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  1. A forlorn daughter weeps - news of her mother's passing just hardly reaching her hideout, sickly white peaks engulfed in eternal darkness.
  2. "Hm..." Hums a pale vasoyev, frail and sickly in her smaller stature. Setting the missive down atop her desk, the woman wraps herself in a thick shawl as she rises from her seated position - heading down the hall. A sigh is released from her crimson colored lips as she ducks into a darkened room, keeping quiet. Heavy footsteps are heard, and the front door creaks open. Those footsteps come to a halt just behind her, and the dame's anxieties ease as she leans back against the armored man. "So this means war?" Her voice is barely audible. The man gives no reply, only wraps his arms around her. The shepherd's pale gaze remains glued to that sleeping figure buried beneath layers of thick fur blankets. As his chest rises and falls, she cannot help but notice the striking resemblance he bears to his father.
  3. A tired vasoyev sets a pot of tea atop her stove - stoking the fire beneath it, somewhere deep underground. She paces as she waits for the sound of the creaky door and the heavy footsteps that always follow.
  4. Tired eyes skim over that missive. With furrowed brows - Nadia sets that letter down on the sofa beside her. A prayer of sorts is uttered from that vasoyevi... "Do nem betray the trust of us all." Perhaps it is a plea.
  5. cxrley


    A wild haired dame looks up from the tomes sprawled around her... briefly taking a break to watch that 'ker pace about, muttering to himself. Silent she stays, observing from atop her perch. Some semblance of a smile splays 'cross her tanned cheeks... soon consumed once more by her studies.
  6. cxrley


