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  1. THE PRAYER OF MONSIGNOR LOUIS DE ROSIUS Penned by, Scribe Martius Louis Joseph de Rosius, praying within the Chapel of St. Edmond in 7th of Tobias' Bounty, 1900. ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────── GOD, Creator of Man in the Seven Skies, blessings be upon your Exalted and Saints, I have come to ask you strength in my life for I have lost many of my kin. Bring blessings into my life so I may continue to do my work as someone who tries to dutifully serve you. Amen. Exalted Horen, be blessed for founding our faith and be blessed upon your eternal wisdom, Exalted Owyn, be blessed for your chivalry and for your eternal wisdom, Exalted Godfrey, be blessed for your eternal wisdom and be blessed knowledge upon the temptations of mankind, Exalted Sigismund be blessed for acknowledging no power but that of GOD and be blessed for your your eternal wisdom. Amen. Saint Godwin of Aaun, I pray you come to our people for their aid when they are in need - look after those who continue the legacy of your descendants, such descendants being our sovereign and his family. May you guide our Kingdom into prosperity and spread the word of our beloved faith that comes from GOD and his Exalted. GOD protect my King, Charles I, one who has been chosen by your grace. Amen. Saint Edmond of Lachsin, look after the Auvergnians of this world who are so proud of their heritage, I pray for them to you if they are in need of help, and I pray that you will do likewise. All by the power and might of the one true GOD. Amen. Saint Tylos of Kalden, I pray to you that you will look after those who descend from you, the proud Waldenians who are O' so pious to your power and are blessed people within this world, may you keep watch over them and guide them into GOD His Holy light. Amen. Saint Tara of Edel, may you be the one example for the women in the Canonist nations and be the one who will guide them while us men are defending our people against those who the Deceiver sends to threaten the flock of GOD, may you protect and guide the women of this world who create our descendants, who take care of the children and the many others who are in need of a mother figure. Blessings be upon you, Saint Tara - Pray for us. Amen. Saint Otto of Haense, I ask of you to guide those who have succeeded you, and to make them pious Canonists who will support everyone in every Canonist endeavor and bring the people of Haense closer to GOD, I pray that you will oversee them to grow spiritually and will guide them to the Church and the illumination of your light. Amen. Saint Lothar of Balian, May you guide the flock of GOD with its relations to the other human realms within this world, may you guide them to peace and bless them as a Kingdom that has been acknowledged by your vicar. I pray that they will grow and prosper like any other realm within this world that has been filled with deceit and greed by the Deceiver and I pray that you will guide those who reside within the Kingdom through those struggles that they meet. I pray to you to oversee the safe reign of the new King by the grace of GOD, Alexandros I. Amen. Saint Emma of Woldzmir, I pray that you look over those who reside within Petra, guide them, hear the prayers, provide them with what they need, unify their people and strengthen their faith. Look after my kin and their friends and fellow compatriots through the help of the one true GOD. Blessed be, GOD, blessed be, Exalted, blessed be Saints, blessed be, the Blessed, blessed be, the Venerable, blessed be, Vicar of GOD. Bring the faithful together, make them live under the Seven Skies together in harmony, bring them closer to GOD, bring them closer to the Exalted, bring them closer to the Saints, bring them closer to the Blessed, bring them closer to the Venerable, bring them closer to His Vicar. Amen.
  2. THE LATE ROSIUS Lucrece Ysabeau, Margravine of Haute-Epine, Baroness of Rosius, Madame de Mont Louis, Matriarche de Rosius 1869 - 1900 It is with great sorrow that the Margrave of Haute-Epine, Louis Joseph announces the death of his beloved wife and Margravine, Lucrece Ysabeau who has passed due to illness. The House of Rosius has once more entered a period of mourning for the late Margravine and will invite the nobility of the realm and family members of the House into the Margraviate to pay their final respects. We invite them to come at any time until the funeral occurs. The late Margravine's funeral will occur a week after her passing within the Chapel of Saint Edmond, thereafter being laid to rest with the other fallen of Rosius. May she be with her forebears in the Seven Skies. Signed, The Right Honourable, Louis Joseph I Margrave of Haute-Epine, Baron of Rosius, Seigneur de Mont Louis, Patriarche de Rosius, Monsignor of the Church, Seigneur-Commandant de Garde de Haute-Epine,
  3. "I recall seeing her headless corpse in my feasthall?" Louis Joseph scratched his chin in thought, reflecting on the inquisition against her and getting her executed on the spot...
