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  1. Cant belief Reuben did this, but nice ouroboros formatting
  2. "Tha's good 'nd all, but wat about th' kabbages?" pondered Saint Arijoutsi of Kabestan from his resting place below the earth.
  3. A knight-errant prepared himself for continuation of the struggle with weary yet determined eyes.
  4. "It is sweet and proper to die for one's country." Uttered a knight-errant simply as he prepared himself for prayer and battle.
  5. "A very convincing crazed drunkard told me this is all true. So it must be!" Pondered a certain figure, as he scratched his forehead in thought.
  6. The Testifier bore witness with his very own eyes . . .
  7. A knight who had known Baldwin was filled with intense melancholy upon receiving the news.
  8. The Horse Lord prayed for those that had fallen upon the bloody meadow. Including their foes who had been slain by the sabre and bow.
  9. If you have money you are hereby obliged under gunpoint to give it all to Karim of Mount Goodness.
  10. The knights-errant watched as both Bishop Callahan and his horse Lady Amélie were utterly grief-stricken by the news. Jurkha Faochak himself too was grief-stricken. Yet in this grief he found his purpose and duty renewed with vigor greater than any before. "A thousand curses upon Sigismund."
  11. Jurkha Faochak examined the rondel he had been gifted at the end of their meeting with a certain man. Deep in thought was the knights-errant. "It will not come to it." The warrior uttered to himself as self-assurance. But he was not so sure. "I will make sure it does not come to it."
  12. THE HARVEST FESTIVAL During a large meal with his many guests, Arijoutsi hatched the bright idea of hosting a harvest festival where the brightest and strongest cultivators of the soil across all the land could showcase their hard work. Thus, invitations were sent out by courier to every corner plausible. In the message the following are promised; A stall or tent for anyone willing to showcase their hard work. Merriments such as goat wrestling and a famous clown. Plenty of cabbage. The sharing of wondrous ideas. Everything else is a surprise for later. Invitations are sent by courier to; The denizens of Lemon Hill The denizens of Novkursain The Cingedoz The wee-folk of Dúnfarthing Any good folk of stout heart
  13. CONSECRATION OF HEARTH The Kabbish believe the heart and soul of every house is the hearth. Thus, when a new house is built the hearth within is consecrated in an elaborate ceremony. This ceremony is to occur soon, and the Kareiks has decided that their foreign friends ought to partake with them in the merryment. He has also decided not to reveal any details about the ceremony within the invitations, leaving it a surprise to be found out. Invitations are sent by courier to; The wee-folk of Dúnfarthing Bishop Callahan and friends Lugash and friends Captain-General Gaspard the Bull and his retinue The Cingedoz Uther the Knight and friends All who love cabbages and goats
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