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  1. IGN: Boyandarrow Category: Creative Writing Piece: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JGMzNiCt_3qbUsk_kUExCS57Z_KMH6DEcF6fzKB3YXI/edit
  2. Lorrick read the notice and shrugged. "Replacing one symbol with another." he mumbled to himself. "If you want to make real change, reform the Leumont guard so it stops being staffed with buffoons and half-wits." He strolled off on his mule into the glorious sunset, on his way to the marketplace to make tons of money.
  3. IGN: Lorrick Al-Wahdi Category: Visual Art Artwork: Miscommunication (Relationships are hard)
  4. Excerpt from the Tahkayt Hezzifan, or "Long Story", the oral poetry telling the tale of the A'tmuzigh people. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tahkayt Hezzifan is part of a lengthy and dramatic ceremony performed by A'tmuzigh Elders and Oracles, as a form of oral transmission of knowledge. This extensive spoken poem tells the tale of the creation of all things originating from the primordial One, continues
  5. A pamphlet is carried by the wind, then lands on the rough gravel. It crunches as Lorrick steps on it. He picks it up and reads it. "A festival. That is most interesting, to be sure. Now, to figure out where this 'Tai Ping District' is..."
  6. Lorrick looks at the announcement and squints. IGN: Boyandarrow RP Name: Lorrick Al-Wahdi Settlement: Leumont
  7. Among the A’tmuzigh, it is said that every grain of sand in the desert is inhabited by a spirit. A semi-nomadic farfolk tribe scouring the deserts, hopping from oasis to oasis, the elders say the A’tmuzigh are as old as the sand itself. Although political strife and conflict have whittled down their numbers, a select few tribes of the A’tmuzigh still remain. Their relative isolation has made it so few in the great cities, even those nestled amongst the desert dunes, know more than myth and legends of this tribe. City folk say they ride sandstorms and worship idols in the form of monoliths in t
  8. Lorrick


    Lorrick Al-Wahdi does not remember where he came from, but he knows it wasn't from here when travellers make comments on his clothes, on his accent, on his appearance. They ask, "Are you from Qalasheen? From Rassid?". He cannot answer. What Lorrick does is water the garden, harvest the herbs, fill the carriage, place the wards. Did he place the wards? He'll place the wards again. Can't forget the wards. Can't let them in. The wards are there to protect him. Can't forget to place them. He'll be safe. He tends to the grave and prepares the stew. He prepares two bowls but only eats o
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