  4. HAUTE-EPINE GOLD & CO. Est. 1899 Haute-Epine Gold & Co, established by Louis I, Margrave of Haute-Epine, is a company open to the entirety of humanity that has it focuses on finance and the trade & supply of minerals such as; Ferrum, aurum, exotic woods, stones, and other needs for those who need the materials to further progress into the stock of their settlements and to provide their people of the requirements to survive. Haute-Epine Gold & Co also focuses on the creation of rare aurum coins; should one of nobility require a certain currency as their tax, then Haute-Epine Gold & Co takes care of the creation of this coin in exchange for a sum of mina. Or should a peer require memorabilia in the form of coins, then of course this is a speciality Haute-Epine Gold & Co takes care of as well. Haute-Epine Gold & Co is an open company that trades with everyone capable of doing so and can come to agreements with other companies regarding the trade amongst humanity. With its headquarters based in the lands of Haute-Epine, this too will be the main center where foreign merchants can come to do business with the company. Much like its fraternal company, The Petran Exports Company, they happily cooperate for trade among their people in common cause. Signed, The Right Honourable, Louis Joseph de Rosius Margrave of Haute-Epine Chairman of Haute-Epine Gold & Co The Honourable, Franz Arthur Sarkozic var Sapron Baron of Sapron Governor of The Petran Exports Company [OOC] Join the discord in the spoiler to stay updated regarding the services of the company.
  5. Louis Joseph de Rosius bobbed his head, shaking the hands of both his brothers on a businessman manner.
  6. THE CONSEIL D’AUVERGNE THE AUVERGNAT ASSEMBLY 1899 PREAMBLE; We stand in times of growing culturalism, wherein families bond by language, tradition and custom affix in conjunction to endure the trial of time. In such a way that guarantees the development of their circle and its prosperity. Our tribe, the Auvergnat is famed for its proud people, often engaging in revelries and carousing. Inhabitants of flatter terrain and warmer climate, as seen in each continent that humankind has populated. Yet, we have not found this destined unity other cultures have. We have always been spread out in different realms or distant locations, and have found little success forming our own settlements or domains. Our most contemporary attempt would be Campagnon, which endured for decade before utterly failing. CONTENT; In light of pursuing this unfound unity amongst our brethren, we have come to the realisation that our culture warrants an Assembly, wherein matters pertaining to our progress and development as people of shared past are to be discussed and debated. Our first gathering shall greatly rivet on instituting the foundations of the subsequent ones. Due to little information of the Auvergnat dynasties, we have summed up a list of those commonly known, yet our inaugural congregation shall be freely open to any families of our culture with proven heritage. SUMMONS; THE HOUSE DE ROSIUS THE HOUSE OF HALCOURT THE HOUSE OF PRUVIA THE HOUSE OF AMADOR THE HOUSE OF MONTAGNE THE HOUSE DE LA BALTAS As penned by Eleanor Lucienne Pruvia
  7. H I S T O R Y O F H A U T E - E P I N E Penned by Louis I, Margrave of Haute-Epine 2nd of Harren’s Folly, 1895 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: The Early Beginnings Chapter 2: The Rise of the Rose Chapter 3: The Resettlement CHAPTER I THE EARLY BEGINNINGS This Chapter will briefly summarize the ancestral history of Louis Joseph de Rosius. The House of Rosius, a House formed during the late reign of Joseph II the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. The first head of the House was Valent Philip de Rosius, the firstborn son of Philip de Rosius-Rourke and Maria Darkwood; Valent, together with his many brothers and sisters formed the House of Rosius together and began to spend their childhood educating themselves on the Orenian politics or would prepare themselves to enlist into the Imperial State Army. Valent and his siblings were: Otis Maximilian Francis Raphael Julius Cesare Hughbert Jacques Aboul Jean Elodie Victoria Josephine Agnes Anne Cassia Elizavetta Joanne All of his siblings were either being married when they were of age or they died as unmarried. However, there was one occasion that lead to an entire new future for the House. Upon the sudden death of Valent; his brother Otis inherited the House and thus was the new Patriarch of House de Rosius. This made Otis his firstborn daughter Hera Claude the next