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  1. Wow! this sounds like it would be great to rp with. It opens up a whole nother side of flavor text that is driven by intention past just dark-side light-side roleplay we've seen with other magics. Not to mention backing up more of the fae lore with actual rp application for descendants. I'm in the same boat as Unwillingly where I've been a sucker for fantasy like Grimm's Fairy Tales and fantasy horror, so having a way to apply something like this in more a terrifying and fantastic manner would be great to see on the server! +1
  2. Viridian gaze peers through darkened helm, narrowing at the phrase. "Strange. Only the Azdrazi, the betrayer, and a select few of the Spire should know of their destruction. Seems their ties to the Drakaar are more defined than we first thought." A hand hovers over a slip of paper, pen grasped tightly. "I wonder...."
  3. Down in an underground retreat, a woman sighs, grass green eyes looking up at the white walls of the room. "It's rather unfortunate he was released from duty, though I suppose he could not be expected to act with kindness to delegations that feel no remorse threatening his kin. In just a few years, so much has happened, and that can harden a person and make them unfit for the duties they are sworn to." She was very familiar with firing, having seen several people fired from the Rangers and the Army prior to her retirement. Swears and bindings of the word are so rarely final, as not many can't stand the tests of time. "I should bring him a good bottle of wine, both as a condolence and a way to relax after such a hellish job."
  4. Once more does a woman receive her bird upon her arm, its talon's gripping into the leather and metal she had donned. Pulling back the hood from her face ever so slightly, her viridescent gaze trails over the ink of the missive, squinting as the desert sun reflected off the pale paper. "A nation which holds Xannic ideals is different from a Xannic Nation, perhaps that should be more clear." Her hand pulls a small piece of jerky from the satchel at her side, offering it to the falcon that was preening at the fabric of her cloak, a soft sigh escaping her lips. "I could have sworn there was a long discussion regarding the fact that the Paladins that find themselves with homes and families in Elysium had stressed they would not raise blade unless they themselves were brought to harm or there was evidence of dark forces meddling... For all the words spoken and written, rarely do they seem to be acknowledged." Gloved hands took up charcoal, neat scrawl being marked across the back of the page in hand. "Slander befalls those who are quiet, but responses of defense only seem to cause more defamation to spread. Let us hope our actions will speak louder, as we focus on the terrors of the sea and the dragons that wreak havoc and harm. They will find their cries of oaths and alleged disregard were falsely placed, and the reflection of such will fall to them." Leather ties bound the rolled missive upon the avian's leg, before being set to flight, the woman now turning to continue her search for resources and herbs amongst the golden sands of the south, muttering prayers of safety for fates in which she could no longer interfere.
  5. The Lunaran Guard, The Royal Guard of Elysium, The Protectors of The de Astreas An official writ and commandment, given fourth from the power granted to us by our Lord, Duke Eugeo de Astrea and his bloodline. 12th of the Amber Cold, 68 of the second age. “The Lunaran Guard with the power given to us by our Lord Eugeo and his bloodline. Hereby give the following commands to the following people. Effective immediately” Esmeralda Guenevere de La Luz is officially, but temporarily, stood down and removed from her position and powers within the government of our beloved city of Elysium until the Guenevere Household Incident of Year 66 has been resolved or until further notice. In addition, if they wish to enter the city they must be accompanied by a Lunaran Guard or an approved escort, in order to prevent any further incident or harm to either her or another citizen. Should no guard be free, they shall not enter due to their actions upon the evening of the writing of this writ. Should another Guenevere wish to take up the representative position on the Patrician’s council, they are welcome to contact the Duke or his heir. Liluth Solros, has obstructed the Justice of our city, and in response to her attempt to stop and mislead Lunaran Guards in their duties during their investigation, there was an unsuccessful attempt to arrest, resulting in a Class X punishment. Further investigation regarding the Bokolo Tavern incident will be done, as well as the after effects. With this unfortunate development, her titles and government granted powers have returned to the state for the Royal family to impart to a worthy successor. Should another Solros wish to take up the representative position on the Patrician’s council, they are welcome to contact the Duke or his heir. It is with a saddened heart that we make such a command, yet it is a measure that must be done for not only the protection of the Royal family, but our beloved nation in its whole. We wish to make it clear that there is hope for a quick, and fair resolution, and that those not involved with the situation are not to take blame for the actions of their Clansmen. The Solros and Guenevere are core founding families, and it is not our desire for them to feel alienated due to this incident. The investigation report and finalized papers will be out soon. Any information that anyone would like to come forward with is free to do so, simply contact a Lunaran Guard. Should interviews be denied, and further reports not be submitted in a timely manner, the conclusive report shall be compiled and publicized with what we have at our disposal. The Lunaran Guard, acting within the power gifted to them by Duke Eugeo de Astrea, standing Reagent of Elysium. May Our Duke Eugeo De Astrea and those of their name forever stay within the light and care of our lands. Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Amethyst Vanari, Legatus of the Lunaran Guard, Member of the Elysium High Council, and Acting Chancellor of Citizen Affairs Ellathor Vanari, The Lord Commander of Elysium, Minister of Defense in the High Council Lunah Vanari, Praefect of the Lunaran Guard, Member of the Elysium High Council, and Acting Minister of Finance Aylin Vanari, Praefect of the Lunaran Guard
  6. Aylin Vanari shook her head slightly, giving a wry chuckle as she looked over the missive. "Interesting how she only pokes her nose in where we're involved. Seems a little... obsessed? Considering how many nations she's been banished from, you'd think she'd start a conspiracy about how everyone is only after her. At some point you'd think she'd learn to actually read the laws of the places she visits. Banishment goes hand in hand with the forfeit and removal of citizenship. And we're a monarchy, I think the Reagent gets to make those calls, reasonable or not." With a slight tug, the missive would be pulled down from where it had been found. "Not to mention tossing these in every corner only makes it more public. To think this all started with an inquest that only mentioned a location, not even names or crimes." The paper would be crumpled into a ball and tossed in a nearby trash bin. "Criminals will always justify crime, and she's been breaking laws since I met her." The woman moved off to continue her stroll.
  7. Aylin Vanari looked over the missive, pulling her scarf further up over her face, sand blowing past and around her legs as she continued her forward march through the deserts of Almaris. Her falcon let out an indignant screech in her ear, the woman's viridescent eyes squinting against the bright sun that glared off rolling grains of sand. She lifted her gloved hand, offering the bird a piece of dried fish, "Thank you Zephyr." With a low hum, she shoves it into her satchel "So much to catch up on... So little time."
  8. Josef_Cringe go brrrr What's your favorite film? What your favorite genre? uwu
  9. Aylin's quill hovered over the paper, hesitant to write. How does one truly organize everything that had taken place? She placed the quill back down, leaning her head into her hands, tears building, frustration rising. Another friend lost to a situation that would be so easily handled by the very Sentinel mentioned in Aech's letter. A Sentinel whos job is to keep contact between initiates and the other ranks, one that is meant to teach the initiates proper duties and how to follow orders. Why does the blame fall to others who have tried to ask over and over what needed to be done, needed to be changed? Her memories clicked, realization growing. A slight grit of her teeth, a scraping of a chair against wood echoing in the room. Her hands grabbed the letters, moving to take them to the others, to truly address the situation.
  10. Aylin Vanari opened the door, looking round before leaning do to pick up the note and tome. Moving inside to the privacy of her own roon, she then read over the note, absorbing the information. she chuckled wryly as she compared the note and the laws "Key point being that the guards should have access to the list of items." She sighs "At least someone high up takes notice of qualms, can't fault Dramyr for that" She places the note and tome of laws away in a safe spot for reference in the future before moving to continue her chores on the estate.
  11. Aylin Vanari sighed deeply as she read over Inui's writing, recalling each event. A noise of frustration escaped her at the mention of banishment and astronach limbs. "Varhelm claims we should know everything when they don't even send out announcements of banishment or lists of banned items. What are we meant to do? Read their minds? I fear they simply claim whatever they wish and intend to use that against anyone they dislike." She pulls one of the posters, taking it to show the other Vanaris, knowing this would be used against them. "Hell, Inui is no longer an Orenian as they claimed her to be, they're going to start a war with their careless claims and statements." She grumbles under her breath, "How far will Norland fall before realizing their error? Perhaps I should just retire" She moves swiftly towards the estate, a cold look in her eye.
  12. Aylin simply shakes her head upon receiving word of the demands. "How often is Talons going to be raided?" She moves to go home, tired due to the long day. "And why is it always the Rustlers?" She groans, shaking her fists at the sky in annoyance
  13. "Perhaps they will finally heed our warnings" She muses as she walks down the road towards the hub, glancing at the head swinging in the gentle breeze. Her grip is on the pommel of her sword, relaxed. A grin spreads across her face. "Oren should have handed over those bastards long before this, perhaps the way it was handled wouldn't have been as violent." She thinks back on when the rangers rallied to go to Oren, nearly being trapped in the process, frowning before pulling out the missive sent by Absolon. "I'm not sure of the outcome, but my sword is ready." With that, she continues on her way.
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