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  1. "Here I was thinking this Duke would be different from Adrian I, Joseph II, Philip II, and Philip Aurelian - Guess not aha. How come a revolution like this has become so stupid that the Raevir themselves have become an ethnic minority in their own duchy that is now occupied by Neo-Renatians? Crazy mate!" Stated Caius Godwin Alstion.
  2. "Here I was thinking madness was not a genetic trait. Seems Joseph the Mad his genes travelled a long way to have finally reached the next Duke. Perhaps it even touched some Skygods in the process and made them unable of any diplomatic resolution." Caius Godwin Jrent wondered as he heard the various reactions.
  3. "Do you serve the Church or the Duchy of Adria? Pick one. Surely you do not doubt the declaration of anathema made by GOD His Vicar. Clergy with secular opinions have often become dangerous." Caius Godwin Jrent simply inquired, allowing one of his intrusive thoughts to get out oncemore.
  4. TANDEM TRIUMPHANS Coat of Arms of Caius Godwin Jrent. Dear Citizens of Aaun, Dear Friends and Dear Brothers and Sister In-Arms Today, I once again consider it necessary to return to the tragic events taking place within the Duchy of Adria and the issues regarding the security of our citizens. Allow me to start with what I have said a few Saints Days back. We are talking about what causes us particular concern and treatment of those who are loyal to His Majesty under the reign of terror of the Neo-Renatian backed Duke of Adria. It is well known to everyone that His Majesty’s government patiently waited and supported the Duke of Adria in his endeavor to restore the Duchy due to cultural and ancestral ties despite what the opposers said. It eventually turned out that we reached an agreement with those who opposed the restoration and thus the Duchy of Adria was created once again. It is now my questions to the rebels who continue to oppress the Aaunic citizens within the Duchy; Where does the disdainful attitude come from towards the United Kingdom of Aaun and our absolute will to let the oppressed citizens live in peace? Where does the will of shedding blood come from to separate the Duchy of Adria from the United Kingdom of Aaun? Why does the Duchy of Adria harbor and worship alongside Godfreyists who are deemed a schismatic entity by the Church? The answer is clear to us; it is greed that took the power within the rebel leadership and thus made them believe that the Church is something that can be avoided. A grotesque mistake. It was His Holiness who was present at the Duma and supported the election of the new Duke of Adria and voted in favor of Heinrik when it was a genuine idea to bring the Raevir back together into one single Duchy. A genuine idea that has fallen into a pit of snakes. It was the corrupted minds that made the Duke and his government bloodthirsty and are willing to slay those who oppose them. What I am speaking to all of you in this letter about, concerns not only the Aaun and not only us, but it concerns the entire spiritual alliance of those in Canondom at this very moment to rid Adria of the Godfreyist schismatics who seek to indoctrinate the population into worshiping a false doctrine and exalted. It is known that the older generation amongst us have fought against the old anathema of the former Holy Orenian Empire, a fight that is now doomed to repeat itself soon if the Canonist realms do not take matters into their own hands. We must not let this schism and rebellion fall back into the old ways where Philip III with the help of his Arichsdorf bandits continued to persecute and kill priests whom were loyal to His Holiness and not allow them to kill those who consider the One and Only True Church of the Canon as the truth. It was last Saints Month that I was most afraid of losing my kin whom were taken captives by the rebels who were on the verge of executing them - Praise be to GOD that they did not. We have lost one battle, which should not set the precedent of the entire rebellion. For we are more advanced than those who oppose us. We are capable of military intelligence, operations and anything else that will demoralize the rebels within Adria and will use everything necessary to return the land to the rightful Duma. I should also appeal to the Adrian Army who are currently fighting against the Aaunic Army, Good Friends and Former Brother In-Arms, Upon having tied yourself to the Duchy of Adria and being a resident within the County of Veletzia, you are a citizen of Aaun. Do not let the orders of those who follow false ideologies bother you any longer and instead take up arms against the false Duke and his false government. Do what is righteous and take the Duchy of Adria back into the Aaunic fold by any means necessary. I once again state and emphasize; All the responsibility of bloodshed will be on the conscience of the current ruling rebel-regime of Adria and will be responsible for its own downfall. And it is your own conscience that guides you towards those who are deemed righteous in overthrowing the anathema and his rebel allies. I am confident that you, the Adrians who are righteous and see the wrong in the Duke's doing, are capable of seeing the one path towards peace. I trust in you and believe in your strength in doing this. Good Citizens and Warriors of Aaun I am absolutely confident that through our political might and superiority over these rebels will help us into letting the Duchy surrender. The Aaunic and Adrian citizens under the rebel-regime will no longer be oppressed and will be liberated under the will of GOD and the One and Only Church of the Canon. The anathema and his allies will fail and will stand trial for their heinous crimes against humanity and its one true faith. And as GOD is my witness, I will personally swear to force them out of our Kingdom's land and let them rot in exile. I trust in you, the Aaunic citizens and brave warriors to do the same. And through the same ancient battlecry I say: Tandem Triumphans. Signed, Caius Godwin Jrent
  5. "I am trying father.. I am trying!" Caius Godwin answered his father - as he began to chug his merlot.
  6. "Duke of Adria, what a scold you are, Even your Novellen predecessors have never stood where you are, No matter what mask you put on those Renatians seem to have brought you this far, And your Azdromoth will not be able to save you no matter what it is that you pray for, Where ever you go there are swords around to kill, not to spar, When you are dead they will see how full of cant you are." Caius Godwin Jrent rhymed whilst reading the crimes of the Duke.
