against that name the Imperial Army had sung so often. How does that clichéd saying go? "Like father, like son," right? Though, perhaps that isn't all fair
  12. A bearded Southeron squints his eyes as he reads at the missive against the tavern's wall, a simple shake of his head as an arrogance littered his musing utterance, "Who does not know how to throw a dart?"
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