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  1. Somewhere, an Amador of little renown, peered at the missive. The woman, in her early hundreds flipped the page, to see if there was anything on the back. Milly Amador, one of the two only legitimate daughters of her mother smirked lightly, "May he who is without sin throw the first stone."
  2. Hesperia guffaws at the drawing of Juniper, "Yikes, no one will find her based on that, she's safe."
  3. Blanca had not seen nor heard a peep from her mentor in years. She stood now on a rooftop as tentacles of flesh assailed both man and building, the Knight of Hyspia loaded a bolt of aurum into her crossbow and fired it upon a demonic magus, only for it to be deflected in a single movement of the magus' hand. The princess descended from her perched position and toward a Nephilim caught in the grasp of Gashadokuro as she primed yet another potion. The Nephilim spewed wretched flame at the ogre-lich, and yet, he did not fall, he barely even reacted. The Hyspian reeled back a pace, reading herself to attack the creature, and yet as she did, he was completely enshrouded in a black cloud, along with his combatants, not to be seen again, at least not by Blanca. The princess gasped, and clambered down the rooftops for another target, frustrated that she'd allowed the enemy to slip from her fingers, and horrified at what the skeletal being might have done to the others. Blanca chased the final demon out of the city of Fi'Andria tossing her mace toward the back of it's head in vain as it continued to just sprint out, she persued, but by now she'd sustained injury to her leg. A searing pain ran up her leg as the mark on her forearm glowed faintly green. The knight collapsed by the scorched fields as a solidier of malchediael reached down to help her back up, he prayed over her, recieveing prophecies from the lord GOD himself. Blanca bowed her head deeply, listening then to the words of her Lord. Her Lord that tasked her to champion a crusade on all that is dark. To continue the work of all those that came before her, for so was the curse of Horen. To blaze bright, and never see the culimination of your efforts. In the infirmary now, Blanca pondered on her brief time as a paladin, on Hillith and the nature of order. The Aenguls and Daemons alike that influenced the realm of mortals. She thought on the nature of the Goose, and of deceit. The middle-aged woman rested her head back into her pillow, staring toward the ceiling, she spoke to Philip again then, "Ser, Philip, Ser." "Mm?" "I would be Overjoyed to have you as an earpiece to GOD" "Then it shall happen" "There are too many decievers. I need good men at my side, steadfast against the new age that is to come." The Princess rested now, content to call this battle ended. Descendantkind would continue, and she'd do all she could to safeguard it. Blanca was stalwart in her convictions, enlightened to the nature of the heavens, she'd not allow another blow from the GOD killer if she had any say in it. The princess drifted to sleep, one word, one target in her mind. Mordring.
  4. Full Name of Man - Fyodor Carrion-Tuvyic Date of Birth of Man - 1954 Name of Woman - Anastasia Ivanovich Date of Birth of Woman - 1958 Location of Ceremony - New Valdev Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1982 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Stanislav
  5. A rather ancient Oyashiman flips through the missive, she'd sigh lightly as she reached it's conclusion, "Another one" was her only conclusion, she'd then turn to her partner, "Do you think she'd like to learn? Or do you think it best I leave this one be, my love?" Carmilla, or 'Milly' Amador reads through the missive, the Amador pressed her hand to her mouth and made her way to talk to Sterling, this was just not right.
  6. A small sorvian newt had been giving a tarot reading as the sun began to peak out of the eclipse. As the tiny sliver of light poured through the heavens, it lit up a singular card on his seven-card spread. The Sun. Tuff, ever the supersticious Sorvian screams, "I AM A GOD!" Ser Blanca de Pelear peered up at the skies, she clutched her arms and shivered, the encroachment of the light gave no comfort to the hero, instead, a golden mark began to glow through her armor, she flinched and sucked in big gulps of air, rubbing over the mark in some degree of pain. Her other hand came to her sword, "We let the sun set... Now, we must defend it's rise" The knight grasped a note in her hand, intent on seeking out Iolas. An Oyashiman occultist did not even peer to the sky, instead she took in the odd state of the material plane, she kneeled in the sands of the desert and sifted through the sand for meaning, "Can we banish them all? Or will we just end ourselves?" - "Has all that I know? Everything I've been taught been a lie?"
  7. "Vortice? Vortice fighting?" Hesperia doubled over laughing "I'll believe it when I see it. Can't wait to see Gusiam and his wife being the only ones on the battlefield"
  8. A voidal necromancer revels in the concept of an arch-mage undead and his experiments. Though his expression falters at the words 'supermassive tear' and procceeds to not write in about it just yet. One particularly over-zelaous artificer packs her bags right away, making sure to send multiple overly-excited letters to Lanre. The 'ker packs on five layers of pink clothing and two hats and materlializes somewhere in the North in a cloud of sparkly green mist. Luthia Acal'Turrii grasps the missive and shoves it into her father's face "THIS is what I found, dad. THIS... Oh god" murmured the twelve-fingered elfess, "****!"
  9. I'm going to keep my reply short. I personally think there's no point fixing what aint broke. Let people enjoy the server how they want to. It makes sense for creatures to have revival mechanics, it makes sense to allow players to determine when they want to die. If someone wants to be on a PK clause, great, if someone doesn't, great. There's so many people on this server with so many different ideas, everyone's going to find a niche they enjoy. There's no DM to make sure your death is meaningful, I see why some people wouldnt want to PK.
  10. A tiny half-elven woman had only just stopped wearing black, she proceeded to fish out the dress and wear it once again. Agnes pressed her hand to her chest over her rosary and wept. The girl wept for the woman she had loved, and she wept knowing she would never see her again. Agnes wept for her mother, who would no doubt be lost without her diety, and she wept for the world.
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