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  1. Lord Purifier Kursin would read over the missive, now having been made aware of the full picture of what had happened in Elysium, his hand would reflexively go to the pommel of his sword, grabbing tightly around the handle as his blood boiled.
  2. Lord Purifier Kursin would blink upon reading the missive, wondering just whom within the faith this captain of the sons had encountered that had been uttering these foul heresies. After a moment of pondering he paid it no mind as hopefully the man had disposed of such filth as any good followers of the Father did. By fire and steel. After further reading, the lord purifier simply nodded and set the missive to the side, saying "Bit of a fatalistic lot, but their hearts seem to be in the right place. So long as they bolster the fight against the horrors of the anathema, perhaps coop
  3. Lord Purifier Kursin would pause as he finished reading over the Tyrite missive and was about to get back to planning the Purifier's next assignment when he noticed an entirely separate treatise underneath, quickly finding it to be the entirely unexpected Arthasian point of view. Long had it been since he had spoken to someone from that sect of the faith and found himself engrossed in the paper, finding both points he agreed on and those he disagreed on. He would find himself thinking on if he should throw out a Purifier's perspective, though would decide against it for the time being. There w
  4. Lord Purifier Kursin would read over the missive penned by the hearth sister as it arrived to his desk, reading it over and reaffirming some lapses in his own understanding from having been more focused with the running of the order rather than studying the scriptures in the grand archive. He would find himself making a note of this lapse in piety and take some time to peruse the archive once more.
  5. Halvar Edvardsson Walks off with his wife in tow, giving the former marshal a middle finger and a sly smile he'd not given since his youth. As he made his way out, he pondered on what he'd do next with his newly claimed freedom. After some thinking, he decided a CABBAGE FARM sounded nice.
  6. Announcement of Abdication Issued 6th of the Amber Cold, Year 19 of the Second Era TO THE CITIZENS OF NORLAND, It is with a heavy heart that I, King Halvar Edvardsson, hereby announce my abdication. Like my father before me, the time has come to release my hold on the reins of the Kingdom. The increasing tension between the Norlandic Clans, accompanied by the call for Kingsmoot have weighed heavily upon my spirit, and I have decided it is my time to step down. In my departure, my son, Sven Edvardsson, shall assume the throne as is his birthright, per our laws.
  7. Halvar Edvardsson would be sitting in his office looking over the missive as it reached him, a thoughtful frown plaguing him all throughout the reading. This would change however as he read the message sent to him, causing his frown to bend into a smile then further into a laugh. The aging monarch would grab ahold of his ale mug and raise it in honor of the golden rex, drinking down it down then after in his memory. "Safe travels on yer after journey friend."
  8. THE ORDER OF THE PURIFIERS Issued 13th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 18 of the Second Age Contents I.CALL TO ARMS II.DUTY TO THE FAITHFUL III.TRAINING AND ORGANIZATION IV.DEEDS OF THE FEW CHAPTER I: CALL TO ARMS The return of the Purifiers, by order of High Keeper Alisa Camian, has echoed throughout the Kingdom of Norland, calling forth heroes, slayers, and all those dedicated to the Father’s decree of banishing the anathema wherever it may rear its ugly head. The Purifiers are foremost dedicants of the third tenet amongst equals. They are thos
  9. Halvar Edvardsson Would read over the missive which made its way to his desk. As he read the child's words, he would nod along before cringing in disgust. "With the public nature of thes letter, I can practicalleh smell theh air of condescension and loathing from theh inbred nobility of the kingdom of Oren from here. Supremely proud of themselves for their snarky mean-spirited comments made privateleh against a thirteen year old girl." The aging monarch would say, tossing the paper into the fire.
  10. Halvar Edvardsson would receive word of the document signing as he worked from his room in the palace sorting out matters at home. He'd simply smile and place the letter informing him of goings on in a neat pile to the side.
  11. Halvar Edvardsson would have the edict spread throughout the land. More of a formality to his allies in Haense if anything, as he was at that moment watching the body of Antonio de Rivera be hung from one of the branches of the Ashwood tree for his crimes. The aging king taking time to ponder on why he now felt so little at a sight which used to crack away at the deeply empathetic heart of his younger self.
  12. A Response to the Patriarch 14th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 13 SA To the Patriarch of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Let me begin this letter by simply stating that you have apparently been deceived. This assertion that the Subversive Elements Tax in any way relates to any death penalty is explicitly false. Not only is it considered a sin most abhorrent within the Red Faith to enact violence upon another simply because of the God he holds, but you seem to have been entirely misled on the wording of the law itself. The punishment for refusing to pay the tax is a simple escor
  13. Halvar Edvardsson Would spit out his drink upon hearing what had been done to his extended family. "THOSE ******* HAENSERS DID WHAT?" The aging king would say, throwing the ale mug to the side in his fury. "You get me confirmation on these claims. Now." He'd say, reigning in his anger just as the courier left. He'd look out to the mountains from infront of his vacation cabin. "NYRHEIM, DONT YOU FOCKEN MAKE ME COME BACK THERE, I SWEAR TO TEH ALL FATHER." The Monarch would yell out to no one in particular, likely waking up his napping wife.
  14. @AtalanticbowYes, Hi. Feel free to send a friend request on discord at Daengie#9198 for any questions. As for recent events, we have an upcoming archery contest along with a multitude of other events being hosted every day. Oh, and some things have been happening with the red faith.
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