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  1. Anastatsya groans and tosses the missive into her fire. "Sure, let the orcs keep killing others, that'll go over well. Make sure they know Lurin's too cowardly to stand up to 'em"
  2. GUH THATS SUCH A HARD QUESTION!! honestly i dont think i could choose? theyre both good for very diff reasons with dnd you have a LOT more freedom and opportunity to feel like a main character, as well as just do cool shit so long as your dm is cool enough, the possibilities are next to endless. that being said, i find lotc offers a lot more for character progression, even just things like scarring! the downside being its very limiting in what u can do since its gotta be fair for everyone (laaame)
  3. The Kharajyr are a race of great pride and a deep love of showing off. As such, there is a rigidity within their classes and hierarchy. Those at the top yield greater power within the community, and their say carries more weight. Contrary to their historical manners, however, in the modern era there is a much greater intermingling between the higher and lower classes. Below are the ranked positions one may uptake, alongside the symbols each are affiliated with that are granted upon Maca Tocaitl. ◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈◆◈ Aelkos - Yhl’ With the time of those blessed by Metztli to lead having long since passed, the title of Tlatanni is no more. To respect this absence, those in total leadership now adopt the title of Aelkos, those historically below the Tlatanni. To be granted this title is of utmost honour, and can only be given by another Aelkos passing down their title. Priests - Ja’ Beneath the Aelkos, those who yield the highest authority are those who are anointed the position of Priest. Being those who teach the ways of Metztli and preach of her teachings, they offer one of the most important roles; the glue that sticks Kha together. After centuries passed, it is they who continue to keep Metztli’s name sacred and known amongst the race. Pride Leaders - Ri’ Those who lead a Pride act as a council amongst the leadership of the Kharajyr. While the Aelkos’ rule is absolute, they are to take the input of their people. This input typically comes to them from these leaders, who act as the voice of the people, and make suggestions based on what may benefit them most greatly. Doctors - Dra’ Often considered the stewards of life among Kha, medicinal practitioners are highly respected. While lower on the hierarchy, with their say being less than many others, when it comes to their profession even Aelkos do not object to the Doctors orders. Kharajyr view their bodies as gifts from Metztli, and thus the people who ensure the wellbeing of said bodies are viewed to have holy gifts. Warriors - Do’ The protectors of the community, the Kharajyr who dedicate themselves to the warrior path are granted moderate reverence for their endless loyalty to their people. Dying in the name of Metztli, protecting her children, is one of the most noble and honourable ways to meet one's end. These tlapana often embark on patrols, as well as maintain the peace within their own communities, and act in the name of the Aelkos’ and Metztli. Magic Users - Jo' Given their connection to the Spirits of Khalenwyr, these Kha hold a high position and are typically seen as holy. While they don’t hold anywhere near the same respect as priests who dedicate themselves to Metztli, their power also yields them an important position among their people. This is to note, however, users of deific or voidal magics are dishonoured in their betrayal to Metztli Merchants - Ka'/Ki'/Ko' Silver tongued Kha with an affinity for drawing in wealth and bartering for goods hold an important role within society. They are often considered the backbone of the interpersonal relationships among the Kharajyr and the descendant races, as more than any they are the ones who embark on journeys to sell their wares, spreading the Kha’s name across the lands. Artists - Ji’ While artists are typically seen as the lowest among the hierarchy, it does not mean they don’t play a vital role. It is the artists who preserve the ancient history of the Kha through their works, storytelling, music, and even their meals. It is often these Kha who spend their time teaching the young about their ancestors, carrying on the countless legacies before them. Adults - Si’/Sa’/So’ Kharajyr who reach adulthood but have not yet found themselves a place within the greater class system are considered rankless, though some view them as the bottom tier. This group often makes up the majority within their communities, filled with those searching for their callings. Though, some maintain this role for life, as it encompasses those who uptake smaller, albeit important, jobs without a noble title. Children- S’ The cubs of the Kharajyr, once given their true name by an Aelkos, are also rankless, in that they are too young to hold any true say. They are cared for by the greater community, as well as their pride. Despite their position, they are treated with great care and respect, as they are the future of the community in which they are a part of.
  4. 1. I do! this song i associated heavily with my first persona when i'd made him and listening to it still makes me feel like im a noob learning the ropes alongside him 2. I think, off the top of my head, my favourite moment is the time when my druid persona got in a huge battle among friends because he was STINKY and refusing to bathe. I rolled really high to dodge soap balls thrown at him and tackles into the water, only to get waterboarded by a rather large hou zi, whom he now fears. it was really silly. Beyond that, but tied to it, my favourite moments have all been the ones where i feel apart of a community through my character. when its around friends they have, theres this coziness it get from those moments i love deeply 3. OKAY, thats a long list but here we go Fal'leon: Ultramarine Yhl'Kabuki: Bright red Ketuki: Crimson Vrim: Black Kap'Uchan: Violet Anastatsya: Cactus green Elaranael: Teal Ayal: None, maybe green if they HAD to pick Percivale: Viridian Xruul: White Luara: Vermillion 4. As of right now, I think @Tigergiriis my fav! we've been friends for almost as long as i've been on the server and she's been so kind to me since we met, i enjoy our vcs and silly memes v v much. Sorry to my other staff friends i love you all so much too we just dont talk as oftenDSFSGFSH i have a lot of buddies in staff mannnn hard question. It's less a single experience but more a few collective, i mentioned in another reply, but the times ive felt really apart of a community. I love the coziness, the rp scenes where my characters are surrounded by friends and goofing off honestly, its only because the naz hes under doesnt play that naz very often. i dont have a lot of ideas for Vrim on his own and mostly just enjoy being a little spook goon while given direction planning and scheming hurts my brain but! if pallo dms saying its imp time i 100% will be there for imping no i will not marry you my favourite character to play is and probs always will be Fal'leon. Hes a self insert for one so hes fun on that front, but i also just love playing him since i have for so long. i go through dips in activity on him when things get slow BUT the most fun i have is on that feller, hes silly and his friends are silly, 10/10 gooby guy
  5. If i had to pick any of the ones i have, I think i'd choose Kabuki. I love him dearly, however hes been a character very overshadowed by my work with the Kharajyr. I've played him for a very long time and yet he's never really gotten to become his own character, he's more of a force i use to drive action in the community itself. If i had my own way, I think i'd have liked him to have gotten to have more friends in his youth that may have helped me decide some set character traits for him
  6. as of today, it's been three full years since I joined Lotc! with that im popping out an AMA cause ive never done one and it feels like a valid time
  7. st i beg you for a BREAK

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      @shorsand being fr my only issue is the back to back to back world endy type things. its hard to rp interpersonal relationships when everything is dying yk!

