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  1. What is your favourite color? What the heck is oatmeal? What is your favourite flower? You like jazz?
  2. Skin: 3 Bid: 700 Discord: Princess_Drusus#9009 IGN: DrususTheDumb
  3. Skin: 3 Bid: 500 Discord: Princess_Drusus#9009 IGN: DrususTheDumb
  4. Username: DrususTheDumb The Jar you want: Big jug Character's Name: Valmir Char's Race: High elf Front & Back images of the skin:
  5. Hey that was my druid! That whole thing was a scouting mission in which we found out we couldn't do anything to heal it and that any druid who went in had a bad time. All in all, funtimes. However what Deer is refering to was before the city fell I believe, now that we're not being halted and are able to interact with things we are :)
  6. Memorial for a friend [!] Pieces of parchment have been pinned to the notice boards of the Vale, Mother Grove, Urguan and Yong Pin. The writing that has been scrawled on it is a neat and beautiful cursive. “To those who may not know and to those who do. A dear friend of many by the name of Qing Long recently fell in battle against the Dragon-kin and their master. A memorial will be held on a beach at The Vale of Nevaehlen, all friends and family of Qing Long are welcomed to join us as we say our final goodbyes to a dear friend.” OOC: The memorial will be held on Thursday 4rd of November at 5pm EST at the beach within the Vale
  7. The Lynx Druid sat by the firepit in the middle of the Vale enjoying the quiet that she currently had to both heal from the event but to also think of a dear friend that she recently lost. A friend she will forever regret not knowing more about but she felt like she understood him. An incredible warrior whom she saw countless times taking on foes with ease that many others would struggle with be it the basilisks in Aegrothond or the many Inferi that fell to him. Though this wasn't the only side of him she greatly respected. For he was far more than a warrior. He was a teacher to many and a friend to more. Indeed, it almost seemed like wherever he went he left the place better than it was before. In the end she hopes beyond hope that he got his last wish, being able to see his son again. ------ Valmir stood within the empty monastery where she spent many years of her childhood growing up. A sad smile being worn on her lips as she remembered her god-father, her teacher and her friend. For he was all of this not just to her but to many others in the world. From a young 'Aheral painting crude drawings of the Hei-zhu on her bedroom wall, even then he was her idol. She never knew why but he was always someone she wanted to be like, even if she rarely said it out loud. He showed great compassion for everyone he met and always made them feel welcome as well as cared for. While she wasn't quite an adult yet, still being young in many cases. Valmir was set on her path and philosophy many aspects of which were inspired from the different lessons he gave, not just to her but to the others she was lucky enough to witness. Clutching the book he gave to her many years back she dipped her head in respect towards the monastery and in turn the fond memories of a wonderful person. "I pray that someday down the river. We shall meet again, my friend."
  8. IGN: Gizwit RP NAME: Sif Starbreaker CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
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