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  1. Crusader King II - Lord of the Craft Mod

    please dont
  2. [Denied] [Actor] SpaceOfAids

    argumentative and generally unpleasant -1
  3. Cold Winds Rising

    "queers lol" says ivar
  4. Marnans Never Die

    "ah yes" says the yesmen soon to be lord of the bridge adolf von konigsberg
  5. A Boon of Bastion

    ivar coughs and sneezes loud so loud the all elves can hear his fury "yer all queers"

    ivar earshatter screams and defrosts his fat beard and plants a grand flag of a fat dwarf with a big ear on his humble abode in ratville
  7. How Nexus Should Be

    lets just do it the way we did it back in asulon
  8. Succession

    nagg cough
  9. moved 2 off topic..........obviously :steammocking:

  10. run it, run it, run it, run it


    i rock, i roll, i bloom, i glow

  11. The Hou-Zi Need You!

    mao-ze'dang screeches resting on his monkey tree