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  1. "Like the seagulls" murmured a woman who remembered fondly the tales of the demonic freeport seagulls.
  2. An ancient Oyashiman looked over the invitation with mirth. Her elongated digits crumpled the sides of the paper as she sat by the fire in an oversized straw chair. The graceful matriarch of Hargrave watched as her younger children took turns whacking each other with various objects. The paper was neatly folded, and soon archived, "Grandchildren to come, in this very lifetime and it only took one-hundred and twenty-seven years" the woman shook her head with amusement, "I do hope he treats her well."
  3. "Granddaughter" spoke a creature of the woods, hunched over the missive with a perplexed expression "What did I start?" the hag of the north donned her dress and her faux smile to make an appearance at her kin's big day.
  4. Alf Vuiller smiles at the sight of the missive, "Good... Watching the horrors of that plane are enough to drive any man mad" the man pulled himself off of his bed with his gnarled sorcerer's staff, "I just hope they don't start harassing the poor 'sinners'"
  5. One of the captured elves who had thankfully disappeared during the scuffle opened the doors to his unfurnished home. "Urguan at war wit' tae Vale" he'd mumble wobbling with every step. The fellow was dragged along by a mechanical emu. Shaking and dripping wet he'd grasp for alchemical lifeblood, "Frail fleshy husk... Frail... frail" he'd repeat with trembling hands as he assembled a clockwork skeleton. The elf was soon to be elf no more.
  6. A 'young' blonde medic had been at the scene, subjected to tests just as Allessandra was. Searched for suspicious material, shouted at. Though, this was not what lingered on Elizabette's mind, the image that lingered was of the unborn child that she wept for. The child that she'd promised to care for regardless. The vampire that had passed had expressed deep worry for the safety of the child, safety that Elizabette had hoped to provide. She'd failed. I suppose that was the price the long-lived had to pay, seeing so many die. Though, the death of innocent beings was enough to spur something in the pale, old, Waldenian.
  7. Sialuk Aavik, or Esteri Adrienne Sarkozic, now Vuiller had been by his husband's side when he had died. It hadn't all quite sunk in for them just yet, but the grief was certainly building to an intolerable amount. Eight children in total? Of course, not all of them were young anymore, but enough were. The half-dwed had wrestled for years with the idea that love simply wasn't theirs to have, pressured once into a marriage they did not want to pursue, and then respite, a true, deep love that they still did not feel worthy of. Sialuk found themselves making the argument that it was simply unethical to marry a longer-lived partner of their same race, a dwedic man or woman... It was certainly the argument they'd used when their mother slung abuses at them for daring to marry a none forest-dwed, a white man. Though, now the weight of that decision really set in, this was the first time they'd properly witnessed mortality, and it shook him to his core. His husband was really gone. The eldest son of Ledicort Vuiller, Alf Damianus Vuiller had attended mass when his father suddenly collapsed. Alf was fully aware that it was coming, but not that soon. With marriage plans underway and a wonderful fiance in Numendil he'd grown distant from his home country, his nation. And with it, his father. There was no particular pang in the man's heart, Alf retained much of his vitality and much of his resent. The letter he'd receive not long after the passing of his father could do little to mend a childhood of absence. Unreliant on his father for much of his life, now would not be so different. Alf only hoped that Ledicort would be comfortable, wherever it was that his soul had gone. Finally and ultimately, Alf prayed for his family in their time of grief. Meriwa would probably never know her father from anything more than the note he'd left at his death bed. The young girl had very little understanding of what her father who brought her into this world had gone through, and certainly was in no position to help. What Meriwa did keenly understand was her father's coldness, but not it's origins. It would be a lonely childhood without both of her fathers.
  8. Wanted to thank you for the fun rp today, couldn't find you discord so this will suffice. It's been a bit since I had an interesting interaction on this character so I appreciate it.

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      glad to hear it

  9. what the scallop?

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      "I'm a goofy goober!"

  10. A young 'princling', or maybe not so young any longer, gasped upon hearing the news. Alf hadn't known the princess for long, but nevertheless, he'd fostered what he believed to be quite a connection with her on first meet. Alf rushed to his fiance's chambers, the Princess Morrigan Arthalion. Alf rapped on the door, "She's gone... Morri. Vesta's friend..." the fellow reached into his sleeve for a red handkerchief which he'd dab under his eyes with "I should have done more, should have made more of an effort to know her, I should have done something"
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    Wouldest thou like the taste of butter?

  12. It's almost like if you get hundreds of introverted and poorly adjusted young adults and teenagers into an isolated environment that it becomes an absolute mess.

    1. RIGOR


      this is really par the course for online stuff

  13. So are we TOS banning people now for the things they do off server? You can certainly make the argument that this information was able to be found, sure, but you still had to find it. I frankly consider it disgusting that you'd conflate someone's kinks that they participate in with adults as something to do with preying on children. TOS bans take actual evidence of wrong doing. I entirely agree that the bunny lore was suspicious given their other activities, though the actual content of the piece, whilst entirely bare bones was not sexual. I can understand why you'd then want to investigate this person and see if they were a danger to the community. This all is commendable. However, the moment that it stopped being commendable is when you posted this all over the LOTC discords and forums for actual minors to easily access and see. The series of events ideally would have been that you: 1. Find something suspicious. 2. Investigate it and collect evidence. 3. Bring said evidence to someone on the mod team and preferably safety team who can then do more detailed investigations. Now, if they ignore this, then you'd be justified in making a post explaining the situation without links to graphic content. If these reports truly are ignored then we have a problem. Though as it stands now you took someone's off server online presence, publicized it, made the content basically impossible not to see and are now complaining that you were told off. In no way am I saying that toxicapple is innocent in all of this, some things could have been done to remove any links to graphic media in their discord profile, but that can all be remedied by informing them that it's visible to the public etc. There was and still is no reason to plaster the content all over this platform. Thank you
  14. A greying old dwarf reads the missive with a squint of peach hues, "T'e vocabulareh on t'is one could use some work. Regardless o' validity, 'e shoul' take up some debatin' lessons or some shoite."
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