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  1. Kelhus Vladimir d’Azor The end of an Othaman 1799 - 1839 A slow and creeping feeling did come upon that d’Azor in the dead of night, his mind whirred with the noises half-real. It werent until true conversation bespoke, that dragged him from the momentary delusions his mind surely foretold. A query escaped the lip of a woman: “And you look like a pathetic man, with the mind the size of an apple seed.” That vile lady spoke, “What is your name?” For as he spoke to answer in return, it seemed the affirmation of name truly did incite only further attack. As a gauntlet, wrought in hardened steel made to slam deep upon the jaw of that aging noble. Crack. His feeble body fell backwards, landing onto the stoney floor below. Red ichor dripped from his maw, as it sat painfully in its place. Sickening bone struck by such force. Yet, his torment did not end. Unseen hands drew his face skywards, only plunged down towards the ground in repeated motion time and time again. Hissed words of a woman murmured to his dying ears, the last sight of a man being the moonshine of Providence, and the face of an elfess so smug.
  2. Josef var Ruthern would look at his soon to be wife and ask her "What exactly is this all about? I already have a headache from drinking too much, why did you leave this for me to read?" he kissed Aylin on the cheek before taking quartz powder and going to sleep again @Beelzemier
  3. SURNAME: Galbraith FIRST NAME: Philip Rupert Archibald ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Barony of Rivia DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: National YEAR OF BIRTH: 1818 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Furnestock (1838)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Josef_Rippelberg
  4. Josef var Ruthern walks into Eriks Room in the Black Riverhall Estate, in his hand was a bottle of spiced rum while the young man himself had decided to wear his Lieutenant uniform. "Grandpapej who are these 'illegitimate pretenders' vy mumble in vyr sleep?" he asked while looking at the aged General.
  5. Philip would smile as he heard the announcement in the Imperial Palace. He would move to his father and offer him a pipe "Baron of Rivia, father. I shall prove myself as a worthy heir Father and future Baron."
  6. 69 posts go brrrr

  7. Dear Nikita, It would be but a lie to say that I have not fought over you in our childhood – yes, it is true that we may have fought over our Kingdom multiple times. I remember very well the playfights we have waged with the other Kingdom – I remember such very well as if it happened recently my Queen, but to say that I have not fought over us would be a lie. Yes, it is true that we were dumb and naïve but my Queen I have always fought over us, to at least preserve our friendship. I must admit I was jealous – that day you asked me if I were jealous? Yes, I was. I always was. I did not have anyone I could talk to as a kid I must admit to you Nikita, as you have told me correctly Lousia was the favourite amongst the siblings but that was not an issue for me. I hated them all, I still do I must admit, it may fade day by day, but it is true. If we are to be forever honest with each other than consider this as my first step to forever be honest with you Nikita. There is a certain calming state in revealing my honest feelings to you Nikita, I wouldn’t and couldn’t wish for someone else to share my feelings with my Queen. There is no one in the Empire I can be as honest with like you and I hope that you indeed feel the same – I do not doubt it. It would be a lie to say that I did not feel jealous when I saw you dancing with castinus – when I saw you two talking you know that already my Queen, but there is more to it Nikita. Do you remember when we used to fence together? When I have beaten the sword out of an innocent girl in an attempt to show my superiority – to prove something to you my dear Queen. Maybe to prove something, maybe to impress you that day. Maybe to have my revenge for the day we met for the first time – maybe I was just angry . . . I can not remember anymore what I felt that day my beloved. I wouldn’t be able to recall my feelings that day, it is one of those memories you just know that happened. I never liked my own Family, even if you may have envied me for what I had. I hated my siblings deeply – I still do. I was angry at my father and at my mother for her absence. I found my siblings to be annoying, such I have told many times to my father . . . maybe I have used a different wording than annoying, but such is not important. I was shocked when I read that you envied me for what I had. Yes, we saw each other often but there is so much an outcast of the family can see before he grows tired – and I am indeed the outcast of the family even if my father insists that such is not the case. Even if he tells me everyday that he loves us equally there are thoughts darkening my mind, my dearest Queen. One day such feelings may finally fade but I cannot promise you such . . . it would be unjust of me to promise you this Nikita. To promise you to be better than I am right now. I do not wish to start breaking the promises I have given to you; it would truly pain my heart if I were to start doing that. A man’s word is everything, he cannot afford to let his word grow worthless especially in the eyes of his dearest woman. I am truly afraid of the future I will admit, I have only ever witnessed absence in my life, whether it be my mother who has been avoiding her children – whether it be my father who has a rather complicated relationship with his heir. I must admit that is on me, I was and am still insecure not sure of what the future holds for us. But there is one thing I am certain at, I will never stop fighting for us Nikita and if it takes decades I shall never rest until we are truly happy, there are no borders I would not cross for you. You truly are the one thing I cherish the most as well my dear Queen. Truth be told I have not been used to