  7. "The 'Neo-Renatians' as we call them should be getting persecuted, no matter in what Canonist nation they hide. They are a schismatic entity and therefore if a Canonist nation gives them sanctuary they are just as responsible for the crimes of the schismatic. May GOD guide us and make the liberation for the Adrians who are loyal to His Majesty swift." Caius Godwin Jrent stated whilst preparing his armour and gear for the conflict to come.
  8. TO CONDEMN THE DUKE This letter was written indicating my personal stance and therefore this letter is not representing the stance of every single Aaunic citizen. It is saddening to see that one of the grand vassals of our Kingdom is now trying to undermine its sovereignty and integrity. It was not too long ago that his predecessor, Adrian Leopold Sarkozic did a similar thing; where he made the title of the Dukedom hereditary and planned the succession to the Holy Orenian Throne for his son, Joseph Clement II of House Novellen. However, what this current Duke is doing - Makes the situation of Adrian Leopold look like a theater play. Heinrik Sarkozic being as guilty of his crimes as he is, he is a simple man who has engaged with the schismatic acts of the Neo-Renatians worshiping the so-called ‘Exalted Aurelius’ and is now facing the consequences of it. This has officially created the Duke and his allies as a schismatic entity. It is an absolute shame, that one who was supported by the Crown to restore a Duchy which was of cultural worth to the Raev, now thanks the Crown by trying to overthrow them and thereafter place himself on such. A scheme most of the older generations are familiar with. He who descends from Joseph the Mad himself, truly seems to have had the genetic gift of growing increasingly paranoid and thinking that doing all of this has been in the interest of his Duchy. Besides, what the so-called Duke of Adria has done goes beyond what the Novellens had done in the past and makes those situations look like a jest. It is to my Raev, Illatian and all the other groups of people who are loyal to His Majesty and who all live in Adria to whom I say; You will soon be liberated. Signed, HRH, The Prince Emil Caius, Duke of Balamena Penned by, Caius Godwin Jrent
  9. "It is however ironic how this preaching about the Church comes from a divorcee who was made a consort to good old Charlie whilst concurrently breaking the vow until death do you and him part, so no lecture from you regarding Church matters please. I suppose the drinking of those winebottles has not made you any more intelligent in the slightest." An Aaunic villager who settled in Aeldin remarked to the Alstion woman.
  10. "My fault, at the same time my skygod must have been making an essay for economy." Caius Godwin quickly corrected himself..
  11. [!] In the middle of New Vienne, a ginger-haired man who seemed to be in his late teens is speaking about the Kingdom of Aaun. The man seemed to be rather dedicated to his political aspirations for the service of the Kingdom [!] ON THE KINGDOM OF AAUN A portrait of Godwin I, King of Aaun. Today, I stand before you to speak about the power of our great Kingdom. Aaun is a land blessed with abundant resources, rich history, and a proud people who have stood together through times of prosperity and adversity alike. We have always been a beacon of hope and a symbol of strength in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. Even when there was a coalition of enemies standing before us, we were victorious. But our power does not come from these external factors alone. It comes from the strength of our institutions, the dedication of our people, and the vision of our leaders. We have always been a Kingdom built on a foundation of fairness, justice, and opportunity for all. This is what has set us apart from others and has made us a leader among nations. The power of Aaun is not just military might or economic dominance, but the power of ideas and values. We have always been a land of freedom, democracy, and progress. We believe in the power of education, innovation, and hard work. We know that our strength lies in the diversity of our people, and that our differences are what make us stronger. But we cannot rest on our laurels. We must continue to strive for progress and innovation. We must continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and to lead by example. We must always remember that the power of our Kingdom lies in the hands of its people, and that we must work together to build a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come. We must be prepared to defend our sovereignty against those who would seek to undermine it. We must be vigilant against the forces of occupiers, raiders, and other threats that seek to harm our people and our way of life. We must work together to build strong institutions, uphold the rule of law, and protect our national interests at home and abroad. Our Kingdom's sovereignty is not just a matter of political expediency or strategic advantage - it is a matter of principle. We have always stood for freedom, democracy, and human rights, and we will continue to do so. We will never compromise on our values or our commitment to the sovereignty of our Kingdom. Our military is not just a force of arms. It is a symbol of the strength, courage, and dedication that defines our people. From the bravest foot soldier to the most skilled commander, every member of our military embodies the spirit of our kingdom. In recent years, we have faced many challenges and threats to our security. But thanks to the dedication and skill of our military, we have been able to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger than ever before. Our military is not just a collection of individuals. It is a well-organized and highly disciplined force, made up of soldiers, sailors, and individual vassal levies who work together as a team to achieve our common goals But the success of our military is not just due to their discipline and organization. It is also due to the investment that we have made in their training, equipment, and resources. We have provided our military with the tools they need to succeed, from the latest weapons and technology to the most advanced training and education. But our military is not just a force of war, it is also a force for peace. So let us stand together, my fellow citizens, and let us continue to build upon the legacy of our great Kingdom. Let us continue to work towards a better, more prosperous, and more just society. Let us show the world what the power of Aaun truly means, and let us stand proud and strong as a beacon of hope and freedom for all. GOD protect His Majesty, GOD protect the Kingdom of Aaun. Caius ‘The Bastard Prince’ Godwin Jrent Speaker and Writer.
  12. Jaroslav Vladimirovich Godunov, founder of the House Godunov, welcomed his son in the Seven Skies.
  13. Caius Godwin Jrent cheered for his von Reuss kin that Guise was returned to the lands of Aaun. "Guise is ours!"
  14. "Should be nothing new or even a surprise to you considering the previous sovereigns of the Kingdom of Balian were a product of a similar tradition. And that perhaps.. once, twice or thrice over." A young Jrent allowed one of his intrusive thoughts to get out.
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