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  1. "Of course these dirty barbarians lose the battle, one Orenian Soldier is worth 100 of those barbarians, so it does niet surprise me that we won, once again." the young Kelhus Othaman said, reaffirming what he just said with a nod "I for one, shall fight against those Barbarians until they kneel before the Emperor and surrender." the young Othaman now smiled and sought to look forward to more Orenian victories in the future, as all things should be.
  2. "Serves them right!" The young Kelhus Othaman said as he hears of the news "Anyone that starts n offensive war against the Holy Orenian Empire sending their people to die for no cause, with no justification, shall recieve the same fate, as we are not slaughtering someone, but protecting our own people, something Norland failed to do." He remarked with a cold expression on his face
  3. Kelhus Vladimir Othaman would flee to his families Estate in Valles as he was told of his beloved Sisters passing by Vladrick. He would recall the memories he had with her, as he made his way, breaking up in tears as he reached his room. Over the years Elizaveta has become a mother to him after his own abandoned him. The young Othaman had not only lost his Sister, but also his Mother.
  4. Julietta's Earrings - 100 mina Dowagers Champagne - 40 mina - Kelhus Vladimir Othaman [OOC] Discord: Hmmm#4176
  5. Kelhus Vladimir Othaman would read the missive with a frown "How dare these heretics? We shall make them all pay attacking the church. I shall make them pay not with words but with blood."
  6. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Kelhus Vladimir Othaman Discord: Hmmm#4176 IGN Name: Josef_Rippelberg Age: 15
  7. The young Kelhus Othaman chuckled as he saw the poster. "Oh? This poor man is serious? I wonder how hard the goats violated this man to believe such a thing. Regardless I shall show this to the Captain and Leon. They shall have a good laugh at this display. Now is it worth to die for my country? Da, Death before Dishonour. I would rather die a soldier of my country than live as a traitor."
  8. "I will be happy to help send these Sedanites to the place they belong...which is obviously in a prison cell." Kelhus would smile, soon he will be in the ISA, despite his young age and he is ready to fight for the Emperor.
  9. IGN: Josef_Rippelberg Discord: Hmmm#4176 Character name: Kelhus Vladimir Othaman Character age: 12
  10. He was born as the son of a former Army officer of the Orenian Empire and later a blacksmith in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. His family originally is descending from Orean and his father has served in the military in the war against the free state of sutica. After the war ended his father continued to serve in the Military, but without any notable events, like the war. Lanfrey was born 1783, however his father left the Holy Empire with his family in the year of 1785 and moved to Haense to be exact into the capital city "Karosgrad". One year later the vassal gained It's independence and his fa
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