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  6. MC Name: atles Character's Name: Laurir Okar Character's Age: 176 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Clericalism Teacher's MC Name: SquirtGun Teacher's RP Name: Lily Faroe Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  7. Government of the Deep-Realm of Kaz’Ulrah The Clans Like all dwarves, the folk of Kaz’Ulrah are divided up into great families known as clans. The clan is the most important social structure within the dwarven race and forms the governmental bedrock upon which all else is built. The clans of the Realm are divided into three castes: the Common Clans, the Noble Clans, and the Royal Clan. A clan's caste is determined by their lineage as verified by the genealogists of the Brathmordakin, although on rare occasions the High Prelates can approve a clan's promotion or demotion to another caste, as well as the formation of entirely new clans. Vassal Clans Vassal Clans are newly formed Clans which are striving to become Commoner Clans. In order to become a Vassal Clan, a group of at least four Dwed must approach the leader of a Clan and request that they be vassalized under their clan. Then over the period of a stone month they must gather supplies, their kin and prepare their papers. After the period of a stone month they are allowed to request Commoner Clan status from the Arcrown and the Lord’s Council. Vassal Clans have neither a Clan Hall nor a representative in the Clan Council. The Common Clans Common Clans are, among the Dwarves, considered to be those clans which cannot claim to hold a direct link between bloodline of their ruling house and one of the founding houses of the many Elder Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. Common Clans make up more than three-fourths of all clans and must still be able to trace their bloodline back to at least one of the Founding Clans of Old Urguan or one of its sister states to be recognized as a clan at all. Would-be clans who do not meet this requirement are considered "Sundered Houses" by the dwarven Church, and are considered citizens of the realm in which they reside but do not have access to the rights afforded the clans and their kinsfolk. The Noble Clans The Noble Clans are those clans which can trace the bloodlines of their noble house directly to one of the founding houses of one of the three founding Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. Royal Clans who have lost their realm (or never possessed one in the first place) and have pledged their fealty to another clan are considered to be Noble Clans from a political standpoint, albeit ones who retain most of the power, privilege, and respect traditionally held by dwarven royalty. The Royal Clans The Royal Clans are those most noble of clans which can trace the bloodlines of their ruling house directly to one of the founding houses of Kaz’Ulrah. All Royal Clans are considered to be Noble Clans, but all Noble Clans are not Royal. As with the other two castes, the High Prelate are empowered to create new Royal Clans, so long as the clan in question has verified documentation of their bloodline dating back to one of the Eldest Clans. The Deep Court The Deep Court is the name of the Realm of Kaz’Ulrah’s governmental structure, itself divided into three separate parts; the Senate, the legislative ministry, the Masters' Assembly, the judicial ministry, and the Lords Council, the executive ministry. The Senate The Senate is the primary legislative body of Kaz'Ulrah. It is the Senate that writes up and proposes the vast majority of all law within the Realm. The Senate is vast, composed of the Clanmasters of the Common Clans, the Clan Elders of the Noble and Royal Clans, the Prelates of the various Clergies of the Brathmordakin, all official Guildmasters and Fellowship Captains, various respected community leaders, nobles, and officials, as well as any other notable dwarves granted the title as a reward for their services. All Senators receive a single vote, and the Senate is nominally led by a "High Speaker" elected from among the body of the Senate who receives a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The Masters' Assembly The Masters' Assembly is composed entirely of the Grandmasters, who are the leaders of the many ministries and guilds that make up the governmental and regulatory bodies of the Realm. The Masters' Assembly is in charge of all judicial matters within Kaz’Ulrah, with inter-clan disputes and crimes settled by three randomly selected Grandmasters. Any proposals made by the Senate first goes to the Masters' Assembly to determine its validity and make any necessary changes before sending it onwards for approval and implementation by the Lords' Assembly. All Grandmasters receive a single vote in the Assembly and can only hold a single position with it. The sole exception to this is the