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  1. Well I'm back now. Just Sayin

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    2. Lym


      Horrible grammar is horrible.

    3. Neri


      Lym, calling out bad grammar won't get you what we all know you want!

    4. Valon_Oakheart


      oh you guys :P

  2. Love how Skippy was the only one to want me back~

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    2. Jay Lenos

      Jay Lenos

      I WUVE U TOO

    3. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ
    4. Dyn


      I don't know you, but I want you back I suppose.

  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiii Skippyyyyyyy

  4. Have you paid people for the moat yet rusty cause I still need to be paid :P
  5. Love my new .Gif~! Thanks Charles_Grimlie :3

  6. Yay looking forward to doing some hard work >:D
  7. MC name: Valon_Oakheart IC name: Valon Main Job: I'm up for doing any job really from clearing dirt to wood collecting even running around getting meat and wool if there's a job I will do it :D. Description on why you'd like to join: (In char: Looking for work after my uncle got robbed and I could no longer support him or myself by working in the bar so I decided to leave the bar and get a job at a workers guild) Skills: When there where skill I was around 30 in digging mining woodcutting and swords so I'm pretty average in all the jobs that would need to be done. Thanks for reading.
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