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  1. Algoda

    Ban Report - Charles the Bald

    I think its safe to say this isnt something that has only been done in the past way back when, or "downward in the past months". You've always been like this and will probably always be like this. I have infact been around you in other settlements more recently and you've acted just the way you always act as the other posters here can confirm. My dislike for you isnt something that detracts from my statement, it doesnt make my arguments any less true. The "innocent guy" mantra isnt working for you my dude, try something else this time. You added literally nothing to this discussion with that comment. So because its easy we should all do it like Charles? Or because its so easy we shouldnt be mad when someone like Charles does it?
  2. Algoda

    Ban Report - Charles the Bald

    Are we even talking about the same guy here? This is charles the bald, the guy that made @6xdestroyer quit the server because of doxing when he posted mine, 6x's and @wrenik's pictures on the forums with the title "kazulrah irl dwarves" only 8 months ago. The guy who after killing our king in rp sent me this over forum message. Saint? You're honestly dilusional to the point its unhealthy. All he does is bait and goad people into action against him, so he can play the victim card. 50% of his post count is ban appeals which must mean his rp is "dynamic roleplay" and fun for everyone, and not just baiting responses from people right? Charles walks up towards any group of people and everyone groans because they know that they have to deal with shitty "Im tHE kINg" rp for the next 30 minutes until he decides to d40 after getting killed a couple times in rp. And the whole "we're targeting charles, buhu poor him" honestly **** off mongoloids. Target my ass. Who is walking into groups of people and decides to ruin their rp until he get killed? Charles. Who spends their time taking facebook profile pictures and posts them on lotc website(Yes i know he's that lazy "wuh i can doxxxx")? Charles. Who spends their time sending forum messages to people whenever he does something in rp? Charles. Who is finally tired of it and decided to post a br with all the **** rp he's done the past 3 months? Us. Any1 that says "i can ddos and dox but i wont do it cuz im nice" is a retard and its obviously a threat. You're no mastermind, you're just an idiot that has to jump from side to side whenever they get tired of you. Dont forget how you came crying to me, @dsdevil, @Raomir when holm kicked you out and you got banned just a month ago. We have people that get banned for stupid reasons for a year, yet we have someone who repeatedly get banned and blacklisted for toxicity and poor villainy but manages to get unbanned every single time. Funny. The staff protection over this guy is insane. Im obviously part of the br so dont remove my post again kk tty
  3. Algoda

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    We dwarves never got conquered, so I don't see your point. There was no competition because nations weren't allowed to conquer other nations capital tiles, which was pretty much all land a nation owned... so constant wars over nothing gained. Also tfw we had our lowest player count in athera with roughly 20-40 people on in peak times for a substantial part of the map-period but it's"the best map we've ever had".
  4. Algoda

    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

    I think the major issue is that we need to stop seeing these capitals as "top cities". A city will never be able to retain the most players at any time for longer periods of time simply because players always move on to the next new thing. IMO race capitals are there so new/old players have a basis to go from. A lot of new players go through the phase of being a city guard in one of these cities, before moving on to do their own thing in a freebuild or finding other RP groups to roll with and i dont particularely see something wrong with that. EDIT: oh and athera was absolutely TERRIBLE for political/nation rp, just because everyone congregated around these taverns instead. The map was so small that there were no room for nations to progress and grow without declaring war on its neighbours, which made for many cancer wars. Smaller maps = better casual and small-scale rp Larger maps = Better nation RP You can't have it all unfortunately
  5. Algoda

    “A brot’a ‘as been slain!”

    "You're all pathetic excuses for dwarves, acting like beardlings" Kóri 'Breaker of storms, The Storm-breaker' Stormbreaker would exclaim
  6. Algoda

    Why I might leave LoTC

    PVP goons lack a brain and communication skills. Change my mind.
  7. Algoda

    Passing of the oars

    Kóri would make the rounds on Ithrun’drakna as he usually did. Normally it would be a very lonely job, seeing he's the last of the Stormbreakers that has not ventured out into the sea and yet to return. But not this time. Kardakk Stormbreaker, and his crew had recently landed on the shores of Khor'Atlas and thrown the dormant clan of Stormbreakers back into action. "New blood 'as foinalleh made'et back tuh tae Clan once again. 'Ets toim tuh let tae captain ov Ithrun'Manok be Lord ov all tae Ithrunnazka." Kóri would spin into action as he teaches the new crew the ins and outs of Ithrun'Drakna, the Stormbreaker mothership. When the Stormbreakers felt comfortable in their new home, Kóri finally felt it was time to pass the oars to a new leader with a drive to make the clan stronger. In a small ceremony on the deck, the new crew and Kóri would swear alliegiance to Kardakk, naming him Clan Father of the Stormbreakers. The entire cave would reverberate as the sons and daughters of the sea bellowed their approval of the ceremony. "Parathak nir da ithrun" "Narvak oz Ithrunnazka, Thrumm eron Wuglimor" "Narvak oz Kardakk!"
  8. Algoda

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    Kóri Stormbreaker would exclaim upon hearing the news. "Et's nae exactleh a catcheh name tha' rolls ov tae tongue, bu' ah wish yer tae best ov luck!"
  9. Algoda

    The Ways of Old

    Algoda would smile broadly, beaming from whatever place in Khaz'A'Dentrumm he found himself at this time. "LOL yer actualleh retarded hahaha"
  10. age restrictions on staff positions when

    1. ZachoSnacko


      gm has restrictions

  11. Is that why he keeps blocking everyone that disagrees with him or critiques his way of doing things? Hmm. He might want to talk to his fellow gms, but he has a habit of blocking us "normal" players. So to reiterate Medvekoma's question; What really can we players do in the face of the blatant stonewalling that comes from staff?
  12. Seventh for admin

  13. Algoda

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    Good initiative, but with the risk of sounding toxic the issue is I don't want to see this from you. I want to see admins do some work for once, to actually do ANYTHING about the latest controversies(not just the pedo one). Knowing how telanir and 501 laughs and belittles the community in staff chat I seriously doubt that'll happen but a man can dream. It's sad to see the admins being so lazy they put a guy like marimba in front of themselves as a meatshield.
  14. Algoda

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Riding out the storm eh, i'm sure it'll work as it always does. You're not solving the root of the problem with this.