    A green eyed 'ame watches as her home by the sea falls... "Aspects..." The screams of nature ring through the drui's ears as she reads the missive, nodding her dazed head. As the wailing of nature prevents her from sleeping... she can't tear her gaze away from the burning city. "May we prosper."
  7. "Ah... wonderful! Look..." Kodazius nudges his grouchy counterpart - a wide, idiotic grin splayed 'cross his pale face.
  8. "Interesting... well - it's about time." A certain Sirame murmurs - nestled between branches of a tree somewhere within the woods surrounding Amaethea; approving of the unity and the peace it may bring to the realm.
  9. Nadia Samardzic prays within the walls of her home in Adria - the only thing she knows to do after not seeing her friend's face among those who returned to the beloved duchy following their victory. With shaking hands and tears streaming down her face, she pleads and bargains with God - begging for him to allow her dearest friend to come home.
  10. [Sometime around 46 SA…] “Llun…” Arle Sirame murmured, voice shaking as she exited Elvenesse - gazing upon the place she had called home for so many years with tearful eyes. She rubbed her stomach with trembling hands… growing within her a secret that she had not yet told a single soul. 'I need to get away.' That was all that was circulating the elfess’ head as she departed - carrying all that matters to her deeply within a woven backpack and a leather satchel. Despite the weight of the items, she moved swiftly through the night. She could already feel the sounds of the forest and the earth beneath her feet soothing the ache in her heart. The barefooted elfess walked, and walked… deep into the heart of the forest - where no one would find her… and her child. She found herself taking shelter within hollowed out trees - among sturdy low hanging branches and abandoned burrows. Her meals consisted mainly of foraged berries, fruits, and plants - and the occasional hunt. Every now and then, she went hungry - finding only enough food for the oem’ii. The Sirame taught her child - about the Aspects, the mani, her own seed. As the years flew by - he grew up well. She did her best to answer all of his inquiries, all but those about his father. Arle tried to be all that her babe could need. Years flew by - and the two lived a nomadic lifestyle, living harmoniously within the heart of the Elvenesse forest. Until… “Oh, Aspects…” A deep, sorrowful sigh escapes the ‘ame as she gazes upon the scene before her. “You are hurting…” She hums, touching one of few trees - scorched beyond restoration. Dark, pine colored eyes close as she paces away from the burnt landscape - retreating into the thriving forest surrounding that patch of desolate land. All life seems unwilling, or unable to reinhabit the soot-covered clearing before the young mali. Animals skirt around the edges - underbrush not daring to spread their seed in the ruined soil. The young mother made her decision then. All else could wait - her loved ones would understand her decision. They would understand that this task she was taking on is of the utmost importance. To heal was the first promise she ever made. To maintain balance, was the second. The mark of magnolia branches winding up her left leg spoke for her - she was never one to break a promise. Approaching the very center of that desolate landscape - the ‘ame plucked a pale flower from the vines wrapping ‘round her staff. She dug a small hole, in which she placed that flower. “You will grow.” Slowly, she began to reintroduce the flora to the area - clearing away the top layer of the dirt covered in soot and ash. Relocating saplings and young plants there… berry bushes, fern, shrubs, medicinal plants. Watering them diligently - speaking to them as she would to her loved ones. Singing to them, encouraging them. Raising them like children. Day and night, she worked. Nurturing both the mali’ame boy that she bore, and the barren patch of forest that was now sparsely populated. On the mornings, afternoons, and eves where it poured rain - stormed, or nearly flooded… she stayed. Sheltered within the hollowed out tree that she had transformed into a beautiful home, with her babe - she rejoiced. Her patience was infinite, and her love for the forest ever-growing. Decades went by - and the flora flourished. The life around the edges of that once-singed patch began to creep back in. Wary foxes trotted inwards, sniffing the ground cautiously. They began to dig, building their underground homes. Bears bathed in the patches of sunlight peeking through the canopy of the young trees’ leaves. Birds sung from the branches of the trees, insects and other forest critters clung to the growing limbs of teenaged cedars, oaks… and that grand, flowering magnolia tree in the center of all that life. Nearly a century since she’d started such a grand task - the ‘ame and her boy scaled the tallest tree of them all. Looking down ‘pon the lively scene below, tears streamed down her scarred visage. To anyone else, the now restored stretch of land blended perfectly with the surrounding forest - with no signs that it had ever been devoid of the wildlife that now lived there. With a wide smile splayed across her tanned cheeks, she’d pull her malii’mal into a tight hug - nearly knocking them both from the branches of the grand cedar. Laughter rang throughout the forest, mixing with the calls of the fauna to create a heavenly orchestra of joy. Once both ‘ame had returned to the ground - Arle looked in upon that hollowed out tree with a bitter-sweet feeling in her heart. She’d turn to her babe - who stood nearly half a foot taller than her after eighty years. Her expression completely soft - it was impossibly hard to tell that the lari could ever have been as glum as she was when she left Elvenesse without a word nor a trace. “Come.” The Sirame beckoned her son, who sported a puzzled expression upon his face - nearly identical to his mother’s save for the scars and all that she’d obtained through her century and a half of life. “I’ve someone I need to speak to…” Her smile seemed to fade some as she took a deep breath in, a brief glimpse of grief flashing across her features. Though it quickly fled - remedied by a nervous sort of excitement. “It’s time for you to meet your Mar’haelun.”
  11. Arle would accept the invitation giddily from the beloved firebird, a wide grin spreading across her face. She'd make her way back into her home, setting the invitation gently down onto the counter and trekking up the steps - getting right to work on wedding gifts for the soon to be wed duo.
  12. Arle would struggle to contain her laughter, brows raised as she reads through the massive, shaking her head softly. "Aspects, they truly are awful." the 'ame would remark, passing the massive along to whichever lari resided beside her before the article was thrown into the fire.
  13. cxrley


    Arle was born in Siramenor to two loving parents, she is an only child as it took her parents quite a while to conceive her and they did not want to be disappointed if they could not conceive again. She was educated on basic things like cooking, cleaning, and even sewing/clothes making in her younger years. She was also educated on the history of her people and their many battles with the other sub species of elves, such as the treaty of Fiandria and how peaceful things were under the rule of Oren. She especially is terrified of High Elves and has yet to encounter one. She has always had an adventurous spirit- one that she inherited from her father. She also loves the sounds of music. She has never been able to learn an instrument but appreciates the wonderful sounds that they make. She had a few friends in youth- only one super close friend throughout her whole life though - as she has a tendency to not think before she speaks and ruin potential friendships. She has always wanted to visit Haelun'or, as she's heard grand stories of the city from her father who traveled in his youth, but her fear of encountering High Elves always holds her back. Her parents are still alive- but she decided it was time to face the world on her own and has moved out of their house. Now, she is living her life in Siramenor and mapping out all of the places she wants to travel to.
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