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    Arle was born in Siramenor to two loving parents, she is an only child as it took her parents quite a while to conceive her and they did not want to be disappointed if they could not conceive again. She was educated on basic things like cooking, cleaning, and even sewing/clothes making in her younger years. She was also educated on the history of her people and their many battles with the other sub species of elves, such as the treaty of Fiandria and how peaceful things were under the rule of Oren. She especially is terrified of High Elves and has yet to encounter one. She has always had an adventurous spirit- one that she inherited from her father. She also loves the sounds of music. She has never been able to learn an instrument but appreciates the wonderful sounds that they make. She had a few friends in youth- only one super close friend throughout her whole life though - as she has a tendency to not think before she speaks and ruin potential friendships. She has always wanted to visit Haelun'or, as she's heard grand stories of the city from her father who traveled in his youth, but her fear of encountering High Elves always holds her back. Her parents are still alive- but she decided it was time to face the world on her own and has moved out of their house. Now, she is living her life in Siramenor and mapping out all of the places she wants to travel to.
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