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  1. "How dare you write something like this without the arch über-runelords input. He knows all." Says Kóri 'the appaled' Stormbreaker. ((Anyway this is great, finally a backstory that actually makes sense.
  2. "Good ****. Keep it up, proud of you" States a prince in name only
  3. “This seems unnecessarily complicated... Why don’t you just write ‘Give us money so we can improve the kingdom’ Instead.” Says Kóri ‘The unnecessarily annoyed’ Stormbreaker.
  4. Algoda

    A Warning

    Kóri ‘The friendly friend’ Stormbreaker asks
  5. One of the grizzled dwarves stays mostly silent during the debate. As the ancient ones slowly cease their bickering for the day, a tear slowly trickles down along the decrepit and scarred face. “Da Kez’ram Ok’Khazadmar ‘o haritz. Da Kez’ram Ok’Yrromar zal’karnes” “Though i do hope these young ones proves me wrong.”
  6. “Interesing to see new and original cultures popping up!”
  7. who died this time and how many has gotten banned for joking about it

    1. Senatus-Populusque-Velianus


      Tired of getting banned for free speech? Join VELIA today!

  8. I do have to say, my willingness to help this community is very admirable (commendable even).

    1. The-Adoring-Fan


      I salute you, brother

    2. Raomir


      (ur a clown)

    3. Flamelynx


      thank mr.algoda 

  9. With 1.13 breaking so many plugins it sure would be nice if we had coders that could code for themselves 

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    2. Sporadic


      You get what you pay for 🙂

    3. Jaeden


      I see what you did there Sporadic :^)

    4. Narthok
  10. Less rules = more fun

    1. MythicFantasy


      Can we make Gapples yet come on

  11. daily reminder that nexus sucks black cockroaches

  12. Kóri smiles happily as Morug 'The Wise' 'The boatbuilder' oz Brathmordakin bestows yet another gift of wisdom upon dwarfkind.
  13. It's good to know that the staff is laughing over the latest outcry like usual. **** the plebs haha, just stop breaking the rules!
    Instant 2 week ban over this is actually braindead

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    2. Medvekoma


      @Knox might I ask why I got 2 weeks of ban after a threat of forum warning point?

    3. Knox213
    4. rotund_man


      @Knox did not know the lore team could hand out bans when was this change implemented

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