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  1. Pinochet


    nagg raguk sneezes loud in his snore sleep
  2. "wow this is epic havent seen this before" comments ivar
  3. Pinochet

    [Clan Raguk] THE VANGUARD

    elderly nagg'raguk rubs his belly as he sleep in fat home smile like this
  4. Pinochet

    In with the New

    looks like ur damage control didnt work out
  5. Pinochet

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    gets angry when u punch him on minecraft being a gm will probably inflate ur ego even more -1
  6. Pinochet

    [Denied] [Trial][I]The_Blind_Seer's Game Moderator Application

    fms are a curse and will always be a curse in the lotc community -1
  7. Pinochet

    Fourth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    "wats the point of this ghanyan unklo bunglo drums and beat" remarks adolf after hearing of the fourth golden bull of rhodesia..........a strange tune in his head, he think "wtf?"
  8. Pinochet

    [Denied] Starboy544's Event Team Actor application

    +1 a genuine guy looking to help out
  9. Pinochet

    Cornivore's Application Team Application

    +1 stick with this bro
  10. -1 i think u should stick with at cornivore considers the slightest and most petty things targeted harassment and i think will use the "toxic" phrase and throw it at anything he doesn't agree with like half of the fm team right now, i do not think you can be responsible that that amount of power on the forums as of now.
  11. I do not think you are capable of the position seeing how you currently are in your position as Forum Moderator. -1 even though it doesn't matter considering ur doign a interview ?
  12. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames jhon_boat, robertbaratheon, _urk Ban Reason harassment extended for alting Players Involved Lark By your own understanding, why are you banned? Because I said to Lark after a heated argument that he did it for free, which was considered harassment Why should you be pardoned? Because I want to play on the server again and I have served my ban time What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Refrain from hateful behavior to staff, and detoxify my atmosphere Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe the community guidelines are important, especially the be laid back and considerate. I think it can create an epic community for both player and staff alike. I also appreciate how they mention free-flow roleplay and mutual respect will result in detoxified behavior, even after the rather harsh history the server has had OOC drama wise. I also like to say these community guidelines have led me to become a nicer person and rethink my toxic behavior to some of the members of the community, and which I will try my hardest to never say any toxic phrases or mean things to anyone in the community and on minecraft! Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
  13. Pinochet


  14. How's the Gaming tonight, everyone?

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    2. Karimir


      it's epic, broseph

    3. Harrison


      i'm gaming pretty hard, played some good, clean, christian games without any animated, large breasted girls in the asset folders

    4. Pinochet


      Wow that's pretty epic. It's best to keep that out of your lifestyle.