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  1. What is your baptismal name? Philip Hughes de Rosius Your age? 19 You’re right in front of me.. but for record’s sake, what is your race? Human Do you have any family? I do, I am a family-member of House de Rosius How do you wish to serve God? I would join the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn with the absolute dedication to my faith and GOD. For I want to protect the Canonist flock against the evil that might come to us in the years to come. For that I am willing to dedicate my life to the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn, for the protection of the Canonist flock. Where would you prefer to be assigned if accepted? In the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn.
  2. LA MELODIE DE ROSIUS "Un morceau de musique de Philip Hughes de Rosius" From within the tavern of Providence, Philip Hughes de Rosius was playing a rather interesting melody upon the piano; a piece of music made by himself. He called it "La Melodie de Rosius", due to him playing it in an Auvergnian style and due to his pride in his Auvergnian background. Together with this tune, he made copies of chords to spread it in Providence so people may play it anywhere at any time. And with the recent title granted to Duchess Anne Caroline of Auvergne, he also dedicated this piece of music to his fellow Auvergnians and to the Duchy of Auvergne itself.
  3. Philip Hughes de Rosius shrugged, though scoffing a bit while reading the judgement outside. "Ah.. the inevitable stench of utter heresy and treason, batârd traître. Both of the stenches create a massive stain of merde. May GOD try to find mercy upon his soul, should He have mercy at this point before you are damned to the Void to meet the Deceiver. GOD save the Emperor and his Empire. Oren Aut Mortem." He then scoffed once more, muttering to himself "A true crime against the Imperial Crown, may the justice of the Empire prevail and may GOD save his Canonist flock against the Azdrazi."
  4. "Vive la Duchesse Anne Caroline d'Auvergne et Vive les Auvergnians!" The young Auvergnian lad Philip Hughes de Rosius shouted out loud in devotion to his culture and people!
  5. Philip Hughes de Rosius smiled at the news."Vive l'Empire, perhaps there will come a day when there is a Baroness of Rosius; DIEU devrait-il être disposé." He signed the Lorraine, in the hope of DIEU His blessing for it.
  6. Philip Hughes de Rosius smiled. "My family de Rosius and my cousins of Galbraith together in one missive and ennoblement. How proud grandmother Elizabeth de Rosius née Galbraith and grandfather Valent de Rosius would be. My congratulations to you Uncle Robert and my many cousins." He then walked into the Family-Crypt to pray at the altar within the crypt where the coffins of all deceased family members were, praying for the prosperty of both houses.
  7. Philip Hughes de Rosius nodded, signing the Lorraine as he sat outside. "The future generations can certainly use this as their example and teachings. May God bless your brilliant work Your Eminence." Having that said, he would keep the missive, should Philip ever have children to let them read it and use it for their Canonist upbringing.
  8. Philip Hughes de Rosius nodded with a smile at the announcement "Puisse le nouveau mariage apporter à la Maison de Rosius un bel avenir, tchin tchin. May the House de Rosius prosper with this marriage." He rose his glass of Auvergnian Wine then taking a sip from it.
  9. Philip de Rosius read the news, scoffing as he saw that people were trying to form conspiracies. "All I have to say is; Oren Aut Mortem. One God, One Emperor and One Empire. I say we have won this one." He nodded, taking a sip from his wine. "The leeches will not inflict any harm upon the Empire and it's Sovereign. But if they are making an attempt to harm the Empire that would be a lethal mistake.." With that Philip chuckled. "For example I recently found out in books that my supposed ancestor through my mother's side is King Andrik Lothar van Marus Bihar III of Hanseti-Ruska and he was also a Duke of Adria. Therefore, I would never try to conspire because of some ancient ties to a part of land. For I know that the land is in the hands of a great person and the land is Orenian. Even King Andrik knew that, and acknowledged it. But I still find it strange for those from the same Canonist flock and perhaps even with distant relatives to fight about this matter. It has been decided that there is a new Duke, learn to live with it." He then signed the Lorraine, to start praying. "I pray there will be an end to those who seek to overthrow the rightful Duke. For it is not them who have been wronged, it is us."
  10. Philip Hughes de Rosius was full of anger whilst he was reading the missive from his chamber in the Chateau "If this turns out to be the one of the deeds of the pagans who have been a scourge for our faith for far too long, then we should have eradicated all of them a very long time ago; but it is never too late. GOD save the Empire, Oren Aut Mortem." He signed the Lorraine afterwards, praying for the clergy who served in the Church.
  11. While Philip Hughes de Rosius was upon his horse near the basilica; he spotted a carriage leaving the Augustine Palace, looking towards the gates as he saw the familiar blonde hair. "Mon Dieu, Amelia. I pray it is not you. And should it be you, I will turn back with my horse to the palace for a cup of tea." He first chucked but then he shook his head on a confusingly manner as he thought about the last time they met, on the same day. "It can not be her, and should it be her I pray that she is kept safe." With that he rode off to Redenford to reminisce about the things they have done together.
  12. Philip Hughes de Rosius sat within his chamber, reading the declaration of regency with a saddened look upon his face. "May GOD heal His Imperial Majesty and may GOD help His Imperial Highness, Prince Philip Augustus on ruling our Great Empire." He signed the Lorraine, dipping his head to the cross that hung inside his room at a wall. "I have no doubt that your brother will be an excellent ruler during your rest and absence. DIEU sauve l'Empereur et DIEU aide le Prince-Régent. Vive l'Empire Orénien. Vive Sa Majesté Impériale et Vive Son Altesse Impériale, Et sa famille."
  13. "Ah sh-t, here we go AGAIN!" Exclaimed Freyr Tsecsar as he looked over the missive beside his twin-sister
  14. Philip de Rosius walked into the office of Otis, hearing what he said "Eh bien, c'est assez de potins de merde pour aujourd'hui!" He then throws the potins in the fire place, eventually taking a sip from his wine. "Anyway, how are you doing today Uncle?" Philip then smiled after his outburst as if nothing happened.
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