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  1. MC Name: donald_for_pres RP Name: Big Mike Race: Human Past Groups: Barmy Army oi oi oi Reason for joining: Oi oi oi
  2. I can't connect to the server anyone else having that problem? 

    1. Merkaken


      Same thing happens to me quite a bit. Unfortunately the best advise I can offer is to turn off MC and restart it, or try using the other IPs


    2. Heff


      yes uhm just send me your ip and we should be all set 

    3. ShameJax
  3. mad banter @ petrus xd

  4. didnt you quit literally two days ago
  5. MC Name: empirerebel RP Name: "Grunt" Race: Orc Past Groups: flay, pfa, and special operations Reason for joining: i would like to guard the leader with my life
  6. aesterwald never gets dogged

    1. pokemonstudent


      sick song tbh you should listen to it

  7. MC Name: empirerebel RP Name: Henry Romstun Race: Human Past Groups: None Reason for joining: To get rich quick!
  8. http://strawpoll.me/3283004 Vote Romanen for a bright Aryan future
    1. nordicg_d


      Vote Adam, he is a true jewish man! Romanen is a phony!

  9. Gr8 SHOUT m8 :)

    1. nordicg_d


      hey look its me m8 romanen

  10. Tiberius readies his blade, to kill his enemies by the blade! Tiberius IREHEAT... Prince of Urguan, a The Last IREHEAT of Old, a He who bows to no man, b He who is King of the Wilds, b Son of Dreek Irongut & IREHEAT, c Heir to Urguan, Hanseti, and Oren itself, c It is only he, who can unite the Empire of Man. d We are all, in the hands of Tiberius IREHEART! d Powerful... e
  11. i dont go to special school...!

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    2. funnyGoTavatar
    3. empirerebel


      sheumgal keep up the harassment and ill take my revenge...

      you cant dodge the rodge friend...

    4. Burkester


      see ya latta alligator

  12. do you want to build a snowman...

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