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  1. Roxana enjoyed the missive with a cigarette and coffee, "As I predicted, les prophéties foretold this match. Your girl has nothing on my intuition." @exoo
  2. Clack! Clack! Roxana paced down the hall of Blanca's bedchamber, pounding the door to no avail. "Blanca, prove thy last bearings of innocence. Profess that it was Laetitia. Say that her Mother's taint spread from her to you. Please chère!"
  3. the flavors are there, its clean, its very um thalassic.
  4. What is your name?: Roxana What is your age?: 20 What is your race?: Human Where do you reside?: Mardon Do you have sorcery?: Non Are you currently in a political affiliation with any nation?: Not currently but trying In a few words, please explain what ‘fun’ means: Finding PAPA. In a few words, tell us the most ‘evil’ thing you have done: In my youth I called my little brother fat every day to the point he appeared severely malnourished. So frail that a whisper might've knocked him over.
  5. Roxana of Endor, firstborn of Hera. [!] An envelop hardly sealed by red-velvet wax is made and copied numerous times, thus distributed across the table boards of the Duchy of Balian and the Kingdom of Oren, and any who may wish to read its contents. It read as follows: Dear House de Rosius, Let it be known that your truth is not so legitimate as you seem to portray it and let it be known that it was your family who dwindled the preservation and quality of our line. Whilst my mother – may she rest in peace – was an odd woman of rare tendencies, she ensured that her legacy would perseverate through me, and it was her who finally imparted justice in this family. My grandfather's efforts – may he also rest in peace – were his and his alone after the death of his brother, Valent. Baron Otis de Rosius and Baroness Claude de Rosius nèe-frans were the ones to uphold the prestige of the peerage, and it is only sensible that the true Baroness Hera de Rosius inherits the fruits sown for her rightful harvest. And, she made sure to spare me no detail. It was your cowardice, your lack of confrontation, that sunk the line of de Rosius in a desperate state. Whilst your side of the family prioritized slaving away for an Emperor that deserved no worship or support and birthing left and right without a possible way to guarantee the legitimacy or quality of life of these children, my mother - Hera - chose to maintain the verity of our peerage, and thanks to her, we are now able to reside within the Kingdom with as much – if not more – luxury than any you may have experienced before. Perhaps it was madness that drove my mother, yet I find truth in her words and actions. And perhaps it was a mistake to heed under the incessant pledge of my half-brother – I realize now that even in death, you will never be able to let her go. And it is for this reason that we are no longer your family – no longer are we de Rosius, but Endor. [!] At the very end of the missive was printed a signature, written by Roxana Claude of Endor.
  6. Discord Tag: kennyr#7487 Skin Name: blue sea Bid(s): $25 (buyout) sorry shawty
  7. Skin Name: Harriet Bid: $10 discord: kennyr#7487 Skin: Vidia Bid: 100 mina Discord: kennyr#7487
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