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  1. Just got off the phone with our producer, SWA (Spooks With Attitude) coming to your area with the latest track.

  2. Ishikawa Akihiko was seen casting a vote for mayor, smiling and offering kindly waves to those who were gathered at the voting site. "Arigato, to all of you for making your way out to vote. I wish Wu Baihu the best of luck for the mayoral race, and should he succeed I imagine he will make a fine Mayor."
  3. Nodded at his brother's words, shouldering the bow that took the deer down. "I say we should see to it the Imperial family is safe, above all else. As not only his Squires, but as their Kin."
  4. 1. I don't nor have ever played a kha. 2. Because it was the only choice you had. 3. Because I love you and can't afford to lose you. Naw that ain't me. I'd love to sit and talk with a number of old friends/players. You are on the list, Gaius. As well as Susitsu, TehLulu, Mezua, Slic3man, MediocreGamer, etc. All of the people that I either found interesting or did heavy RP with back in the day. Probably the most interesting group I see that is super active at the moment is the Du Loc lectorate. I think they all seem like really good roleplayers and the RP that it spawns is really fun to watch. 1. My all time favorite would still have to be Aegis, as it is the map that I started on and truly immersed myself in. Every bit of RP I had on Aegis was memorable and enjoyable to the max. The closeness of borders made it felt like the world was way more full and alive. 2. Yes, I do watch anime :)
  5. My absolute favorite character is still to this day Rilath for me. It may sound kind of lame, but the character has existed for nearly half of my life at this point, and enough of an impact on me that Rilath has become my username on pretty much every platform, save a select few. I'm doing great! The coolest thing that has happened to me would probably be becoming a father OOCly. Having two kids of my own has completely changed my perspective on the world and made me a better person. If you mean ICly, I'd say the coolest thing would be that at Rilath's wedding to Shoi back in Aegis, both Iblees and Aeriel showed up corporeally and fought over his soul in front of everyone, and was a mini server level event. As for music, my two favorite artists at the moment are Tyler Childers and Colter Wall. I'm a huge country fan and these two are at the top of the game right now in my opinion. Because I am always watching everyone at every time on the server. So, ten years ago I was about 15 years old and trying to come up with a name for my character and was pretty much just randomly putting vowels and consonants together until I found something I liked in Rilath. At the time it was just a character name, but Rilath and his exploits helped shape who I was at a young age. I'm attached to the name now. I love you buddy. Favorite anime is a tough one honestly, but if I had to make a choice I'd say Darker Than Black was the anime I watched that I felt the strongest about. I loved that show. Favorite song changes a lot, but my current most played is Thirteen Silver Dollars by Colter Wall. Favorite culture is probably Southern American where I grew up, and food HAS to be North Carolina style BBQ. And finally, that was great RP, I loved it. <3 You know I'm a Nikocado stan from WAY back I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever RPed in or around Rozania, I don't have much an opinion on it :(
  6. Well, I am a little bit late on this just like my friend @Gaius Mariusand just like him I have also hit my 10 year mark on LotC, having started playing in July of 2011. Feel free to ask me any burning questions you may have, and I will do my best to answer them all.
  7. your old lol

    1. Rilath


      I am old and i am proud

  8. Tobias Edwin de Sarkozy listen to his brother recite the poem "Woah Joseph, that was really good. But mine would definitely be way better, mama said so."
  9. this is absolutely despicable from the staff
  10. Gaius never misses, what an absolute chad. +1
  11. Joseph's twin brother Tobias Edwin de Sarkozy would peer over his brother's shoulder, trying to get a good view of the poem. "Joseph, let me see too! Mama, Joseph won't let me read!"
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