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    Saphielle was born on the 5th of the amber cold, 1737 in Lareh’thillin. Into a family of pure and privileged background, she’s spent all of her life spoiled. As a child, she’d attend classes on the philosophy of maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Whilst Growing up, Saphielle was taught about the lesser races, and was told many horrific stereotypes of them this, just like all high elves, lead to her being having a dislike towards the non high elven races, although she does have a slight tolerance towards the other elven subraces, possible due to not obvious, but still subtle similarities in appearance, such as the trademark ears. this doesn’t mean that she still sees them as lessers, just that she’s less likely to show less of a rude attitude towards them. Although her hatred towards the non elven races does exclude the Drakazi, as Saphielle has chosen to remain neutral regarding the also recent pact made between Haelun’or and Azdromoth, for protection against the inferi. Saphielle is also tolerant towards the kha due to how close her race and the kha have been for centuries. As well as reading many great pieces of literatures made by high elves, her parents, both showing great interest in high elven politics, taught Saphielle to value her races politics. this later sparked her interest in the subject. as during the recent coup, her family identified with the maheralist party, and were present during many protests against the diarchy. Saphielle’s parents, while very generous to her needs growing up, were also very strict. emphasizing that she should never bring shame to the family name, this later lead to saphielle fearing that any move she’d make, could bring great shame to her family. She’d always make sure to constantly act poised, and in control of her emotions, because of this constant bubbling of her emotions, she chooses to make usage of her interest in both literature and the arts to vent them out. Her parents also taught Saphielle to be extroverted during fancy events, and gatherings, while having a slight dislike towards large crowds, she still enjoys conversing with fellow high elves, and enjoys exchanging her views regarding politics. While nearing the age of 50, Saphielle, wishing to not bring shame to her family name, studied greatly on how to be a responsible citizen of haelun’or, making sure to both make her parents proud, and to be a good member of high elven society. Now 50, Saphielle is considered an adult, eager to finally become an official member of the high elven society.
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