High-Prelates, who may hold their ecclesiastical rank in addition to a position as a Grandmaster. As with the Senate, the Masters' Assembly is headed by an elected "Lord Speaker" who receives a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The permanent positions for Grandmaster goes as followed: + Forgemaster - Directs all smiths and smithing organizations. + Lodemaster - Directs all miners and mining organizations. + Goldmaster - Directs all traders and trade organizations. + Loremaster - Directs all scribes and historical organizations. + Brewmaster - Directs all farms and agricultural organizations. + Warmaster - Directs all soldiers and military organizations. + Overseer - Directs all public works and civil organizations. + High Prelates - Direct their respective clergies and religious organizations. The Lords' Council The Lords' Council fulfills the executive duties of the Kaz’Ulrah and is one of its most powerful branches of government. The Council has ultimate authority over all aspects of life within the Realm, being composed of the Arcrown, Ardukes, Clanlords, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord General, and Lord High-Prelate. Each title garners its bearer a single vote, with a maximum of three votes permitted in per dwarf. Arcrown - The king and overall leader of Kaz’Ulrah. The Arcrown is also considered to be the Arduke of Kal’Tarak, and Clan Lord of the Royal Clan of Frostbeard (Changes if a new clan succeeds the current Arcrown). As such, the Arcrown always has a minimum of three votes in the Lords' Council, and cannot claim any additional positions. The Arcrown has the power to break all ties in their favor, and personally appoints the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and Lord General to their positions. The Arcrown's position can be hereditary, however their chosen successor must be chosen in the day of their coronation, updated once every year, and must be approved of by majority vote from the remainder of the Lords' Council, Masters' Assembly, and Senate. Arduke - The Ardukes are the leaders of the various Dwarfholds that form the backbone of the Realm's provincial structure. Ardukes are appointed by the Arcrown, approved by the High-Prelate of the Brathmordakin, and are must be the Clanlord of one of the Noble Clans; although the position is not hereditary. As such, the Ardukes receive a minimum of two Seats on the Grand Council. Clan Lord - A Clan Lord is the leader of one of the Noble Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. The position of Clan Lord is typically hereditary, although all prospective lords must be voted in by their clan's elders before being crowned. Unless they hold another position on the Council, Clan Lords retain only a single vote. Lord Chancellor - The Lord Chancellor oversees all domestic and foreign affairs concerning the Realm and acts as Regent whenever the Arcrown is otherwise unavailable. It is the duty of the Lord Chancellor to ensure the day-to-day operation of Kaz’Ulrah proceeds smoothly and according to law, as well as to the management of all local fellowships. In addition, the Lord Chancellor maintains the Ministry of Diplomacy, which itself is made up of the kingdom's various diplomats, ambassadors, and on rare occasions, spies. Lord Treasurer - The Lord Treasurer oversees all financial and trade related affairs both within and without Kaz’Ulrah. It is the duty of the Lord Treasurer to, with the aid of the clans and the Lord Chancellor, establish and maintain the necessary trade routes, caravans, and agreements to ensure the Realm's economy remains stable and its people prosperous. The Lord Treasurer is in charge of the management of Kaz’Ulrah’s guilds and clan companies, and maintains the Ministry of Banking throughout the kingdom. Lord General - The Lord General oversees all military, security, and law enforcement related affairs throughout the Realm and beyond. It is the Lord General's duties to maintain a strong border against the enemies of the dwarves, ensure that the lands of Kaz’Ulrah are secure from threats both domestic and foreign through the use of a guard force and prison system, and lastly to train and (when needed) successfully utilize the dwarven army to the benefit of the people. Lord High Prelate - The Lord High Prelate oversees the affairs of the dwarven church throughout Kaz’Ulrah as well as any missionary work done by the the kingdom. Additionally the Lord High-Prelate is in charge of rooting out and exterminating heresy in all its forms both within and without the Realm. To this end the Lord High-Prelate maintains the ability arrest, try, and punish heretics through the implementation of the Hammers of Yemekar. The Lord-High Prelate is always the High Prelate of the Brathmordakin assigned to Kaz’Ulrah. Signed by the Lord Chancellor ~ William Blood-Hammer ~
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