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      how to make an infinite fart cycle:


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  8. Hello, I'm periphonics! I lead a small but fairly active Kharajyr community currently tucked into Nevaehlen until we can afford a lair for ourselves. Recently, irply, my persona was brought 3 orphaned kha cubs; a pantera, a cheetrah and a leparda. The Cheetrah has a player, but we still need to have the other two! While I cannot guarantee a 'parent', my character plays the role of a paternal figure to all orphaned kha, as he himself was orphaned long ago. He will teach the kha language, ways, and religion, and if they end up close enough isnt opposed to adoption down the line As well as this, I can offer up a community with rich cultural rp and bi weekly events, the fun of learning about the ancient ways of the kharajyr as well as the new ones forming with this new generation, and the opportunity to help pioneer said new generation. We're always looking for folks dedicated to help growing the culture, to aid in lore writing, hosting events, and even joining us in going to other nations to hold small cultural events! We have a fully functional language doc that's very cohesive, as well as an impending translator to make using such even easier! Please dm me on discord (Periphonics) if this takes your interest! I will note as well, that I am willing to make the skins for any players wanting to play these cubs, if this is of any concern.
  9. The Codex on Vikela Law · · ───────༺ ·୨୧· ༻─────── · · Foreword, The Kingdom of Vikela in all of its various appendages and holdings are bound by this codex of law. These laws are derived from the rule of the King or Queen and their lineage. The Kingdom is in practice of the law and the codex of all documented decrees of the Monarch. No exception or alteration to this Codex is to be made by any other than the reigning Monarch and their representatives to this Codex of law. This Codex overrules all current and previous laws held in effect over The Kingdom of Vikela. Ignorance of the law does not exempt one from the enforcement of the law. Rights of Vikela, All rights shall fall to any person within the sovereign grounds of the Kingdom of Vikela and are inalienable in nature, never to be infringed upon, so long as they are exercised in good faith to the Sovereign and its people. The Sovereign shall forever make every effort to uphold these rights as is their obligation to the people they serve. Acting in opposition to these rights shall not be tolerated by the people, shall not be Allowed by their leaders or contradicted by future authors of the law. Right to Trial All people shall be guaranteed the right to fair trial for all crimes not deemed Heinous or despicable in nature as defined by the Sovereign. Right to Privacy All people shall be guaranteed reasonable privacy of their own affairs which shall not be infringed upon without reasonable certainty of dangerous, seditious, or illegal practice. Right to Peace People residing peacefully within our sovereign land shall pass unmolested and unharmed by any other person without due cause. Right to Voice Citizens reserve the right to voice their complaints, ideas and suggestions to the King or Queen, as well as their agents or representatives, without fear of retribution so long as the words remain honest, honorable and bring no harm to Vikela. Right to Defend The right to defend oneself shall be retained indefinitely as well as all means to do so in order to protect home, family, the weak or Vikela should the call ever arise to do so. Table of Contents Legally Important Terms Defining Reasonable Punishments General Laws of Vikela Pertaining Acts of Theft Burglary Robbery Other Pertaining Acts of Violence Assault Murder Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent Fraud Espionage Vandalism Kidnapping Aiding an Outlaw Undermining Authority & Defenses Poaching and Hunting Poaching Animals Dark Arts Darkspawn practices and Necromancy General Policy Littering Drug Use Taxes Pertaining Vassals of Vikela Pertaining to The Military Definitions of Legally Important Terms Citizen A citizen is defined as someone who legally physically inhabits some part of The Kingdom of Vikela. Citizenship is lost once someone permanently leaves Vikela land or The Kingdom of Vikela. For citizenship to be proven a record must be present in the Vikelan Registry, a document held by the Sovereign Government. Stewards Stewards are tasked with watching over the citizens of Vikela, they manage the basic day to day tasks of the city. This includes making sure citizens have housing, the city registry is updated and that empty houses don't have unapproved people living in them. Stewards can solve most citizens' problems or direct them to the proper people. Military Military Personnel are the citizens of Vikela that have taken the extra step in protecting the Kingdom and City. Led by the Warfare Ministry, the Military Branch of Vikela stands and defends the city's streets, walls, and gates. Tradesmen A tradesmen is any citizen of Vikela that sells goods from a named shop or enterprise, be it in a storefront, caravan, or from within their own home. Inalienable In the context of Vikela law means that if you are a citizen you retain whatever rights are granted for as long as you are in fact a citizen. Criminal A criminal is defined as anyone who breaks any law found within this Codex. Foreign Crimes do not automatically constitute someone's criminality in Vikela, but may be considered in context of one's citizenship in Vikela or a trial. Property An area of land in which one is allocated ownership under the crown's jurisdiction, paid for via mina or other means of labour. Defining Reasonable Punishments The Following Definition serves as a rubric on punishments which may be sentenced to those people who have been deemed to have committed a crime. No entity [Magistrate] shall issue a Punishment or Penalty greater than Listed below aside from The Lord Magistrate or ruling Sovereign. Those sentencing shall use a prudent hand in doling out all punishments, never meeting the maximum punishment without overwhelming evidence of heinous intent, disrespect, or lack of remorse. Those who fail to provide reasonable punishment may face charges equal to that which qualify. Class D Crimes Class D (Petty Crime): Fine of no more than 150 Mina, delivery of no less than 50 iron ingots or bread loaves, written and signed