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  1. “How is a junior house Matriarch of all Ruthern? And protector of the south? She lives in haense,” Dame Gwenyth muttered to herself as she looked over the missive from her office. Like many other missives, she simply sent it away with her dogs to shred.
  2. Gwenyth stared to the missive set on her desk, a hand held over her mouth as she stifled her laughter. “Oh mea god, this is the dumbest thing Ea’ve seen in ages. Doll, look at this!” She fully broke out into laughter as she passed the missive to her husband. As he read, she scanned her tattoo covered body. Tattoos she'd been collecting since the age of sixteen. @Harald
  3. An Act of Vandalism Let it be known throughout the Kingdom of Balian, by order of the Queen and the Magisterium, that this missive is issued to declare a new source of vandalism within the city of Portoregne and its outlying lands. It has come to our attention that the banner of the Holy Orenian Empire, an empire long left in the past and disbanded, has been displayed throughout our city. From here on out, should any Holy Orenian Empire propaganda be found in the lands of Balian, they shall be torn down immediately. Anyone caught in the act of putting up such banners in support of the Holy Orenian Empire without permission on public property shall be fined 100 mina. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfield, Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. Her Grace, Dame Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller, Duchess-Consort of Aquilae, Baroness-Consort of San Haraldo, Lady Sentinel of The Royal Sentinels, Magister of The Kingdom of Balian
  4. FULL NAME: Dame Gwenyth Callista Vilac VullerAGE: 42RACE: Human((IGN:)) CassieDaniellee / _yink_((Timezone:)) EST ((DISC:)) _yink_
  5. The young Princess Royal of Balian had requested any and all missives in relation to all human nations been brought to her room, and this missive was no different. A short stack of papers had been set on her desk before she woke, her blue gaze darting to the newest delivery as she came down the stairs. “Quite the read…” She muttered, scooping up the papers and heading off into the square to read the missives with her friends. “What do you think, Izzie?” For Ariadne, she wasn’t impressed as she handed off the first few sheets. She was taught otherwise. Individual nations have worked fairly well so far, why change? @TotallyNotSaint
  6. THE ROYAL SENTINELS The Royal Sentinels are the frontline defenders of the royal family, entrusted with the solemn duty of safeguarding the monarch, their kin and preserving the dignity of the monarchy itself. Clad in distinctive plate armour and personalised helmets to the wearer, these specialised guardians stand as symbols of honour, discipline, and unwavering loyalty to the crown. Their versatile roles extend beyond mere protection, encompassing ceremonial duties, public representation, and emergency response. Royal Sentinels have a range of duties that focus on ensuring the safety, security, and ceremonial aspects of their royal duties. The Key Duties of the Royal Sentinels Protection of the Monarch: Guarding the residence of the monarch or royal family. Providing close protection to the monarch and royal family during public appearances and official events. Escorting members of the royal family when travelling. Security at Royal Residences: Maintaining security at royal palaces, castles, and other residences. Conducting regular security checks and patrols. Ceremonial Duties: Participating in state ceremonies, parades, and official events. Guarding important symbols of the monarchy, such as the royal crown and flag. Protocol and Etiquette: Enforcing protocol and etiquette during official functions amongst other guards. Assisting with the organisation and execution of formal events. Emergency Response: Being prepared to handle crisis situations calmly and efficiently. Keeping the peace is a top priority for members of the Royal Sentinels. Evacuating the monarch and other members of the royal family in case of emergencies to the nearest safe space. And upon reaching such safe space, Royal Sentinels will spread themselves through the area and keep watch. One to two members will remain out of this protective circle to act as a sort of scout in order to deliberate whether or not it is safe for the royals to return into the public. Training and Discipline: Undergoing rigorous training in various aspects of security and defence. Maintaining a high level of discipline and professionalism. Coordination with the military: Collaborating with the military to ensure overall security. Sharing information relevant to the safety of the monarchy Personalised Guardian Assignments: Each member of the royal guards is entrusted with a distinct and crucial responsibility—serving as the dedicated guardian