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  1. Glynfir raised a brow upon reading the missive then nodded. “Good on you, Zalerya. Glad you’re still around. They claim to follow Vytrek’s dream but none of them remember what that actually was.”
  2. Hali shook his head. “It is no surprise. Adria’s surrender was to save their own necks. We were too lenient. The saddest part is that our leaders continue to trust them.”
  3. Hali scoffs. “Again the Veletzian vermin get pardoned too easily. When will the leadership of our covenant realize you cannot bargain with weasels.”
  4. “Lie in the bed you’ve made, Veletzers. Your lies fall on deaf ears.” Hali cast aside yet another Burgundian missive.
  5. Hali raises a toast in the Numenost Tavern. “At last a voice of truth and reason on this matter. May the Veletzian agitators who wrote the accusations tremble!”
  6. Hali shakes his head. “Help not those who bite the hand that feeds them. Rot has set in among them.”
  7. Hali laughs, throwing another missive in the fire. “I do so love being lectured on evil by a Veletzer. As has been said before, they only turn to ‘faith’ when it benefits them.”
  8. Hali sneers upon reading the missive. “So they fabricate a story to give themselves pretense for uprising. How stupid do they think we are? They didn’t even try to hide it. This time we kill them all and string them up for the world to see.”
  9. Hali throws the missive in the fire after reading ‘Westmark’ in the signature. “Naught but a filthy Adrian infiltration. We should not have been so merciful.”
  10. “Rest, old friend. The grudge is avenged in blood.” Hali stated solemnly, reflecting on Sigismund and the Adria that never was.
  11. Hali nodded, seeming finally happy for once. “Well done, King Crow. If only our leaders had held faith a while longer, we would be at the victors table too. Perhaps we do not deserve it.”
  12. Hali raised a tankard to the continued cause from Numendil’s tavern. “Good weather and strong arms to the cause. I shall pray that no other states listen to the forked tongue of Veletz. Shamefully, that is Adunia’s fate.”
  13. Hali scowls. “The shame of Adunia, to quit so early and for so little!”
  14. Hali smiled, and added this poem to his collection. “A fine account, though alliance skulls are likely too thick to appreciate it.”
  15. A young Uruk nodded along as he read the declaration. “Hozh. Mi hab been thinkin’ da sayme , bruddah. Da spiritz am peepin’ agh mi nub gruk iv dey am proud.”
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