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  1. Scout turns invisible . . .
  2. “A wonderful creditin' of my risks and efforts . . . I am not, in fact, an 'independent', nor an 'adventurer'.” A Lady Magister of Hohkmat grumbled as she looked over the page, “And it's 'Gnæfa', not 'Gnaefa'.” She corrected over pedantically.
  3. It is genuinely baffling to be this attached to real world bigotry. If the categories of bigotry which are banned on the server were expanded to cover homophobia, what changes? What is so fundamentally altered that you feel you have to rally against such? I do not understand in the slightest. Edit, Addendum: To quote Reggie Fils Aime, "If it's not fun, why bother?" We are all here to play a game together, and if something is hindering people's ability to have fun with this game, then what fun of yours is being taken away to allow people to better enjoy their hobby?
  4. Meteor as usual being based af
  5. "I wonder what t'at's 'bout . . ." The Lady Magister pondered.
  6. ". . . an flat latz women . . .?" The Lady Magister raised an eyebrow as she crumpled up her copy of the missive, "I see we're treatin' women like property today, aren't we?" She tutted before going to do a sick bank shot of the paper ball into the furnace of her smithy.
  7. From somewhere beyond death, the spirit of a Dame of Hanseti-Ruska's eyes shed a spectral tear, the first since her dearest Jennifer passed over a century ago. Her daughter meanwhile, in seeing the letter, took a folder labeled 'Twenty-seven step plan to destroy the devil worshiping homophobes of Canonism' and decided it might not be necessary anymore.
  8. A pupil sat in her manor as she looked over a copy of the letter, her expression twisting into that of a deep frown. She tossed it into the fireplace with a huff, before having to return to living her lie, great displeasure felt at the news. The kin who brought her into the fold was gone, and she would need another guide. And perhaps, if she could ascend as far as she hoped, invite in another he had promised to be kin... Perhaps.
  9. A bastard of thrice-blood descent sat atop the library tower in the observatory in the District of the Sorcerous Path, humming a tune as her legs swayed in the breeze. In one hand she held the missive, reading it to herself, and the other a starsteel bastard sword rested in its sheath, pommel on her shoulder, "I 'ope t'is makes ye officially proud of me, mom. I'm a 'Lady-Magister' now, of my own right. I fought for t'is, and I'm gonna keep fightin' for it." The paper crumpled in her hand as she made a determined fist, before letting the wind take it.
  10. The madlads typed this one out at lightning speed, it was terrifying and concerning to watch.
  11. Laurissa Eliza Kort cried happy tears at seeing her special invitation. In her depression basement, she pinned up the invitation with a small smile on her face, right next to the in progress mana obelisk which looked like a half finished IKEA chair, with a paper instruction manual and everything sitting by the base. It was clear the Mistress of the Abstract needed some time to relax, and maybe mingle a bit. As she saw the name at the end of the invitation she smiled wearily, "T'anks Atticus..."
  12. Laurissa Eliza Kort looked over the remains of Tensei as they were brought into Valdev with shock, masking the rest of her emotions. When she returned to her office after, she poured herself a glass of liquor and slumped down onto one of the couches, "...Ye were really trustin' of t'e person who 'ad ye scrapped... t'at's what must've 'urt t'e most. I'm sorry, I should've done more..."
  13. The new Mistress of the Abstract, read over the missive with a curious gaze before her eyes reached the part mentioning her. A smile emerged on her lips, “Laurissa Kort.” She murmured the use of her bastard surname oddly fondly.
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