and first female head of the House Rosius. His wife Claude de Frand, took care of his children until her sudden death; of which the cause is still disputed. One says it was murder the other says is she succumbed to an illness which led to her death. Hera Claude however, got into a bitter quarrel with her father regarding the death of her beloved mother. It was also during that time that Otis was bestowed with the honor of becoming a Knight of Merit, styling himself as “Sir Otis Maximilian de Rosius KM” It was during this time that Otis Maximilian was given the title of ‘Baron of Rosius’, a title that is held until this very day. Otis was responsible for the construction of Rosius avenue within Providence; he too, was the architect of the Chateau de Rosius and the proposed reconstruction of the municipality of Redenford. It was during the patriarchy of Otis Maximilian that the House involved themselves into different occupations. Where they served John VIII, the Holy Orenian Emperor in his war against Norland and when they involved themselves in the political system of Oren. It was said that the House of Rosius was notorious for its conquest of local governments and taking as many seats within the House of Commons as possible. Furthering their political influence and inevitably becoming one of the major houses with such an influence. During such influence, Maria Charlotte and Elodie Victoria began to join the Ministry of Justice, following their career in being responsible for the upholding of the Orenian Law, trading in the footsteps of their late brother Valent. Otis, his ward and nephew, Philip Hughes, was one who attended the Augustine Court quite frequently due to spending much time with the Princess Amelia of Renzfeld; daughter of Philip Aurelian, the Duke of Adria and Amadea Ulyssa de Sarkozy. The two first met each other during one of the many “social seasons”, however; due to Philip Hughes not being able to marry her despite his proposal after they had met on several occasions, he began to focus elsewhere. It was then that his aunt Maria Charlotte de Rosius began to arrange a marriage for Philip to Elaine Victoria d’Arkent, the daughter of Sir Caspian Lucian d’Arkent and Anna Mariya d’Arkent. The two were wed and had three children; Lucius Philip, Genevieve Christine and Sebastien Balthazar, of whom the latter passed due to a most traumatic accident. It was after that when he met Helena Eleanor de Sarkozy with whom he fathered four children: Joseph Clement, Octavia Eleanor and Franz Henry. As the family gathered to celebrate the pregnancy of Elaine with her third child, she and his aunt Maria Charlotte arrived in a carriage, a carriage which contained fireblast underneath it which exploded on its arrival for all of the family members to see their three family members be burned alive. Philip Hughes was most traumatized and tried to seek comfort elsewhere; he attended Church more often than usual and often sought help from his grandfather, Casper Cardinal Providentia. During such grief, he determined that there was only the ultimate salvation to be found in living a life dedicated to GOD. The boy who was once attending the fancy courts of the Holy Orenian Empire, returned as a warrior who would only die for GOD and for his Vicar. Philip Hughes began his training with Holy Sir August Jazloviecki, it was him who trained Philip in swordsmanship, hunting and blacksmithery under the leadership of the Apostolic-General Armand de Rennes. Upon the conclusion of Philip's trials; he was knighted by the High Pontiff Everard VI as “Holy Sir Philip Hughes ‘The Kind’ de Rosius”. Holy Sir Philip then began to go on multiple quests to secure the Canonist realms of any incursions from heretical entities or daemonic creatures. His family however, remained loyal to the Holy Orenian Empire and continued forth into the political ambitions. While Philip Hughes, merely remained as a Holy Sir and only returned from the wilderness after his late sixties. Note: Philip Hughes de Rosius was the main ancestor of Louis Joseph de Rosius, hence his mention due to the closest relation. CHAPTER II THE RISE OF A ROSE This chapter is written in regards to the circumstance of Louis Joseph, his birth and parentage, alongside his siblings; Emir d’Abbassia and Roxana Claude de Rosius. Louis Joseph de Rosius was born to Joseph Sarkozic, Baron of Pompourelia and Hera Claude, Baroness of Rosius in the year of 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1864 within the Imperial Capital of Providence. He was named after his uncle; Louis Alphonse