call ourselves what we are . . . that word I have used yes but it means so much, I wouldn’t wish to abuse it. I wouldn’t wish for it to become just a common word in our vocabulary that we throw around daily. It means intimacy and that we have finally found the partner one wishes to spend his life with. Tell me Nikita, what would have happened if I were not brave enough? Would you have ever stopped loving me after a while? I couldn’t have done that I must admit. If I were not brave enough or if you would have chosen someone else – I surely wouldn’t know what would have happened that day. I lie awake in the darkest of nights unable to spend and start writing – even now my dear Nikita I start writing to you from the room I have shown you, next to my quill is a candle which lightens the room. My Siblings surely must be asleep by now – as well as my father. If he is home that is, I truly wouldn’t know if he was or not. I can tell you that Fallon is sleeping when I write this letter. He has taken a place at my bed invaded it and made it his personal realm which I am generously allowed to find rest in. Truly a generous and loving soul our dear Fallon is. There are so many words unspoken, so many words I have not told you and so many regrets Nikita. I am thinking about my regrets right now they are haunting me. I imagine myself doing everything right, choosing differently in that particular situation but – I could not imagine what would happen afterwards it truly would be a different reality. There is no perfect reality I know that Nikita, there never will be, we as the sons of Horen make mistakes – a lot of mistakes whether it be the sons outside of the Empire or inside the Empire we eventually make mistakes and such is a part of life, isn’t it? Tell me would you have loved me if I was a perfect man? If I was more like my brother? I am far from perfect I have explained that enough in this letter, but there are things that are unchangeable in one’s mind. Such thoughts I cannot get rid of them Nikita as much as I try to be the man you deserve, to be a perfect man. For you I would attempt such, achieve perfection, but then again what is perfection? There is so much unspoken between us – there are many opportunities for us for we are still quite young, you have told me that you shall help me achieve my goal of becoming the second Baron of my Family – shall my father achieve it that is. I am thankful for your support my Queen, one day I may be able to get it, but I must let you know that you deserve much more than that. I wouldn’t wish to tie you down to a man who could not even achieve this, so must I not tie you down to a promise my Queen. It would be cruel to demand of you to stay with me if I am but nothing. If I do not have a title, then I am but only a servant of the Empire. Granted serving the Empire is but the greatest honour once can do. To care for the nation that has raised you and provided you with such a stable life . . . I wouldn’t wish to live in that godforsaken other half of Almaris. A place in which rebellions happen and the love of people is disrupted by such events. Nikita, you have once told me that the sunkissed ladies are prettier than you, but I cannot agree with you on this one Nikita. There is no one that will be prettier than you in my eyes. You are what I think of when I lay awake in the darkness and when I start my day – sit at the table with my family. You are the topic of conversation between my father and myself – one that has led for hours of talk and thousands of words in letters. I must admit I have not seen much of the world outside my small bubble of narcissism and the Imperial Capital. There is not much I can change about that, but I wish to explore the world with you – not particularly going outside the Empire but seek the meaning of life with you. Maybe we will find it one day, won’t we? I wish for one day that you utter the words I long for, but that is a lot to ask of – maybe it will always be a lot to ask you of, so you shan’t utter these words until you are ready to say them my Queen. If you are never ready to say them then I shall wait forever patiently. There shall never be another girl that fills my heart with so many different emotions – that lightens the darkest of moods. I must admit my Queen that if you were to never say the words my heart would not be broken, it is a cruel thing to say, yes. But it is the truth . . . the moments I spend with you are worth much more than the words and If I never hear them – if you simply wish to tell them to someone else, I shall always cherish the moments I have with you. Until the darkness clouds my vision forever and lets me rest for eternity. Yours truly, Philip
  8. [!] Another letter would be hung at the board, this time it seemed to have been writen far cleaner than the letter he had hung prior. As the ink still dried the letter would be visible for all to see as if the author wished to make a statement. Dearest Nikita, With nothing but affection in my feeble heart I have read your letter and I must confess that I am shocked that you would even dare utter these words – consider that I would look at another lady like I look at you. You might not believe me my dear Queen but there will never be another one like you. If I am not with you; I cannot laugh, I cannot feel happiness, the only thing that I do feel is the voidal darkness which arrives in my thoughts – which consumes me for the thought of you not being around . . . of me not being able to hear your voice and to see you with my own eyes once again as though I was seven years old again. Maybe sometimes I wish I was seven again, the world was an easier place back then. It was different. We weren’t worried about such things as love and commitment. Sometimes it is just easier being a child again – not worrying about the world and not caring for what others think. Maybe sometimes I wish us back into the Galbraith Garden where we fenced together. It was different when we started to raise Fallon and when we had our own Kid Kingdom – it felt