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  1. Origin/Background/Culture The world is a strange place, with the foundations of power constantly shifting to a new hand as each generation passes. We place our faith in the gods, yet still injustice occurs every day, and the prayers remain unheard or brushed to the side as if they never existed at all. This was especially the case with Tahariae, the god of Purity and Justice - an understanding factor in the unpredictable chaos of the modern world, and in that request, the attempt at organized chaos and to try and steer the control back to the people in preparation for something far worse; out of the hands of the gods, even. With the seal keeping Iblees away from the current scheme, Tahariae envisioned a daring plan to help prepare the sentient life for such an event - the Arbitrium. His vessels of purity, who are selected for their battle with evil and perseverance against it, before suffering at the hands of sinister presence to ensure they were fit for a fight without boundaries. They were given a connection to the Lily of the Valley, a flower which secretes a hallucinogenic drug which creates a bond to the Arbitrium - allowing them to administer sensual tricks to break down a person, and expose their faults deep inside, and to teach them how to resolve this by harnessing the power within themselves. Although unknown to the new generation of Arbitrium, this cycle has been experimented with for almost one thousand years over nearly three thousand different people all failing miserably due to an overwhelming surge of PTSD becoming uncontrolled and causing their illusions to spin and quite literally take lives from how sadistic they could actually become. Tahariae was adamant and has sorted out a fair few of the issues within the scheme, although there still remain a lot. Unbeknownst to the operators, every emotion of the Lily’s of the Valley are actually tied to a dead Arbitrium who was left behind after forsaking his works and forced to aid the new generation for their sins against humanity. They are teachers in a very brutal sense and aim to condition those who fall victim to their abilities to the darkness that could potentially await them, to give power back to the people and lead them further into a positive future through experience with a forgiving hand. With the spawn of Daemons rampant, and the constant echo of war looming around the corner, it echoes that the time of the Arbitrium is nearing too late but that doesn’t defeat their objective, and they will continue to try and push for a brighter tomorrow. Connection and Disconnection To become an Arbitrium without any present at that time, one must have had their greatest tragedy observed by the flowers while also connected in their presence which will leave them mentally connected to the network as they slowly lure the participant back to the flower mass and trick them into a hallucination to the same level as an elite Arbitrium, forcing them to relive their worst moment and further along, a rendition of their life lived in sorrow and doubt before finally the world being consumed in darkness then lit by only fire as a hypothetical Iblees decimates the worlds population - known to mentally scar the Arbitrium (This is equal to an extremely bad DMT trip), who becomes the cell lead after. While there is one active, the process is far less horrific to connect another to the network. The Arbitrium who fared the original induction must have knowingly broken the trainee and understood the risks their power can give them. After they have been chosen, they are to lie down in the flowers and experience a similar high except they will become mentally trapped in their own mind questioning if they ever existed and if everything was just a lie to begin with which to them, can feel like weeks, or even months while in reality, the trip lasts for five minutes and is correspondent on them accepting that life is chaos and we never truly understand the reality of the situation and the best solution is to accept the flow and passage of time and make a meaningful impact on the reality of others once we understand this knowledge. With this insight, the strongest Arbitrium will surrender a region of their flowers in which other Arbitrium has no power over. After becoming connected to the network, they won’t actually receive any contact or knowledge of Tahariae because of the experience. This is because he utilizes methods to psychologically torment them using evil methods to condition them for the worst, and draws the good in them to try and use these teachings to prepare others as well - in a very brutal, but the safety of the many over the few was his goal, but unfortunately the Arbitrium are the few in that scenario. They are now tied to their plants, and hence, can actually go rogue and use them for evil intentions. He accepts this as they become villains for the purpose of training people, and will bring people together against what they view as an evil threat who in all reality, is just misunderstood and broken. As this connection is moreso him giving them the “key” to the flowers, the only viable way to disconnect them is to burn all their flowers within their possession, which is why Arbitrium will take to growing flowers on themselves as a fallback to this risk. Physical Description After their connection with the flowers, they will be capable of growing Lilies of the Valley and Poppies on their skin, or clothes as long as they are exposed to light and not hidden. They can also conceal angelic wings formed of vapour, which will compress and form into practical feathered wings should they wish to access flight although these require an immense level of focus to maintain for