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  1. Give me books! alllll the books!

  2. Olaurae comes up behind Freya as she reads this, peering over her shoulder and taking her by the waist, she whispers in her ear, "There's still hope maiylun, come let's negotiate these totems." Though her words seemed calm, there would be a glint of anger in her eyes as she watches her love. Olaurae bites down on her lip, scowling and silently contemplating the actions of the rouge mages. As Olaurae comes to a conclusion she would turn away and say, "No one interrupts my plans."
  3. Olaurae shrugs lightly as she reads through the account one more time, narrating her thoughts in typical fashion "Mm, I mean he could at least have been more subtle about his cruelty, before he is even coronated?" she would seem largely indifferent as she read through the contents once again, "Does ne bode well, ne at all"
  4. Aymon Liawenys smiles slightly, obviously unable to hear a word of this but approving anyhow.
  5. Aymon Liawenys furrows his brows at the missive with a small chuckle: "Well... okay then..." he sets the letter aside in the lighthouse, tapping his foot as he drinks a cup of tea, "Suppose I am 'questionably pure' because I go anywhere else?" he questions in the general direction of Haskir, "The pursuit of knowledge cares not for where one is, and whilst lessers may be lessers... they can still hold knowledge."
  6. Olaurae is in Oren for some reason, and as she skips through the wide streets she notices a flier, grinning to herself she writes a bird "Dear Fray, I think I've found something fun to do! Let us talk about it later?!" she then settles upon the side of the wide street and reads through each part with a grin that continues to grow wider and wider.
  7. Haha Funni... (no but if this is serious I'm actually gonna laugh)
  8. Olaurae gives a sizeable shout "There can only be one! YOU HURT MICA's FAMiLY? you HURT them?" she calls out into the void, she clenches her fists "Time to bother Sarrion for that lesson, I want to make nature scream, lets see how the balance fairs after that." she states with a vengeance, "If it were possible I'd drain the whole sea and replace it with voidal water, YOU HEAR ME SEA? NEVER hurt Mica's family again." after her shouting match with herself was over, she picks up her rat toodles, who had now become very concerned, and gives him a pet, closing her eyes, "Sorry anyone who heard that
  9. Upon coming home Urza sees this display and gives a haughty laugh, "itz fyne llir, theh won' geht fahr." she says as she plonks the bucket down, "Fitten atleazt thah itz fizh fer dinnah." she says as she guts each fish and cleans them. Upon seeing that Siruonn's mouth was still open she promptly used a none-fishy hand to close it, "Calm dowhn llir, ahv zeen ztoopidah."
  10. Aymon Liawenys sighs all his way to Urguan. He takes out his raven figurine, looking it over and thinks for a few moments. He puts the figurine away and chuckles, "Much luck they'll have, suppose it doesn't hurt to watch."
  11. Aymon Liawenys snorts into his cup, "I'm sorry Dorimnur, not this one." he says in a half chuckle, not sure how his boss could actually be serious, he continues to write in his book as he eats his dinner. Aymon Liawenys gets up and walks to his room, taking out his favorite quill, a pickaxe and his walking boots "Time to pay a friend a visit." Urza stares at the bit of paper in utter confusion, "Ztoopid zkaherz, ah wondah wub Lulabelle thynkz." she says as she humanely kills a fish, "They zayin' they gon'ah troiy tah 'Urt thah Ocean? Azpectz nub... 'ow ztrange." places three fish i
  12. Urza would sit at the kitchen table surrounded by ferrets, hearing this telepathic message she has one comment, "Thah ferretz whill be zafe mi haelun. Ahll zee you zomedeh ihn thah forezt" her face as steely as ever, the young orc would be all the more filled with passion and drive. Having already cried all her tears she balls her fists, glancing down at the wood and thinking hard.
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