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  1. now THIS is a real gamer moment
  2. Do you have a favorite historical Monarch? Can be from any kingdom, not just English :)
  3. What is the most memorable experience you've had so far on LotC? Whether RPly or OOCly?
  4. I completely agree. Worst decision of my life was applying for this server https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/archive/alpha/minecraft-survival-servers/979814-the-lord-of-the-craft-enter-the-world-of-aegis-o
  5. Ishikawa Akihiko smiled brightly as he and his bride-to-be put the finishing touches on their invitations. His cheeks were flushed slightly, though he had an air of excitement about him. "I'm so glad that this day has finally arrived. At times it seemed like a distant fantasy that would never come to pass. I am beyond excited for what the future will bring, Linli."
  6. Ishikawa Akihiko smiled as he added his signature underneath the Honorable Zhu's very own. "This shall be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between our two peoples. I look forward to our future cooperation, great Emir."
  7. Rilath

    The Kharasi Corsairs

    MC Name: Rilath RP Name: Tob Discord: You have it Skills/Reason for Joining: Lots of reasons
  8. Just got off the phone with our producer, SWA (Spooks With Attitude) coming to your area with the latest track.

  9. Ishikawa Akihiko was seen casting a vote for mayor, smiling and offering kindly waves to those who were gathered at the voting site. "Arigato, to all of you for making your way out to vote. I wish Wu Baihu the best of luck for the mayoral race, and should he succeed I imagine he will make a fine Mayor."
  10. Nodded at his brother's words, shouldering the bow that took the deer down. "I say we should see to it the Imperial family is safe, above all else. As not only his Squires, but as their Kin."
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