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  1. OOC ((MC Name: Charles_Grimlie)) ((Discord: Charles#9992)) ((Timezone: EST)) RP *To whom it may concern, it should be noticed that the application is written in bright pink crayon, as well as not blended into a milkshake this time. The bottom of the paper has an abrupt splattering of blood and Wizard Powder ™ dashed across the document.* What is your name? Grand Wizard Aenos P.G. Dimpledorc, the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son, of THE Void Egg. Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? Because I’m the GREATEST Grand Wizard that’s ever been made alive and sentient! Trust me, you’ll need my services! What is the extent of your experience with magic? I know everything, even the stuff you don’t know. These eyes have seen **** that’ll make even the Mightiest <Insert Made up Fancy Mage title> weep with despair! What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? The Sutica Library, The vast reaches of the astral sea, and through consumption of the mighty Wizard Powder™! What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Grand Wizard, why would anyone have to ask!? This form should be fully aware of what position I seek. Is this document non-sentient!? How paltry, it would never hold up to my sentient and mind-reading... Glitter dragons letters! What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Grand Wizard, I don’t need to advance. I already am THE Grand Wizard! When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Every hour of every day, even the dark ones... Especially those dark hours where the mortals fall unconscious for roughly eight hours before awakening!
  2. Midgor beats his fists on a tables, “Honour duel, honour duel!"
  3. Arak is pretty tasty tho. Also check the elves of the D&D Eberron setting. The Khorvaire Elves have a neat concept of the afterlife with positive energy Undead. Might be cool to do some mummy stuff with it. I should also mention the Abzan from Magic the Gathering’s Khans of Tarkir block. They have an ancestral worship culture where the spirits of their ancestors would manifest as sand spirits during times of need.
  4. “Remember kids, use your words!” The Grand Wizard squeezes his nose and audibly states, “honk."
  5. Products updated, a whole host of secret recipes unveiled! Not to be found anywhere, especially NOT in THORVN’S PARTY SHACK!
  6. “Aye, then wot ‘bout me grudge on ye soddin’ Ironguts? Give ‘em a chance!” Retorted Midgor.
  7. **MC Names of all involved** Charles_Grimlie **Description** The Hookah Recipes Black Cactus & Baby Brain fail to craft, red hookah alert pings when attempting to manufacture. **Date of occurrence** Today at this very moment of posting (Testing it again) **In game specifications** Aenos P.G. Dimpledorc, sitting in the lab underground. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Right Click Hookah (Brewing Stand) to open Menu. 2. Assemble the components required, attempted in each of the various possible combinations. 3. Click the Ender Pearl to ‘Combine Ingredients’ 4. Receive Visual/Audio Prompt for failed crafting. **Expected Behavior** Audio prompt occurs and black cactus/baby brain should be created. **Actual Behavior** Failure to craft, red hookah visual alert appears and failure noise is produced. No crafting items are consumed. **Additional Information** Attempted using Charcoal, Ferns, Vines, and Grass to see if the recipe represented on the Hookah information page is false. I didn’t attempt using mushroom soups crafted from actual mushrooms, I’ve harvested mine from mooshrooms, but I’m certain it wouldn’t interfere with item ID. **Error Message** P.S. Thanks for the Hard Word!
  8. Dimpledorc grabs his swollen red nose and squeezes it, audibly declaring a vocal “Honk!” Of approval.
  9. Everyone should have access to magic, there shouldn’t be a staff based restriction on its use or spread. The major problem with magic as a whole is that it’s built on cliques, thus, invites a distasteful behaviour in its adherents and superior elitism. However, this is also due to the fact a teacher must aid in the education of a student, therefore, not everyone is allowed to be a mage. Furthermore, there isn’t enough magic that doesn't have a combat aspect. Why? Because at the end of the day LotC thrives on PvP, be it RP combat or using Mechanics. The majority of the population doesn’t like to resolve its conflicts without domination over the other person. This is just the crux of the situation because Perma-death isn’t an aspect of our daily Roleplay, thus, introducing easier methods of dispatching people. I’d say anyone is welcome to Nerf combat magic, once mages get a plugin to fight people who use melee mechanics, there’s more creative and functional magics which don’t trigger a person’s power fantasy, and when players have other means of resolving conflict than to murder one another ad naseum. There’s no consequence for death! P.S. Let us have science, I want to taze a bro with my redstone cane and wizard powder conductor. If magic is the only solution to everything, then make it so that it isn’t! P.P.S. I declare anyone who says magic should be rare is just a snow flake who should learn to share for once in their life! Also, we’re a fantasy RP server not a Political Medieval RP-Faction server.
  10. ✧・゚: *Dimpledorc Family Tree *:・゚✧ “Lorem Ipsum” ✧・゚: * Link to the Family Tree *:・゚✧
  11. This is an affront to the Wizard’s Rights as outlined in Article B Section C of the Xtreme Teen’s Guide to Magical Wizardry! You won’t take away our goods without a Wizard Warrant... That is if our goods weren’t medicinal gardening supplies!
  12. As Grand Wizard, it’s going to take a while writting all these STs to unlock Dimpledorc’s original power once more.

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