flight. It has been noted that people who fall victim to their hallucination treatment, The Arbitrium have been known to embody these wings with ease as well as making their eyes glow brightly. Because of their formed wings, there are scar marks left into their back which can be used to distinguish current and former Arbitrium if they manage to remain incognito. The Arbitrium have been left with a fractional portion of Tahariae’s power and cast back into the world to portray purifiers in an impure world and hence can be recognized by those with keen senses, or the ability to detect their connection. They are strangely affected by drugs that aren’t their original hallucinogenic in a stronger way which overpowers the effect. For reference, if a painkiller or anastasia is used to numb a wound on their leg, they would lose feeling and movement in that leg entirely for the duration of the drug. If they drink alcohol, they will become drunk far quicker than the average person, with some even blanking out from half a tankard of beer, although these never lead to overdoses - more so the overinfluence of their drug causing disruption. As an Arbitrium learns to handle their power further, it will become more obvious to those with heightened abilities that they’re not normal and hold a subconscious link with “something” else, although it should never be clear what. If they were able to intercept that link to a further detail for whatever reason, they would likely be swarmed by hundreds or potentially even thousands of emotions and whispers across the flowers if they were not properly sectioned out - although this number and intensity will dwindle if they surrender a region to another Arbitrium. Mental Description Mindset: An Arbitrium’s connection to the network is similar to a Druid and their response to nature itself, although they become very tied to the flowers to the point where they view them as family in a sense. They will have a compassionate view on people, and take a realistic view that people cover their demons and insecurities because they are afraid of the outcome they can cause if they were released and instead, seek to uncover and purify these under the guidance of Tahariae. They are almost always predominantly good, with an understanding of evil to help purify it from existence - making them a Chaotic Good, though they will likely rarely stray from this due to the selection process, although this may change further into their time as an Arbitrium. They seek peace and knowledge for all, and will achieve it however they deem fit even if that means sacrificing a piece of the puzzle - whatever ensures the safety of the many and not the few. Mental State: Due to their entry requirements, entry ritual and the recruitment quota, a lot of Arbitrium often join in a restored broken mindset, one that at that time was in control but they can actually devolve mentally as they continue to sync the worst memories with those who they commune with under the influence of their drug and can experience an almost identical rendition of their horror to help them understand their mark. While the Arbitrium project was a theory and actually in testing by Tahariae himself, these experiences will actually begin to torment them and send them into insanity which he accepts as an acceptable cause to portray a villain which has led to former Arbitrium versions to become insane and commit sins before being eliminated by those they had wronged. Arbitrium are always under heavy effects of the drug, which causes their vision to spiral on almost every object creating a disillusion of depth, and a mass fluctuation of colours to a similar level of LSD - incorporating an appreciative, often cheerful and giddy personality. It should be noted that the Arbitrium can flip in personality due to the same principle, if they are reminded of a traumatic event which will change the hallucination of those they affect and will terrorize those in their illusion, and the person themselves - creating a lifelike recreation of it, almost as if they were trapped in a nightmare. This will not promote evil thoughts, moreso a heightened depression and distrust similar to an anxiety attack, except extremely worse. Abilities Name: Hallucinogenic Connection Description of the ability: Hallucinogenic Connection allows the Arbitrium to entirely alter the sound, sight, touch and smell of those who are under the effect of the Lily of the Valley. They also gain the ability to see the world through their eyes and have access to their senses, though lack any real control, just sight. Mechanics of the ability: As the Arbitrium is directly linked to the flowers, and always in communication with the network then the actions are instant and communicated through a simple thought or imagined picture. This will become more complicated with more people, but still remains do-able for up to thirty people if they all maintain similar illusions, this number is halved if there are two individual unique illusions. With the viewing of the affected perspective, they will also have links to traumatic memories if they are recurrent though if they are largely suppressed, they will be suppressed - this will be completed through an OOC request, which can be denied should it not be a regular thought. While it does remain possible for an Arbitrium to connect to a Daemon, or something similarly affected, they will be able to hold it for five minutes at most and at severe risk of their mental health and potential of becoming unstable (going into a bad trip) soon after due to the strange, yet sickening connection. They are unable to read the minds of those under the connection, although they can feel their emotions in a form of empathy and can deploy measures to ease