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  1. "Owning up to history instead of erasing it is probably better. But you do you, master dwarf." Says Kóri 'Blackfist' Stormbreaker
  2. "Where can i subscribe for more!?" Kóri 'Banhammer' Stormbreaker would ask out loud from his quarantined mountaintop-home.
  3. "Finally some good ol' blueboys" said Kóri 'Blackfist' Stormbreaker upon hearing of the frostie revival.
  4. I, Kóri Sevrishsson of the Stormbreaker clan, have spent a multitude of months travelling around most of Almaris and can finally say the map is in a decent enough state to be published. There is yet much of the continent to explore so if you see that i've missed something or have anything other you'd want me to add to the map, do send a bird my way. Or visit me in the halls of the great Dwedmar capital! The map is accurate as of year 1798.
  5. The Stormbreakers “Parathek Nir da Ithrun” “Courage in the storm” The small group made their way across the steep waves, their ship crashing down upon the sea under them with a thunderous sound, muffled over the vastness of sea. The cold and salty wind, blowing the long grey braids of their leader to and fro. The sky, almost as dark as the place from which the travelers sought refuge, lent little comfort, yet they sailed on. Each member of the crew slowly reciting the Precepts to themselves, peering around, hoping to find a sunny sky or a suitable place to anchor.
  6. Welcome back, clan mother!
  7. As the dwarven folk disembark from the boats, the weary but cheery Stormbreaker clansmen states "Not too shabby lads, the crossing could've been worse. Parathek Nir da Ithrum, never forget!"
  8. At the end of the day, im glad that todays developers actually tries to do stuff and hopefully will be able to improve on their systems. 

    Never forgetti the times of cursed dev teams that did jack **** for years.

  9. I dont think you should be criticising him based on what you think will happen. Your criticism is theoretical, its not based in any level of experience with the proposition.
  10. I've lost my old phone and cant get past the 2fa on the server. What do?

    1. SoulReapingWolf


      Ask an admin to remove it for you while you set up another one

  11. I like drama and all but this post is just confusing.
  12. “You have my axe!” States a lone Stormbreaker.
  13. “The only true Goldhand is Morug oz Brathmordakin.” says Kóri ‘the addicted’ Stormbreaker.
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