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  1. its super easy to just shoot someone a discord message saying "yo do you mind if I talk about you in my post"
  2. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ MODERATION TEAM UPDATE Summer 2022 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ Hello Lord of the Craft-ers! I’m excited to share all that has happened in the moderation team since our last update back in spring! Namely, I have become the new Admin for the team! We’ve also added a few new members in the last few weeks, so be sure to give them your congratulations. We all look forward bringing them up to speed and working alongside them closely in the coming months! Along with the new members I have some exciting changes to share that will hopefully improve your experience both in-game and on the forums! Forum Rules: Complete! Thanks to the help of our lovely managers ZachoSnacko and Burnsider, our forum rules have been rewritten, giving them a much needed face-lift and making them more straightforward and leaving less up to moderator discretion. You can read them on the rules page, or check them out right here! Public Appeals: Complete! In the interest of the community and of staff transparency, we have decided to trial unlocking public appeals. Our philosophy behind this is to enhance the appeals system by allowing our community at large to play a part, however small, in policing our community, as ultimately you guys are the most affected by banned players returning. Our hope is that by allowing you all to weigh in on these appeals, it will assist the moderation team in making decisions that will benefit the server. While we are eager in allowing you all to voice your opinions of the players’ behavior and actions that lead up to their banning, we also ask that there is some level of decorum in posting on these appeals. Heists: Complete! The current state of heists is kind of abysmal. The mod team has done what we can to get on top of apps but as they are currently, heists are a hassle for both the players and the moderators. In an effort to solve this, we’ve decided to temporarily remove heist applications, allowing players to simply make a modreq for a heist-able item instead of having to fill out paperwork in order to roleplay. Rules will still have to be followed, so you can’t just yank items out of a frame or armor off of a stand freely, but if you have the roleplay ability to steal something, modreq for it and we will help you out. Once the modreq has been claimed, a team member will either help you immediately if they have the time, or schedule a time up to a MAX of 48 hours later. If you have any thoughts that you’d like to share about these updates please feel free to post here or reach out to me privately on discord! :)
  3. Rilath looks over the video with slight contempt, sighing as it reaches the end "Imagine still listening to lonely island in 2022.."
  4. What is your name?: Rilath Ilwindior What is your age?: I've lost count What is your race?: Mali'ker Where do you reside?: I roam freely Do you have sorcery?: I have a command over fire and air. Are you currently in a political affiliation with any nation?: No affiliations. In a few words, please explain what ‘fun’ means: Whatever I do to enjoy myself. In a few words, tell us the most ‘evil’ thing you have done: I was a servant to Iblees for a time, warring against the Ascended. I brought death and destruction throughout multiple towns and cities within the lands of Aegis and Asulon, though I have been rather dormant for a while.
  5. lol I want to play games with friends bro, not everything is a conspiracy
  6. I love you Aiden, hope to see you around in our mutual discords <3
  7. guys when i said this 3 weeks ago it was just a joke ://


    1. Elite Snipes
    2. alexmagus


      we forgive you (we don't)

    3. JoshBright


      bias mod admin????



      jks we love rilath


  8. I'm not sure where you're seeing that I said it was okay? I've said clearly to multiple parties privately and in this thread that it would be brought up for admins to discuss at the next meeting. And regarding the 'spirit of the rules' that I mentioned in our talks, it's in the second bullet of the War Overview tab in the war rules. It also mentions specifically that loopholing what is written is prohibited. I recall most of the questions I was getting where that was my answer was in response to foreign volunteers which is also against the rules. Internal wars by the spirit of the rules are meant to be internal! I view having people that live and RP in other nations up until war breaks out and then moving to Acre so that they can be counted as citizens for the war as a form of loopholing.
  9. tldr: So, first of all if you look at my DM's with Kamikaze_Reaper that were leaked, I never said that it was something that would be allowed or that I was helping it along. I specifically said that I would bring it up at the admin meeting and that if it was shot down by the team then anyone who had spent Mina on a tile would be refunded their money. I never told anyone that this was a sure thing, and when asked, I recommended interested players go through with any roleplay involved in case the decision would be to allow the selling of the tiles. I've looked through both the war rules and the nation rules multiple times and haven't been able to find any instance of selling tiles during war being prohibited. It not being outlined in the rules is what prompted me to mark it down to be brought up at the next admin meeting. I even told aiden when he first asked that lived in tiles or tiles that had vassals participating in the war would be unable to be sold, so there is no worry there either. I understand everyone's concerns, but most of these questions could have been answered with a private message! My DMs are always open :)
  10. @[email protected]@aiden0023 here is war discussion thread for you to chat about warclaim times and any other war things
  11. bro after the what :///
  12. I guess it actually is possible to meme your way into becoming the mod admin just by saying it enough times. First of all, I’d like to start off my reply by saying: Thank you, Alex. Being able to see the inner workings of the team, a lot of stuff that you’ve done has gone under the radar by most of the server and this really has been a thankless position. I'm super excited to get to work and help this server continue to be the Number 1 Minecraft Fantasy Roleplaying Server in the world. I've got some plans for some future updates, some rule changes, and more that will (hopefully) continue bringing us all in the right direction together. With all that said, Moderation Team, please bear with me for a bit as I work to take off my training wheels and step into the spotlight. And for everyone else I hope that my time as admin will positively impact your experience on the server. I will do everything I can to make you feel as amazed and captivated by the world that I stepped into over a decade ago!
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