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  1. 8/10 But mitto is a loser so who cares <3
  2. Adept Application Name: Rilath Ilwindior [Mc Name]: Rilath Race: Dark Elf Magics known: Shade Magics you can teach: ((OOCly, none. No TA, though will probably get one in the future.)) Who have been your teachers presently or in the past, and what did they teach you? I am the creator of Shade magic and the point from which all current Shades originate. Which position do you feel most suited for? Wherever it is seen I would be most suited.
  3. demonbladez on skype. make of add. much talk must be made

  4. go navy beat army

  5. hi everyone

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ryno2


      werent you that hyper-edgy kid from aegis and asulon? 

    3. Mephistophelian


      Rilath and Salamandra stir...

    4. IZipZapManI
  6. Can anyone here design tattoos? If so, please shoot me a PM

    1. oblivionsbane


      Most regular artists could do things like that. Tattoos are basically just art like drawing or painting but on a body.

  7. Holy ****, this laptop is great. Well, with a new laptop, guess whos coming back babeyyyyyyyy.

  8. graduated boot camp. woo ******* hoo. now im sitting in an airport for 12 hours. Let's go navy.

    1. Lark



    2. Space


      Did your hide like every post you make except for a few or what

  9. I love all of you, you guys are great, but I won't be able to talk to you guys for a few months, later haters <3

    1. Pess


      Enjoy the time off sir! :>

  10. Everyone, I'm very excited, because today is finally my graduation day. Pictures will be posted later of me in my cap and gown :)

    1. paulie


      well done on graduating

  11. Woohoo! Two exams down, two more to go. So far I've made A's on both exams I've taken :)

    1. Irish
    2. BannanaToYou


      how do you know the grades you have if you're not finished?

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