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  1. [!] Urza Hawksong scans the missive in thought. Having completely given up her decadency a few years prior she takes a deep breath in as if properly considering something before writing out a letter, she then begins to start scratching it out, no written words could capture her feelings. Instead she sets out on a quest to find Becclain in person.
  2. Hesperia von Drakenhof pushes her application into one of the slots, pulling her hair off of her neck and into a ponytail, adding to her ever-growing workload. Application Name: Hesperia von Drakenhof Race & Age: Human, ~30 Position desired: Scribe Applicable skills: I have worked in many libraries rewriting and sorting books. I'm a polyglot and have a fair bit of experience in a variety of cultures. I enjoy finding knowledge of new things and I will certainly be suited to this position. I was taught calligraphy at a young age by mine father and value the art of writing greatly. Take this application or leave it, you'll be remiss to pass it up however.
  3. One 'aheral sits comfortable in his cabin in Urguan, the man kicks up his feet as he reads the missive with a big grin. That man then tosses the missive aside, replacing it with a good book and a cup of cocoa for Krugsmas. He did not speak aloud as he was alone. The house was completely silent, just as he liked it. Urza Hawksong smiles at the missive, pocketing it as she looks to her newly reunited daughter. She then begins her way to the Docks, where she opens the door to her room in the Hawksong Manor, the woman takes a seat on the bed, sighing softly, "Amaezil moight be dizagreeable at tymez, buht 'e maykez fer ah ayla leadah. Ah juz' 'ope thoze whoite zkaher'z lizten" The woman then roots through her bag, frowning down at the thought of a certain mali'thill girl and how she might have fared in this game of life.
  4. I don't think it could be said any better than this. It's heart-wrenching to hear what happened to you. I also experienced something similar elsewhere, and I can only say nothing really stops the feelings from boiling up again. To be able to be so eloquent when emotional is a skill I'm not sure I possess. Thank you for this well-written statement, I hope people listen.
  5. Yo gamers, can I get a hug? This world needs a reset button I swear.

  6. Fair point, and not all of the players would necessarily know the allegations against the guy. Srry, I'm getting heated, I'm going to step away, have a good night.
  7. Sorry, but relevant to roleplay stops when someone is grooming people oocly. **** that noise.
  8. As someone who has had first hand experience on the receiving end of some of this stuff as a kid. I and most any rational person will not ******* tolerate this kind of behavior. You are right, we as a community need to step up. Someone on staff literally has some minecraft server permissions and a shiny tag, that's it. Lets do this. edit: I literally discourage any of my friends who are minors from joining this server, that says something. I must also mention that I often feel pretty powerless when I hear about these situations. Which... I think might be a shared sentiment.
  9. A certain Urza Hawksong ensures that she is wearing a few more layers of warmth. The Orcess begins to maliciously skin one of the dire-wolves she slew. She could almost feel the warmth being snuffed out as she worked, as if it was seeping away from simply being near the snow storm. A few sutures later and she had fashioned herself a coat befitting a woman of her stature. Of course, it was a little rough around the edges, Urza was not used to sewing clothing. The woman peers out of her window at the intense climate before her, the woman begins to preemptively shiver "Whoiy did ah evah chooze tah live ihn thiz zkah'ole agaiyn?" with that comment behind her she retreats into the furthermost room of the house, she has unpacking to do.
  10. Hesperia von Drakenhof had found the flyer on one of her visits to Haense "Krugmas?" She questions aloud with a creased brow. The woman flips the flier every which way to try and decipher it, "Hmpf, I did lose my violin, and my piano. Though... Why on god's green earth did they use Krug for this?"
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