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  1. Notice on the Red-Cloaked Conjurers A Warning to the People of Hanseti-Ruska and Beyond Issued by the Office of the Abstract On this 17th day of Jula ag Piov of 495 E.S. A series of individuals cloaked in robes of red with gold trim have been appearing on the rooftops of various cities, such as Valdev and the capital of Lurin, and casting strange magicks to summon chicken-like beasts which drift towards the ground. If struck, these beasts violently explode, and can cause severe burns if caught on exposed areas of skin such as the face or hands. Each time, the individual has summoned the creature then disappeared into a portal. It is suggested by the Office of the Abstract that if anyone encounters these strangely robed individuals, that they clear the scene and allow for a clean and safe dispatching of the creatures they summon so that the violence and harm caused by the explosions can be minimized. Allow a singular armored individual to dispatch the creature with a shot from a bow or crossbow of middling force once everyone has been cleared of the scene but before it can reach the ground. It is unknown what these creatures would do upon reaching the ground, but based on how they seem to act and react, it can be assumed they would attempt to attack. It is likely over time that the creatures they conjure will be greater than just monstrous canine-chickens, and that as things progress, citizens should be aware of this growing danger and steer clear of any appearances. Any and all information on this organization, recovered samples from the conjured creatures, or witness reports of possibly linked events should be brought to the attention of the Office of the Abstract by sending a letter to the Master of the Abstract or the Ward of the Abstract posthaste. Signed, His Lordship, Lord-Doctor Haus Weiss-Vuiller, Master of the Abstract Firress Laurissa Eliza Kort Ward of the Abstract
  2. Laurissa, Ward of the Abstract, nodded her head along as she read the strange missive. When her gaze reached the end of the page, she paused before murmuring out, “Aye, I can add t'at into my belief system.”
  3. Tears Upon a Rose’s Petal A collection of poetry by Dame Emelya Eloise “The Temperate” Kortrevich Edited and published posthumously by Laurissa Eliza A portrait of Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich kneeling before an unknown lover, artist unknown Her Amber Locks Blooming like marigolds atop her head I run my hand against each amber thread Your eyes a storm striking my heart alight O’ to my tempered restraint, I must fight Passion burning within my very soul To deny would take too great of a toll A love forbidden by those way on high But as my oath demands, I shall not lie O’ goddess of love you twist my heart so That eternal dreaded curse: lovesick woe Binding my soul with her fire-red hair The only pain which I cannot just bear Beauty, elegance, strength, heart, and kindness She bears each of these in greater excess Than even you, holy goddess of love Grant me to be with my amber haired dove Struck You bring me to my knees you villainess With unadulterated blissfulness No armor, no shield, can whether your blows Upon sight of you, with terror I froze I knew before your might I could not stand I have witnessed your greater strength firsthand A woman like me, she should be immune But this dame, with fright she can’t help but swoon With all foes have faced, I should know better But a look in your eyes, souls you fetter Women and men, they all fall in great droves Fields full of soldiers, you could raze those groves Upon my knees, upwards to you I face Your smile strikes me greater than a mace Your hand in my hair, your kiss never tart I know your target, a blow to my heart Sacrilege I question why this is called sacrilege A hate which I must defy with courage A love so pure which I know to be true I cannot fathom the hate which they spew Against such a pure thing as my amour Why those like me you decide to immure A crime you created to persecute In attempt to render our people mute Why oh why sanction this grand deception Crusade on evil yet this exception No, this evil must be propagated By your bigoted hands its dictated And everyone remains in compliance Ignoring any who spark defiance You share that burden upon your vile hands Clean thyself of evil and make demands This wide web of bigotry must be stopped And a culture of love we must adopt Break out of acceptance towards evil And bring about a kindly upheaval Tears Upon a Rose’s Petal By your bedside I kneel, like times before But this time sorrow has crept to my core I see it now, the black beneath your skin A dark rot, destroying you it had been My pouring tears, they stain your soft bed sheets Our pure happiness, this sorrow defeats We speak of the times we had together As I watch her life fade into aether True love, between women, have I felt it To her, life I decided to commit In her fleeting love, the sole reveler To lose you is great pain, my Jennifer
  4. Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich let out a sorrowful sigh in her Jerovitz bedroom, gazing out the window. On her desk, covered in dust and nearly fully faded from the paper was the some thirty year old flyer she had made with Vasilia, "At least vyr pain is over now and vy can rest..." And so the overly stoic Dame blinked away the tears that formed in her eyes and gently set the flyer between two silk sheets and returned it between the pages of a book on etiquette to keep it pressed, setting it on her shelf to rest.
