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  1. Rûne would come to a stop, halting their occasional wandering around new Elysium as they saw the missive pasted on the board. They would take a moment to read over the missive, tilting their head upon a certain line. "Evil Norland. Hm. That confirms some things." The Sorvian would state flatly before quickly reading over the rest and wandering off, now wondering if the friendliness they were offered when they visited was still to be taken at face value, pondering over the thought as they left the settlement.
  2. Lord Purifier Kursin would read over the missive, now having been made aware of the full picture of what had happened in Elysium, his hand would reflexively go to the pommel of his sword, grabbing tightly around the handle as his blood boiled.
  3. Lord Purifier Kursin would blink upon reading the missive, wondering just whom within the faith this captain of the sons had encountered that had been uttering these foul heresies. After a moment of pondering he paid it no mind as hopefully the man had disposed of such filth as any good followers of the Father did. By fire and steel. After further reading, the lord purifier simply nodded and set the missive to the side, saying "Bit of a fatalistic lot, but their hearts seem to be in the right place. So long as they bolster the fight against the horrors of the anathema, perhaps cooperation will be possible."
  4. Lord Purifier Kursin would pause as he finished reading over the Tyrite missive and was about to get back to planning the Purifier's next assignment when he noticed an entirely separate treatise underneath, quickly finding it to be the entirely unexpected Arthasian point of view. Long had it been since he had spoken to someone from that sect of the faith and found himself engrossed in the paper, finding both points he agreed on and those he disagreed on. He would find himself thinking on if he should throw out a Purifier's perspective, though would decide against it for the time being. There was much work to do in organizing the cleanse of Norland's own soil from the fetid taint of the anathema, he would leave the debating up to those scholars and clergymen who had the time to do so.
  5. Lord Purifier Kursin would read over the missive penned by the hearth sister as it arrived to his desk, reading it over and reaffirming some lapses in his own understanding from having been more focused with the running of the order rather than studying the scriptures in the grand archive. He would find himself making a note of this lapse in piety and take some time to peruse the archive once more.
  6. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: DAENGIEDiscord ID: DAENGIE#9198Timezone: PSTWhat skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: From my five years of experience accumulated running campaigns and events on various platforms from Garry's Mod, to tabletop, and even some player events on LOTC, I've learned the skills I believe would contribute to my ability to assist in at least lightening the story team's workload. A big part of this being my understanding of the amount of setup and prep that goes into an enjoyable event, taking into account the organization of props, actors, and scripts or even sometimes promotional material to hype up an event such as tailor-made illustrations or animatics. Both of which I've done before. I've found that improvisational ability is also a major component of an ST's tool kit, recognizing players at their core are unpredictably clever at best and murder-hobo loot goblins at worst. This requires the ST to put additional thought into the possible actions of the players in their event to maintain the enjoyment had by all. Of course, not all events will be gems, I know this from experience and have learned you just have to take the loss, learn from it, and move on to improve on your mishaps at a later date. To also be expected is the harshness of the player base's expectations and the inevitable complaints sent to your DMs. Over time, I've developed a thicker skin and have learned to sift through the angrier portions and pluck the actual feedback hidden within the message, so I usually don't let the angry text boxes get to me. This also comes with having been an NL for most of the time I've been on LOTC, the responsibility having been placed on me a few weeks in. Lastly, I can recognize my faults relatively easily and have absolutely no problems taking advice from those with more experience and knowledge than I possess. In fact, I'm very appreciative of the people who take the time to help set me back on track. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: Story Team's responsibility is to act as the fair, guiding hand for the server's overall progressive story, keeping the lore clear, concise, and accessible to the player base at large. This also means safekeeping it from those who would take advantage of the lore writers put into the mythos for their own gain at the cost of the wider player base's enjoyment. Regrettably, this requires ST to act in a moderation capacity, however, it must be accepted that there will always be those willing to cast aside the enjoyment of others in exchange for their own. Apart from taking on this responsibility, I believe my biggest contribution to the Story Team would be in hosting or helping with events and in offering my artistic abilities to help with any projects being done by the team overall. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197749-the-post-inferi-feedback-explained/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio): Since my abdication, I've spent a lot of time organizing player run events for The Order of Purifiers, which is an adopted personal project of mine I've been working on. Not sure if it counts as lore or not but ill put it here for context and to act as a bit of a Portfolio for my point on illustrations to accompany posts.