statement of apology. Class C Crimes Class C (Minor Crime): Fine of no more than 500 Mina, banishment of no longer than 2 years, delivery of no less than 100 iron ingots/bread loaves or 25 leather, up to 20 lashes by whip upon the back. Class B Crimes Class B (General Crime): Fine of no more than 1,000 Mina, banishment of no longer than 10 years, delivery of no less than 150 iron ingots/bread loaves or 50 leather. Up to 30 lashes by whip upon the back, branding of a limb or other part of the body. Class A Crimes Class A (Major Crime): Fine of no more than 2,000 Mina, banishment for no less than 10 years, delivery of no less than 200 iron ingots/bread loaves or 100 leather. Pillory for no less than 24 hours, no less than 50 lashes by whip upon the back, branding of the body, loss of one’s limb or extremity, execution by firing squad or being hung by the neck until dead. Evading Punishment In the instance of a convicted criminal fleeing before their punishment is enacted, a manhunt will ensue in which a bounty is placed upon the head of said criminal for the people of Aevos to seek. Said bounty will be in correspondence to the mina fine owed, and the mina fine will double to compensate the Kingdom. Laws of Vikela Lands 01. Pertaining Acts of Theft 01.01 Burglary; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s property. 01.01.01 Minor Burglary (Class D) The theft of 200 Mina or less, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.01.02 Burglary (Class C) The theft of 500 Mina or less, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.01.02 Major Burglary (Class B) The theft of 700 Mina or less, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.01.02 Grand Burglary (Class A) The theft of greater than 700 Mina, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.02 Robbery; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s person. 01.02.01 Minor Robbery (Class D) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 200 Mina, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.02.02 Robbery (Class C) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 350 Mina, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.02.03 Grand Robbery (Class B) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of greater than 500 Mina, in equivalent goods or coins. 01.03 Other Theft; defined as the theft of other goods, services, time ect. 01.03.01 Breaking Contracts (Class C) Violating a previously agreed upon contract (that has been registered and sealed by the King and/or Queen) between two parties, in order to boost profits or deprive the other of their labors. 01.03.02 Animal Theft (Class B) The theft or slaughter of any animal(s) belonging to anyone other than yourself. 01.03.03 Donation Theft (Class B) The misuse of any donated supplies meant for the city or the practise of conning into supporting false or misleading charitable causes. This includes and is not limited to anyone found accepting donations on behalf of House de Astrea and The Kingdom of Vikela without the approval of the King and/or Queen or their representatives. 02. Pertaining Acts of Violence 02.01 Assault; defined as physical attacks upon another. 02.01.01 Third-degree (Class D) An unplanned attack upon another causing minor injury, such as drunken brawls or bouts of passion. 02.01.02 Second-degree (Class C) An unplanned attack upon another causing minor injury. 02.01.03 First-degree (Class B) A planned attack of any form or upon an unplanned attack causing grievous or debilitating injury. 02.01.04 Assault Against The Crown (Class A) Any form of attack or attempted attack made against the Crown or direct heir to the crown. 02.01.06 Torture The Unlawful and purposeful harming of descendants be they a captured prisoner or layman with the intention of causing suffering or extracting information. 02.02. Murder; defined as the unlawful killing of one. 02.02.01 Attempted Murder (Class B) The unplanned attempt of taking another’s life and failing in doing so. 02.02.02 Second-degree (Class B) The unplanned killing of anyone's life within Vikela territory. 02.02.03 First-degree (Class A) The planned killing of anyone's life within Vikela territory. 02.02.04 Raiding (Class A) The attacking of Vikela forces, Citizens or lands in force regardless of justification. 03. Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent 03.01 Slander; defined as spreading of false and damaging information 03.01.01 Defamation of Character (Class D/C) Actively harming one’s reputation with baseless claims. Usually only brought up if drastic. 03.02 Fraud; defined as deception for unlawful gain. 03.02.01 Petty Impersonation (Class D) Impersonation of a citizen, a guard, or a noble with petty intention. Outcomes of such are not severe, and do not result in the harm of others. 03.02.02 Impersonation (Class C) The impersonation of a citizen, a guard, or a noble with harmful intention. Outcomes of such are that in which result in harm of others, either physically or emotionally. See to defamation additionally if ones character comes to be harmed. 03.02.03 Petty Impersonation (Class D) 03.02.02 General Fraud (Class C) Purposely deceiving another for unlawful gain. (Does not include signed contracts) 03.03 Espionage; defined as the unwarranted spying upon another citizen 03.03.01 Peeping (Class D) Purposefully pressing oneself against or looking through the window of a property to peep inside their residence and spy on the inhabitants with no harmful intent 03.03.02 Minor Espionage (Class C) Spying upon a citizen to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. 03.03.03 State Espionage (Class A) Spying upon a state appointed official to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. 03.03.04 Trade Espionage (Class B) The unlawful gain of Vikela trade secrets. 03.04 Vandalism; the unlawful destruction of property 03.04.01 Minor Vandalism (Class C) Destruction of property totalling equal to or less than 200 Mina in damages. 03.04.02 Major Vandalism (Class B) Destruction of property equal to or less than 350 Mina in damages. 03.04.03 Grand Vandalism (Class A) Destruction of property totaling more than 500 Mina in damage 03.05 Kidnapping; the unlawful seizure or holding of another in one’s custody. 03.05.01 Kidnapping (Class B) Capturing/ holding one against their will unlawfully. 03.05.02 Grand Napping (Class A) Capturing/ Holding of any member of the House de Astrea Bloodline or Members of the High Council against their will unlawfully. 