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  1. THE AAUNIC MARCH A PATRIOTIC ANTHEM Written by, Prince Edmund Amadeus “In preparation for the coming offensive, I felt the urge to write an inspiring song for the many men and women who shall fight to defend our Kingdom and the legacy of: Charles, James and Edmund. It is therefore that I have written this patriotic anthem in honour of our monarchs and the pride that we hold for our Kingdom.” - Prince Edmund Amadeus Verse 1 In the kingdom of Aaun where the banners fly high, A tale of valor and courage in the open sky. The trumpets sound, the war drums beat, As the sun sets, the enemy shall we meet. Chorus Oh, Aaun, the land of might, In the realm of battle, we stand and fight. King John leads with a lion's heart, For the legacy of King Charles, we won't depart. Verse 2 On the fields of glory, where heroes are born, Swords clash and shields are worn. Enemies surround, but we stand tall, For Aaun's honor, we'll give our all. Pre-Chorus King John, the sovereign with a crown of gold, Guiding his warriors, fearless and bold. In the shadow of King Charles, a legacy strong, Through the echoes of time, their names prolong. Chorus Oh, Aaun, the land of might, In the realm of battle, we stand and fight. King John leads with a lion's heart, For the legacy of King Charles, we won't depart. Bridge In the castle halls where the stories unfold, Tales of courage and sacrifices told. King John's decree echoes through the land, Aaun united, a kingdom to withstand. Verse 3 The rivers of Aaun, witness to the strife, Yet the spirit of the people ignites the life. For every fallen soldier, a hymn we sing, In the face of darkness, hope takes wing. Pre-Chorus King John, with a scepter strong, Ruling justly, where he belongs. In the footsteps of King Charles, a noble guide, A legacy of honor, with Aaun as our pride. Chorus Oh, Aaun, the land of might, In the realm of battle, we stand and fight. King John leads with a lion's heart, For the legacy of King Charles, we won't depart. Outro As the Aaunic March echoes through the air, Aaun's story, a legacy to declare. In the kingdom's heart, the flame burns bright, For Aaun's glory, we'll continue the fight.
  2. "Tandem Triumphans!" Stated Prince Edmund of Alba, readying himself for battle.
  3. "Rites are acknowledged by the High Pontiff and the Pontiff GOD His vicar.. I can not wait to receive this so-called "Emperor" of yours for a cup of tea though, can not wait to see my distant relatives again and discuss how there is a certain family alive today that is the most senior branch descending from Godfrey. Though, given your baseless opinion, I will allow you some more time to do research regarding this." Prince Edmund stated, as he just walked past the man.
  4. Prince Edmund would state in response to Waclaw. "Sometimes it is better to be merciful and put terms on parchment than to have a confrontation that is full of enmity. To so recklessly kill those who had no direct involvement in the murder of my beloved late cousin, Edmund II, makes us no better then those who did have a hand in it."
  5. Prince Edmund Amadeus would frown as he read the news. "There is nothing written about the attack on Boon!"
  6. HOUSE OF KERCKHOFFS “We zullen opstoan.” House of Kerckhoffs (Batavian: Huus van Kerckhoffs Waldenian: Haus Kirchhoffs) is a House that finds its origin within the ancient culture of the Batavi. The House of Kerckhoffs is a house that finds expertise in philosophy, politics and military. The current head of the House is Benedict Jozef Kerckhoffs, son of Nicolaas Johan Kerckhoffs and Wendela Cornelia de Witt. The members of House Kerckhoffs are of a rather tall posture, ranging from 6’0 to 6’4 for men and 5’9 to 5’11 for women. They have brown hair and green or lightbrown eyes with a medium pale skin complexion. The House speaks Batavian in private, yet due to their understanding of society, they tend to speak Common most of the time so they might interact easier with the population of Veletz. MODERN HISTORY Located within the League of Veletz, The House of Kerckhoffs, under the lead of Benedict Jozef Kerckhoffs, has made its name through the recent philosophical works of Benedict, who wrote his works under the pseudonym of “Benedict of Veletz” The House of Kerckhoffs is a House that allows its members to pursue any kind of direction which works for the good of the family. Be they doctors, political, military or philosophical figures, nothing is forbidden. To be a Kerckhoff is to be a proud Veletzian, as the House dedicates most of its knowledge to the growth of the League. ETYMOLOGY OF THE HOUSE KERCKHOFFS Male Names: Johan Cornelis Jozef Michiel Willem Maurits Pieter Maurits Frederik Lodewijk Nicolaas Alexander Hendrik Andries Frans Filips Female Names: Wendela Cornelia Anna Maria Agnes Wilhelmina Elizabeth Katerina Margreta Juliana Amelia Charlotte Maayke CURRENT HEAD Benedict Jozef Kerckhoffs Pseudonym: Benedict of Veletz 25th of Sigismund’s End, 1912 First Head of House Kerckhoffs Occupation: Philosopher Bibliography: I. The Essence of the Church II. The Importance of GOD III. To be Veletzian: A foundation of Leagueism
  7. "Anti-Coalition action." Benedict of Veletz stated, laughing at the prisoner.
  8. "Did they forget about the innocent Aaunite by the name of Louis Dresnay being slaughtered? By the King of Hanseti-Ruska himself as well.." A Veletzian man wondered, scratching his chin as he read such a declaration. "Clearly there is already an aggressor who made his intention very clear. Stassion was right to get involved, one of theirs got murdered, therefore I ask the question; who drew the sword first in terms of instigating conflict? The King of Hanseti-Ruska or those who want to avenge the death of a fallen comrade?"