  7. Halvar Edvardsson Walks off with his wife in tow, giving the former marshal a middle finger and a sly smile he'd not given since his youth. As he made his way out, he pondered on what he'd do next with his newly claimed freedom. After some thinking, he decided a CABBAGE FARM sounded nice.
  8. Announcement of Abdication Issued 6th of the Amber Cold, Year 19 of the Second Era TO THE CITIZENS OF NORLAND, It is with a heavy heart that I, King Halvar Edvardsson, hereby announce my abdication. Like my father before me, the time has come to release my hold on the reins of the Kingdom. The increasing tension between the Norlandic Clans, accompanied by the call for Kingsmoot have weighed heavily upon my spirit, and I have decided it is my time to step down. In my departure, my son, Sven Edvardsson, shall assume the throne as is his birthright, per our laws. 40 long years it has been since I took the throne at the age of sixteen. Since then, the kingdom and its people have surpassed my every expectation of them and more. We have grown much from the duchy turned kingdom of my father’s time, and I would like to express my ceaseless gratitude to all those who contributed their blood, sweat, tears, and steel to ensure our nation’s prosperous present and bright future. It is because of this, despite our current troubles, I am hopeful in the furthering of this bright future under the care and tenure of my successor. Despite the nature of whatever office or occupation I hold from here on, know one thing. Though you are no longer in my humble care, my heart goes out to all of you, and any good citizen or ally to the Norland will always be welcome at my table to break bread and drink merrily. Glory to Norland. Iron from Ice. Signed, Halvar Edvardsson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders
  9. Halvar Edvardsson would be sitting in his office looking over the missive as it reached him, a thoughtful frown plaguing him all throughout the reading. This would change however as he read the message sent to him, causing his frown to bend into a smile then further into a laugh. The aging monarch would grab ahold of his ale mug and raise it in honor of the golden rex, drinking down it down then after in his memory. "Safe travels on yer after journey friend."
  10. THE ORDER OF THE PURIFIERS Issued 13th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 18 of the Second Age Contents I.CALL TO ARMS II.DUTY TO THE FAITHFUL III.TRAINING AND ORGANIZATION IV.DEEDS OF THE FEW CHAPTER I: CALL TO ARMS The return of the Purifiers, by order of High Keeper Alisa Camian, has echoed throughout the Kingdom of Norland, calling forth heroes, slayers, and all those dedicated to the Father’s decree of banishing the anathema wherever it may rear its ugly head. The Purifiers are foremost dedicants of the third tenet amongst equals. They are those proud few willing to leap into the jaws of oblivion, without fear or hesitation, to further reach the heart of corruption and strike at its core. Those willing to sacrifice everything including their lives to prevent the void from swallowing the innocent whole, whatever the cost. Those who stand as bulwarks, willingly facing down the horrors of the abhorrent primordial enemy which would see the dissolution of all Creation and drive descendants of lesser fortitude mad. A depiction of Thorfinn Kursin after being named Lord Purifier, Presenting the Purifier Codex he’d been working on months before. Named Lord Purifier upon the reinstatement of the Order, Thorfinn Kursin has served the Father and his Faithful for many years like his father and grandfather before him, he now takes up this most honored and revered position. Both a warrior and scholar the Lord Purifier is expected to carry out this most venerated duty: to command and direct the most passionate of the Father’s Faithful. To all those willing to answer the call, seek out the Lord Purifier. CHAPTER II: DUTY TO THE FAITHFUL The duty of those dedicants chosen to attain the hallowed title of Purifier are oathbound to stand against the darkness of the primordial enemy as bulwarks of the father's light wherever it may appear and in whatever form it chooses to take, whether that be in the form of a Voidal horror or a rogue practitioner of Voidal magicks. One must keep in mind that while the former is much more striking visually, the latter is much more insidious in its influence. Especially upon those ignorant of the corruption which stems from the void and its practitioners. To counter these insidious threats, proper inquisition and study must be made into the nature of these practitioners and their goals. If their intentions are the product of simple curiosity, these souls may yet be saved. An effort should be made to dissuade them from further pursuing magicks, however, should the person in question refuse help, it is up to the overseeing Purifier's judgment on whether or not to simply end the mage's life upon the finality of