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  1. Drawn by uto00rog ... Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, haruka nanase, haru nanase, haru, nanase, haruka, makoto tachibana, makoto, tachibana, free!, iwatobi


    HELLO EVERY ONE Tannon and Sakura has had two twin sons there around 1-year-olds know
    If u want to play as our sons in elysun comment down below with your username and which one and your skin.
    I can guaranty I will draw them. we are a loving family and own an inn so when we are gone u will inherit it. your Father is the head ranger so that will help with any arms u want to join. u will be half adunian and human. your parent pitchers are below. lots of love <3

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    1. Sakura Blossom

      Sakura Blossom

      I FOUND A WAY. also this is my favorite art so far

    2. Sakura Blossom

      Sakura Blossom

       hands are a work in prosses though😅

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  5. i hate how tinny the max size is i make such a pretty pitcher but its to big and i cant make it smaller i want to cry. if u know a way i can share the pitcher to u all please tell me i worked so hard on it

  6. I love her new outfit


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    1. Timer


      +1, Good art

  7. 1478249975_sakura2.thumb.png.55e1ee551d21ec572c811902c883b140.png

    1. Suicidium


      That is adorable! Who drew that?

    2. Sakura Blossom

      Sakura Blossom

      me its sakura she so cute! im drawing alexi next

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  8. Sakura Blossom


    Sakura blossom was born in the forest around the edge of the crown of elvenesse with her 2 sisters celestial and Arora. she and her sisters were being trained to be the perfect wife for all bachelor's and prepared for the up incoming season of when they came to age, Through growing up her sisters excited in there lessons in their studies but, Sakura was falling behind Not being able to be at the standard of her sisters of grace and elegance she has soon forgotten a second thought to her mother. So she left at the age of 18 changed her last name to blossom and branched out to adventure to try
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