03.05.03 Slavery (Class A) The Keeping of slaves within The Kingdom of Vikela. Registration of visiting slaves. At discretion of the King and/or Queen for purposes of diplomatic negotiation an exception to article c is for foreign visitors from a land in which slavery is legal to register their slaves. Any and all slaves must be properly registered with city authority, a Steward or High Council member. Registered slaves will be compensated for services rendered while in the bounds of Vikela at current rates for any services rendered. Registered slaves will be granted legal protections of citizens even from their masters while in Vikela. Time limit on protections for owners of registered slaves. Registered slaves remaining in Vikela for over one week’s time will be considered freed, the protections of registration no longer applying. The same visitors may re-register slaves after an absence from the city of at least one week from Vikela lands 03.05.03 Slave Hunting/Capturing (Class A) The hunting or capturing of members of sentient races for the purpose of slave trading.. 03.06 Aiding an Outlaw; defined as granting aid or shelter to a fugitive of House de Astrea. 03.06.01 Petty Aid (Class C) Providing a fugitive sustenance or any means to escape capture. 03.06.02 Aiding (Class B) Providing a fugitive shelter or knowingly aiding them in escaping capture. 03.06.03 Accomplice (Class B) Knowingly helping a fugitive further commit crimes within Vikela or against House de Astrea before their escape. 03.07 Undermining Authority & Defenses; defined as knowingly acting against Vikela Interests interests 03.07.01 Circumventing defenses (Class A) Any act intended to or seen to diminish, divert or damage resources of the Military and the static defences of the city. 03.07.02 Undermining Authority (Class B) Undermining the authority of any member of House de Astrea hierarchy or the Vikela government through malicious acts or words in the aim of harming citizens. 03.07.03 Undermining the de Astrea Bloodline (Class X) Undermining the authority or any attacks or hostile action taken against members of the House de Astrea bloodline are an immediate life in prison sentence, or the death penalty as decided by the King and/or Queen. 03.07.04 Disobedience of Authority (Class C) Purposely disobeying instructions from the King and/or Queen or their agents and representatives within the Vikela Government or ranking a member of the Vikela Military. 03.07.05 Violating Restricted Area (Class B) Entering or being in or on any military Installation of Vikela without the authority to be in the area without an Authorized Escort. 03.07.06 Violation of Treaties (Class A) The Act of any Resident, Citizen or Visitor of Vikela that purposefully acts in a way that can jeopardize or conflicts with any Treaty signed and agreed upon by the Vikela Governance. 03.08 Acts of Discrimination; defined as purposefully Treating another unfavourable or poorly based upon an aspect of themself being different 03.08.01 Religion (Class C) Any act of Discrimination aimed at demeening or hurting someone based upon their chosen set of beliefs. Note: This does not entitle the use of religion as an defence against charges of Malicious Intent. Religion is not a justifiable excuse to harm other innocent civilians, residents or visitors to Vikela. Acts of sacrifice, harm, or chaos in the name of a religious figure is strictly prohibited. 03.08.02 Race (Class C) Any act of Discrimination aimed at demeening or hurting someone based upon their Race 03.08.03 Gender (Class C) Any act of Discrimination based and aimed upon and at their Gender 03.08.04 Sexual Preference (Class C) Any act of Discrimination based upon an Individuals sexual preference 03.08.05 Hate Crime (Class X) Any act that breaks a law within this Codex that is motivated by a Discriminative purpose such as Assault due to someone's beliefs or Race will be treated as having been committed at a Higher than Normal Class of Punishment. 03.08.05 Harassment (Class C) Any harmful actions taken with the intent to annoy, alarm, or alert another person in a negative manner. This includes, but is not limited to - Physical contact, tailing a person in a public place, communicating by message anonymously or through a third party, repeated communications at inconvenient hours that interferes with a person's private life or property, AND/OR repeated taunts, insults, challenges, obscene comments, and words spoken in any manner to provoke a violent or otherwise disorderly response. 03.08.06 Stalking (Class C) The repetitive actions of following, targeting, garnering information regarding, and otherwise tracking and spying on an individual without legal cause or justification, in a manner that is meant to be harmful or sway control of said individual. This includes sending malicious content to an individual by anonymous or third party means, with the intent to intimidate after discovery, as well as loitering and otherwise entering their property in regards to levying manipulation and fear. This covers targeted attacks against a citizen of both 03.09 Poaching; defined as the hunting of animals in House de Astrea territory without permission granted by the King or Queen 03.09.01 Petty Poaching (Class C) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering any animal in amounts no more than 200 Mina. 03.09.02 Grand Poaching (Class B) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering of any animal totalling more than 200 Mina. 04. General Crime 04.01 Littering; defined as making any public place untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about. 04.01.01 General Littering (class D) The throwing of any non hazardous goods on the ground or into the waters around Vikela. 04.01.02 Hazardous Littering (class B) The throwing of any hazardous goods that can affect the lives of citizens on to the ground or into the waters around Vikela. 04.02 Drug Use 04.02.01 Public Drug Use (Class D) The usage of any non medicinal drugs within public grounds or non designated areas is prohibited. 04.02.02 Public Drug Dealing (Class D) The Public selling or advertising of drug sales. 04.03 Trespassing; Defined as entering a location unlawfully without permission given explicitly or implicitly 04.03.01 House Squatting (Class D) The moving into any open or used house without the permission of a steward, the King and/or Queen or the rightful owner(s) of the house. 04.03.02 Trespassing (Class D) Entering or being on or in someone's property without their express permission or after being asked to leave. 