their decision, or to dedicate themselves to monitoring the mage to safeguard against any possibility of further delving down a darker path. Should the mage's intention be the attainment of power and influence over others, they are anathema to the All Father's will and should be put down. They are a cancer upon the world which must be exorcised for the good of all. It is situations such as these that build upon the importance of a purifier being a well-rounded individual, independent of their specialty classifications of Castellan or Scholar. Every advantage available against the primordial enemy must be taken, whether that be by way of the quill or by way of the sword. Depiction of a Purifier saving a child from a Voidal Horror It is through these two paths that the Purifiers carry out their work. In Learning from the mistakes of years gone by, we find clarity in the present. From various conversations with the former lord purifier, it was found that the Purifiers of the past era lacked structure. This being one of the main reasons the order was discontinued at the time. The mistake shall not be repeated, hence the formation of two separate specializations within the order. That being the Castellan and Scholars. Each dedicated to carrying out the father’s will by separate yet equally important means. There is one duty that Purifiers must carry out independent of specialization. This duty being charity along with service to the meek and downtrodden. Just as the keepers tend to the father's dedicants, so too must the Purifiers follow in their example. While it is all well and good to provide for those less fortunate, it is much more preferable to give wandering souls a purpose rather than to simply enable them by providing without expectation. This can be done by only giving what is needed for the downtrodden to get back on their feet and resume being productive members of society. However, should a purifier see promise within the downtrodden, it is encouraged to bring them back to Norland to pursue training should they wish to join the order. CHAPTER III: TRAINING AND ORGANIZATION A depiction of a Purifier Initiate Any dedicated member of the faith above the age of fifteen may seek an audience with the lord purifier to request induction into the order as an initiate. To be considered being made an initiate of the order, a prospective recruit must first prove to possess a base knowledge of the red faith, and a willing spirit to learn further. This will be measured by the recruit's knowledge of the three tenets overall, but the focus will be emphasized on the third tenet and the perceived mission of the order based on the recruit's understanding. Upon these measures being carried out, should the recruit be found worthy, they'll be given a uniform and be fully brought into the order as an initiate. Upon the completion of this phase of induction, the initiate will be presented a choice of two paths to which they may proceed and work toward. The path of the Castellan, or the path of the Scholar. A depiction of a Purifier Castellan The purpose of the Castellan is to be reflected in their kit as well as their mindset. The castellan is to be equipped in full or half plate depending on the preference of the individual and armed with a wide array of weapons worthy of the task of casting the abominations of the anathema back into the primordial darkness from whence they came. Of almost equal import are the mindset and mental fortitude of the men and women who've willingly placed themselves at the forefront of conflict against the great enemy. The void offers horrific abominations of boundless variety in numbers uncountable, however despite this, a castellan may not allow themselves to balk at such odds, for they are the bulwark that holds back the tide, whatever the cost. The Training of those initiates who seek to join the Castellans is focused on building up mental fortitude through study and overcoming hardship along with intensive combat training, mostly against one another though sometimes against live, rabid beasts captured from the wild. A depiction of a Purifier Scholar The Scholars make up the most inquisitive among the order's numbers. Seekers of Knowledge and explorers all, the scholars find their purpose in seeking out, acquiring, recording, and protecting the knowledge gained for use in the battle against the primordial enemy. The knowledge gained usually in the form of newly translated old Norlandic texts carried over from the old world and advancements in weaponry or armor. Scholars are also responsible for the study of the anathema, surveying any lairs cleared out by the castellans for dark knowledge to be locked away under guard and key forevermore denying the great enemy its bounty of converts and lost souls. In this study, however, a scholar must be sure to reaffirm their faith in the All-Father often to beat back the temptations of corruption by the encompassing void. While working in the