them if they are noticeably irregular or negative, and that is not the intention. You can hold two vastly different illusions on 15 people at one time, while one similar scenario can be displayed on thirty people at one time. Similar would be defined as identical scenarios, only reversing places. You are also limited to the amount of flowers in the proximity of your mark as one flower can allow connection to 3 people, at a range of 7 blocks (Within 2 blocks, you will immediately feel it’s effects, beyond that it will go unnoticed until the Arbitrium begins to alter their senses.) Because they are capable of manipulating touch, and ergo feeling, they can actually convince someone they’ve been stabbed and to the affected, it seems realistic - this will never cause anyone to go into shock unless the brain willingly falls into it, and cannot kill someone in this direct method. These sequences may be unintentionally set off while Arbitrium actually sleep and has somebody connect, causing those affected to witness dreams, memories although more than like nightmares to help showcase the actual characters and what horrors they go through - making it difficult to maintain a hidden identity in the long run. Due to the concentration required to maintain these illusions, they cannot be actively done while in pain or directly in a stressful situation. To put this into context, if the Arbitrium has been stabbed and attempts to cast these then they will be rendered null and the affected will only experience the standard flowers effects and be aware of their scheme. If the Arbitrium was knowingly being attacked by somebody unaffected, then they would also be unable to to control it due to the extensive stress breaking their concentration. While a bad trip would be understandably a situation that would break concentration, they still remain transmitting to the network and ergo will begin to portray their nightmare based illusions to the affected and themselves causing them to both suffer ultra-realistic illusions and feelings until the Arbitrium regains control of the situation again. These can range from memories, to horrifying monsters forged in their imagination. Name: Nature’s Resurgence Description of the ability: Summoning their power and connection from the network, the Arbitrium can spark the growth of new Lily’s of the Valley in an area which can facilitate life, or even on themselves at a later stage. Mechanics of the ability: The Arbitrium should prepare by summoning all their energy, and clearing their mind to be in full connection with the network in their first emote, before summoning the energy from the network and performing A-Okay gestures in both hands on their second emote and finally releasing and slapping down on the earth, thinking their desired effect (On themselves or into the ground) before they will begin to grow almost instantaneously. This cannot be used in the heat of argument, battle or if there is anyone loud blocking your ability to clear your mind. Waterfalls, rapids, battles, cities, or otherwise will prevent them from causing this - leaving it only available in the wilderness. Using this ability will cause the operator to have a “Hangover” for the next two days after creating 2 in one session, leaving them unable to cast and feeling unwell for the duration of the hangover. If the terrain is poor and undesirable for the plants, they will die out moments of being spawned. If you create flowers on yourself while you are severely injured, malnourished or dehydrated then they will also follow suit to avoid injuring you. They will be mentally connected to every flower within their region, and the ones they personally create will be louder in this network. This will become especially noticeable if damage comes to these, as the Arbitrium can break down emotionally if people specifically burn their spawns. Name: Organic Airfoils Description of the ability: If the Arbitrium commands them, they can summon angelic wings from vapour that harden and form into feathery wings on their back, capable of temporary flight and gliding which is inhibited by their constant hallucinations. Mechanics of the ability: For them to summon their wings to begin with, they should emote a short humming and temporary standing meditation as they will shortly sprout and form a silhouette of angel wings, before making an emote after for them to solidify and take shape. They can only offer sustained flight, and may only be taken off from a running jump from height. They can also be used to reduce airspeed should they be falling and have the wings readily available and most importantly, solidified. To retract these, the process is repeated again except the results are backwards. They can only take off when they have momentum and the capacity to gain speed through gliding, any vertical take-off will be impeded by the effects of the drug and result in failure in every scenario due to becoming off-balance. These can actually be forcefully removed if they remain active and the Arbitrium cannot retract them, if they directly cut them off with a sharp object. This will inhibit them from regrowing, and will cause intense pain as they are considered a body part to their nerve system. Pilots of this craft will struggle extensively, as Arbitrium are under the effects of their own drug. This will affect their depth which will screw up their landing and clearance, leading most experienced pilots to give plenty of room in dangerous maneuvers and remove “threading the needle” circumstances. If these remain used in a combat scenario, using the wing to bash opponents is plausible except highly ineffective, will sprain or potentially fracture bones in the wing and any damage caused will temporarily prevent them from