of a specific member of the royal family. Fostering a deep sense of trust and familiarity, this personalised approach enhances the efficiency of the security detail and reinforces the bonds between the royal guards and the individuals they protect. Oath and Expectations When being inducted into the Royal Sentinel, one must take their first oath under the supervision of the Lord/Lady Sentinel. “I, [Your Name], do solemnly swear, to steadfastly uphold the cherished honour, unblemished integrity, and unwavering duty of the esteemed Royal Sentinels. With a heart bound by unyielding loyalty, I pledge my very life to the service and protection of the (King/Queen), the realm, the esteemed royal family, and the revered people we are solemnly sworn to safeguard. Through all that lies ahead, I shall never falter. For the (King/Queen). For Balian.” One Must Stand as an example of strength and courage in a moment of adversity. Safeguard the realm under any circumstances no matter the threat. Conduct oneself with grace, humility, and selflessness by putting the needs of the royalty and kingdom above their own. Embrace training, discipline and the sacrifices required to fulfil one's duties as a Royal Sentinel. Uphold the ideals of justice, compassion and unity. One shall treat all with respect and fairness, regardless of station and background. Conduct oneself with dignity and resilience. Qualifications: Minimum age to be considered is 24 years Only those who serve the Balianese military or are a part of the Order of Saint Michael are to be considered a candidate for a Royal Sentinel. A minimum of eight years service from the military is mandatory. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfield, Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. His Excellency, Ser Demetrius Laonicus var Ruthern, Constable of the Royal Duana, Marshal of the Regiment of Saint Lothar, Count of Marsana, Baron of Turanov. Her Grace, Dame Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller, Duchess-Consort of Aquilae, Baroness-Consort of San Haraldo, Lady Sentinel of The Royal Sentinels
  7. ANNOUNCEMENT of the Patriarch OF HOUSE VUILLER The Regency of House Vuiller “With the eagles farsight, we reign victorious!” It is with heavy hearts but hopeful minds that the House of Vuiller declares itself in a state of Regency under Dame Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller. While our trust is put in our Duchess-Consort, Dame Gwenyth. we pray for the health of our Duke due to a new illness which has left him bedridden. May GOD guide us all in a life of Righteousness and Honor. Signed His Excellency, Don Johan Stor Vuiller, Duke of Aquilae, Baron of San Haraldo & Patriarch of House Vuiller. Domus Ministri Dame, Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller, Duchess-Consort of Aquilae, Baroness-Consort of San Haraldo, Regent of House Vuiller, Lady Sentinel of the Royal Sentinels
  8. "Oh, for all that is holy..." Gwenyth reached to take the missive of many that had been placed on her desk that day. "Wait-" She called to the staff who had brought the missive in, "They did it!" She exclaimed! A hand slamming continuously on her desk and rattling through the Aquilae walls. The staff member, however, was not too pleased with the loud banging that rang through the small office. "Oh, mea darlings get tae love freely..." "To love!" Princess Ariadne called out as the missive was signed. She was only ten, though she understood the ideas of free love. To her, everybody deserved love in any form.
  9. Nobody could fathom a child experiencing such profound grief. For Ariadne, this reality hit hard. Just two short years ago, she watched her best friend's coffin being solemnly carried away to the Vuiller Estate. Even more recently, her Aunt Elena passed away just as suddenly. Death seemed to stalk her path relentlessly, and now it claimed another victim in the young Princess Royal of Balian. But this loss didn't register quite the same for Ariadne. Her Padre? Gone? It seemed inconceivable. He must've vanished into thin air with the azdrazi. Ariadne couldn't accept it. Not so abruptly, not so soon. The news barely registered as she stormed out of the palace, making her way towards the Balian gates. There, she settled herself, knees drawn to her chest, head resting against the cool stone as she gazed out, yearning for her Padre's return. Hour after hour passed as Ariadne remained rooted to the spot, observing every passerby who entered through the gatehouse. With each hopeful glance, her heart twisted, tears threatening to spill. It wasn't until much later that Ariadne was gently moved by a royal guard, her exhausted form carried back to her chambers. Behind the barely open door, her cries echoed, a desperate plea for her Padre's return, clinging to a fragile hope that he might appear to comfort his Little Bunny once more.
