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  1. hahaha, LOTC just came in handy for uni. I'm studying biology, a few months ago I looked into the anatomy of spiders because my character was dissecting one. Guess what just came up? What was I doing because one of my characters was using scalpels a lot? I looked up how to use it properly, that came in handy when I did the best job at dissecting our first animal in the lab on monday.

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      I've heard a few stories of people using LoTC to their advantage- even in job interviews in some cases

  2. What was Amalric to Hesperia? What was he really? She had used many names for the boy, seen him with many faces. Though... what was he? Hesperia would tell you he was a friend. Hesperia had told people he was a servant. When Hesperia peered into his deep brown eyes, she felt no warmth, no spark... She felt a pull, she felt a hungry emptiness. What would she tell herself? "I should have known... I should have known." Should she? She was a mere child when she met Morgan, a child that had never seen a good example of kindness. A child who had be raised to behave in a way she couldn't emotionally comprehend. From the moment she showed Morgan her darkest behaviours, there was no escaping her, she had latched on like a barnacle. Morgan was what she thought she needed, someone so mouldable that her father would have no choice but to accept their friendship. I think, somewhere inside her Hesperia thought she was doing good by plucking a child of her same age from the **** and the dirt and making her into something, but you cannot make a person. You cannot mould someone into your image. This would be the start of a horribly long abusive friendship, and yet... Somehow Hesperia did not realise what it was until much later. A girl so intelligent lacked one thing at her young age, emotional intelligence. Amalric, Morgan, Sanctity, these people, this person, they were the last remnants of her father's influence, an influence that had brought nothing but pain into her life. Though, this festering wound is not one she could bear to cut out. Instead she tried to appease it, please him. Somewhere she hoped that she could fix him. She would only make him sicker. Perhaps not willingly, but the wound had to he purged else the sickness would spread. Amalric died a festering wound... never to enact change in the word. Never to prove himself quite the character that he was. Hesperia von Drakenhof would never be the same, and she would never make the same mistake again. It was a childhood mistake that haunted her into the cusp of adulthood, one that she would forever blame herself for whether she was truly at fault or if it was the work of some sadistic force beyond her control. He would be remembered for her whole life, but not as what he was, no, instead he would be remembered as a sum of his worst parts, a patchwork of obsessions and cruelty. He died a wound and he lived on as a scar.
  3. **** it, If I apply for both LT and ET? I want to help either way, but, I admit my passion is in running events.
  4. Aymon Liawenys notes the mention of Refugees of the collapse of the republic, "Seems valah have longer memories than I gave them credit for... I was a mere boy." he laments from his comfortable cabin in the mountains, "Alas, we find our own ways."
  5. Another certain S'indri looks at her beautiful 'aheral wife with a grin, blowing the ashes away from the two "Mm, my love, you paint such wonderful pictures." she comments, nose in her sketchbook, "It is no wonder I fell for you my dear." she says with a chuckle, pushing her sketchbook away to pull them both into an embrace. Aymon Liawenys vibes in pacifist, not even reading the missive simply using the paper for his latest experiment, ripping it up and placing it in the bottom of the terrarium "You ******* flies better not die this time" he threatens, running his hands through his messy hair, an air of complete and utter erratic madness within the man.
  6. Hesperia von Drakenhof clasps the sides of the document, her eyes widening slightly at its contents, seemingly surprised but there would not be a mournful tinge to her reaction. Instead, she rises from her piano, making her way upstairs to prepare a 'heartfelt' speech. The girl taps at her quill, seemingly lost in thought as she gazes through her window at the oppressive sights beyond. The girl then trains her gaze back to the page murmuring something under her breath "To fresh starts." she comments lowly. At the funeral a speech would indeed follow: The Drakenhof slowly makes her way up to the podium, tapping the prepared speech on to the surface “Tsune, what can there be said about Tsune? When I sit down to ponder this woman, thousands of words spring to mind, but somehow, it is almost like everything and nothing. To even think on her death, it hurts, it is overwhelming. She oft spoke of her stomach troubles, to think the signs were there but I missed them. I oft blame myself, how could I let mine mentor, mine caregiver slip into the cold grasp of death with a cause so treatable? To me, Tsune was like a Mother, a pillar of the community, someone to strive to become more like. She will never be forgotten and shalt live on in mine memory, and the memories of every soul she hast touched, a truly remarkable woman, filled with endless compassion. I can only offer mine condolences to everyone gathered here today, I weep along with you, and for our collective loss on this day, the world may never be quite the same without her light to shine in the coldest of nights. That was all, thank you.” Hesperia collects her papers, stiffling a sob as she turns away from the casket, leaving to take her seat once more.
  7. Bye. <3 Take care. Gl with school etc.
  8. Should stop spending more time on here than a full-time job... Am I going to? Probably not!

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  9. That elf would sniffle in the privacy of his own home over some tea. The disheveled 'thill would riffle through his drawers, organizing papers on to the table, each and every plan for each and every thing he had ever forged, he stares down at them, and then at the resignation, Aymon sighs slightly, and with a smile he turns to the door, placing the teacup down.
  10. Turning twenty in three months... >_>
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