field, there will inevitably come a time where the quill must be placed aside in favor of the sword to support the kindred spirit of the castellans. Because of this, basic combat training will be provided to every scholar. However, theirs is the work of the mind, so the most effort will be put into studying the faith's texts and learning old Norlandic. As scholars are expected to be as, if not more knowledgeable on the faith than their peers, a clear path can be made transitioning from the order into a fully-fledged keeper. Depiction of a Castellan and Scholar beside one another (Footnote on uniforms: While a Purifier will be provided a standardized uniform, it is encouraged to adopt whatever kit which would help them best with their vocation, whether that be different armor pieces or additional bits of clothing. Anything is allowed so long as one is still identifiable to the order.) CHAPTER IV: DEEDS OF THE FEW It is here we shall commemorate those venerated few who have wrought glory from their epic deeds. All of the Father’s Faithful have these men to thank for the continued defense of the realm. A depiction of Lord Purifier Alfred Kursin The Fallen: Lord Purifier Magnus Ironwood Magnus Ironwood was the lord purifier in Atlas, operating from the Norlandic Earldom of Nordengrad. Ironwood was known for his zealous faith and strong hand, under Lord Purifier Ironwood the Purifier’s ranks swelled larger than any point in their history, but was unfortunately felled at the siege of Nordengrad in the line of his duties. Lord Purifier Alfred Kursin Renowned for fostering the revival of the order during his tenure as Lord Purifier, as well as the tendency to leave Norland’s borders to pursue and slay the servants of the Long Dark across the continent. Alfred Kursin would not live to see the purifiers grow to significance in Arcas, being martyred by the Hounds of St. John soon after he was intercepted on the roads escorting a Dwarven friend within the Empire. After failing to behead him twice, the dishonorable dogs resorted to simply stabbing him in the back, apparently to the amusement of the Lord Purifier according to Norlandic bystanders who witnessed the act. Lord Purifier Edward Kursin Elevated to the rank of Brother Purifier upon the death of his father at the age of 15, Edward Kursin is most renowned for having one of the highest kill counts in the order’s history, being personally involved in nearly every major conflict the order of the time involved itself in. Their often overlooked contribution is the expansion of the order overseen under their tenure as Lord Purifier. For a time, the purifiers grew to such a size as to overtake the military in number of men under arms. Even after the disbandment order by the Hearth Council, Edward Kursin continued to serve through the Inferi War and beyond as a Keeper and a hearth eradicant until their untimely death while fighting a Yeti during the colonization of Nyrheim. Keeper Chryssa Stormbringer Initially inducted into the Faith as a young woman native to the southern reaches of the world, Chryssa swiftly ascended the hierarchy of the Faith due to youthful ambition and exuberance, coupled with nigh unrivaled zealotry and piety in service to the Father. Amongst her first achievements would be aiding in the apprehension of the False Keeper and building the pyre that sent him to the Father for judgement, and earning her Purity Seal in a fight against a flesh beast, where she mounted the creature after setting it aflame. Given the title of Purifier-Apothecary, she would go on to continue her service as a clergywoman, fighting Beowulf 'The Betrayer' to a standstill in equal combat. For her continued service in the Father's name, she was anointed a Keeper in due time, and among her final exploits was the slaying of what was rumored to be the First among Darkstalkers. Noone knows how she perished, but she soon slipped even the surly jaws of death to rise once more in faith and fealty, taking on the duties that her fellow Keepers had, in her view, shirked for decades. The final time she was sighted was upon the shores of the Korvassa, having aided in the final battle, and slaying an Inferis siegewyrm single handedly to save her fellows. Her arms and armor, and indeed her flame, are now adorned by her chosen successor. She lived by the Flame, died by the Flame, and fights evermore for the Flame. (Footnote on the Stormbringer's Revival: It should be noted that rising again as it were is frowned upon within the faith as it is seen as denying the father his due of the fallen whom he fights alongside to beat back the tide of the primordial enemy. However, from what I've gathered on the subject from research and information provided by my father before his untimely death, in some cases, those with a strong enough will may rise again as Gravens should they feel their life’s purpose is yet incomplete. He believed Chryssa Stormbringer to be one of these cases as he had known