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  1. Guess who got unbanned?

  2. I cannot do the Oath now, I can do it soon so you know. [[ I'll do it once I returned.]]
  3. -=OOC=- MC Name: CaptainRedHead Relevent Skill Levels: Archery -100- Axe Master -100- Lumberjacking -50- Wrestling -20- (Mining -5-) Link to Va if you have one: None -=RP=- Name: Elder Broski Grandaxe What positions have you held in the past?: Guard, Officer Guard, Longbeard, Grand Councilor of Economics, Dwarven King. What is your trade?: Merchandising, full-time untill war-time. Why do you wish to join the Order?: I require to offer my services to my Lord, as well a way to gain loyalty from the Lord. Do you swear, on your family's honor, that you will u
  4. 1400 posts were from 850 in Dwarven Roleplay.. Guess who is the Dwarf here.

  5. Lovely, I have just been promoted to FM!

  6. "LocationTurn Around ;)"

    I turned around and you weren't there,

    you're not allowed to lie, I can get you banned now :3

  7. I am unsure why I have been inactive on these Forums, about a month ago it was really my first priority to go on the forums but now that is Youtube, it sucks cause I don't want to go inactive on you guys. It really does suck. ~

    1. Buk


      Your my Broski.

    2. Irish


      You're* ^

    3. Skippy


      ^ gfto <3

  8. Ofcourse French's stupid words would stop me from Gaming right now. Meh!~

  9. People are willing to become a Golem, what do they need to do for them to become a Golem in the first place? Please PM me as soon as possible, as I wish to get this done as soon as possible as well! Thank you Lago.

  10. Hallo aus Preußen!

  11. I am enjoying my day fully, How wonderful!

  12. Meh, How do you Lock things? I can't seem to find the option

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    2. Alkenaar


      New forum changes mean people can lock/unlock their own posts (but if an FM locks it you can't unlock it)

    3. TMGavLan


      Its on your profile page where your status shows up. Go there and click the lock option.

    4. Skippy


      he means topics~

  13. Lovely Ale, G'it ta Dwarves s'um
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