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  1. A large greying fellow peers over the missive for a moment before shrugging, tossing it away with an idle grumble. "Trouble, trouble trouble. As alwayz."
  2. A large, haggard fellow shook awake from a terrible slumber, grumbling as he shook his head, dropping the shackles of a dream. A sigh hefted from his lips, muttering aloud in frustration. "Ugh... Mi gettin' sick ob all deez znakez..." A hand pressed against his forehead as he fought his head cold, reluctant to leave his place.
  3. Best Mod

    1. Toddbringer


      Best fans, I love this server

  4. Dark Shamanism please. I'm already a BM IRL, just look at my nasty baggy eyes
  5. What if we kissed in the Court Rooftop garden?
  6. As The Yargoth scanned over the missive he could not calm his mind, the events of the terrible siege held a grip on him like a python ensnares a mouse; choking his breath and tightening his throat. He cleared his throat before muttering to himself. "Fer Borok. Du uz proud. Lup'Kybal." A shooting pain rang his ears, shaking his mind; he shook his head dismissively and tucked away the leaflet.
  7. It was with a heavy heart the Yargoth hung up his helm, brushing away the ash and dust of the Goi from its surface. Tattered and worn, those burned remains melded with the charred parts that already coated his skin, rubbed upon his face; his look stoic and proud. "Lat dhûl-ishi stargûsh'stroh, kû narish. Lat ûkil mauk-ûr uruk-hai." Bittersweet was that unending night above the skies of Krugmar, in one last parting to the Honorable Rex, and to some others left unnamed but not forgotten, he blew upon that gilded horn with a thunderous sound; its form glowed and shimmered dully in the umbral miasma around, but unwavering in its light. "Mae de Ilzgul hear de Thundah Ob Krug, agh all ob Almariz. Diz iz nub de end. Diz iz unly de beginin'.'' With that he thumped his chest in admiration, carrying their history on his back; another brother buried, another step heavier.
  8. The Yargoth simply gave a soft chuckle, tossing away the missive; same old story. Not another thought was offered as he continued to filter through his junk mail.
  9. Why are you still here? Just to suffer?
  10. The letter lie on the floor, beside remnants of a once sturdy table, now battered and cracked. The room was a total mess; between the shreds of fabric, bits of wood, and kitchen implements, were a few empty bottles. The whole place smelled of green, and a broken man lie there on the floor in the midst of the destruction, eyes gaunt and hollow. "Dere wuz ztill tik... Nub? Brus-gotl-um, Ilzgul..." Muttered he, before succumbing to sleep, once again absorbed in the nightmares; both conscious and not.
  11. The Yargoth gave a slow nod in quiet approval, though his meditations were interrupted, this one was most welcome. "Bot-izubu ashugû narnûl. Let diz bi ah lezzun tu all ob doze who du nub klomp de wagh wit'in. Lup'Zagbal. Lup'Ilzgul." And with that, he returned to his work.
  12. I am having an issue linking my accounts so that I can get an Alt Whitelisted. The Forums and Freja are uncooperative, and my current account is unlinked due to a previous liking of my account pre microsoft migration. I can refer anyone to my old forum account, but I no longer have access due to its age. Thank you for looking in on this issue, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  13. BRUDDAZ! I have heard your calls, and I have peeped for myself that the Drinking Halls of the Goi remain quiet and empty. Worse still, I have seen the state of decay into which the Shrine of Wud has befallen. BUT FOR NO LONGER! With the help of Brudda Kor’Garr, and the classic recipes of Orc Cuisine, I, Toad of Yar, willingly take up the mantle to provide all the bruddaz of Krugmar with the Grub they truly deserve. If none are to challenge this, I will begin my work immediately to prepare a feast fit for the bruddaz and ziztaz of the Goi, as we have gone far too long without one. In light of recent events, in this time of proposed unity, I will use my position in efforts to further unify our people, so that we might become even stronger, and never again go hungry or without grog. To those who seek the same position, I welcome their challenge! I wish only for the best grub and grog to be served in Krug, so that our bruddaz and ziztaz may grow strong. Be warned, I will be giving my full effort in order to create the best grub the Goi has seen, and to honor my fallen Brudda Wud. Blessings of Ublulhar to all in this age of unity! Azh'Grish, Azh'Horde, Azh'Voice! Art source: Ryan Lee https://www.pinterest.com/pin/761671355746914691/
  14. Thanks for looking in on my post. My account name was Toddbringer until a name change I accidentally made. I have since changed it again, but for some odd reason, my account is no longer able to take the name back. After I migrated accounts from Mojang to Microsoft Its like I'm barred from my previous username. My new username, Toddbrungy, is listed on my profile. If you need any more information, let me know. Thank you for your time.
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