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  1. Where you be?

    1. Tato


      Dancing amongst cool clouds of pure, powdery white in the mighty Heavens above,

      of course!

    2. Ug



  2. The playerbase doesn’t provide a good enough reason to be left alive. To leave one’s victims alive will usually always result in an unfavourable outcome for the bandit in the long run. Furthermore, the fact people can join midway through RP combat is a problem. RP banditry has to be made lackluster to ensure that there isn’t enough time being made for a meta squad or other white knights to show up. With how the system operates, banditry is only viable with a 9 man group so you can PvP default someone without the hassle that can come from the lawlessness of RP combat.
  3. There’s an extreme lack of the Wizard gender which uses the pronouns: We, wis, and wey.
  4. <The Grand Wizard Polishes his Glasses of Solar Protection, going to put them upon his nose as he bespectacled himself. With a smack of his lips he looks up to the torrent and says with a wry grin and a chuckle:> “Now this, this is prime real estate!”
  5. charles_grimlie RP Name: Midgor ‘Twice Crowned’ IreHeart Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Urguan Candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  6. Upon the crisp morning summer breeze, the chill of the period still clinging in the air, the Grand Wizard stands a top of hill with the other grave markers of his adoptive extended family. A bandage wrapped around his neck, having survived the ordeal, Aenos goes to put down a gift basket of his Wizard Den quality products betwixt the tomb stones. As the sun rises the Wizard’s silhouette spread across the markers of a loving and accepting family, except Sviato, who brought him much joy over the years. “I tried to break the chain of vengeance and those cursed demons put it back together! They will face their time in court for murder, because every Dimpledorc has its day.” The Grand Wizard murmured, going to turn around as a shadow casts over his grimacing eyes, departing from the lonesome seen only coming back to tend to the graves of the lost family. ✧・゚: *Lorem Ipsum*:・゚✧
  7. Midgor beats his fists on a tables, “Honour duel, honour duel!"
  8. Arak is pretty tasty tho. Also check the elves of the D&D Eberron setting. The Khorvaire Elves have a neat concept of the afterlife with positive energy Undead. Might be cool to do some mummy stuff with it. I should also mention the Abzan from Magic the Gathering’s Khans of Tarkir block. They have an ancestral worship culture where the spirits of their ancestors would manifest as sand spirits during times of need.
  9. Is this the founding of kekistan? Shadilay my friends.
  10. Products updated, a whole host of secret recipes unveiled! Not to be found anywhere, especially NOT in THORVN’S PARTY SHACK!
  11. “Aye, then wot ‘bout me grudge on ye soddin’ Ironguts? Give ‘em a chance!” Retorted Midgor.
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