  10. An All Too Early Goodbye In our state of mourning, House Vuiller invites all family, friends, and individuals who find themselves affected by the untimely death of our dear Marjorie Cecile Eirene Vuiller to attend her forthcoming funeral. From the time this missive is sent across the continent of Aevos, the funeral shall take place in three Saint’s Days. The Church of The Holy Supernals shall hold a service and prayer for our beautiful Marjorie in hopes our love may reach her in the Seven Skies. Gifts, flowers, toys, or even written works are more than welcome for the coffin as we sadly lack our darling Marjorie’s body. Please do be appropriate and respect those grieving at this time. Signed, Dame, Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller, Countess-Consort of Aquilae, Baroness-Consort of San Haraldo, Lady Sentinel of The Royal Sentinels His Excellency, Johan Stor Vuiller, Count of Aquilae, Baron of San Haraldo and Patriarch of House Vuiller, Domus Ministri OOC Details Monday, February 5th at 6:00 pm EST in Balian Church
  11. [!] A missive is hung across Aevos A Mother’s Agony “Grief.” The word “grief” could not adequately describe the pain that a young mother could feel for the death of her precious child. A child so pure, innocent, and promising in such a cruel world. A piece of my heart has been ripped from my chest. Over the last twelve years, I had learned what it meant to love something more than oneself. My six children had brought so much light into my life. A life dedicated to protecting and serving Balian, a goal I’d nurtured since I, myself, was just a child. Goals. So many goals and aspirations festered in the hearts of the children of Vuiller-Vilac. Marjorie was no different. A young girl incredibly intrigued by fashion and aquatic life. An interest I had made a point of learning just so I might have something to talk to my daughter about. An interest that a mother and daughter can no longer share, but an interest that a mother would never forget. In every fish, seashell, and body of water, a mother shall never be able to see such simple aspects the same again. Never again. In these were the essence of Marjorie. Marjorie. A young girl whose dreams were taken away from her. A young girl, a fighter from the beginning. The first three years of her life were spent in the confines of the Vuiller Estate. A sickly girl who never failed to prove the doctors wrong, all the while filling the halls with laughter and light. This is what you, a monster, have driven a mother to. A mother to madness. A mother who shall never hold her child, hear her voice, or see her grow old. You have taken away my right, as a mother, to keep her child safe and bring her peace. I, as a mother, should never even think of burying her child. A child who leaves behind five siblings and countless friends. You have not only ruined her beautiful life but an entire family. A family bound not just by blood, but by love. Who are you to destroy the sweet ignorance of a child? How will my surviving children ever go on with an ounce of trust and security in their hearts now that you have stripped them of such luxury? For this, I hope you burn. Not to die, though burn. I wish upon you just a sliver of the agony and pain that I have endured as I now arrange the funeral of an eleven-year-old girl. A funeral where the only remains are a lock of beautiful ginger hair that you have stained with your hate. I do not care what you are, but you shall go on living your pitiful life knowing what you have done. I will find you. Whether in life or in the Seven Skies, a mother shall always fight for her babies. Signed, Dame, Gwenyth Callista Vilac Vuiller, Lady Sentinel of The Royal Sentinels, Countess-Consort of Aquilae, Baroness-Consort of San Haraldo, Mother to Marjorie Cecile Eirene Vuiller
  12. After every hug, prayer, and condolence had been acknowledged and received, Gwenyth retreated. Her sights were set on the ocean as she leapt off the final few steps that led to the Vuiller Estate. Her legs, worn from the constant back and forth from room to room as she comforted each child, or even from the grating gallop across the continent in search of Marjorie. Gwenyth had yet to take a break, but a break would come as she came crashing down into the low ocean tide. A scream. A scream so guttural and agonizing erupted from Gwenyth. A cry that had been fighting to be released, but had been suppressed. The sacrifice a mother must make as she puts the needs of others before herself. It was only now that days had passed that Gwenyth was allowed to grieve. The moment she allowed herself to grieve on these sandy beaches. Her shoulders heaved, her breaths rattled, and sobs shook Gwenyth to her very core. Prayers, curses, and pleas spilled from her lips and filled the air until she could no longer speak. She howled for hours only for her voice to finally give out and break. She was muted and left to cry in silence. A young mother now forced to face fears that no parent should ever endure
  13. "So... They are asking tae get away with literal murder, banditry, kidnapping..." Gwenyth's head bobbed and turned to look across the Balian square in deep thought. "Aye, that checks out for Veletzians..."
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