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  1. I clicked expecting this, glad I wasn’t disappointed. +1
  2. Within the Mother Grove another druid felt the sorrow of nature when another druid passed on. Tailesin shuddered and frowned at the feeling, quickly mumbling to herself to the druid who had faded. “Blessed be.” She’d later learn who it was who fell and amended her previous words, bowing her head. “Blessed be, Brother Carrot. May you rest well with the Aspects.”
  3. George is a mega nerd that I’ve known for about six years due to a previous server, pretty neato really.
  4. You’re a nerd.

  5. Favourite song at the moment? Favourite potato chip flavor? Halfling druid circle when?
  6. Basically this in general but without the bandage over the eye and she's a wood elf so fun times, just let me know if you need/want anymore refrences
  7. I'd be down for it as well.
  8. Tailesin The Lynx druid finally gets around to sign the paper.
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