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  1. Algoda

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    “Again?” asks Kóri ‘The Puzzled’ Stormbreaker
  2. Algoda

    Well... At Least They Tried

    Kóri ‘The amazed’ Stormbreaker is in awe of the great and populous kingdom of Agnar
  3. Algoda

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    Kóri ‘The thin’ Stormbreaker nods slowly “Tis a shame that we keep on fighting, but grudges has to be settled i guess. Nicely written account of the battle though.”
  4. Algoda

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    Kóri bows before the chuckling legend.
  5. Algoda

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    I believe in you
  6. Algoda

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    “I recognise this event. Its almost like the exact same thing happened before. History does tend to repeat itself i guess” States a NIce Good and Grand stormbrEakeR.
  7. Algoda

    The Cleansing of the Frostbeard Clan

    “gOOd lUcK!”
  8. Algoda

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolkrydr - (Recruitment)

    “Interesing to see new and original cultures popping up!”
  9. Algoda

    Grudges Settled

    "I just want you lot to remember ulrah was always the focus point for the idea that urguan and it's values was destroying the dwarves. Don't go down the same path, or it will be revived just like any idea, just like urguan. You now have the chance to prove that you've actually changed since the last time, and I hope you take it to heart moving forward. I genuinely wish you agnarites good luck, may the gods bless your path with peace and stability" States a tired and weary war veteran.
  10. who died this time and how many has gotten banned for joking about it

    1. Senatus-Populusque-Velianus


      Tired of getting banned for free speech? Join VELIA today!

  11. Keep on fighting the good fight my fighter
  12. Algoda

    Appetitus rationi pareat.

    Lucius Sempronius Gracchus rubs his callus-filled hands together as he steps ashore. “I’ll be glad to never touch an oar again for the rest of my life.”
  13. Algoda

    Cease and Desist

    Kóri frowns.
  14. Algoda

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    Please please please build a nicer city when u get nation status, agnarum looks like a split banana