04.03.03 Trespassing on Clan property (Class B) Entering or being on private property owned by the major clans and families in Vikela without express permission. 04.03.04 Breaking and Entering (Class C) Purposefully trespassing and breaking or causing damage to property in an effort to enter a property within Vikela. 04.03.06 Reckless Magical use (Class C) The Use of Deific, Voidal or Neutral magics in public in a way that could bring harm to other citizens and visitors of Vikela. 04.03.07 Threats and Intimidation (Class C) The use of actions or words in a manner that is meant to scare, intimidate or threaten an individual. This includes verbal threats of harm as well as acts of intimidation such as the unlawful brandishing of weapons. 04.04 On recruitment; Defined by the recruitment of Vikela’s Citizens 04.04.01 Foreign Recruitment (Class C) In which a foreign entity, not approved by the crown enters, without permission, in order to recruit members to a group or organization without any ill intent or national affiliation 04.04.02 Malicious Foreign Recruitment (Class A) In which a foreign entity, not approved by the crown enters, without permission, in order to recruit members to a harmful group, an outside military force or when any group targets children or other vulnerable groups 05. Dark Acts and Creatures 05.01 Dark Worship; defined as the unlawful worship of the Dark Gods, Undead or dark magic creatures 05.01.01 Worship (Class A) Conducting any cult activities related to or to empower Dark Gods, Undead, Voidal entities, or powers that belong to them, Or the aiding of those that do. 05.02 Dark Arts Practice; defined as the unlawful use or Practice of dark arts related to the Dark Gods, Necromancy or other forms of Dark Magic. 05.02.01 Practice (Class A) The practice of any Dark Magic’s within Vikela such as Mysticism, and the summoning or creating of dark powers that may pose a threat to the city or its citizens. 05.02.02 Public Summoning (Class A) The Public summoning and use of any form of dark or demonic creatures within the Kingdom of Vikela is forbidden. 05.02.03 Mental Assault pertaining to Dark Arts (Class A) Any mental injury or assault caused by the committing of Dark arts in any way shape or form will be treated the same as if the assault had been physically performed upon the victim whether intentional or not. As such the class of Crime is determined as per the classes of each tier of assault. Furthermore any fines that were to be levied are to be paid directly to the victim to help finance their recovery. 05.03 Dark and Dangerous Creatures; defined as creatures of Undead, Dark, Demonic or Voidal Nature. 05.03.01 Dark Creature (Class A) Any creatures that are considered dark in nature or Darkspawn. This can include Dark mages that have transformed beyond their mortal form or any other being corrupted by dark forces. This includes things such as Draconic/Drakkar and Mystics. 05.03.02 Voidal Creature(Class A) Any creature that is deemed a threat to Vikela or its people that has been summoned from or simply originates from the void. Also includes creatures that are voidal in nature. 05.03.03 Undead Creature (Class A) Any Person if they can still be considered that, found to be one of the many kinds of undead found throughout the world. Including but not limited to Vampires, Zombies, Liches and Ghosts. 05.03.04 Assisting dark creatures (Class A) Knowingly keeping or assisting any dark magic creatures, undead or Voidal creatures that pose a threat to the city or it’s citizens by any means. Includes housing, feeding, sympathizing, 06. On the Application of Punishments 06.01 Imprisonment; As defined by the constant imprisonment of a person with minimal interaction with the outside world. 06.01.01 Jail Time may consist of interrogations by any agent of the Military or Crown Government in order to gain any additional information 06.01.02 The use of Torture in Interrogations shall only be Approved by the Sovreign, Heir, Lord Commander or Minister of Defence failure to receive proper permissions by leave agent open to prosecution under 02.01.06 On Torture 06.02 On the Criminal Registry; as defined by the list of persons tried and sentenced of crimes in varying degrees 06.02.01 Those who are charged for any crime of class C or Higher will be registered within the Criminal Registry 06.02.02 Those Charged with Class B or higher and remain registered within the Criminal Registry may be searched at any time by a member of the Military 06.02.03 Those Convicted of a Class A crime shall have the right to bear arms or armor revoked, shall submit to regular searches of person and property and shall face increased scrutiny when dealing within Vikela at the discretion of any particular government official 06.02.04 Any person Registered within the Criminal Registry shall have any future crimes increased by 1 class and shall face charges of that particular class regardless of crime committed 06.02.05 A name may be removed from the offenders list at the discretion of the Sovereign of Vikela. 06.03 On Forced Labour; As defined by the requirements of those persons sentenced to Forced Labour and the quality of life provided to them 06.03.01 The Sovereign and the Council of Vikela have decided upon a list of minimum requirements those sentenced to forced labour must be entitled to during their imprisonment.which shall be the following -Beds or Stretchers to Sleep in. -Shelter from the elements. -6 hrs Rest a day. -18 hrs of forced labour per day max. -Food and Water -2 substantial meals per day (Breakfast and Dinner), 15 minute breaks per meal. -Tools to do the Labour -Access to Medical services -Bathing Facilities 06.04 On Prisoners of War; As defined by the requirements of those persons Captured as prisoners of war and the quality of life provided to them. 06.05.01 The Sovereign and the Council of Vikela have decided upon a list of minimum requirements those sentenced captured and judged Prisoners of war must be entitled to during their imprisonment: -Barracks and Bunks to sleep in. -Decent Bathroom facilities. -Decent Food and Water. -Meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), 20 minutes break to eat each. -8 hrs rest a day. -Right to Not be Physically abused. -Right to be Ransomed back. -14hrs of labour a day MAX. -Tools for any labour required of them. -Access to Spiritual services. -Access to Medical Aid. -Release back to their Faction