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  1. *Casually looks around*


    This place seems... familiar.

    1. Skippy


      hope all is well

  2. So, is Blaze Powder even obtainable? If so, from whom?


    1. Space


      what do you need it for? if it's for a nexus thing i assume it can be found somewhere, but if not maybe only some events

    2. Ogdan


      Blaze powder comes from blaze rods. You need a tinker

    3. Ogdan


      just put a blaze rod in your 2x2 crafting square and viola


  3. What the crap... Grabthar wakes up, digs himself out of the stone... and can't find a single old dwarf friend to say ello? Geeez.

    1. argonian


      aegis boys make some noise

    2. Hiebe


      I'm around haha, get me on skype or discord.

  4. Oh hai there... This place looks a tad familiar! 

  5. Oh hai... I remember this place...

    1. Heero


      Oh hey. I remember you

  6. Why can't find hostname for server?

    1. James


      Happening to a lot of peepz

  7. umm... can't find host???

  8. Who signs up for Secret Santa and then doesn't give a gift? I feel so left out :(

    1. Birdwhisperer


      It's taking a while to get all the gifts distributed, just be patient.

  9. Who signs up for Secret Santa and then doesn't give a gift? I feel so left out :(

  10. Always remembered... never forgotten... too bad he couldn't dupe his lyfe... RIP in peace.

  11. What did Boomack break this time? He is so worthless!!

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