de Rosius and his father Joseph Sarkozic; alongside him, also came his twin-brother Emir. Louis Joseph de Rosius grew up in a very secretive area where no one would be able to discover his true heritage and descent until the parentage of him and his brother was exposed to Emir only and thus his ancestry was later told to Louis himself. Louis Joseph often spent time with his half-brother Franz Arthur and upon the Acrean Rebellion against the Kingdom of Oren he, his siblings and his mother disappeared into the County of Mardon to their family castle. Until the conflict had passed and the Acrean Rebels created the Harvest Confederacy, it was Louis, his sister who inherited the title and name and was tasked by her mother to encompass the House. It so happened that there soon came yet another conflict; however, within the House itself. As the House dispersed into two parts of which one stayed in the ancestral heartlands and another went to Balian to show support to John I, the King of Balian. There was a quarrel due to the succession of the dynasty for a near decade and put the claims of each person involved into a very questionable light. It was during Louis' late teenage years that his cousin Yves, his aunt Gisele and his mother Hera kept battling for the leadership themselves. However, Hera could not be bothered to fight and thus changed her Household's name into Endor. Then, a few years later she passed away which left Louis Joseph absolutely devastated and thus retreated back to the heartlands where he could forge his future plan. CHAPTER III THE RESETTLEMENT The story is about how multiple members of House de Rosius got into a quarrel with each other regarding the succession of their House. The succession quarrel later became a matter between the different Households of Louis, Yves and Gisele. The three gathered and discussed the future of the House. They all mutually agreed to create different branches of the House so that the leadership was divided with the High Pontiff being a witness of this, yet this did not last quite long as Yves passed away at a young age and Gisele passed too. This left Louis to take up the mantle of leading the House. Which allowed Louis to make their family seat in the Kingdom of Aaun which was led by King Charles I, of the House Alstion. Louis swore his fealty and was thus tasked to create a borderpost to defend the realm within the Arentanian mountains. At the time that Louis was made a Margrave, he greatly supported the realm with the matter against Acre. Louis, a faithful and zealous Canonist, began to enforce Canon Law within his lands; which would allow no heretic or abomination on his lands; and if they did, they were usually greeted with death at first sight. It was with the help of Eleanor Pruvia that the architectural plans of Haute-Epine were set in place and with the help of Calliope Renata von Alstreim that the Chapel of St. Edmond was made. When the Margraviate was established, Louis made sure that all of his relatives were granted a proper place for burial, who now are at rest within the Catacombes de Rosius under Chateau de Valent, the main fort within Haute-Epine. A place where often prayers are held in commemoration of the dead. In his service to Charles I, Louis Joseph was bestowed with the duties of being the Representative of the Lords, a duty that focuses on the needs of every Lord within the lands of Aaun and is a duty to maintain good overall relations with the fellow vassals in regards to supplies and the likes. During the times of the Margraviate Louis Joseph married Lucrece Ysabeau, with whom he fathered three children all of who reside within the Margraviate to this day and are being educated to be serving the realm as true Auvergnians and true Canonists. Louis Joseph often reunited his kin by holding several impromptu gatherings within the lands of Haute-Epine and thus often used to celebrate weddings or any other festive occasions. Louis Joseph tasked his eldest son Louis August de Rosius to become the Seigneur-Capitaine and thus served his father directly by becoming the second in-charge of the Haute-Epine Guard. Louis was often spending his time traveling the realm and investigating every part of the realm - often setting up camp to spend more time in the outside world other than being locked up within his keep. He thus took note of every strategic vantage point, should any other Auvergnian House be willing to reintegrate within the heartlands and serve the Kingdom of Aaun. All in the good prayer and hope that the Auvergnians would one time reunite again.
