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  1. A voidal magus read the letter in likewise anger. Having seen what lead to the altercation, he now sat alone in his desk. "To dismiss one's most proficient is to leave oneself vulnerable." The scholar spoke to himself as he took upon parchment, writing furiously unto it.
  2. Over the course of the current year, a certain voidal scholar would go missing. His general whereabouts known only to a select few, entirely unknown to most. After several months, scheduled letters would arrive in the mailboxes of specific individuals. All letters would begin with the following excerpt: I have always prided myself on the uncanny degree to which fortune favors me. However, if this letter has reached your graces then my luck has run dry. I have likely perished in the conflict between the Númendil and the Ar-Adunaim forces. Originally I sought to lend my assistance due to the voidal nature of their conflict but should you read this, it was my hubris the source of my undoing. I send these letters out of duty. In the event of my presumed death, this letter is a recognition of my responsibility to you. I know not of my future fate but know that if I am alive as you receive this letter, my absence is not intentional. Henceforth lies a specifically tailored message for your eyes alone. The following excerpts are only received by the named character: To Primula Divadri: To Gloria Aestra: To Wisteria Pinemaw: To Calomir Aep Morwyn: To Sebastian: The letters all end with the same signature, May fortune be with you in your future endeavors, Bastien Vaenyr Krüger Araaloq The letters are stamped with a sigil none of the students would recognize.
  3. The battlefield would be littered by an intense slew of flame volleys, an elven mage standing against the assailing enemy's artillery. Though the toll was heavy, and the enemy fearsome, Bastien Krüger toiled with resolve.
  4. Sitting upon a lone corner in a grand library, an elven scholar reminisced on his one and only memory of the studied Mali as he clasped one of the many tomes that bore Sarrion's name. "A single cup of tea." His one eye gazed softly into the book, caressing the cover. "Though our meeting was brief, I am deeply grateful to have exchanged words with you, First Enchanter." The mournful magi settled the book onto a large pile at his side. After all, much work was left to be done.
  5. (Bastien writing this letter) [!] A letter would make rounds across the notice boards of the many nations of Aevos. The fine papyrus and detailed calligraphy would denote the writing of a scholar This is a calling to those who wish to be considered among the chosen few with the moniker of ‘arcanist’. Those who believe themselves thoroughly studious and driven to understand the void are welcome to apply for the position of arcane apprentice. The amount of students that shall be accepted is limited. Through a process of interviews, promising candidates will be chosen. The responsibilities of an arcane apprentice are many. Some days you will act as my assistant, analyzing scriptures and paperwork while other days you will be tasked with the arduous labor of mastering voidal practice. In addition, my responsibilities will require me to travel across Aevos at times. As such there will be an expectation that you travel alongside me for some of these ventures, especially as your mastery progresses. Your responsibilities will also be influenced by the study you are assigned. Upon the conclusion of the interview process you shall be made to choose one of three specialties: Pyromancy: Dominion over voidal flame. Transfiguration: The Alterationist and Abjurative Art. Translocation: Devotion to voidal displacement. The exact requirements for the positions shall not be disclosed. As a general rule, however, applicants must be open-minded individuals with an inquisitive fervor. Slacking during studies shall not be tolerated. Interview dates shall be accorded through the mail. Your letter must include your name, where you currently reside, and a general description of your yearly availability. You may include a single name, or your full family name. If you do not currently reside anywhere, you may state that as well. These factors will neither bolster nor detract from your application. Note that though your penmanship will not disqualify you, it shall be a factor. Signed, Bastien Krüger Araaloq (IGN: Evil_Macaroni) [OOC Note]
  6. this amendment saved my life
  7. The ever gracious and merciful greehn; lord of tech and all things code, has bestowed upon his people yet one more of his benevolent gifts.
  8. I'm actually very like minded in almost everything you mentioned in your post. The only thing that I personally disagree with is the enchantment sickness. While I do understand the reasoning, I think it was far too big of an overcorrection to the other end. It's impossible to deny that mina is an essential part of the server. Between things like nation maintenance, tile purchasing, tile upkeep all the way to purchasing ct items or in general trading for goods, mina runs a lot of how the server operates at a foundational level. The enchantment changes make it almost impossible for mages to be able to leverage their economic force. A warrior has no reason to purchase an enchanted item if they will be useless after using it. A compromise somewhere in the middle would've probably been a closer solution. Perhaps making it so that there is a limit to the level of spell that can be enchanted onto an item or make it so enchants with spells of higher levels cause the sickness instead. As for this, I already mentioned it in dms but I absolutely love and have been wanting this for quite a while now. Very awesome concept. I resonate with a few points in your reply, especially about transfig. I do feel like tfig being 2 slots is a bit absurd, especially after the recent enchantment sickness along with the already existing issues like abjuration being quite underpowered. However I think it's not really fair to lay most of the blame on translocation for "bringing a ton of things down with it". To me, the problems with void magic are much more systemic. On one end, the culture around lore applications seems to have left a big portion of voidal mages very jaded, and so during many of my conversations, I am often faced with a constant barrage of people saying "this would never be approved" "that'll never work" and a general putting down of many ideas I've tried coming up with. Then, on the other side it does feel as though there is a lack of transparency and overall communication with ST, leaving both groups completely disconnected from each other. Using the example of enchantment sickness again, I firmly believe that if that change had been discussed publicly with other mage roleplayers, it would not have resulted in as many people complaining and perhaps could've even become more suited to both parties' desires. One group is trying very desperately to create cool plots that fulfill their roleplay needs and desires, and another group is desperately trying to keep an overall cohesive story that doesn't fall apart. These two don't have to operate separately, and in fact, should more often than not operate together. That is my opinion on what the real problem is with the void. Squak also mentioned in his reply about a lot of writers having too much of an ego and being unwilling to change things about their literature. While that's very likely true, I also feel like there are a lot of egos that are constantly clashing on both sides. It's unfair to pin the entirety of the blame on a single group, magic, person, etc.
  9. Hello forum frequenters! For the better part of a year now I've been quite interested in pursuing plots that involve the void. I've always been a big fan of elemental magics in popular media and the "arcanist" trope has always been among my most favored when it comes to roleplay. As such, when I first heard of the void I was quite excited. I found the established voidal world lore to be quite compelling. Still, where I've felt a lot of excitement for the void I've also felt a lot of frustration. Seeing how frequently interesting rewrites get denied along with how the modern void feels like a punching bag that constantly receives more and more nerfs, I can't help but feel like the compelling world lore surrounding the void is being wasted. I was introduced to the server by a friend who told me insanely cool stories about an "Enchantry" back in Arcas and about a huge diversity of plots that arose from some kind of voidal golden age in the past. However, I've also been made aware of a time in which the voidal magics were too powergameable. How things like "Voidal Archons" and Lightning evocation were of the most broken magics of their time. Despite this, it feels as though there's too much pent-up resentment for these lore pieces that to my knowledge, existed 2 or 3 years ago. To me, this is counterintuitive to creating good stories when members of the various voidal communities attempt to push forward interesting literature only to be instantly shut down. I write this post for one main purpose. I want to know the perspective of the community at large. Preferably those who've had experience with the void however I would also like to hear some perspectives from even those outside of it. -What is the void to you? -What do you think are the problems with the void, if any? -What pieces of voidal lore do you wish were rewritten or received additions? -What do you envision the void being in the future?
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