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  1. "Pagans pretending to be canonists for our swords and our sympathy" Godefroy would remark drunkenly to a cadre of soldiers in the far north. "...name a more pitiful combination. Our holy God favors this war for pagans will slaughter pagans without a drop of blood from Sacred Canondom. Truly, nothing is more blessed."
  2. Today we had the quickest crusade in history. Truly there has never been a more efficient pontiff and if you disagree, you're just a hater. God bless the Church(unironically). 

  3. I always wanted to make a morally dubious character, but whenever I talked with other people, they wanted me to join their darkspawn group. It seems like every morally dubious group is either some degree of demon, darkspawn, or mage, never once seen a proper bandit group or criminal organization.
  4. "I don't particularly like Darkspawn, they're coarse, dark, irritating, and they're god damn everywhere" Godefroy D'Amaury would bluntly state
  5. Godefroy d'Amaury would count the coin in his hands as a reward for being the tiebreaking vote in the competition for the new Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude. "God bless Grandmaster Lug Macskull" he would remark upon seeing the announcement before counting the coins again.
  6. Godefroy D'Amaury would read the missive and muse to himself "Finally, the Holy Order of St Jude has been granted what we need the most, permission to beat tattoo artists to death with iron clubs."
  7. @Greehn Creates worst April Fools bait imaginable, asked to leave staff team immediately
  9. Ban Blah for it is discriminatory towards my ears as well please
  10. Reynard would read the lies that the men, just a little bit ago, was too cowardly to state Infront of the Pontiff "Next time, I won't slap the King's consort for when she speaks heresy. Free speech law in Lurin my arse, there is no place in Canonism to refer to the Pontiff as 'his horniness' amongst other things. Happens again and the tree in the town square gets a fresh new ornament." He threw the missive away.
  11. I volunteer to rp as Grommash's elven wife
  12. Reynard de la Roche would mumble to himself "******* finally, now I'll have a 50-foot stone wall for the next weekly Olog Riot after Minto forgets to feed them raw cow again"
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