  8. Caius Godwin wailed from his crib, the entirety of Minitz hearing it.
  9. “Pour un ordre fidèle, nous nous efforçons” - Louis Joseph de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INFORMATION II. RANKS III. UNIFORMS IV. APPLICATION I. INFORMATION The Guard of Haute-Epine, created by Louis Joseph de Rosius, the first Margrave of the Auvergnian Haute-Epine, is a guard that enforces and adheres to Canon Law at its finest within its lands. The guard serves to prevent any practice or attack done by heretic or heathen forces and is focussed on conversions of those who have not discovered the Canonist faith just yet. The Patron Saint of the guard is St. Edmond of Lachsin and is also sometimes on the battle standard of the guard itself. Those who come into the guard, are to be educated about Auvergnian courtesies and culture to fully immerse themselves into the guard and are to be indoctrinated with the Scrolls to serve the guard and GOD simultaneously. II. RANKS Seigneur-Commandant The Seigneur-Commandant otherwise said in common as Lord-Commander commands the entire guard, which is now a rank that is passed on from the Margrave to his heir and is currently Louis Joseph de Rosius. Seigneur-Capitaine The Seigneur-Capitaine is a rank held by the heir of Haute-Epine Louis August de Rosius. It is a rank that requires one to lead groups of guards through their lands to ensure the security and well-being of its people. Chevalier d’Epine Chevalier d’Epine or Soldier of the Thorn is a rank held by the oathed guardsmen once they pass trials as recruits; trials that are thought of at the spot so they may think of solutions to their trials without having the time to do any sort of research. Recrues The Recrues, otherwise known as Recruits are the new men who join the guard. They are to be educated on weaponry, armory and Canonist norms and values. They will undergo trials to prove what they are worth and are to be sent on a pilgrimage once they have finished their education regarding Canonism. III. UNIFORMS From Seigneur-Capitaine to Seigneur-Commandant From Recrues to Chevalier d’Epine IV. APPLICATION In order to join the guard, the person in question must meet the following requirements I. Have the age of 18 or above II. Must be a human and baptized into the Church of the Canon III. Must be a subject of King Charles I of Aaun or become one upon joining the guard of Haute-Epine. If one meets the requirements, the application follows as (OOC) IGN: DISCORD: (IRP) Name: Age: Race: Faith: Allegiance:
  10. "Yet again it is no surprise to me that this Tripartite commit the greatest act of heresy. With some good fortune, Iblees will torture them for eternity in the Void." Louis Joseph de Rosius laughed as he read the declaration of war.
  11. THE BIRTH OF A ROSE The Right Honourable, Louis Joseph de Rosius and The Right Honourable Lucrèce Ysabeau de Rosius are most glad to welcome a new member of their household, Otis Philip de Rosius. The newborn is named after his great-grandfather Otis Maximilian and with his second name being named after the father whom we descend from, Philip de Rosius-Rourke. The boy was born healthily on the 17th of Godfrey’s Triumph, in the year of our Lord 1897 within the Chateau de Valent and is to be styled as yet another ‘Seigneur de Mont Louis’ alongside his brothers and sisters: Louis August, Adrien Clement, Joseph Hughes, Charlotte Ulyssa and Lucia Augusta. He has the brown hair of his father and has the complexion of his mother, and the green Rosius eyes are of course a trait part of it. We invite our relatives from the Houses O’Rourke, Darkwood, Galbraith, d'Abbassia, Rhodon and Sarkozic to see the newborn and to welcome him as their kin. It is from there that we will select someone to be his Godfather or Godmother. We shall expect the guests at anytime at the Chateau de Valent. Signed, Le Très Honorable, Louis Joseph de Rosius, Margrave de Haute-Epine, Baron de Rosius, Seigneur de Château de Valent, Seigneur de Mont Louis, Seigneur-Commandant de la Garde de la Rose, Monseigneur de l'Eglise Patriarche de Rosius Lucrèce Ysabeau de Rosius, Margravine de Haute-Epine, Baronne de Rosius, Madame de Château de Valent, Madame de Mont Louis, Matriarche de Rosius
  12. "OH MY GOD! EDUCATION! I DID NOT LEARN HOW TO READ AND WRITE AT EIGHT YEARS OLD! NO F-CKING WAY!" Louis Joseph reacted quite shocked on the new edict!
  13. As Emil spoke to Louis Joseph as he finished his prayer to St. Edmond, signing the Lorraine - he then answered: "It is indeed a shame that those who lived under the reign of venerable Sigismund III are now the ones who oppose the Church. Yet it was them, the once truthfully Canonist Haeseni who defended the Church against schismatics and would now dare to do the same what the Old Empire did which was conquest for their own personal ambitions. Though I suppose, the current King is merely driven by madness rather than faith in the Church. If this madman truly wishes to trade into the footsteps of those who his own father once opposed and turn the entirety of Canondom against him; then let this heretic King try together with the pathetic Novellenites." Yet, despite the disappointment, he did pray for mercy for those who oppose such a plot. "If only they knew the consequences of a plot to conquer the Kingdom of Aaun. Neither the vassals that inhabit their lands or any Canonist would be having joy about it. I pray for those vassals that they will do what is right and oppose this tyrannical plan. And may GOD guide them by making that right decision."
  14. "It only took them vanishing out of no where during each reign for mysterious reasons that only their Skygod could answer!" Louis Joseph mumbled to the words of his relative.
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