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  1. (Reserved) IGN: imMona Category: Visual Arts Artwork: WIP IGN: imMona Category: Skinning Artwork: WIP
  2. "She is busy- again." That was the excuse Rhea gave herself, not seeing her mother during the entire frenzy. Most times, it was true- that had usually been the case. After that House of Lords meeting, hearing the verdict given, she didn't go home right away. She had been in the middle of questioning her very identity that day- her own importance. Most of the things she had remembered up to that point had been crumbling down to the lies that they were, day after day, month after month. And if that wasn't overwhelming enough, she received the missive. Only then did she find herself a
  3. “So funny, all this.” Comments the growing young lady, taking a peek at the newest addition to this scandal. “When you are no longer needed, you are disposed of.” Looking to the mentioned dismissal in her other hand, she squeezed that paper tight in her palm, her face souring. “... A show of ****.”
  4. Finally old enough to be able to read the words in the papers, in the heart of an adolescent teen was a seed of resentment, growing to its breaking point. The words that could eventually leave her mouth after this incident only boiled up inside, ready to spit out at the first person she saw. She watched as her reality warped before her.
  5. SPRING SAKURA FESTIVAL [!] Invites would be sent around all of Xin Zhou [Almaris] with colourful depictions of the blooming Sakura trees by Yong Ping’s entrance and a dish of enticing Oyashiman cuisine in the foreground. As the sun rises to greet the newly blossomed buds of spring, the people of The Jade State of Yong Ping gather under the cherry blossom trees in feast; celebrating the new season of fertility. This year, the citizens of Yong Ping have prepared a grand event and invite all the residents of Almaris to come and celebrate in th
  6. Yong Ping Commemoration Festival Join us this Grand Harvest for a Fabulous Festival in Yong Ping! [OOCLY: Saturday 7pm EST] To celebrate the anniversary of our dear city’s founding, all are invited to this grand spectacle. From games to performances, there will be something for everyone; even merchants from afar will be satisfied by Yong Ping’s finest wares. The event will start off with a grand opening ceremony at the Temple of Enlightenment to commemorate the progress Yong Ping has made thus far. Then, everyone will gather
  7. Ashes to the Wind [!] Passed to the citizens of Yong Ping, and other select people across Almaris, was an invitation, the event in question seeming to be somewhat of a funeral. Details were written on rice paper, with a traditional Oyashiman ink painting depicted above it. (Weeping, Matsuda Saiko, 1812) At the request of his closest family, this invitation asks the presence of it’s recipients to attend the memorial procession of the late Solomon Takezo. In remembering his life and guiding his soul to his next life, the service will follow some Oyashim
  8. Describe your very first RP.
  9. A UNION BENEATH THE LANTERNS [!] Spread all throughout Almaris, a red packet decorated and laced with golden embroideries was sent out to the whole city of Yong Ping and the citizens of its allies. Each packet’s contents included an invitation, written on rice paper in elegant Li-Wen calligraphy for those fluent in it, and common translation provided beneath it, detailing an event to take place in Yong Ping. For those who received special invitations, not only would they receive the flyer, but included along with it was a portrait of a couple, painted and drawn in the traditional L
  10. Li-Wen 李文 Li-Wen is vastly different from any existing languages on Almaris, borrowing greatly from the Hou-zi in its use of characters and pronunciation, often very difficult for those unfamiliar to pick up. Words are often made of a combination of up to three syllables in phonetics, with five different inflections. Li-Wen is tonal; tones must be correct in order to convey the correct meaning, which makes it more challenging to learn. One mispronunciation of an inflection can result in calling your mother a horse. It is heavily context-laden and lacks preposit
  11. Skin name: Rosette Debutante Skinner: Venclair Bid: $10 USD
  12. Skin Name: Rosette Debutante Skinner: Venclair Bid: $5 USD
  13. Rhea Alexandria would indeed receive her kiss on the head, but like everything else that escaped the mind of the then 4-year-old, she wouldn't think much of it, much less comprehend the sudden news that her father was now dead. Rather than sadness, the only emotion Rhea was really feeling was confusion - why everyone was suddenly crying, why no one would tell her anything, and what they even meant when they finally did. To even get a grasp on death at that age was no easy task. Perhaps when she got older, she would know better, but for a time, Rhea would only follow the imaginary explanation h
  14. [!] A flyer was be distributed round all of Almaris, with it's usual elegant Li-Wen calligraphy and common translation provided underneath. This flyer was special, a gold finish bordering the red sheet, with an illustration of Li-Ren adorned in gold, carrying a Dragon Dance Costume above their heads! DRAGON DANCE PARADE The people of Almaris have joined together and taken the time to welcome in the New Century with the people of Tai Ping through our Lunar Festival- first washing away our sins and pasts, to dazzling the sky with beautiful fireworks, a
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