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    food and animals and anime. you take that away from me. you meet your end :3
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    anastasia / Callista (and many others)
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  1. Anastasia Parvana Colborn really wishes she could join in this event, but knows she will get an earfull of baldrum if she went. but she would still try to see if she could go
  2. Nienna Raleisi Serise Anarion read the missive, exited that her sister would be getting a grand birthday party as she showed the missive to isrith @Nilyeet "would you feel like going isri? nor'asath has been invited, what you think?" the elfess said to her companion. already planning a birthday pressent
  3. Anastasia Colborn read the missive seemingly amused with herself “atilan, when will vy stop messing up. First when vy was young and now vy messed up big time..” the sickly woman sighed as she pats her husbands head “atleast nie one will get hurt from this. Da?”
  4. Callista lucia rose Santos read on this some what agreeing on ser atilans behaviours being un acceptiable. un able to proseed with a proper trial against her ex fiance. though deciding she didnt care much anymore. putting down the missive she would then tend to her tiger rajah as laying on the floor with her in the kervallen villa that resides in balian
  5. Nienna anarion returned home after seeing her aunt cured from being a vampire. just flopping onto the couch mentally exhausted
  6. callista lucia rose santos would still feel the effect that spear that impailed her little under a year ago now, still feeling half dead after everything that happened. she had grew cold, stone cold. and wishes they get what they deserved.. she would then go to a one ephrem kervallen to show him the missives @ECS11
  7. Calluista Lucia rose santos sat in balian barrecks in her alchemy lab reading the missive as she sighed "idiots.. the lot of them.." she would say as she tend to her now nearly heald wound changing the bandages.
  8. nienna anarion would look at the missive turning to her father "whats a talonii? and also, do i get to go to my nephews wedding??" the young anarion would then look back at the missive "atleast hes happy ti?"
  9. "tu will love this event planned tur highness!" callista would cheer very exited for her wedding and to see a demonic bull. she would return to hyspia as she prepared her dress and hair making further plans for her bachellorette party!
  10. The Union Of The Horse And The Secretary Bird. A portrait of Prince Alejandro Armon de Pelear and Senorita Callista Lucia Rose Santos Church bells ring! A wedding is soon to commence in the Church of Blessed Francisco in Hyspia between Prince Alejandro de Pelear and Callista Santos. Through thick and thin these two people's love has remained strong and chaotic, and soon they will be wed. Dress code: No red. gold or white Event Itinerary The Wedding and Reception The wedding itself will take place within the Church of Blessed Francisco and will see the two joined together in holy matrimony.. And holy fish. (lub fizhin) The Bull Fight After the wedding, for those who wish to fight; an enraged demonic bull. would be in the bull-fighting arena open for challengers. Perhaps whoever manages to immobilise the beast can obtain a specially made sword that has a bulls horn as its handle, as a trophy! The Ball & Feast On A Boat Then once the fight is over, Prince Alejandro will bring over the fishing guild boat from helious where all the guests will be given free food, free drinks and able to boogie to the sound of Hyspian música. A design of the demonic bull that would be summoned as a fighting festivity at the weddings event. Formal Invitations are Sent to: His Holiness Pontian IV His Majesty King Georg I of Haense and his Citizenry of Haense His Majesty King Alexandros of Balian and the Citizenry of Balian His Highness Fredrick of Sedan and the Citizenry of Sedan His Highness, Cesar de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and the Citizenry of Hyspia His Lordship Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik and their esteemed Pedigree His Lordship, Baron Felix Weiss and their esteemed Pedigree The Honourable, Baron Gaius Ruthern of Marsana and their esteemed Pedigree Her Excellency, Countess Johanne Vuiller and her esteemed PedigreeSir Edvard Kervallen, Baron of Lalwën of Lurin His Ducal Highness, Jarad Munnel and the citizens of Helious House Santos House Larian House lovato House de la Rosa The Fishermen of Almaris Signed, His Highness, Alejandro II Arman Jose de Pelear, Prince of Hyspia, Harbourmaster of the Fishermen of Almaris Senorita, Callista Lucia Rose, peer of Hyspia
  11. nienna anarion "sorry! he just seemed like he needesd shoes!"
  12. Nienna Anarion walks into norsath finding teh notice "oh oh.. i shouldnt of gave him my shoe."
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