as though I was starting to feel something towards you, I think that from that point onwards I have been lost Nikita. I started to feel different when meeting you – I was strangely lost and such I wished to make you feel different as well . . . I wished to inflict upon you the same curse, I needed to do such. Do you remember when I promised you, we will find someone who will make us young forever one day? I have taken up work in the Foreign Office and I hope to find someone who can do that – one day I will fulfil my promise, it does not matter if that promise is old by now. I have promised to make you happy even though I may not be the best person – truth be told I am not a good person – but I have confessed this in my letter prior to you. I must tell you of my feelings in private – I must show you the person I really am and the person I would like to be when I confess to you and when I spend time with you. Tell me Nikita what were your thoughts when you first met me? I know what my thoughts were as clear as if it happened yesterday. I looked at you with anger and then at my sister, I was annoyed by the presence of both of you alongside my younger Brother Arthur and my Sister Katherine – I must admit that looking back from my younger days I may have hated the day, but now I feel grateful for having witnessed the day. . . if such things were not to happen if I hadn’t made my sister cry I may have very well not met you that early Nikita. I can’t imagine you without looking back at that day and I wouldn’t know another world in which that day never happened. Do you remember when Fallon was but a puppy? When we could pick him up easily and he would not defend himself. Maybe in a year he can pick you up. What I wish to say now and what I wish to always say is that I wouldn’t wish for anyone else, there is no one that ignites the flame of my heart as you do. I have attempted to make you jealous Nikita – I have done so in the hopes you would one day feel what I felt for you when I saw you at the start of the season and when I have given you the earrings. If I were to marry someone else . . . if I were to not marry you, I wouldn’t be happy. I would never be truly happy without you, for a King needs a Queen, you are her Nikita. There is none in Almaris who may ignite the same feelings I feel when I jest with you or when I think about you at the darkest of nights, writing letters with only but the light of a candle and the thought of you being gone forever – being lost to another man. It truly changed something in me – not just that day I confessed to you Nikita, no way before that day. I had wished for you to say yes at the Imperial Wedding, but I could not utter my feelings, nor could I utter my feelings when I have danced with you at our first ball together. You are far braver than I ever will be when you told me that you love me. I may have written that letter, but you have told me how you feel. There are but few who manage to do such. What I wish to say . . . to finish this letter with is that there will never be anyone who I shall love and cherish more than I do you. Yours truly, Philip
  9. [!] A Letter would be hung at the board, the writing seemed messy as though the author had corrected himself multiple times, it's content read as so, "Dear Nikita, Words cannot describe the feeling you have instilled in me with your words – the shock when I saw you with castinus, my internal devastation when I found out that he indeed had admitted his feelings to you and the happiness I have felt when I heard you saying the words. It is a truth that there is no greater virtue than love and I love you Nikita. I know I have already told you once but I need to tell you again – and again how I feel towards you, how I shall always feel towards you no matter what happens no matter if a war is on the horizon or not and no matter if the holy Empire falls one day – my feelings for you shan’t ever. I would like to tell you that I am not flawed, but this would be a lie. I must tell you of the Philip I have grown to be before you decide if you wish to court this Philip or not. I am at times a Jerk Nikita – I can only promise you to try and change myself. I can only promise you to never make you feel negative feelings an to comfort you if you do, but I cannot promise you that I am the best man in the Empire. I do not know how much you know of me, maybe you already knew that, maybe you didn’t. But it is my duty to tell you of myself – in case you wish to change your mind . . . to avoid a mistake. I would understand if you were to dislike for myself . . . at times I dislike myself as well, but I have tried to change once and I have tried to be more like my siblings – more like Arthur who seems to be liked by everyone. Nikita do know that whatever you decide to do, whatever you may say to me, I may not stop loving you – regardless of what happens I have loved you since we were young and I will love you when we are old. Yours truly, Philip"
  10. A certain Kelhus d'Azor would wake up and read the missive, once the missive has been read he would yawn and head back to bed "I love my Grandpapej." with these words he fell into a deep sleep once again
  11. While Josef started his day normally - waking up with a hope that he has only dreamt the attack on his person and the removal of his arm, unfortunately hope would prove useless once again. While staring at his ISA Uniform the young Ruthern suddenly decided to pen his uncle a letter and with Viktors last letter at his desk he would begin to write. Once the Letter was penned, Josef would lay the parchment before Viktors door, once he was finished he would return back to his Room to put on his ISA Uniform and continue his day - hoping that his Uncle would see his letter and smile. Everyday he woke up from sleep his mind would bear a similar thought hoping that his letter has been at least seen and everyday he would walk to Viktors Room and remain there for a few moments - even as the days turned to months.
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