of Origin Upon the Conclusion of Hostilities 07. On Taxation and matters of the Interior 07.01 On Taxation; As defined by the collection of Currency from the common populus in order to maintain lands and salaries of the nation and its populus 07.01.01 Minor Tax Fraud (Class C) The act of unlawfully evading the payment of taxes of no more than 200 mina 07.01.02 Tax Fraud (Class B) The act of unlawfully evading the payment of taxes Totaling 201 mina or more Taxes must be paid as specified and failure to pay taxes on a property may result in eviction or seizure of the property and/or goods or services equating to the amount owed 07.01.03 Theft of funds (Class A) The Act of purposefully and maliciously taking of Money from any account, receptacle or payment of the Vikela people 07.01.04 All surplus taxes will be immediately deposited into the national treasury for future use by the Kingdom of Vikela. Else be prosecuted under Theft of Funds 07.01.05 Taxes will be levied at discretion of the Sovereign and its appointed government Officials 07.01.06 Taxes will be collected on a per property basis. 07.01.07 Raw Materials and goods may be used in place of Mina at discretion of the Sovereign or its Appointed Government Officials 07.01.08 Taxes will be collected by the Vikela Treasury whom shall provide clear and effective methods of payment failure to do so shall result in immunity to Minor Tax Fraud 07.02 Building Modification; defined as the unapproved construction or modifications to any building Owned by House de Astrea and modifications made to any building within Vikela. 07.02.01 Government Owned Building Modification (Class B) The unapproved changes to buildings owned by the government and run by citizens. (Ex. Library, Farms, Tavern, Infirmary, Temple, Guard posts) 07.02.02 House Modification (Class B) The unapproved changes or modifications to a citizens house. (Ex. Basements, Extra floors, Exits, Entrances, passages, layout changes) 08. On Vassals of Vikela 08.01 On Vassals; Those whom are deemed fit by the Sovereign to lead and govern a group of people 08.01.01 Vassals, Retainers and the Codex must follow all laws of this Codex within their own territories and shall not establish within their domains any laws that act in contrary to this Codex. 08.01.02 Vassals are entrusted by the King and/or Queen and the High Council of Vikela to govern their people and report any acts of sedition 08.01.03 Vassals are expected to levy taxes or manpower in times of dire need, at the discretion of the King and/or Queen and the High Council. 08.01.04 Vassals reserve the right for their designated leader to sit upon the High Council of Vikela. 08.01.05 Vassals reserve the right to pick their own leader in the manner they see fit without outside interference 08.01.06 Vassals status of Nobility may be revoked by their sovereign 09. On The Military of Vikela 09.01 The Military; The Guard force of Vikela constituted by a body established by this section known as The Order of the Boreal Forest or The Military of Vikela or The Military. 09.01.01 The Military of Vikela shall Consist of the following persons: The King/Queen of Vikela The Prince/Princess Consort The Heir Apparent The Minister of Warfare The Council of Warfare The Crystal Court Generals Sargents Ensigns Captains Masters at Arms Men at Arms Mercenaries on Contract with Vikela on an as needed basis. 09.01.02 Role of the Military of Vikela. The role of the Military is to serve House de Astrea and the peoples of Vikela and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society. 09.01.03 The functions of The Military of Vikela include the following; -Preserving the peace -Protecting life and property -Preventing the commission of offenses; -Detecting and apprehending offenders; -Helping those in need of assistance -Defending House de Astrea and the de Astrean bloodline -Defending the Kingdom of Vikela 09.02 Rights afforded the to Military of Vikela; additional rights that are afforded to the Military of Vikela in order to pursue peace and order within the Sovereigns lands 09.02.01 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to bear and use any arms within the city and Kingdom of Vikela. 09.02.02 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to wear any armour within the city and Kingdom of Vikela 09.02.03 The Military of Vikela exclusively reserve the right to wear The Military of Vikela Uniform 09.02.04 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to search any citizen with consent or if they suspect the citizen has broken a law covered within the codex. 09.02.05 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to use lethal force in defense of House de Astrea, The Kingdom of Vikela, Kingdom of Vikela, themselves or others, and in upholding the laws of this codex without the fear of repercussions under the laws of this codex. 09.02.06 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to deny entrance into the city or Kingdom of Vikela to anyone bar the King and/or Kingdom and their agents and representatives. 09.02.07 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to remove from the city any individuals they deem mal-contents or see as a danger to House de Astrea or The Kingdom of Vikela. 09.02.08 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to levy fines for crimes committed in The Kingdom of Vikela, Kingdom of Vikela in accordance with the punishment class of the crime committed. 09.02.09 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to arrest any criminal or those suspected of committing a crime. 09.02.10 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to search any home suspected of affiliation with a criminal with a stewards or Ranger Officers permission. 09.02.11 The Military of Vikela are bestowed the right to enforce Vikela Law on behalf of the King and/or Queen and the High Council of Vikela acting as their agents and representatives throughout all of The Kingdom of Vikela, The Kingdom of Vikela and it's Vassals. 09.02.12 The Military of Vikela reserves the right to deny entry to any individual within reason. 09.02.13 The Military of Vikela found in breach of any of the laws they are tasked with enforcing as per this codex will find themselves charged at a level higher than what would be considered usual for the crime. (Ex, Class D becomes a Class B) 09.02.14 The Military of Vikela are granted all the rights normally granted to Citizens in addition to the rights outlined in this section of the codex.
