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  1. Where's the  T h a n i u m  Lore at?

  2. Charles_Grimlie

    [Denied] Taketheshots AT app

    I feel so alone, nothing is more degradating as an existential so crisis brought on by a MC roleplaying server. **** I need more rep to make myself feel better & to prove I'm better than Heero because Imm the ducking grand kind of the Dwarvs!
  3. Charles_Grimlie

    [Denied] Taketheshots AT app

    +1 for posting on random Skype chats to get rep. So shameless, omg. edit: I guess he is alright. Would take the shot for anyone.
  4. Charles_Grimlie

    [Denied] MCPancakes' 2nd ET Application [Actor]

    Yes. +1
  5. Charles_Grimlie

    -={The Book of Grudges}=-

    -={=+=}=- The Wronged: The Grand Kingdom, namely Midgor Ireheart The Assailant: The Irongrinder clan and the Oathcast The Wrong: During the refounding of the ancient arts, the interference of members residing from both these named clans resulted in the grave insult of the Grand King's forced dismissal, sending him amidst the Haefral'Elger. Due to this insult, the art of Runesmithing was improperly distributed as Midgor during this time fought the keeper of runesmithing for all the clans to be given their right of Runesmithing. This grudge is an old one, dating from Athera during the first reign of Grand King Midgor Ireheart. Terms of Settlement: -={=+=}=- Let it be known that the term of settlement is the education of an Ireheart in the art of Lightning runes. As well as the future education of a Starbreaker, the rightful heirs of Runesmithing and in memory of Arbrek Starbreaker, if a Starbreaker Runesmith is no longer present. Tal'Yemekar-unn
  6. Charles_Grimlie

    [Denied] Kowa's Re-FM App

    Why not? That's really the question you gotta ask. Kowaman is overly qualified for this position, so why not?
  7. Charles_Grimlie

    [Accepted] arockstar28s Trial GM Application

    I believe Rockstar is a prime example of a GM, not only is he a potent administrator who has worked on numerous server projects but he has the technical background to run a server and assist players. Alas, he does need some prompting from time to time to get things done as he's awfully forgetful. However, he's a responsible guy who is certainly a worthy of this position and a 9/10 recommendation by Charles_Grimlie +1
  8. Shout out to this man's avatar, that game was epic as ****.

  9. Charles_Grimlie

    [Resolved] How to be Evil?

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I've already started work on a guide for persons aspiring to be evil based on your input, as well as some of my own. If you wish to criticize it, I guess here or via PM would work! Edit! How to be Evil [WIP]
  10. Charles_Grimlie

    [Resolved] How to be Evil?

    I'm thoroughly surprised by this suddenly erupted into a discussion, which is fantastic! Thanks to everyone who has put in their feed back, I've already begun parsing through all your comments! Even considering the potential of locking a bunch of Orc shamans in a room. Can't be hard right?
  11. Charles_Grimlie

    [Resolved] How to be Evil?

    Alright gotcha @Evocress, tricky question then. How do you deal with RP when your character dies after an encounter? Since the party that righteously embattled you survived and know you, but you no longer know them!
  12. Charles_Grimlie

    [Resolved] How to be Evil?

    I'm impressed that there are still OG evil-doers from the back when times, so far all this information's been useful! I should get to compiling it into a compendium for myself. I must agree @Evocress, making evil fun for all is certainly vital. But how can I ensure that my evil deeds wouldn't be spoiled & should I contact people before describing what may happen or when it is appropriate to act? The biggest thing I can think of is certainly not interrupting people roleplaying! Edit: Also how can I keep track of hot-spots for RP? Is there a way I can get this sort of information IG, since it's quite difficult to travel without the proper means: ie, provisions & directions.
  13. I need help, check this out: 


  14. Charles_Grimlie

    [Resolved] How to be Evil?

    How to be Evil? Source: https://twitter.com/Rabdoidal/media Greetings LotC, it's been a long time since the times of Aegis where people could become sizable threats or aids in the balance of good and evil (Undead/Ascended)! Thus as a personal endeavour, I wish to attain the position as an evil-doer. Though, you may as yourself: "Charles, can't you simply just get a weapon and attack people in RP?" in which I would rebuttal, "Yes, yes I can. But..." And that is what this post is about! We're all familiar with most player evil-doers getting pounded by many heroes present! Therefore, I wish to ask you all... How can I be strong enough to handle 3-5 people at once, more so, can it be done? Can a player, such as myself, be allowed access to commands which can aid in PvP situations. Something simple as summon skeletal minions? Could I use such abilities to hassle the local peasantry & run 'events', Can I be considered an 'Actor' and should I make an ET app in order to attain ultimate evil? Is there a group of evil-doers who are really causing trouble around Axios these days? Do the Staff help them obtain their evil goals like the rumors have foretold? What lore can I get access to, is it possible to achieve this all right of the bat or do I need to spend months building up the potential for evil? As a footnote, having experienced ascendancy to Clerical Itharel-ship was a long difficult process! One which was wrought with OOC problems of access which I don't have time for this time around! Any and all input pertaining the subject would be appreciated. If you require clarity on any of the aforementioned let me know! Alas, due to my university schedule I only have the time-frame of today to January 9th to achieve my current goals. Thus, is it even possible?