her throughout a large portion of his life. Should this occur to a member of the order, it is highly recommended to assist these fallen comrades in completing their final task for the All-Father to further expedite the process of their being put to rest and entering his hallowed halls.) Purifier Harry Ragnarsson A purifier beneath the lord purifier Magnus Ironwood. Harry Ragnarsson was killed in battle during the siege of the krag in the line of his duties. A depiction of the late Lord Purifier Edward Kursin post-infernal hive expedition Their Deeds: Lord Purifier Alfred Kursin is responsible for the elimination of two lesser Striga who plagued the roads of Elvenesse, slaying them by his lonesome, and taking their heads as trophies. Under the direction of Lord Purifier Edward Kursin, the Purifiers eradicated a flock of savage harpies nesting in the cliffs of Morsgrad, responsible for the deaths of many innocents on the road to the capitol. The wings and heads of the harpies were taken as trophies and the nest was turned to cinders. At the request of Luminary Jager Faretto and Jarl Saoirse, the Purifiers exterminated a malevolent cult of demon worshippers under the village of Vi’Stige. The Purifiers slew the leader of the cult, Algoth, who had been transformed into a wriggling anathemic abomination of leeches and destroyed their unholy chapel through liberal use of Purifiers blends, a thrown concoction devised by Norlandic Keepers. The recovery of “Torch’s Blade”, an artifact from Algoths unholy Chapel. The artifact now rests within the grand archive. Led by Lord Purifier Edward Kursin, the Purifiers vanquished Skittaurus, a giant spider queen who took up residence in a massive cavern system near the road to Helena. After the death of Skittaurus, the Purifiers exterminated the foul spider queen's brood, forever putting the threat to rest. In the line of his duties and normal patrols, Then Purifier Initiate Edward Kursin came upon a necromantic horror near the roads leading to Al-Faiz, where he assisted Paladins of Xan and Sea Prince Feanor Sylvari in putting the abomination out of its misery. The elimination of a behemoth flesh horror, a lieutenant to the self-proclaimed god “Unity” in the invasion of Arcas. Edward Kursin accomplished this with help from the knights of leumont. The extermination of “Unity” the flesh hydra and self-proclaimed god by four newly initiated purifiers including Chryssa Stormbringer led by Lord Purifier Edward Kursin and Keeper Tilly Faretto. Lord Purifier Edward Kursin And a companion simply known as Roy are credited as the First and only ones to have survived an Expedition into the tunnels of the Infernal Hive during the Inferi war. Both were injured greatly during the expedition, with Roy suffering a broken leg and various other wounds, though was fine for the most part due to their Skaddernak armor. Edward however was horribly disfigured after being scolded by the corrosive acid of a hive form across most of his body. He likely would have perished then and there if he had not decided to throw himself into the nearby valley, leaving his fate to chance. He would make the arduous journey out of the valley, eventually recovering after extensive surgery and augmentation, to take part in the second to final battle of the inferi war alongside Sea Prince Feanor Sylvari. The Elimination of the first Darkstalker by the order, Credited to Keeper Chryssa Stormbringer. Though the order was rendered defunct during the inferi war due to officially being disbanded by the hearth council right before the conflict, many who were once in the order fought on, most dying off early on in the war due to lack of support and propensity to be overzealous fighters. This happened until only Chryssa and Edward remained. These two continued to fight on through the inferi war, going to ever greater lengths to carry out the father’s work. Sadly as is often the case, The flame which burns twice as bright, lasts half is long. Both would eventually meet their end on separate occasions, carrying out the will of the All-Father til their dying breaths. (ooc: For those interested, feel free to contact me on discord at DAENGIE#9198)
  11. Halvar Edvardsson Would read over the missive which made its way to his desk. As he read the child's words, he would nod along before cringing in disgust. "With the public nature of thes letter, I can practicalleh smell theh air of condescension and loathing from theh inbred nobility of the kingdom of Oren from here. Supremely proud of themselves for their snarky mean-spirited comments made privateleh against a thirteen year old girl." The aging monarch would say, tossing the paper into the fire.
  12. Halvar Edvardsson would receive word of the document signing as he worked from his room in the palace sorting out matters at home. He'd simply smile and place the letter informing him of goings on in a neat pile to the side.
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