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  1. Iduna, apon finding her parents body, took a moment to prosess what she is seeing. as if she couldn't believe her eyes that her parents was dead. in the morning she was living a happy life, from her father telling her mother that her cooking wasn't the greatest. when it came to her that her parents were no more, her cousin. mikhail stepped infrunt of her wrapping his arms around the child. while iduna let out a painful cry. a scream that was filled with emotion "mamej.. papej.. it wasnt eym time to go..." she muttered while sobbing into her cousin mikhails arms Anastasia, apon hearing the death of her daughter and son. broke down into tears. another child taken away from her before their time. "bren... mea sweet via.. please look after each other. look after vyr sestra and borsa.. please.. ea will be with vy soon" she muttered in the mids of tears
  2. A proud gramdmother screamed in delight “GRAND BABIES!” She says with a big smile “i hope demetrius treats tu well.. or i may just have to give him the chankla” she says with a big grin tapping her sandle in the floor
  3. Larissa who has also had been under the weather, apron walking into her mothers room for another day of reading. Fell silent as she saw her mother still and lifeless… she would venture over as she picked up her sleeping brother placing him in his crib as she returned to her mothers side “mamej.. its day now… its time to wake up” she murmured to her mother. Deep down she knew she had passed but she didn't want to believe her gut for a change. “Mamej. Wake up! vy got to wake up!” the girl cried shaking her mother slightly as the house physician came in to confirm her death as the maid curently tending to the sick Larissa dragged her outside the room while Larissa protested and cried in emotional agony.. Larissa locked herself in her room not opening it for anyone and everyone…
  4. the Viscountess Callista Read the notice made from her husband with a smile "well this will be fun to watch"
  5. Callista Kervallen, Viscountess of tuvia is very proud of her nephew figure Rhys Var Ruthern
  6. Iduna Colborn would weep for her aunt. though staying close to her father not letting go of him.
  7. Apon hearing the news of her daughters death, the sickly grand elder broke down in tears, sealing herself in her room. the only people she spoke to was her grand daughter and son. sealing herself away from the outer world to give her time to grieve the loss of her daughter.
  8. The Vicountess Kervallen, mother of the bride. shed a tear when reading the missive "mi baby all grown up" callista would say before showing her husband the missive! @ECS1999 "look look!"
  9. Callista looked at her sons missive. Amused at all the attempts to find her brother a wife.
  10. callista is very much alive
  11. Callista Lucia Rose Kervallen the baroness in question would be recovering quite nicely. still shocked someone wanted her dead! though she wondered, what else lied in her path..
  12. Callista thinks that they should
  13. The Jungle Crystal Cove Quinceanera Issued by the Barony of Tuvia on the 9th of Suns Smile SA 136 In the spirit of opulence and grace, the Barony of Tuvia extends a resplendent invitation to the distinguished Kingdom of Balian for the exquisite Quinceanera of her Ladyship Estella Maria Tatiana, heiress of the barony and her twin brother, his Lordship Edwyn Evander Edvard. This festive occasion will be themed around the jungle and the ocean so animal-inspired outfits are encouraged; from animal patterns on the attendant’s clothes to even decorations that remind one of marine life, the Kervallen family and the Barony of Tuvia will welcome all. This festive occasion would consist of party games such as piñatas, pin the tail on the stag, and many more. There will be a buffet table with all sorts of Hyspian cuisine! Special Personal invites are issued to the following His Royal Majesty, Adrian I, King of Balian His Lordship, Rhys var Ruthern His Lordship, Demitrius var Ruthern The Right Honorable, Eirene Vuiller Lord Admiral, Dante DeNurem of Balian The Honourable, Vicount Gaius Geoffry Rosius var Ruthern The Honourable, Viscount Audo Weiss and his Noble pedigree Don Casimir Marius Vilac and his pedigree The Right Honourable, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, and her Noble pedrigree The Baronial Family of Kervallen in Lurin Moss the Sorvian Newt House Larian House Santos Mateo The Valiant Seekers Guild Togrim Heartstring and His family The Holy Inquisition SIGNED, The Honorable, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Baron of Tuvia, Knight of the Order of Saint Lothar, Inquisitor of the Canonist Church, and Minister of Finances & Procurator of Balian. The Honorable, Callista Lucia Rose Kervallen, Baroness of Tuvia, Medico Anziano of Balian. Her Ladyship, Estella Maria Tatiana Kervallen, Heiress to the barony of Tuvia His Lordship, Edwyn Evander Edvard Kervallen
  14. anastasia reads the missive! "THATS MEA BOY! dobre job bren! vy have made me proud!" she shouts and beems a smile though she is overly proud of her children
  15. Isabella decaden greets her old time friend at the gates of the sevon skys “its been a while karl, took you long enough!” She chuckled as she held her hand out for her dear friend “everyomes here. We all have missed you”
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