  5. Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich would kneel by his body draped in her knightly cloak in a vigilant watch, "Dravi Sigismund." That would be the only time since she met him as a toddler in her very first memory that she would use his name rather than His Majesty.
  6. Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich held her sheathed sword over her lap, reflecting on what her liege had said at the previous Knight's Table, and the talk they had a few days prior, "Yam szam, Vyr Majesty... Ea hope vy are able to decide soon." A teardrop traced it's way down the Dame's cheek, falling onto the guard of her blade, dancing about the edges of the Kortrevich family motto 'With Duty Comes Honor' etched in shimmering starsteel before landing upon the floor of Jerovitz.
  7. Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich snickers, "'Kight Paramount'. Other than this ***** not knowing the simplest operations of our Order, she canniet spell or proofread. Who let the jester make summons, eh? A disgrace."
  8. "****..." Her fellow Dame would simply remark at the loss of her comrade in arms, one she had been knighted alongside.
  9. Valeska Radmila Morovar gave her best half smile on her paralyzed face upon seeing her newborn nephew.
  10. Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich would not hear of Esmée's death until a while after she returned to Haense, cursing herself out for missing the funeral. While she knows she probably did not mean much to the woman, Esmée Reubens was a large part of the inspiration for the Dame to follow the path she did in life, showing her how strong and unwavering a woman could be and how she would have to work harder than most men to reach the same position, "Godanspeed, honorable warrior." She muttered to herself, feeling slight regret that she never got the opportunity to spar with the woman she had looked up to since she was little.
  11. Left Bedridden The partially paralyzed Valeska Radmila Morovar with her father Gustaf Sigismund Morovar by her bedside. [!] The following is a letter of public notice about the young lady’s condition. The eldest daughter of Lord Gustaf Sigismund and Dame Tavisha Markov Morovar, the Lady Valeska Radmila Morovar, has been absent from the current Haeseni social season and, while initially brushed off as her wish to remain a bachelorette for the time being, she has permitted a release of the truthful reasoning behind her absence. On the morning of the 12th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 418 E.S. the young lady was found collapsed in the halls of Ghaestenwald mere steps from her room, unable to move and in a state of extreme delirium. After being brought to her bed, a Medicus was called to her side, who promptly declared that Valeska had experienced a rather intense stroke that may leave her left side paralyzed for the foreseeable future. She is unable to walk or eat on her own and her left eye remains closed, limiting her depth perception. The stroke was discovered to be the result of a heart condition previously unknown to the young lady or her family. Bedridden and unable to take care of herself, Valeska Radmila Morovar wished for her condition to remain between the family out of fear of showing her weak and infirm state. Though, after a year of little progress in regaining motor function, she relented to having it become public knowledge. Her ever sweet and doting father Gustaf Sigismund has taken it upon himself to remain by her bedside and nurture her back to health, delaying his own plans to take an ambassadorial trip around the continent. Valeska apologizes to those she wished to learn from and apprentice under before her stroke and hopes that she might be able to once she is able to get herself to stand once more. OOC:
  12. A few hours before her knighting, Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich reminisced about the Knight's Quest she shared with the squires, and the young lad. He reminded her a bit of herself when she was his age, the determination, bravery. Looking over her things, she nodded, "Ea hope this serves him well, as it did eam." She wrapped up the bundle of cloth containing something once gifted to her and fastened it to the side of her pack.
  13. Emelya Eloise Kortrevich grinned through scarred lips at the missive, looking to her fellow squires @sarahbarah @Liokv, "Ea suppose eyes are on us then. Let's make them proud."
  14. Scout's 3D Model Commissions! Yeehaw and salutations! My name is Scout and I have a certification in Computer Assisted Design (aka 3D Modeling) that I got back in high school and have done jack-shit with except make swords and stuff, so why don't I make your swords too! Here are some examples of people's weapons I've made in the past: Vregrude for FlemishSupremacy Unbroken for Capt_Chief26 Cúta'szar for Tulan Heraldine for Lomiei If you would like me to make a 3D model of your weapon/item, DM me on Discord [jaymock7#5249] with your item description and any reference pictures. Each model costs around 200 mina, fluctuating somewhat based on complexity (mainly non-text engravings and patterns cost more), and I am up to negotiating the price or trade offers. Textured materials (ex. damascus) are only at specified request with references. The model should be completed within a week or two at which I will send a rendered rotating gif of the weapon, a still render of the weapon, renders of the primary details, and an STL file of the model.
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