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  1. Halvar would read over the writ, lofting a brow and glancing up in thought. “Hm...Does nae specifically say whether we can or cannae go...Well, may be prudent tae send a letter.” He’d say before setting the parchment off to the side to continue his paperwork, keeping steady as the seahelm rocked from side to side.
  2. Halvar Edvardsson’s smile would widen in amusement as he stood aboard the deck of seahelm, reading the paper over. “Seems size truleh does nae matter. Good on teh wee folk.” He’d say before thinking to himself. “Wonder how many heads will roll once whatever demon was in charge of thes lot finds ou they were foiled by halflins...”
  3. “Get tae the boilers! Prep teh Stations an cannons! Teh Hoards of teh damned will soon be upon us! I want a constant watch on tha shoreline.” Halvar would bark out to the various assortment of Norlandic Marines and Army troops stationed onboard the Seahelm. Soon enough the entire vessel would be bustling with activity as preparations were made for battle against the infernal host.
  4. Halvar Edvardsson would walk through the palace doors, exhausted from the preparations made for operations against the inferi. Intent on having at least a bit of relaxation before going to sleep, he’d make a quick visit to the library. On hearing the twang of a crossbow and gurgling however he’d draw his sword, looking around before he’d rush further into the palace toward where the sound seemingly came from. On spotting the chancellor’s open door, he’d rush in, only to find the crossbow contraption, and the still form of Mr. Muffins, The late Norlandic chancellor. He’d drop to his knees in complete shock and anguish, sofltly muttering. “By the All-Father No...Not you too...”
  5. The letter is brought to the office of the king of Norland by a runner, who departed soon after. Halvar Edvardsson would turn away from the fortification plans he’d been looking over, reading the letter. “Hm. Seems Krugmar calls fer our aid against teh Inferi...” He’d say, taking a moment to ponder on the state of things before grabbing a piece of parchment, intent on writing a quick response. “Ets a call we shall answer...”
  6. The Young King of Norland would raise a brow. “Hm...Suppose we should add incentive to tha writ from teh treasury. Cant leave our vassals hangin.” He’d say grabbing a pen before he’d think further. “Then again Gold diggers and cougers are on teh prawl...Best we just see where this request goes...” He’d say, slowly putting the pen back down.
  7. Halvar Ruric SIGNS THE PACT
  8. Edward Would motion to the purifiers that had come with him to kill Skittaurus, the giant arachnid brood mother, to dismount and take a rest. After the deeds of that day, they had most certainly earned a drink. He’d make sure the harness that had secured the broodmother’s head was tight before reaching for the missive Ratatoskr the mail rat had delivered to him earlier. As he began to read, his expression would first turn solemn. Only after a moment would he look up with a new sense of determination. As he did so, he’d notice Vykk Walking towards him with a wave.
  9. Edward would read the missive, a content smile on his face. “Hm. Suppose thats the best that can be asked. So long as teh faith isnt outlawed, This may be a rule ta look forward to.”