  10. Centuries ago, in a version of Norland now ancient, when King Caedric Ruric held his rule, is when the mighty clan of hunters known as the Heskynne’s were formed. Ivar Thorkin, a man who made himself into a notorious zealot of the Red Faith, found himself seated within his abode, scheming… His mind had been set on a goal for decades now, first mastering the art of the hunt, and then spent seeking the perfect candidates for his plan. For Ivar was not born to those of classic Norlandic lineage, but rather a family who’d believed the art of the hunt was that in which true purity could be found. In his time spent delving deeper and deeper into the All Father’s faith, he came to the conclusion that in the moment in which a hunter’s breath halts, their weapon just about to make its killing blow, when their heart hammers in their ears… That is the moment where one is the closest to the All Father. As such, his scheme has become to create a group of peoples whom he could foster this moment with, to teach them how to achieve it, and how to use their skills to connect deeper with their crimson Faith whilst not just preserving, but growing their Kingdom’s culture and environment. After his careful considerations, Ivar sought out seven of Norlands residents, each bearing unique traits that would make them imperative to their hunts, who would all help him foster a small culture of huntsmen with their individual niches. Somerled: A woman notorious to Norland, however seldom seen around. She had once been one of the most prolific adventurers of their time, charting out unreached locations, always returning to their homestead with new artifacts and wisdom about how the world around them worked. Her vast knowledge of the lands for which their prey would reside was unparalleled to any other, and her enjoyment of the journeys was second only to the benefits reaped. Alvis: A youthful man of scholarly descent who had taken to medicinal works in his youth. Alvis was the youngest of those who Ivar collected for his group, and yet quickly became irreplaceable due to his expertise in the medical field. A combat medic who was equally adept at the combat itself, he was the very glue that held the clan, or rather their bodies, together. Arvid: An expert tracker who had been raised among wood elves, Arvid was the first to have taken the attention of Ivar, the one who’s very existence inspired him to find others so he might foster their talents into an ideal team of hunters. Arvid had spent his entire adolescence mastering the stalking of prey, how to seek the subtle hints that a target has passed through, a skill that would pass down through every future generation of Heskynne. Herleifr: A man as tall as he was strong, the pinnacle of what a warrior should be. He had risen through the ranks of the Norlandic army and made a name for himself in the wars to come. It’s clear why he had been one of those chosen to aid in the foundation of the hunter clan; his strength was unmatched and proved to be a virtue none would overlook when in the midst of a fight. Runar: Initially a simple librarian, Runar was a surprise to the rest when he was chosen, however his purpose quickly became imperative to the Heskynne’s hunts. An alchemist by hobby when selected, who’s proficiency allowed him to provide a valuable supply of potions that aided countlessly. Ranging from explosions to deal final blows to bottles of fog that concealed the party’s location, he was a unique and imperative facet of their dynamic. Arnbjorg: A woman whose reputation for trapping was almost as well renowned as her drinking prowess, she was Arvid’s partner in crime. Track and trap had been their go to for years, and were the crux of many of the hunts they took part in. She was an inventor in a sense, having pioneered numerous means of ensaring large prey that had typically been thought to only be slain by a direct assault. Brynja: Sometimes regarded as the ‘Northern Guardian’, she was an inspiration to women and girls across the kingdom. A powerful soldier who wielded a massive claymore in battle, she was said to have taken down a brown bear by herself. Ivar hadn’t been looking for her, but her abilities forced him to seek Brynja for his plans. She was the last to be inquired, and the most resistant, as her heart had always lied in the protection of the Norlandic peoples as a whole. Her leadership qualities turned her into an asset, taking on a role that none other could fit. When convinced of the cause, Ivar sat with his chosen seven within his home; A large clan hall that hadn’t seen proper use in years, occupied only by the lone zealot while his preparations were underway. He knew, however, that the wooden archways and great hall would someday soon be filled with the warmth of kin, for he was looking across the table at a chosen family. Or, rather a chosen group of strangers whom he would push to the brink, beyond the limits shackling them, and force them to evolve. Ivar Thorkin, followed by his now loyal septet, journeyed North into the frigid tundra that crowned the continent. The time he had taken preceding his incitement of hunter companions had been used to prepare a trial; a three year escapade in the North, in which the group would master their specialties entirely, and learn to utilize them in the hunt. This was by no means a simple task. The very snow-crested wasteland in which their temporary residence would occupy was their first strife to overcome, and doing so alone had nearly pushed Arnbjorg to abandon the others. Yet, Ivar’s passion lit a fire beneath them all, and their search to understand the true connection to the All Father drew them in deeper. Over the course of the following three years, Ivar saw his vision come to fruition in ways he could have never dreamed. Hardship, near death experiences, and stress turned out to be the greatest provocation of bonding, for when the sun rose to spill gold over the frosty hills and marked their trial complete, eight strangers had become true siblings. In the time between, all seven took to the guidance of Ivar, and honed their abilities. Rather than smother them into a uniform group, all were encouraged to bring what was exceptional and raise it to a level unseen. Bones were broken, sicknesses endured, frostbite even took one of Brynja’s fingers. The first few months were among the most difficult, their unity not yet found. But, every day, hour, minute, second that passed drew them closer. The trial itself was a coupling of countless lessons in the art of the hunt, as well as unification between talents. Beginning with small preys, and increasing until the party's final test: A Tundrastrider. The culmination of all that was learned would come from this dramatic conclusion to their sojourn, in which all eight of the to-be