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  1. Crymson


    Antal wanders across Atlas with very little left to lose, his friends and family all either gone or scattered to the winds. The events of the Coalition war continue to plague his mind, causing him to wonder if he could have done more to help save his people. The names and faces of those he knew haunt him ceaselessly.
  2. Crymson

    The Grand Army of Mynebor Recruitment Requirements

    Rp name- Antal Race- Human Current position- Soldier Age- 23 Time in stone weeks that you have been in Mynebor- A couple of stone days ------------------------------------ MC username- CrymsonBlade Discord- You have it.
  3. Crymson

    The Coronation of Louis II

    Armel smiles widely, setting off to find a suitable gift for his liege’s coronation.
  4. Crymson

    The Kadarsi Tribe!

    [Application] McName: CrymsonBlade RpName: Ruaraidh Faisehn Char age: Thirties Char Goals: To learn a trade and become a craftsman. Disord(if private pm me on forum): You have it. Rp Race(we are leaning for more farfolk, Qalasheen but we accept all): Adunian. Details(about your char): A wandering warrior seeking to rebuild his life. Any info you want to give or questions(please refrain from any toxic or trollish questions, thank you): None.
  5. Crymson

    The Bilok'thuln

    [Ooc] Username: CrymsonBlade Activity Rating (1-10): 4 Skype: You have it Discord: You have it. [RP] Name: Ronir Rhuiloth Gender: Male Place of Residence: Princedom of Fenn. Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali'Fenn. Roles (at least 2 roles, not including Bilok’sair as part of minimum): Narn’sair’magara and Lom’sair’ame Do you swear allegiance to the Princedom of Fenn and Grand Prince, and pledge to do your duty and to never steal?: Yes.
  6. Crymson

    The Regiment of Silversteed

    Minecraft Name: CrymsonBlade Skype (Required): you have it Team Speak (Preferred, Not Required): Yes Professions (Blacksmith, Miner, etc)- Blacksmith, Enchanter In Character: Name: Martyn Norrington Race: Human Age: 22 Any past services to the Ashguard, Norland, or House Silversteed?: None