being retracted for five minutes following the event - so it is highly unrecommended you do so. General Red lines/Restrictions While an Arbitrium is active they are incapable of learning additional magic due to their mental inability to do so. Any attempt will work, due to the failure to concentrate. They should not willingly attempt to kill people, or even convince people into killing each other (Except if the sanctity of life had no other alternative.) They are there to find solutions to people, and death is not a solution - it’s closing the book, and an invalid plan. There is an almost awareness cap on the ability of Arbitrium to always function due to their constant drugged up nature, making them struggle to speak coherently, make rude comments as they misunderstand the context, lose depth awareness and true understanding on social situations. Everybody who becomes an Arbitrium will usually be goodhearted, and display a certain level of emotional damage so they are properly understanding of people. If they join with bad intentions, then they will be pre-selected and disconnected so they should develop further into their career where these ideas go unnoticed. This takes a more psychological role, rather than combative, so this should appeal to the more strategic player rather than the instant response player. This should be taken in mind, if you wish to use this in conjunction with combat - because it won’t work due to the drugs effects on the Arbitrium. Throughout their lifetime, it is almost guaranteed that the Arbitrium will eventually turn rogue under the stress of what they experience being self-aware and chosen for the job. They will suffer from an ungodly amount of mental illness which will be ever elevated by their constant tripping, and will struggle to return to normal should they be disconnected. Purpose (OOC) The Arbitrium is an odd one, because it understandably has similarities between other creatures yet remains unique in its own right because it is the victim of its own power. I have attempted to incorporate this idea with my personal experiences with LSD, Shrooms and 2CB and develop something that remains true to nature rather than a cool gimmick that remains unseen by other characters. It opens a new avenue because they aren’t inherently bad, and actually plan to help people in a sort of misunderstood hero kind of way. They test people, train them without them knowing or more likely, understanding it. This will inherently make them embody the bad guys because people question things they don’t understand which is the beauty of this situation. They’re near abandoned by their own deity, and only serve as an experiment to prove more successful models in the future before the clock runs out, but have an unbelievably large amount of potential that goes unfound by any other illusion-based magic or even CA’s on the foundation of character development, roleplay interaction and general possibilities within it. They work on a network, and can appear to anyone who passes through that from anywhere as long as the network remains unbroken. This can lead them to be seen as gods, dancing in the grass before shortly disappearing when people attempt to make contact. You could travel to towns, sell these plants and have them unknowingly give you a gateway into these places to play hero by simulating your own villains - you could be half way across Arcas, and simulate yourself and a sinister looking Daemon to have a face off in front of two people before your fake self snaps their fingers and the demon is ash (“I am Iron Man”). You can convince small armies to retreat, kill each other or turn on each other should you have the motivation. This is only a few ideas I've brought up, but I have thought of so many potential options for this which all sound fun, exciting but require dedication and coordination to see done to an effective standard. I always seek challenges, and I realised the opportunity to introduce something of my own caliber into the scene which isn’t being done in this way with this much potential to develop on its own while also being a potential tool to the story staff, while remaining retractable itself as the influence of a hallucinogenic drug. This is my first post of this manner, and if I fail, I will just refine this idea further and further because I can visibly see the potential and many avenues this could be directed in, alongside the end result for characters as they grow older affected by this. If this gets approved, I will see to it that I make havoc with this and give some new interactions to cities and roadways in confusing yet memorable roleplays. Citation Spoiler https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Tahariae
  2. Name of your plant/reagent: Lily of the Valley Appearance: The Lily of the Valley is a naturally pretty flower that has a sturdy yet sleek light green stem and an assortment of pure white small flowers that dangle in the wind as they suffer the fate of gravity. The petals of this flower will begin to curb outwards as they mature with age, and will be notably distinguishable from the younger flowers as they remain closed and off-white. While the stem has a very regular feeling when touched, the flower or more specifically it’s petals are welcoming soft, and provide a comfortable atmosphere for those under the influence of this plant's natural drug. Smell-wise, this flower has a very distinct mix which is more easily described as a cross between Lavender and Roses which can be smelt from up to seven meters away. If someone was to travel within two meters of a plant, this smell would become overwhelming and paired with the psychedelic effects taking hold at that range - it has been known to make people remain within