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  1. I'm still alive. Maybe I'll submit a GM application to commemorate the occasion. #kidding #GMtimes10

  2. This would be good if not for the fact that it is made invalid by secret lore. ((Just kidding! Hopefully the secret lore died with me. I enjoyed this and its depth. I've always felt that the elves never got enough lore loving. This is Countjuno88 and this is my favorite lore post on the Forums. +1 ))
  3. After 5 years of contemplation and deliberation (with myself), I have decided that the destruction of Aegis was an inside job. Shiftnative can't melt Iblees. #OPAscended4Life

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  4. I feel it necessary to point out, as one who has consulted on the aspects of Aengul/Daemon ancient lore, that this runs into the stereotypical issue of presupposing that all Daemons are demonic or evil. If one refers to Ancient Lore you will see that any "evil" Aenguls or Daemons had a falling from grace. To make your idea relevant to established server lore, I would suggest adding in the backstory on why he fell from grace and what motivated him to take up his new goals. This might explain the illogical statement as to why, as an Immortal, he claims to not know the Creator, which no Aengul or
  5. As has been established by ancient lore, the Creator -never- makes any contact with mortals or the mortal realm. The contact made through the Immortals can't even be said to be a direct connection. They only allow mortals to make contact with arcane energy from beyond the Veil which it's origin is largely a mystery to us. We only study it's effect on the mortal realm. Even if it were a connection to the Creator, we could never discover this in role-play.
  6. Big news, everyone! Working on a content release that will reintroduce an important LotC character from yonder days of old!

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      Thaelen should stay dead.

  7. Return to Monks and GM I miss you. :C

  8. I hope that wasn't your work lol.

  9. 6/10 to give you one more than you give! :D
  10. Published some archived lore I had lying around from the development days. Thought y'all might want to take a read. Enjoy! http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/101848-a-history-unwritten/#entry933492

  11. In the end, we are all equal parts of the greater whole. The small no less than the great. Let us continue to work towards something greater than ourselves.

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      "But animals are more equal than others." -Goerge Orwell

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  12. Looking for a capable digital artist to do some work for official lore purposes. Any community member interested should send me a private message.

  13. Even the faraway realm of 3.0 shall sing of the joy of your memories. May we all meet you again in whatever paradise lies beyond this realm one day.


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