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  1. An envelope with the Orlov family seal is handed to you hurriedly by a smiling aide. Upon opening and reading through the contents, you realize you have been personally invited to a wedding and a reception. “All residents of the City of Helena and the Holy Orenian Empire are cordially invited to attend the union of Dimitri Orlov and Giada Fiorella d’Amato at the Basilica of Helena and the reception thereafter, hosted at 3 Sabari Street.” A specially tailored invite would be sent to the following friends and family: Archchancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil Vice Chancellor Franz Sarkozy Secretary Padraig O’Rourke Secretary Victor C. Halcourt Secretary George Dubois MHC President George Galbraith Veronica d’Amato Belladonna d’Amato Lorenzo Augustus d’Amato Lusia d’Amato Vincenza d’Amato Giorno d’Amato Mariella d’Amato Florenza d’Amato-Falcone Sheriff General Aleksei Orlov Lizaveta Orlov Anastasia “Azariah” O’Rourke-Elendil Ostromir Carrion Trevor Santiana O’Rourke Vittorio Antonio Falcone Annabelle Kelmenour Niccolo Vasari Dabar al’Arwani OOC: Sunday , October 18th 4:00 PM EST
  2. Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: Dimitri Orlov Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 28 Address of the Mayoral Candidate: Sabari 4
  3. NAME: Dimitri Orlov AGE: 24 GENDER: Male POSITION/S SOUGHT: Elections Worker EXPERIENCE: N/A ((DISCORD: BogsBinny#2944))
  4. Dimitri Orlov for Lord Mayor City of Helena, 1784-1788 Dimitri Orlov, circa 1783 ”Ladies and gentleman of Helena, some of you may know me from my work in the Livery Board or on the council of Lord Mayor Achille Nicephore, while some of you may have never heard of me. My fellow citizens, myself and Their Excellencies Padraig O’Rourke and Jonah Stahl-Elendil have been working to return our city to its former glory, away from the influence of the former Ministry of Interior, fighting to return the voice of Helena to its citizens. Some of of my goals include the reformation of the clerkship system, with changes to taxation and eviction to benefit you, the people. In addition, I have fought tooth and nail to help aid the reconstruction of the farm district of the city, to aid those impacted by the Inferni Incursion, and have supported the construction of a Grand Theater for the public, as a city cannot be great with culture. As your Lord Mayor, with my Deputy Vittorio Falcone, it will be our highest priority to represent our fellow citizens, and to aid Helena’s return to its former Golden Age. Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity.” Your Choice: Orlov & Falcone “Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity.”
  5. Dimitri Orlov enters the building, removing his hat and placing it on the table beside him. He would signal an aide to fill out the document. Name of the Livery Company and of its Master: The Company of Tylers & Bricklayers, Master Dimitri Orlov Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: Dimitri Orlov Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 24 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: Sabari 4 Dimitri smiles to the aid, handing in the documents with a nod, before collecting his things and returning home to announce the news to his family.
  6. Dimitri would read the announcement with a grin. “I have high hopes for our friend Jonah. Was certainly excellent choice.” he would say to his family gathered around the table.
  7. Dimitri Orlov stands, straightening any wrinkles on his suit. “First, I of course vote in favor of Farm Reconstruction Act. With that said, ladies and gentlemen of Livery Board, I would like to propose act in order to fix septic system of Helena. According to new Solicitor General, about 50 percent of system is barricaded by ISA or MoJ. I have procured act to reopen, reconstruct, and renovate septic system, and to discourage criminal activity within it.” With this, he would hand out multiple copies of the act to the Livery Board members.
  8. Dimitri Orlov stands, clearing his throat. “Ladies and gentlemen of Livery Board, I would like to propose act in order to aid equal representation of people in Helena, as well as to help keep city ledger clean and correct. I spoke about voting statistics with our friends from House of Commons. More than 50 vote from Helena was invalid due to incomplete census, is why I propose Imperial Census Integration Act. Feel free to voice wy questions, comments, or concerns.” With this, he would hand out multiple copies of the act to the Livery Board members.
  9. Name of Municipal Company and its owner: Dimitri Orlov of Orlov Construction Name of the Livery Candidate: Dimitri Orlov Age of the Livery Candidate: 23 Address of the Livery Candidate: Sabari 4
  10. Dimitri’s smile grows wide as he reads the letter. He made a mental note to congratulate George and his family on their decision, before returning to organizing his paperwork.
  11. IMPERIAL BOXING ASSOCIATION CHARITY BRAWL OF 1777 SPONSORED BY THE O’ROURKE COMPANY OF KAEDRIN Prizes GRAND PRIZE WINNER: 500 MINAE & YOUR OWN IBA TRADING CARD ALL PARTICIPANTS: ORENIAN WAR EFFORT SUPPORTER TOKEN HOW/WHY TO PARTICIPATE Below is the sign up sheet for the IBA Charity Brawl! All proceeds from the event go directly to aid the Empire with the ongoing war effort. SIGN UP HERE! https://forms.gle/wEkm61ncGz8DZbjPA Bogs_Binny (BogsBinny#2944) will contact you to confirm your submission. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE HELENA SQUARE. JULY 18TH, 5:30 PM EST
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