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  1. Edel's Resurch

    Barradin wonders why the elf laughs in the busy capital of Jornheim.
  2. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    "An entire subrace" You make it sound like we're attempting to gain some sort of power by this lore, but its simply for some nuance in the old and stale dwarf roleplay community. I dont see why other clans attempting to be sea dwarves would be a negative factor here, this should not be clan-locked. Also, where has this been "proven" to have little bearing on any dwarf related rp? How would you know what it effects, you dont even rp with the dwarves.
  3. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    +1 definately needed lore.
  4. Political Compass thread

    Hm, tax this **** ***** it is. Seems I live in the wrong country
  5. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    More cave/underground dwelling flora and fauna, yes please.
  6. -='The Graybeards'=-

    Barradin would chuckle before responding. "You speak of the gods as if they were on your side.. Time to realize Urguan is gone, and that the Brathmordakin stands with Kaz'Ulrah."
  7. Times are Gone

    Barradin would shake his head after reading through the letter, muttering to himself. "Urguan had its time and place, but ultimately did more evil than good for us Dwedmar. We now have the chance to take back our own destinies with a new kingdom instead of slowly fading away into legends and fairytales under a decadent Urguan. All that is left of Urguan is a bunch of old dwarves too scared to meet with his former enemies, like you. Urguan was an infected wound upon us dwarves which had to be cut and burnt to give our race a chance to survive. So yes, times are indeed gone, but a new age has begun. You just have to decide for yourself if you wish to be a part of the dwarves or stay behind in the dust. Out with the old, in with the new.."
  8. Lead Dev When?

  9. The End of Lethargy

    Barradin exlaims "Narvak oz Verthaik Azwyrtrumm!"
  10. VIP Forum Ranks

    MC Name: TheAlgoda VIP Rank: Diamond In-game screenshot of your tag and username:
  11. Suxals for admin 2k17

  12. Language

    Well that wasnt really the point of this post. It was simply an idea to expand on the language that we already have, not replace anything. To which you already said you agreed to. Also everyone decides what is important for themselves, im sure we have people more interesting in tinkering with languages than engineering or magics. If you want the religion to be expanded upon you're free to do so yourself!
  13. Language

    The thing is, we are the mainstream dwarven group. It would make more sense for the dwarves living at other places than the rest of us (i.e the Ironguts if they want this). I agree with it not replacing the dwarven language, i quite like the current iteration of it aswell. Hence why i suggested dialects for a way for diverse dwarven cultures to appear as we're not all united anymore, just like the humans.
  14. Language

    I like the idea of different dwarven dialects springing up, i say go for it as it doesnt have to mean that everyone has to use it. If some lore is put behind it we can just have different dialects depending on where you hail from. Maybe clan-specific dialects?
  15. The Vaults of Urguan

    Name: Barradiño Stormbreaker Rank: Mercenary Battles Fought, (Battle of Jornheim/Siege of Courland’s Fort) Both [Username: Thealgoda] [Persona to be paid to: Barradin] I lost my brother in the war too.