  9. TO BE A VELETZIAN A foundation for Leagueism "To be a Veletzian is to be a Midlander - to be a Midlander is to know no fear." TO BE A VELETZIAN. The ideology of Leagueism is an ideology that was created when Veletz was first established. A unification of various settlements who had chosen to get an elected central leadership, the elected leader known as the Captain-General. As of now, it is Gaspard II, who is the Captain-General of the League, and as philosopher who hails from the lands of Veletz, I find it my duty to present a set of ideals that are historically bound to the great uprising of our forefathers. It should be known that the ideals I present to Your Excellency, the Captain-General, that with the recent tensions and violence acted upon our people that I say; no more of these attacks against our people shall happen again. I say that it is absolutely vital to make our people aware of the ideals that are deemed to be valuable in the situations where we are attacked and are just in defending ourselves against those who are daring to attack us. Therefore it is this set of ideals that I intend to give to you so it may prove valuable to make our nation an overpowering force across humanity. We shall never know fear. Benedict of Veletz With the ideology of Leagueism, there is spoken of five main core ideals that find its heart within the ideology of Leagueism: I. Nationalism: To believe that the nation is one and the nation is to be deemed the most valuable to all who reside within it. It is a core aspect within Veletz society to be proud of their history and their purpose within the League. II. Imperial Scepticism: To believe that if a state such as an Empire tends to form, that it must be formed by the Veletzian hand and the Veletzian origin with its core norms and values. It is only once we see Orenian-Restorationists that we can not tolerate such a totalitarian state for existing once again which finds its ideology on fear and obedience. It is through the will of our forefathers that we shall not tolerate to bring a state back which our grandfathers and grandmothers fought, bled and died for. III. Pro-Separatism: To believe that if a region of a foreign nation that borders another will be able to join the favored nation based upon the decision of the person who leads the said region. This can go through a proposal to the leader of the favored nation. IV. Anti-Novellenism: To believe that those who pretend to be the successors of the Holy Orenian Empire, are to be persecuted and to be forced to adopt a different name other than the names of the dynasties that were led with overpowering totalitarian tyranny. Exceptions are made for those who have the direct lineage of the last King, Frederick II, and are to be declared the rightful successors and are true friends and allies to the League. V. Militarism: To believe that our nation is based on the strong military forces that reside within our nation and that they are deemed to be the absolute defenders of the Veletzian people. A military force that is prepared, is a force that is deemed to attack when the League feels threatened by the forces that wish to see the lands of the League gone. It is these five core ideals that are bound to the people of Veletz and it is these ideas that is to motivate our people into defending our lands with the loyalty they declared in their oaths to you, Your Excellency. Therefore, with your permission, the intention is to declare these ideals to be in effect. Long live the League of Veletz
  10. "There was a man once, entering the court of your liege, extending a gift with a jest - Yet it was not graciously accepted. And as a thanks, your liege cut his face in half with his sword. Is it truly your place to judge on sin and nefarious acts when your own monarch had been subjected to manslaughter which could have started yet another conflict if it was not for the well-communicated decision made by the Heartlander Accord to instead not go to war? The attack may not have been justified, certainly, but reflect on the deeds of your own people and liege before so recklessly putting judgement forth. To name people liars is a defensive mechanism within communication which might indicate that you all have more to hide than what you actually say. Idem dito, for your liege. I know this might be rather hard to swallow, but perhaps you just had what was coming to you."
  11. "It was about time to drop the entire obsession with a dissolved imperial dynasty anyway. But it is overall known that the only lineage that has proven legitimacy to the throne of such an empire is the House of Stassion, which changed its name to not live on the remnants of the past. The empire is gone! And there is no hope in restoring it, it is a hopeless cause." Frederick Amadeus stated, who was a member of the House Novellen but abandoned his House to do something else than think back on the past of an empire that should never exist again.
  12. ADORAMUS TE, DEUS SUMMUS A chant written by Acolyte Frederick Amadeus Translated to Flexio by Brother John Chorus: Gloria in altissimis Deo, Adoramus te, Deus Summus. Verse 1: Exaltatus est in caelis, Dominus noster, Owynus et Sigismundus, tua gloria resonat. Chorus: Gloria in altissimis Deo, Adoramus te, Deus Summus. Verse 2: Orenius et Godefridus, virtute repleti, In nomine sancto, laudes tibi canimus. Chorus: Gloria in altissimis Deo, Adoramus te, Deus Summus. Verse 3: Exaltati in potentia, Sigismundus et Owynus, Cum Orenius et Godefridus, nobiscum in aeternum. Chorus: Gloria in altissimis Deo, Adoramus te, Deus Summus.
  13. PRAYERS FOR EDMUND II Acolyte Frederick Amadeus ST. AMYAS OF YORE, PATRON SAINT OF MEDICINE, HEALING, BOTANY AND WILD HERBS PRAY FOR US. It is I, Acolyte Frederick Amadeus, who calls for the prayers for the swift recovery of my dear cousin, King Edmund II. He was befallen with a tragic attempt on his life by those who would see him fall during his first day as King-Regent of Aaun. Luckily, for GOD has willed it, he was saved by a party of truly heroic men of Veletz and the loyal subjects of his Kingdom. His life is saved, thank GOD, but for the King to reign, we must offer our prayers for a swift recovery of His Majesty. Therefore I call upon the subjects of His Majesty, King Edmund II, to pray for him. Day in and day out so we might see him ascend to the throne held by my grandfather James I, and my great-grandfather Charles I. Let us pray that the King, who is by GOD anointed to reign over the United Kingdom of Aaun, shall recover and let us pray that GOD shall bless him in the many years to come. GOD be with you all. Signed, Acolyte Frederick Amadeus
  14. The young Acolyte Frederick Amadeus took a hold of his rosary and kneeled before the altar within the Temple of the Exalted, praying for Ottavia and her family.
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