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  1. I just saw you on my profile and I thought I'd drop by to say hey. ^.^

    1. Guardian Zephyr

      Guardian Zephyr

      Hey Tiger! Long time no see <3 Haven't seen you ages, how have you been?

    2. Tigergamer


      I'm good man. Life's tough but I've gotten through it so far. Whata'bout you? <3

  2. Uhhh.....Hello people I haven't seen in ages... o.o

    1. The Cleaning Crew

      The Cleaning Crew

      I've seen that name before. Hullo.

    2. Chrisdena


      I see you lurking, Zephyr.

    3. Guardian Zephyr

      Guardian Zephyr

      -Hides- NO ONE SEES ME.

  3. Minecraft Name:Runawayguy RP Name:Eldar Sword skill level:My sword skill is lvl 19 Archery skill level:My archery skill is lvl 300 Why do you want to join? I want to be part of an elite group of elves and help out the world of Aegis. Other notes: I will be donating 100$ soon, and I will be able to give the land to the pathfinders to help the cause! (Everything underground shall be mine, but I will share.
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