  10. Seeing the arguments and conflicts popping up in Norland, Brother Purifier Edward Kursin would roll up the progress he had made on translating the book of the justicar, placing it onto a secure shelf in the back of the library. Claims of false Family lineages, Hedonism, and other such secular distractions. He’d swear these petty squabbles would not slow or take away from his efforts in clearing Arcas of the anathema’s filth. He’d gather up the remaining purifier aspirants, along with their weapons and set off. Reports of a giant man-eating spider had come to their attention. As he rode, he’d allow himself to think on current events. Pondering, why now? Why had all these destabilizing forces from within norland decide to swoop in from the shadows in an attempt to break the all father’s chosen people? Did they not realize what they were doing? Did they not realize true monsters, tangible monsters, reveled in the wanton slaughter of innocents as they squabbled? Whatever the reason did not matter he supposed. No matter what, he and his battle-brothers and sisters would fight till their dying breath to uphold the third tenet. The flame would live on in Norland’s absence should the need arise. They would always stand against the coming dark. As he finished his thought, he’d say a prayer aloud for all those who had accompanied him, as they were likely having the same troubled thoughts. “As servants of the light, we face enemies uncounted, and innumerable. So We now call upon you, Donovan, great paragon of his holy light, to assist us in holding back the tide in these dark times, as you once did. We ask you to be our messenger to the All-Father, so that we may be delivered from these servants of the anathema, who circle us, like hungry wolves..” -Litany of the Bastion
  11. Edward Kursin would walk down to the Sole Norlandic missive table that morning. Thinking perhaps Warm drinks should be served at the often gathered spot. He’d pick up the latest delivered missive, and sigh. “All-Father damn et...I can hear all the crossgod kneelers Whinin and nippin at the bit ta march their inbred arses on over ere. I still cant believe they avent got teh message. We dont FOKIN CARE about your fokin land, or anyone’s outside our borders. Keep et. Shet on et. Shag your cousin on et, indulge in your child slayin tendencies on et for all we care. I aint even eard of Leuvon or livin whatever teh fok. Fokin hell, southern smooth brains i swear...”. After this tirade, he’d walk on over to the tavern, fully intending to drink off the headache he’d gotten from reading the imperial missive.
  12. Edward Kursin would pick up the missive, meanwhile holding a small paper cup by the sole Norlandic water cooler and missive table. As he read, he would sigh. “Seem’s our king’s undead cousin pete is at it again. Och joy...another war between th' nations. Oh well. Dont ave nothin ta do with our ome so, could care less.”
  13. Edward would once again make his way to the sole Norlandic missive table, hoping to find someone to converse with close by the sole Norlandic water cooler. Sadly he’d find no one. Except for the high keeper who was napping in her usual spot underneath the ashwood-tree. He’d reach for the pile of missives, mentally preparing himself for more stupidity by the various kingdoms of Arcas. As he took the top missive, he’d arch his brows in a pleasantly surprised manner. “Huh. Suppose at least one of the monarchs of cour-...Marivesse is sane...”
  14. Brother Purifier Edward Kursin would look up from his work, deciding it’d be best to take a moment to rest his brain from the long hours translating the book of the Justicar to common. He’d walk over to the sole norlandic water cooler in the town square and grab a few missives from the public papers table. After reading the missives for a moment, he’d decide he’d had just about enough of the world’s ****, and would immediately fast walk back into the library to continue his work, mumbling old norlanic curses about small brained southerners.
  15. On Strengthening the Morale of Soldiers of the Faith A Short Essay Writ Av Edward Kursin There comes a time in any conflict where the courage of man fails, and the only thing able to draw them back from the brink of giving in to their base instincts is Faith, or more specifically, faith in the All-Father. This essay is directed towards those Keepers and high ranking Purifiers given the responsibility of leading soldiers into battle against heretics or servants of the Long Dark, such as necromancers and monsters. It is often the case when facing servants of the dark that morale is at its lowest. This is due to the unholy powers that are at their disposal. It is up to those servants of the All-Father who are present to be the bulwark of Faith against the corrupting and fear-inducing influence of the anathema. For this to be an option, however, said servants of the All-Father must be able to tap into the religious zeal and faith deep within themselves, and project its divine influence onto those under their command and guidance. This usually manifests itself as words of inspiration - or prayers - calling upon the All-Father to either protect or guide the souls of those doing battle to victory. The effect of these “Litanies of Battle” on the morale of both servants of the Dark and of the All-Father’s light cannot be understated when spoken with proper