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  1. atles

    Any Aegis Players Around

    A while ago me and a few people from Alras remade the Aegis map. Basically we just took the download and cleaned the map up, Removed all the random placed blocks, re made the cities with the current Minecraft blocks. It actually looks really nice by removing all the undead taint (we kept some by the old keep by the snow). All the items are still in peoples houses, Checking out what each city had in their store rooms. If anyone is interested I can attempt to recover it. Ya old Undead Boi Atles
  2. Getting PTSD flash backs
  3. atles

    Apostolic Apathy

    +1 For Ma Boi Obergruppenführer Brom
  4. Who is this guy?? I dunno... some person 

  5. atles

    Lower the price of Heads

    Don't see the issues with head prices, the server needs a money sinkl, it doesn't seem too harsh right now
  6. atles

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  7. Where did my Diamond VIP rank go from the forums?

  8. Even though I’m ambivalent about writing this, I believe from her previous application to her current application, she has shown vast improvement in multiple areas; Her actual event ideas have shown to be more thought and planned out (she has created a stockpile of event ideas). Her attitude and the way she has conducted/presented herself on the server has improved over the past few months. I believe she should be given a chance to prove herself to be a valued member of the team, by setting events for the players of the server to enjoy.
  9. hello friend <3

    1. atles


      Sup friend

    2. Hyena


      Not much, you?

  10. 8DUAeQU.png

    1. L0fi


      no wonder ur lonely

    2. atles


      WOW Dagger To My Cold Heart


  11. atles

    Event Team Update - January

  12. Good Night All A Song From Me To You Below