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  1. I'm sad, I wanted to redo this quiz to see if it had changed at the link is broken, woe is me.
  2. [!] And so a book descends on the fellows head, followed by a heavy metallic ringing, then a shake of his head. Aymon would depart with a smirk.
  3. Aymon shakes his head at that, staring at the metal man with a small wince "I worry not for myself old friend. I worry for those who would buy into this legislation that might perish shortly after. Though, I do suppose there would be some stupidity involved in voluntarily giving away such information to a society that inherently despises the concept of your being."
  4. A certain "mali'thill" peers upon the missive with utmost disgust, "Ah, ti, because having a registry of every homosexual person will go so excellently when this phase of government falls and the next returns back to traditional maehr'sae." the fellow would then peer to a being forged of metal and alchemy with a hesitant smile settling his head against the sofa he sat at, he'd pull at the strings on his coat in a nervous manner, "I worry for what's to come, friend."
  5. My favourite mage? Hmm, Mayrndz has a very cool mage. Pretty sure your mage is dead. I'd be biased and answer Freya S'indri, but thats cause she's my characters wife.
  6. Pretty good, I really like doing events! It's been weird seeing other people's reactions to it, but other than that I like it. A lot. Sometimes I get that kind of creeping anxiety feeling like I need to do more events or something, but I get that for any commitment I make, so I wouldn't blame the team for that one. And no, I'm afraid, I need your BLOOD!
  7. I'm not! Ooh, good questions. My third ever character on the server had an amazing death. I'd spent much of my time playing her as a very narcissistic and generally awful being, she wanted to get into magic, and naturally, being the terrible woman she was she hired a spy to look into one of her potential teachers so she might gain an edge. Eventually that teacher simply picked her up without such extreme measures. About three weeks in to being his student I get a bird from this spy, saying that the teacher had had an affair. My character now loyal to her teacher goes to kill him with an atronach, though instead leaves him inches from death. Then she receives a bird from her teacher to come home, where she is then clobbered over the head and interrogated, the spy double crossed her! She ended up being burned at the stake as a witch. It was very narratively satisfying to see the culmination of her mistakes end like that. Hm, a character I've admired? Most of theblackbobross' characters invoke some form of admiration for how he plays them. Though, I think I like The Hierophant, he's got a very deep set of motivations, while being the right amount of downright terrifying for my tastes. I have a few characters, and thus this is a terribly difficult question. All backstory I've ever had has been from rp, other than a few characters I made as adults. Though, I did end up pk'ing a character because she just had too much rp in one direction for a community I had fallen out of love with to change. So, I suppose I would have wanted to change Urza somewhat, she was always very pious, and that can get boring if you grow bored of whatever roleplay you're in, because they're so rigid. I'd probably have wanted her to have been more of a goon for a little longer and forged more connections with her kind. I really like classic literature, I steal from it quite often when playing my favorite character. I've been obsessed with Bram Stoker's Dracula recently. Though most of the time my inspiration is just from acting, and getting in character, I let the narrative and the world take it's own course. Aha! I'm obsessed with music, and spotify is fun, you can search through so much of it and find songs you've never heard before. I usually trawl its recommendations, when I make a character playlist I choose a few songs that fit, and then I look for thematically similar ones until I have something I like. German might be my native language, but my mother is half English, so taught me British English from quite a young age, I also lived in England for 11 years, so that really helps.
  8. That's multiple questions. You rp'd with my half-dwarf on your weird delf. I'm a based individual. Last month. Ask your therapist. How?
  9. I don't really watch many shows, but my friend showed my Our Flag Means Death, and I'm a homo, so that one.
  10. Purple. Yes and no, I joined during covid when I had nothing else going on in my life, so the game acted as a replacement for a lot of stuff I would have had otherwise. Now that I'm at uni, if I try to dedicate as much time as I used to, it's just overwhelming. I really enjoy the server, despite some of it's drawbacks, but I think it can get unhealthy.
  11. I'm not copying hope. also, since I'm not copying hope, here's my first screenshot on the server. https://imgur.com/a/ErMpvlc Sitting outside of a closed gate
  12. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
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