zeal and vigor. If used properly, the litanies will inspire your men and drive them to feverish fanaticism against even the most horrifying servants of the Long Dark. Oftentimes, they will also have the desirable effect of weakening the morale of lesser mortal servants of the anathema. While litanies provided at the bottom of this writ will help those who make use of this information, oftentimes the litanies with the greatest effect come from deep within the speaker themselves. Any Keeper, or Purifier's faith should always be their most potent weapon against the Long Dark - for at the end of the day, the most finely crafted swords break; the strongest armor dents; flesh is deformed and torn asunder. But faith -true faith- can never be broken. Faith, at the end of everything, will be the sole source of light in the coming dark. Litanies Litany of Faith “Come and trust in the all-father to carry us through this hour of battle, venerated brothers and sisters, For he watches over us! Do not dishonor him, for today we earn our salvation in the slaughter of those who are anathema to his will!” Litany of Fire “Behold, ye souls yet un-ignited, for this is the glory of his light! The very essence of purity and justice! We shall cast the unworthy, the heretic, the monster into the very fires of his righteous indignation!” Litany of the Bulwark “Stand Fast! Stand as the walls of Thor O’ Myr once did centuries ago! You are the bulwark against the Forces of the long dark! Stand fast and steel your resolve with the hatred you feel in every fiber of your being for your enemy! Let your contempt be your armor against these Cretins unworthy of your steel!” Litany of Purgation “Purge these abominable Scions of the anathema! Their very existence is an affront to the All-Father’s will! Cut them down! Their right to existence is moot! Their life is forfeit! No regrets! No Mercy!” Litany of Wrath “Soldiers of the All-Father rejoice! For today we engage in the wanton Slaughter of the forces of damnation! Do not stay your blade, for they are unworthy of your mercy! Instead rejoice in the cleansing of this land as we subject their unworthy flesh to the cleansing light of the all father’s wrath!” Litany of Destruction “Take heed, sons of the All-Father! I bid you to ready yourselves for conflict this day! For today we give the servants of the long dark, a taste of the destruction we have all sworn to bring against them wherever they may be found! We will drown out, the very sounds of thunder with the shriek of their dying! We will wring out the hearts of their unclean kin with never ending grief! We will batter their bodies to dust, and revel in their destruction! We shall smite them from this earth, I swear you this, on my very soul!” Litany of Rest “Rest now son/daughter of the all father. Your duty is done, and it was done well. Take comfort in the all father’s embrace, for he will welcome you with open arms when you are reunited in his care.” Litany of the Beast “O all father, you who make all things great, give me strength to defeat the beasts of this world, and stand tall as a light in the darkness. From your grace.” Litany of the Bastion “As servants of the light, we face enemies uncounted, and innumerable. So We now call upon you, Donovan, great paragon of his holy light, to assist us in holding back the tide in these dark times, as you once did. We ask you to be our messenger to the All-Father, so that we may be delivered from these servants of the anathema, who circle us, like hungry wolves..” (This can be a personal prayer as well, to recite in times of hardship.) Litany of War “Today, by the will of the All-Father, and under the guidance of Bjorn! The enemy shall feel our wrath! We shall strike and sting at their flesh with our blades! We shall rend from them all they value and hold dear! We shall cover the fields with red, and the pale forms of their blasphemous dead! We shall make them BEG, for the refuge of their graves!” Litany of Healing “Fear not for your wounds, for with time they shall heal. Even now, those great souls who’ve found their vocation in the care of others, shall find you, and care for you as the All-Father would any of his children now by his side.” Litany of Scouring “Suffer not the heretic, the unclean, the anathema to live. For in allowing their existence, we are as guilty as they are. We must scour them in the All-Father’s fire, and throw their ashes to the wind, so that they may never be remembered. Through this, we will have finally given the unclean what they deserve. Nonexistence.” Litany of Sacrifice “Rejoice! Brothers and sisters in arms, for though we may die today, know that we do so in the All-Father’s name! And that we will soon join him in his warm embrace. But until the moment of each and everyone of our passing comes, I beseech you all to make them BLEED for every inch of ground they take!” Litany of Harvest “O Hjarn, Lend your strength to those which work and toil in these fields as you once did. Bring word of our efforts to the All-Father so that he may, in all his grace, bless the fertile ground upon which we stand!” Litany of Matrimony “May the bond of these two souls, soon to be engaged in loving matrimony, never falter in their dedication to one another. In the name of the All-father, I pronounce you married. May your union be ever blessed.”
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