Heskynne’s would track and kill the imposing beast to prove to themselves, and to the All Father, that they had become masters of the hunt. The party sought not just any Tundrastrider, but one that had been scouted by Ivar months prior to the end of their expedition. The largest he had ever seen or heard of, easily counting in at 1000 lbs of striking muscle. Omnivorous and powerful, it proved to be the perfect verification of success. And proof it was. Utilizing all of their collective skills, now brought to their maximum potential by the guiding hand of Ivar, they managed to slay their final opponent. They tracked it down, they trapped it- although it did manage to break free of its binds and engage in a titillating battle of wills before the end. The flaying of foe only occurred through their overwhelming combined strengths, and when all eight stood before the cervidae and watched its life stain the snow crimson, they accepted one another as family. Having returned to Norland from their extended trial, the strangers-turned-family sat once more around the long dining table of Ivar Thorkin’s great hall, which had become a dreary sight of stagnancy, dust filling air. Together, they agreed that forming a clan of their own would be the best way to foster the environment they had created for themselves, so that they may hand it down through generations of world class hunters. With Ivar at the helm as Chieftain, and a Tundrastrider as their crest, all that was left was a name. During their three years of bonding, all seven had learned to speak the tongue of Ivar’s bloodline, one derivative of others in Norland, however deviating in many places. As such, came the suggestion from none other than the young Alvis; Heskynne, their word for Hunter. Obvious, and yet entirely fitting, there wasn’t a hair of disagreement. From that day forward, their work began to expand their name and produce a lineage of huntsmen, each of the seven deviating to specialized members and ranks. From the first line of clans members came the ranks of which those who embodied similar strengths would be bestown, to make up their own parties. Ideally, no party would be without one of each rank. A clan that takes all types of peoples and brings out the very best of their capabilities, forging unity with the ideology Ivar had instilled, training their new recruits under the mantra that now lead their lives: “Veiðimenn læra innan veiðinnar, Hunters learn within the Hunt.” This is how the Heskynne clan brings forth their mark upon the world, creating generation after generation of overwhelmingly skilled hunters. Somerthagin, The Scouts Alvithagn, The Medics Arvithagin, The Trackers Herlethagin, The Warriors Runathagin, The Alchemists Arnthagin, The Trappers Brynjathagin, The Leaders As time went on, the mantle of leadership was eventually passed down, and the original generation died out. While the world has yet to see a group as perfectly masterful as these, the Heskynne clan has continued to produce excellence. From kings head Huntsmen to Ministry leaders, the Norlandic clan remains prominent in their status, ever following the high that draws them to meet the moment where they and the All Father are the closest. Of the revered Ivar Thorkin, very little was ever recorded, some have even suggested that perhaps he was never real to begin with, while others theorize that perhaps he was the All Father himself. Whichever may be the truth, whichever one chooses to accept as such, none can deny that he produced some of the greatest hunters the world has ever seen.
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  12. Elaranael Drakon scans his eyes over the missive and exhales a small scoff. "Being a Tundrak doesn't just make you princess... " He responds to his cousin (@Wyrvun) with near equal agitation from the words that now hung in the air like lingering dust. "It's real easy to call to arms as what? The thing we've already been doing without some presumptuous woman telling us to? I mean, she may not even be a Tundrak, I could say I am! Does that make me Prince of Fenn?"
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  14. Fal'leon exhales as he read what's dedicated to him, a grimace forming upon his features. "Shame... I'd 'ave expec'ed tae see ye try tae be a be''er guide." He mutters to the nothing, perhaps to the paper, perhaps to the Doe's spirit. Memories flicker by, the decades of their friendship, their kinship. His early days in Vikela, his youth and place among their Ministry seats, alongside the Vanari's, alongside Floria. The wars they'd waged as soldiers together, the laws passed, fights, debates, coronations, tavern nights in the sprawling city. He recalls watching her grow and age. He recalls learning of her choice to take up the druidic path, when he was still young and freshly attuned, long before the days of his now earned respect. Fal'leon remembers hearing her wish to uptake the trials of his seed, proud to have kin, even if simply by adoptive means, seek to pursue his path. His desires to see the woman grow into a true druid. He had known her for a lifetime, humans had been born and died between their meeting and parting, an entire generation joined and left the world, and now she among them. Feeling the ache of nature draws more emotion than he wished, despite the deep frown on his lips, tears spill, and the ferns within the lush cave in which he meditates weep for their loss. Melancholy, perhaps. They parted ways on poor terms, his rage in having his guidance misused. He wonders now, was he justified? An overreaction? Surely not, if so many others had felt the same anger as he. And yet, in her parting, all she wrote, all she recalled, was this instance. Not of any other, not of his guidance, any bond they had shared, not his decisiveness in maintaining relations and aid when she struggled. Bitterness? Sadness? Wrath? The Corvid's emotions swirl and churn, unable to decide which wanted to be the one most prominent. Perhaps none of them were, perhaps none were as he felt?. Disappointment. For all the Doe could have been, for all she failed to be, for all she chose not to be on this day. His teeth grit, and the paper is cast aside. "Ye were nae mean' tae be a druid, malii'larion, I think. Ye were a figh'er, one who cared fer na'ure, bu' tha pressure, tha r'quiremen's o' this path were ne're mean' tae be... Alas, leas' i' means I can still visi' ye." A perhaps evil, mischievous grin passes Fal'leons expression now, "I do 'ope ye didnae think ye'd ne'er see me again..." And with such, his list of druids to seek in the Eternal forest grows, and the Corvid utters out a prayer, in hopes that his fall niece's soul may rest easy among the Fae. His family tree shrinks once more.
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