that area to not lose the effect. While it hasn’t been well documented, if a Lily of the Valley is stained by a substance and undertakes a new colour, they will retain this colour even after they go through abscission. This has been noted on red flowers, which have been rumoured to be stained as people supposedly went mad within the radius of these lovely, yet deadly flowers. Location: These can be found almost anywhere in the world due to their sheer survivability, though they will often remain in small bundles and their presence were always the result of former Arbitrium. They will survive in a majority of climates though will grow with less issues within plains with extensive sun cover, although have been known to grow in sunlit caves, near-freezing temperatures and hot arid areas. They are found more often than not in the north, although with an Arbitrium connected to their network they can grow almost anywhere, should they spawn them there and the circumstances permit. Raw effect(s) of the plant/reagent: While being exposed at a range, this plant can be harmless unless actively synced with Arbitrium. However, if you are within two meters of an alive plant, this is an entirely different story - causing the affected to suffer mental drawbacks as reality begins to shift into an understanding they have never sought to comprehend before, their vision is consumed by new shapes and designs rotating in what they originally believed was reality moments before. You are effectively tripping out hard, and will feel this effect for ten minutes after you leave the radius before the trip ends - this can have two effects, being almost harmless and spiritual in a sort of sense, or if you enter in a negative mood then be actually painful and devolve into a bad trip. However, if for some reason you decided to eat this flower, you would be in a world of hurt. You would not feel it’s effects for a day after consumption, before quickly devolving into an episode of near insanity as you experience the smelt effects, with auditory and visual hallucinations similar to what the Arbitrium can cause. This will be linked solely to your own personality, and can devolve into causing people into existential crises as time could potentially stop in their mind and relive scenarios, or doubt what actually is real and if everything is just an illusion. This feeling is inevitable in all scenarios, as somebody can withstand the first day at worst then devolve into this stage for the four days this remains in your system. This is relaying one flower out of the many on there, if one was to consume all of them at once, these effects would stack and the psychological result would be similar to what the Arbitrium experience in their induction. They will also taste metallic in a sense, and overwhelmingly strange. Harvesting: Lily’s of the Valley are unnecessarily difficult to harvest because the naturalist will likely go too deep into the trip to commit the act, and lose depth perception to even hold it which led to people covering clothes in water and covering their mouth and nose with it to prevent some of that drug passing - this has a somewhat effective fix where they are still tripping to an extent, although the effects are borderline manageable in the first 30 second before the mask becomes ineffective. They will need to dig out the plant and place it in a plant, and alternate people carrying with masks to safely transport it to a carriage, while a set of Alchemist sheers will find it beneficial just to cut it from the stem and remove the flowers individually to prevent being exposed for too long. Red Lines: These are very difficult to use in drugging someone, as it would immediately expose the alchemist to the drug while simultaneously being noticeable to the person about to be drugged, destroying the art of surprise in almost every scenario of the job. This is classified as fire on the alchemy symbols because consuming this flower can have life-changing alterations to your brain, and influence you to make poor decisions soon after making it a highly dangerous product should it be overindulged in. These will die on mountain tops, or if they are displayed in deserts without a constant water source connected. They will struggle in caves, although can survive if they receive moisture from the area. Alchemical Sign(s) (put N/A if none): Water, Fire. Works in Conjunction with this
  3. The next four skins after this are free for advertising purposes, so get em while it lasts.
  4. HELLO PEOPLE OF THE CAPITAL WASTELAND Hello, I am RememberTheGame, most commonly shortened to Remember, The, Game, or TheLegend27 on Tuesdays. I create and sell skins for people to use on roleplay servers and I unsurprisingly find myself here and have a very poor understanding on how this server works – so let’s jump the hell in. Also, something, something, wacky inflatable tube guy something. Line? Can I get my line? Oh, a line. Now? Quickly taking a bathroom break. Brb. Tesco Express Skin Service GodRoleplayer is my PlanetMinecraft, check out my skins if you want a request. Here is my outdated picture, but just go check out the PMC. This is like a year old. So, let’s talk prices. I can do humans, elves and orcs. I can experiment with other races, they’re a flat price. For a regular human or elf with an outfit and head included, it’ll cost 2000 mina’s For an orc, or beastiary creature (such as a racoon) and outfit/muscles, it’ll cost 2500 mina’s. For something beyond that which is excessively complicated, it’ll cost 3000 mina’s. If you want to pay real life currency, i’ve got a Fiverr I can link you over discord. Support my new laptop, my CPU is dying. Everything is a flat price, and make sure to put a number on your app because I roll – if you get it, you get a free skin. This’ll be decided from a /roll 20, so pick a number inbetween and maybe you’ll win a free skin though this isn’t guranteed. I will work on the skin before payment, but to recieve it I get my money. No ticking, no loans. Give me something interesting to skin, if you’re paying that money for a flat peasant outfit, you make me worry – spice it up. I believe we are all accounted for, let’s get down to business. Tesco Express Building Service I do buildings, yeah. Turn the bass up. This is pretty self explanatory. Here are some references. Link up g Price is negotiable and revolves around the style and size. I’m a jack of all trades. Yasmin’s Haircutting Service Yasmin is currently in: Helena. If you would like a haircut, which has to be preplanned where I will do an entirely new head for your character (haircut and all) and we RP the haircutting – so you get a head, and a rp session. This costs 100 Mina’s for a new styled and shaved head, and an additional grown out hairdoo for when you don’t use her. Roleplay hair growth you heathens. I can do men and women. Check my PMC for references. Add me on Discord, and send me your IGN. BarcardiBreeza#3528 Username: What do you want?: Reference Art: Pick a number 1-20 (Skin Only): Favourite Song:
  5. Minecraft Username RememberTheGame Your Age 20 Timezone GMT +0 London Discord RememberTheGame#3528 Define Meta-gaming Essentially knowing information that your character shouldn't. That can be about hidden races, skills that were mentioned OOC, unmentioned names and otherwise. Define Powergaming Performing an action that has an immediate consequence, and forces the opposite player to respond in a fixed manner. Say, Steve Rogers kicks Howard Stark in the nuts forces the shameful act to be completed, while Steve Rogers attempts to kick Howard Stark in the nuts allows them to dodge, parry or try and block. Character Name Yasmin Alcaide [Farfolk] Human, female, 18. Physical Description Yasmin is naturally tanned, has a dark brown bob cut with bangs and emerald eyes. 5'3" 45KG, hourglass. Wears colourful dresses, and cheap jewelry. Personality Traits Yasmin is a sucker for a challenge, and will try and socially prevail in any situation as she lacks combat prowess - though she can be misled due to being naive. She believes in Idealism. Biography Yasmin was born to two farkfolk humans, Ibai and Lidia, in the far west of the Wildlands. Her parents were the remnants of a Santegian family that attempted to leave the confines of the Orenian Empire’s oppression behind. The family lived a more simple life than how their ancestors did, living with a few fellow families in a communal setting. Yasmin herself was an only child, and was constantly moved around due to the nature of the wildlands which limited her selection of friends which led to her being easily led despite being mentally capable to survive on her own created a strong desire to socialize with all she can. Growing up, Yasmin was taught her native tongue from her parents and common by her mother who saw fit that she to more properly communicate with other wildlanders, in addition to her learning how to lie efficiently and how to persuade people into seeing her point of view. Naturally inept at fighting, and only good for foraging and intelligence gathering, she was brought into makeshift towns to study their next target at the young age of eight although she was oblivious to the true nature of her actions. Everything ran smoothly, or as smoothly as a tribal-living family can survive in the wilderness with the odd hiccup or injury that would put stress on the family yet never had the capacity to take their last breath. Yasmin grew ever curious of the east, hearing all sorts of tales about the east that rather intrigued her. Her parents spoke down to such thoughts, but when her ideas of visiting the east were shut down, it only made her wish to visit it more so. During one of the families’ resettlements, Yasmin decided to leave without a word, and off she headed towards the east. In spite of what she thought, she was constantly mocked, bullied and shunned as a result of her farlander nomadic appearance and shady origin. However, she found a wide array of different values and western ideals she was rather fond of. Helena, the capital of the Empire, showed her many things foreign to sight of any wildlander. Some misfortune in Helena led her towards being a citizen of the eastern part of the Empire, but she hopes that she may find a new life and home in the Empire. Her nursing and forgaring abilities being able to be put to the test. And ultimately, hoping she may live a civilized life. You’ve just stepped off of the boat in the port of a massive and fortified city. Before you lies a sprawling bazaar, with numerous shops, stalls, and seated traders selling wares to folk of all walks of life. Just as you’re about to continue walking onwards, into the market, you’re approached by a well-dressed gentleman who looks upon you with a big smile. “Welcome!” He began. “What brings you to this lovely city? Adventure? Wealth? Or some grand aspirations to elevate your place in society?” How do you respond? Yasmin’s eyes stood wipe open as she stared across the new landscape as if she was in awe of the environment before her right foot moved forward though she was startled by the mans approach, taking a few moments to recollect herself and respond in a cheery Santegian tone “Mierda- Hola, mi amigo. I come for discovery and a happy life. What about you?” She would wait with an optimistic smile, failing to maintain eye contact with the man as her eyes would still drift off to view moving objects, or colourful structures. Skin
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