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  1. [ ! ] Posted upon the lecterns of a few churches, a short missive was penned- unsigned. while the shepherds laze, the goat shepherds the cattle. God, save your cattle.
  2. A creature bears two grins, wide and haunting. /reserved
  3. why wouldn't it work with paladinism? alchemy isn't dark and paladins hate the void too
  4. Goon


    God, save your cattle.
  5. A hellish abomination’s lungs idly rasps from a dual set of parted maws, overlooking the Silver City through abyssal black beads. Perhaps it searched for something, or someone— but it did not stir much, four arms tucked beneath its loose-fitted garbs. "A̴l̷l̵ ̵t̶h̸a̵t̷ ̷c̸a̶n̷n̶o̷t̸ ̸b̷e̴ ̷s̵h̴o̶w̶n̷ ̶s̵t̷r̸e̸n̸g̷t̴h̷ ̴w̵i̷l̶l̴ ̷b̷e̵ ̴m̷a̵d̶e̵ ̷t̷o̸ ̴t̸h̴e̸ ̸a̶s̸h̷ ̵t̴h̸a̸t̵ ̸c̷o̶a̶t̴ ̷t̸h̵e̸ ̷w̶o̶u̵n̷d̶s̴ ̶o̴f̴ ̴t̵h̵e̵ ̴w̵a̷r̴r̷i̴o̶r̶s̶.̷”
  6. not worth it, it'll take you 7 hours to finish and you won't start the combat until 2am
  7. skin: ready to duel updated bid: $31 discord: goon#8136 @sashimichopped
  8. skin - ready to duel bid - $20 disc- goon#8136 need the shay slay
  9. do you think its okay to powergame if someone's powergaming against you?
  10. what's a question you hope someone asks? and what do you think the server could benefit from?
  11. [!] A missive en masse, littered about on post and the grounds, blown in the wind throughout the capital city of Oren. Readers may quickly begin to realize this was a dated document, retelling a dated event- yet it only just found its way circulating now? 21st of SUN’S SMILE, 1814 – A PUBLIC ADDRESS – IN REGARDS TO THE IMPERIAL STATE ARMY An artist rendition of the IMPERIAL STATE ARMY slaughtering famished Orenian peasants (circa 1811) With the past rebellion of the traitorous Sedanites and the recent passing of the great GENERAL PETER D’ARKENT, I have bided my time in regards to speaking out against this brooding issue – out of respect for those enlisted in His Imperial State Army. The very same who place their lives on the line to protect the sanctity of our great nation. Though, it should fester no longer and something must be said in contention: there must be reform within and accountability for those who don the Reddened Garments. Be it by a personal experience, or stories heard through the common rabble, something for too long has been left unaddressed by those publicly; those matters regarding the Imperial State Army and their excessive abuse of power. A matter almost all are aware of, though choosing to turn blind eyes and other cheeks in order to preserve the facade of undying patriotism – refusing to speak out against deplorability for fear of being perceived as treasonous. Though the Imperial State Army is an essential body to a functional society, the very same group that is sworn to protect is just as guilty of multiple atrocities against their own kind and country, and continues to demonstrate a blatant disregard for those channels of legality on a consistent basis. This is no underbelly secret I am seeking to expose. The blatant corruption is carried out in the light of day and I am certainly not the first and only to have observed such. My hope in penning this missive is not to cause an uproar or a rebellion within the beautiful city of Providence, but to perhaps shed a light upon these injustices and to perhaps start a much needed, albeit controversial discussion. I’ve no debate that His Imperial Army plays a pertinent part in maintaining a functional society, no. Why, without the Imperial Army and their service, it is clear our streets would be riddled in banditry and vagrancy, leaving the noblemen and laymen to fend for themselves against a degeneracy that would only replicate in their absence. I merely believe there needs to be genuine contention to these violations we so choose to overlook – otherwise, in our current trajectory, there is to be an impending threat to what should be the basic rights of man. This far into my letter, perhaps now you ask for anecdotes and evidence to bolster these bold assertions regarding our great army, and of course, I will oblige. Starting simply with this notion: that a rotten handful of these men believe they are above the very same laws they are sworn to uphold, choosing to deceive and conveniently turn away when it is each other who commit a crime, though those very same men would be damned if they would ever look away from yours. From an overt disrespect of differing cultures as shown through their verbal and physical abuse of the Qualasheen guests within our nation, to clubbing down of children in the street for scuffling – as children do. Uncouth means of interrogation, meant even upon those who are not yet considered men, no less. Guilty until proven innocent, it seems, leaving potentially innocent men held in stone and caged walls for prolonged periods – or worse, left without a head to man their shoulders. Accusatory and circumstantial rhetoric aside, these men are meant to be held by an equal standard, never to forget that once they remove their Reds, they are as any man or woman without. I bring a final point to the topic, perhaps this will be most controversial of all: those peasant men who were claimed to uprise into revolution were met with an end meant only for beasts and monsters. In light of the cold front that has scorned Providence, it has left almost all to suffer loss, even the most noble of men. A lack of food to fill and firewood to warm, those denizens of our nation only sought the safety and aid of our governing bodies – and they were relentlessly slaughtered. Perhaps one would argue that their approach was abrasive, frightening, even, to onlookers. Though they were citizens no less – fatigued and desperately impulsive as a result. It is my understanding that they did not even cast the first stone, rather a metaphorical one when they refused the order of the Imperial State Army to disperse, and as a result, they were bled like animals. Only then did some choose to fight back, though through retellings I’ve gathered, many of them were unarmed, seeking even to flee only to be chased and shot down to meet their end by those men in red, as if they were itching for a fight once one had begun. Not each of those men who were slain had the purest of intentions, I’m sure, though ultimately, their greatest intention of assembly was all the same: to feed themselves and their families. And the Imperial State Army manages to leave out with an alarming lack of backlash and a clear disregard for their actions. One of those men I spoke to claimed they deserved it, even. It seems the impoverished do not get the privilege of a fair death, be it by hunger or slain as the beasts they are depicted to be. His Imperial Army did not keep us safe that night. It seems that they only sought to protect the authority they boast over us – a continual pattern of abusal without remorse. Those unafflicted haven’t a need to bother themselves with an issue as such, though I beg the question: how can you claim to love your nation, if not the ones who inhabit? In conclusion, while important to commend them for their upstanding efforts in our security and delivery of our justice, we also need to hold these men and women who serve accountable for their actions when there are miscarriages in the handling of that justice. Hold them to the very same standards that the common folk of Oren are expected to be held because it is often hypocritical – demoralizing even, to those who follow our codes to the letter, only to be slighted behind closed doors by those who wish to bend the law to their whim, and have the power to do so. Be it speaking out when an injustice by our own protectors is witnessed, or reporting these miscarriages within your own ranks; this cannot stand. It will not function, and it will ultimately end in a severe mistreatment and suppression of our very own rights. Signed, The Right Honorable Representative Cosimo Antony Falcone
  12. A proud father smirked with a warmth. COSIMO FALCONE receives his entirely arbitrary invitation, as he would have intentions to been there- regardless of those formalities.
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