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  1. Lmcfc

    TO WAR

    Iduna peerd over to what her new found uncle had written, she paused for a moment "dramatic but well written" she clearly didn't understand the context of the missive of this given moment.. later she found out what the missive was truly about "oh... oh..." she finally understand with a blink ".. want a drink?" she asked her uncle from with in hohkmats tavern
  2. Iduna thriceblood was handed a copy of her daughters missive. She read over it quietly with a small chuckle “astrid.. eym the second eldest daughter. Eym sestra viarrah is the eldest” she called out towards her daughter astrid from the walls of her bedroom. Before returning back to her nap.
  3. Callista Kervallen, finally retiring from being viscountess "we did good." she says towards her husband as she went off to relax within the Tuvian keep
  4. the viscountess, Callista would hear news of her princely son passing. "mi pequeña ballena.." she spoke softly as she sat in her library in the tuvia keep, sitting with in herself as she rested her head against the books. she lost almost all her siblings, her parents, her daughter and now her son. "how many more will tu take from me, mi pequeña ballena did not need to end like this.." she murmured as she tucked her knees to her chest. the hyspian viscountess would lock herself within the keep for the days to come. . .
  5. larissa kortrevich, the twin of the groom read the missive that was pushed under her door, "eam happy for him, he deserves this.." she says as she planned on attending and finially leaveing her cozy bedroom
  6. upon hearing the news of her eldest's passing, the viscountess froze in horror. as if processing the scene, as her husband left for the office, Callista's eyes started to welled as she sat down beside her now daughters corpse, clutching her child's hands, murmuring incoherent words. "why... why must our world be so cruel.." the viscountess murmured between sobs, rising her to her feet as she gazed at her daughter once more, before she retreats to her room... isolating herself, not letting anyone in.. the only ones that could enter was her husband Ephrem, and her personal maid Esmerelda.
  7. this is an awesome idea.. BUT IT WONT LET ME DO IT! keeps doing this. i just wanna wrap my pressies! T-T
  8. "they just want to stir up trouble. probably make up shite." a certain lady iduna thriceblood commented as she sipped her tea in her family's estate "their living in the last century, their not evolving yet everything around them are" she says a sigh before returning to her day!
  9. Iduna, awaken from her slumber by the sound of her mailbox. She got up to read what ever was deopped in it before squeeling! “she did it! Mami did it!” She says as she showen her lover the missive “look look! She did it!” She saus as she beamed with pride “eam so proud of her” @Digit_005
  10. Iduna read the note after asmund handed it towards her, “i must say.. blowing it up would be fun. Though ill leave my uncle haus to do all that.” Said the niece of the lord magister of paradox. Before returning the letter to asmund. Returning to sip her tea “i wonder what the future has in stall…”
  11. Callista Kervallen didn't even know she was with child! "i dont even know what to say- but they are... very adorable" she murmurd with a chuckle to herself
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